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10/28/2020 10:27 pm  #11

Re: North American Hockey League - A fictional history

NeoPrankster wrote:

And I'm guessing World War II will cause the league to shrink right?

Not trying to foreshadow anything but The Connecticut Colonials and Montreal Giants are in severe financial trouble and lost the most players out of anyone to WWII. They could either fold or relocate in the future but it will take an effort for them to survive the war. With the Colonials being close to competitive franchises in New York in Boston, the pressure is on for them to land fans. Same goes for the Giants as the Montreal Hockey Club has gotten the most attention from fans in that city as they are a bi-lingual team with both French and English speaking players. The Giants, on the other hand only speak English at games, causing French speaking Montrealers to stay away.

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