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2/10/2021 7:03 pm  #181

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Here come the playoffs!

Both teams had been away from the playoffs for quite a while, but the Robins simply were unable to match the Monarchs in a 5-game series that wasn't particularly close. Shinkyo only pulled off one win, a 9-3 beating of Queenston at home.

The Stars returned with a vengeance and the T-Birds didn't have the magic to stop them. The only game of note was Game 5, where Hokkyo, facing elimination, destroyed Shinosaka 12 to 3. Shinosaka would not be denied as they headed to their 10th RICS in franchise history, repeating the 1962 game where the Monarchs took down the Stars.

The 1975 RICS was a doozy, as the Stars combated the Monarchs for the crown. Here's how it went down:

Game 1 - QNS 9, SNO 2 - Queenston came out the gate strong with a beating of the Stars in Shinosaka. Scoring 6 runs in the 8th, Shinosaka could do nothing as the Monarchs took game 1. QNS 1-0

Game 2 - SNO 6, QNS 2 - Shinosaka returned the favor and tied up the series. TIE 1-1

Game 3 - QNS 3, SNO 1 - As the series shifted to Queenston, the Monarchs kept up the attack, taking a 2-1 lead series and putting the presure on Shinosaka. QNS 2-1

Game 4 - SNO 4, QNS 1 - The Stars scored a run in each of the first four innings to take back home-field advantage and tie the series up. TIE 2-2

Game 5 - SNO 5, QNS 2 - In the last game in Queenston, the Monarchs couldn't put it together as the Stars took a 3-2 series lead. SNO 3-2

Game 6 - SNO 4, QNS 1 - As the series went back to Shinosaka, the Stars finished the job and took home their 8th championship.

CF Luis Rodriguez was named series MVP for his 10 hits, by far the most of any player in the series.

Commissioner Ishimoto Aoyama, head of the RIBF since its inception, announced he would be stepping down in a post-game conference. He said "After 21 years I've led this league through two successful expansions and plenty of exciting seasons. It's time for me to step down and take a break." His successor wasn't immediately named, but it is expected to be revealed soon enough.

NEXT: 1976 Offseason


2/10/2021 8:13 pm  #182

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Dang, congrats to the Stars I guess


4/09/2021 8:17 pm  #183

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

1976 Offseason:

Player Movement:

Hayakawa was wheeling and dealing in the offseason, making three major trades: with San Moriuchi, they sent CF Futoshi Nakata straight up for SP Tony Reyes. This should help the team shore up their pitching. The Heroes sent RP Tom Kirby to Queenston in exchange forย  several prospects. It's rumored Kirby wasn't happy with his role in Hayakawa and the Monarchs should be able to give him what he wants. Finally, in the biggest trade, the Heroes received four prospects from Yosemite for a prospect and 1B Shichinosuke Nishimura, a 25-year-old star who should be a great get for a Grizzlies looking to return to the postseason.

No other trades of note occurred.

Coaching Carousel:

The Carp made massive changes in the Front Office this offseason, sending off both manager Toshio Nakamoto and General Manager Tarozaemon Osugi. Osugi would be replaced by Toshihide Nakashima, the former GM of the Kings, who led the team to 2 RICS victories and three other playoff appearances. For manager they tapped in-house option Hideyuki Kubota, the former Batting Coach. Kubota led the Robins to the 1958 RICS championship.

In Toramoto, they fired manager Marty Myers after a disappointing season. The Tigers promoted BC Takanori Tashiro to the head job in the hopes he can lead them back to glory.

Finally, the Heroes also gave manager Suketsune Yamamoto the pink slip. They found Noriyoshi Kondo, former Robins hitting coach, as their next leader.

Identity Changes:

Only one team made changes this year: San Juan updated to the new template. They also replaced their road wordmark, switching from the traditional "Shockers" to "San Juan".

In other news, Gary Garrard was named commissioner, succeeding Ishimoto Aoyama. Garrard has worked in the league offices for 5 years now, and quickly rose the ranks to become Aoyama's preferred assistant. In his introductory press conference, Garrard mentioned a desire to further increase team revenue and possibly even the size of the league. However, he said that his main focus would be keeping each team stable in their market.

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4/09/2021 10:25 pm  #184

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

I like the Shockers switching to San Juan on the road uniform, the yellow jerseys and hats are sharp


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