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11/26/2020 7:07 pm  #51

Re: Your Team Allegiance!

Kingsfan11 wrote:

NHL: Los Angeles Kings
NFL: New England Patriots
MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers


Welcome to the boards! With you being a fan of those teams, I don’t know if we can get along though. (Just kidding will be fine)
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12/07/2020 10:25 am  #52

Re: Your Team Allegiance!

Football: New York Giants
Baseball: New York Mets (NL) and New York Yankees (AL)
Basketball: Brooklyn Nets
Hockey: I don't really watch a lot of hockey, but I would say New York Rangers
Soccer: New York City FC


4/24/2021 4:16 pm  #53

Re: Your Team Allegiance!

Football: Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals
Baseball: Chicago White Sox(AL) and the Chicago Cubs(NL)
Basketball: Milwaukee Bucks
Hockey: Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Columbus Blue Jackets
Soccer: Columbus Crew
College: Northern Arizona University

Go Cubs Gooooooo!!!

5/03/2021 5:08 pm  #54

Re: Your Team Allegiance!

Kind of surprised that I dont seem to have posted here... huh. Well I do a weird thing where I try to like a team from a different city in every sport, so for me its this
MLB: Philadelphia Phillies
NFL: Dallas Cowboys
NHL: San Jose Sharks
NBA: currently dont have a favorite team, but im partial for Milwaukee, Charlotte, and Denver
MLS: Toronto FC
PLL: Redwoods LC unless the Lizards join
AUDL: Minnesota Wind Chill
NCAA: sorta Penn State
English Soccer: Reading FC (currently in second tier)

For AHS sports leagues
AFA: Cleveland Ghosts
PHL: Nova Scotia Claymores (RIP)
NFA: Colorado Cougars
NAAF: The Athletics
NDL: Minnesota Lights
AltHL: Quebec Owls
AltFL: Minnesota Voyagers/San Antonio Phantoms
AltBA: Denver Mountaineers (co-own them)

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Today 11:11 am  #55

Re: Your Team Allegiance!

NFL: Vikings
NBA: Timberwolves
NHL: Wild
MLB: Twins (I also just really like baseball, so I don't really have a 2nd team. It more goes Twins #1, everyone except NYY, Houston, and LAD #2)
Soccer: West Brom
College: University of Minnesota
NASCAR: Bubba Wallace but im mostly just a fan of the sport in general


Today 8:47 pm  #56

Re: Your Team Allegiance!

NFL: Pats
NBA: Rockets
NHL: Flyers
MLB: Red Sox, Astros, Anyone against the Yankees
Soccer: New England Revolution and Liverpool
NCAA: Georgia
MLQ: League City (Hometown Baby!)

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