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11/30/2020 10:49 pm  #1

National Gridiron League

Welcome to my new idea thread, the National Gridiron League!
This league works extremely similar to soccer promotion and regulation, and small cities you’ve never heard of can take the spotlight as the best teams in sports history.

Our story starts in 2000, but the league was founded in 1900 from the help of the National Baseball League with the baseball having money that can fund this league for the creation. The league is separated into 3 main divisions, 2 regional divisions, and 50 state divisions.
We will cover the Premier Division and all of the teams that leave/join this division. Each division will have 32 teams, with two leaving/joining the divisions each year.
I will also include previews for the 4 teams that have never been regulated from the Premier division when they got promoted from the Proving league.

Let’s get started with the most hated team in the league!

The Rochester Crosses are a team you love, or a team you hate. They have always been in the elite, never was below average in the elite. The fans the nicest in the league, but the players are hard-nosed, down to business, and ready to take on any hurdle. Their ego is their weakness, underestimating their championship opponent, The St. Louis Browns last year was their cause of falling short of a championship. They are always stacked with energy and youth, and their scouts have pulled some dirty tricks to get the elite prospects that keep their fans happy. Their coach is legendary, the tactics they do is something no other team replicates in the league. They are some scum off the field, often accused of rape, abuse, harassment, assault, and robbery. They like to cheat in these days, performance enhancing drugs, banned cleats that increase performance, etc. Better give that MVP award to the team lawyer, he has got them out of rough times for the franchise.  Even then, no one knows about any of these crimes, the ones who do want them dead and lost in the grave land for all of eternity. They are clear favorites to win the championship this year because of their talent. 10 championships in the trophy case, the most in league history. They are in trouble however, some teams are willing to leak photos and lawsuit the team in order to put the Crosses where they belong.

Now, the most loved team in the league!

The Saginaw Lakers are another iconic team in this league, they are known for the team everyone loves, a fan favorite, I suppose. They are heated rivals with the Crosses with the rivalry being a fantastic show every time they take the field. They are having high expectations as well, as they are the only team that can match the Crosses consistently and can rival them in titles, they have 9 titles in their 83 year history in the league. An old stadium in the Lake Coliseum can say the least. The fans are rowdy and rumors have it that some Crosses fans that go to the games, don’t make it back to Rochester at all. They are one of the older teams in terms of age, but have some developing youth that can rival anyone in the League. They are also known for playing by the rules, never has cheated at all, every bit of success has been through hard work and grit no one can match at all. Their staff has been top notch and they have a tough guidelines to make sure that no one cheats at all. Most people that have gone to Saginaw have came out a much different person compared to when they came out. An anonymous player said: “It is a hell that when you look back is trying to make you better than when you were before, on and off the field.” They are the most motivated team, matching the Crosses in titles is the goal and exploit their lies and tell everyone the truth. They are the second most likely to hoist the title at the end of the year. The Lakers were the first team to take charge in the legal action race because of their hatred for the Crosses. This year will likely have THE best Lakers vs Crosses match of all time.

Let’s see the Original and defending champs!

To St. Louis we go to meet the Browns, named after the baseball team with the same name. They are THE original franchise; a solid 7 titles will say the least here. They have had a consistent legacy, let’s say. The Browns were the original champions and the latest champions, with solid years and years they have made in almost regulated in the premier perfection race. They are a mix of the Lakers and Crosses, they have some of the best and worst fans in the league, the alien yard being surprisingly nice off the field and the Royal fans being the exact opposite. They still play in sportsman park, an oldy but a goody, with new renovations because they were champs last year and it feels like it was just built this year, at least that’s what the stadium critics say. There was one game that made the Browns an underdog for the rest of their history, 1993 at home against the Rival Minneapolis Timbers. They lost that game 34-0, the Timbers would have the worst record in the league that year, the Browns captured Title Number 5 in a shocking turnaround NO ONE saw coming everyone calls them the Underdawgs because of that turnaround. Youngest team in the league, down to business, ready to defend, disciplined group that spends no boundaries on crimes, but not a cheating trigger presser, but they can do it if they need to. 5th most likely to win it all, don’t know how to think of that one. After the Lakers decided to exploit the Crosses after winning, the Browns also stepped in and decided to take legal action as well.

This team is crazy in a suburb known for one line, let’s see what this Houston Area team has in business.

Ah, the Webster Problems, the wonkiest team in league history, but when they got to the top, they’ve surprised everyone and have stayed there for around 24 years now, in that frame capturing 4 titles as well. They have had the worst season in all the branches in league history, 0-16, no points scored, they sucked, it was their first year and have made an incredible rebound by having a winning and playoff records in every year since. One year, 1995, the Problems put out the best team in league history, it’s not even close. The difference? 206 points allowed for the Crosses in 1985, 98 for the Problems in 1995. The Crosses were disappointing and lost the title game, the Problems won their title game. They have regained that Greatest Team Ever form and was one point shy of beating the Crosses in the Semifinals last year, which showed they still have game, but can the core that is in their prime pick up steam and go on a rampage that shocks everyone again? Or is last year a fluke and the team will falter like in ’98? Too many variables, oddsmakers put them at 8th most likely and I get them, but this is a team ready to explode on impact, the target? The Rochester Crosses. They have also announced like the Lakers and Browns a trial on the Crosses for hiding more than they can handle. Those will happen if the Problems win a title for the small town of Webster.

So, what did you guys think? The league has high controversies and the Crosses are in trouble if they find guilty on all charges. The Browns and Lakers are looking to be their rival’s doom, the Problems are looking for a trail that can light their potent dynamite and try and shut down the Crosses. The question for this year is: Can the Crosses run away from legal trouble this time?
Expect the Up and coming teams later this week!
C&C Appreciated!

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11/30/2020 11:06 pm  #2

Re: National Gridiron League

Nice start so far. Looking forward to seeing the uniforms.


12/08/2020 3:22 pm  #3

Re: National Gridiron League

Sorry about the little break, just needed some time to write the teams, but with that over with, let’s meet the youngest team in the league!
The San Francisco Gatekeepers are not really a team that was expected to get here in their 4th season in existence (1994), but a playoff appearance and almost knocking off the Lakers in the Wild Card last year shows they are ready to make a run into the NGL Playoffs, but their defense, even though improved from last year, is still a liability with signs of brilliance and signs of a team that can’t play defense. Their offense can fly with the best of them, some call it the best offense in the league because of the Showtime and Flashy attitude that the team brings to the table. They bring a glass cannon style that usually doesn’t work, but with an offense that deadly, it works for the team filled to the brim with youth and players entering their prime. The staff is new and surprisingly experienced and they need to worry about drafting underrated players that have a chance of being superstars and bringing home a title more than anything else. They have no issues with the Crosses because of their young age and their lack of knowledge about the team, only the elite 4 know. This exciting team is entering their 5th season in the Premier Gridiron League, some people have them as their champs for 2000. The Gatekeepers enter with the 4th best odds to win it all because of their defensive inconsistencies.
The team with the smallest stadium is the one with the biggest heart of the bunch!
The Casper Riders are another team that has an inconsistent part of the team, this time the offense is the issue. The Defense is shutdown, no points allowed, get to the Quarterback at any cost defense, they are the most energetic defense in the league. If that’s not enough, the amount of points allowed is a huge deal-maker  for them to become the best Defense in the league, which many people are crowning them that already. They won a title already, in the ’97 year. They gave the Crosses a run for their money in the Quarterfinals last year, but the Offensive inconsistencies showed up more than the consistent form of it, granting the Riders a tough pill to swallow, a loss to the Crosses in a playoff game. Huge Free Agency Signings went to an improved line, an improved receiving core and more depth at the running back position. They still don’t know how to deal with their quarterback issues, the main reason they are inconsistent on offense. The team is now entering in their prime and two straight losses to the Crosses in the postseason stings them, even when the loss in ’98 was for the title. The Riders are furious, and the oddsmakers put them at 3rd most likely to win because of their rage from losing two straight years to the Crosses and an improved offense that will hopefully put more points on the board. The Riders are the 4th team to announce a lawsuit against the Crosses if they win the title this year. Personally, I think they have every right to do so. Losing two straight times to a team that looked clearly inferior to you is a huge killer even when you find out that the team was cheating.
Big City, Big Ambitions for this squad!
The Manhattan Empire have huge ambitions, a balanced attack has them feared for the best sleeper team in the league this year. Their lines are their strength, protecting and getting to the Quarterback, rumors have it that the Empire practice near the water to show resilience for drowning. If that rumor is true, it explains why they have a power system, with all their position players being the strongest in the league at their position. The team has an above average intelligence, knowing how to make the big plays easier. The team has a high work ethic, being some of the best players to be around in general. Easily the best players off the field in the league, with the team getting in serious business come playoff time. 5 titles can attest that. They almost beat the St. Louis Browns in the Semifinal, but they saw it as a test that they “Couldn’t pass”. They have no real hate between any of the teams not named the Rochester Crosses, making them a real good team to have a friendly rivalry with, exactly with the Empire’s situation with the Browns. The Empire have no rumors on the legal side, making them one of the more likeable teams in the league. The team is revved up for a title run, but the Oddsmakers put them on 6th most likely because they have no real standouts, just good players everywhere on the field. The Empire have said nothing about their current situation on the Crosses, but they are extremely likely to act if they announce their decision.
The team that has the most unique plays are up!
The Minneapolis Timbers have returned in ’99 and they have returned to stay. When they were originally here they were one of the most boring teams to watch, but now they are one of the most exciting teams to watch because of a new and energetic head coach which has success already. He has made a Quarterfinal appearance vs the Empire last year can prove new change. They are a team that is almost entering their prime, some are older, some are younger. The core is ran by creativity and exciting movements that are high risk high reward. Plays like the Option, Flea Flicker, and the Timber special (Philly Special) are used more often to create trickiness on the field. The players are underrated and exciting to watch, no one is like this team in terms of creativity. The Defense is a mix of veterans that can play in any format and youth that can move faster and be more aggressive than the veterans. The team is a more disliked team, not for the style of play, but how frustrating it is to actually stop them is what has most people upset. They are like the Gatekeepers and have no clue about the Crosses current situation. The Timbers are the 7th most likely to win because no one knows what tricks this team has up their sleeve.
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