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11/15/2020 8:06 pm  #1171

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

A little late, but your St. Louis Explorers will be wearing the navy pants as they take on the Buffalo Bolts at Riverside Stadium powered by Energizer!


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11/19/2020 3:04 pm  #1172

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

The Galactics are repping all Purple with White helmets for their home finale against division rival Birmingham! Looking to bring home their 3 straight win to close out the season.


11/19/2020 3:10 pm  #1173

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

The Voyageurs are looking to bounce back with a win over the Scarecrows to keep their playoff dreams alive. Minnesota decided to mix it up a bit in the home finale, going Claret-Claret-Claret for the first time this year rather than their classic home look.


11/24/2020 6:40 pm  #1174

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

The Galactics look to stay hot after 3 straight wins. This week, we venture into San Antonio to take on the division rival Phantoms. We look to change it up for this week's game going with our Citrus Orange pants with white helmets and white tops.
#startthecountdown #ORLvsSA #GoGalactics #HeatingUp


11/26/2020 5:24 pm  #1175

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

The Voyageurs are hoping to keep in the playoff hunt, but they'll need a win over their rivals from Chicago if they are to have any chance. Minnesota is switching up their classic away uniform a bit for prime time, opting to go with their powder blue pants rather than the traditional claret, going Claret-White-Blue for the penultimate regular season game of the 2020 season.


12/02/2020 4:44 pm  #1176

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

Reaper Red helmet. Pepper Green. Reaper Red pants.

That's right. For the first and only time this season, the Reapers will be in green. In addition, our helmets will sport an exclusive all-green version of the logo this week. Get your Green Reaper gear online through the AltFL Fanatics store.


12/02/2020 6:49 pm  #1177

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

The Voyageurs are ending their season against their bitter rival Kentucky and are hoping the cards fall just right for them to slide into the playoffs. Minnesota is going with their classic road set of Claret-White-Claret for their Rivalry Week matchup with the Stallions.


12/03/2020 2:24 pm  #1178

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

The battle of Florida takes centre stage in the AltFL season finale. The Galactics will be rolling in with their Citris Unis hoping to take home their 5th straight win to close out the season. #heatingup #GoGalactics #startthefinalcountdown #startthecountdown #ORLvsMIA #battleofFL


7/06/2021 4:19 pm  #1179

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

Shoot, wrong thread. My bad!

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9/04/2021 7:07 pm  #1180

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

Might as well do this while I wait for my next pick.

With the 1st overall pick in the 2021 AltFL draft, the Utah Raptors are proud to select Dalvin Cook!


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