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4/09/2021 1:16 pm  #111

Re: The AltBA Legacy Project

The 92/93 season was Barkley's first with the Suns, so in our world, he'd move from the Cyborgs to the Kahunas for the 2002/03 season. So I believe that this would've been his first year with the Kahunas.

4/09/2021 2:26 pm  #112

Re: The AltBA Legacy Project

Who let the dogs outttttttt.

We will proudly display this trophy at our arena. <--- Official home of the fictional country of Yorkland

4/09/2021 2:53 pm  #113

Re: The AltBA Legacy Project

The 93 Suns can’t even beat a Chicago team in a fictional world...

4/09/2021 3:57 pm  #114

Re: The AltBA Legacy Project

We, at Bagel Bros., would like to congratulate our newest star on his first Rookie of the Year Award. Everyone, please welcome to the stage Neil O'Shaquille


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4/13/2021 4:58 pm  #115

Re: The AltBA Legacy Project

We move onto the fourth season of the AltBA Legacy Project. 

We start with the draft which was full of excitement. For the second straight year the Mountaineers picked first. With their first pick the Mountaineers selected Chris Weber. They immediately swapped picks with the Marshals. This sent Penny Hardaway to Denver and Weber to KC.

In the aftermath of the death of his father, Michael Jordan from the Giants announced his retirement. He decided to pursue a career in baseball. 

New York traded all-star Dominique Wilkins to rival Philadelphia in exchange for Danny Manning.

Isaiah Thomas from Charlotte tore his achilles ending his season and ultimately his career. He decided to retire along with Bill Laimbeer.

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4/13/2021 6:09 pm  #116

Re: The AltBA Legacy Project

Alright boys, don’t waste this opportunity in probably our best season of this project!

4/14/2021 5:09 pm  #117

Re: The AltBA Legacy Project

We go to the Final Four! 

New York v. Detroit! 

And a rematch of Honolulu vs. the MJ-less Minnesota Giants.

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4/14/2021 5:11 pm  #118

Re: The AltBA Legacy Project

Alright guys, let's do this! Bring it on Mustangs!

4/14/2021 5:52 pm  #119

Re: The AltBA Legacy Project

Goddamn, always next year.

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4/14/2021 6:13 pm  #120

Re: The AltBA Legacy Project

DPOY last year, South Division champs this's only gonna get better for the Warbirds.

So be sure to stock up on Moroccan's gonna be a sweet time ahead.

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