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10/08/2020 2:37 pm  #901

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

hopefully Trig wont be a asshole in the league as he was in college

10/09/2020 4:11 pm  #902

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1958 Re-sign Stage

Long Island Set-Up for the Long Run
The Raiders were heading into the offseason with a few big names needing new contracts. The first was of course their franchise QB in Lyle Painter. They would end up locking up the QB to a 6-year deal that would make him the highest-paid player in the league. His initial salary will be $34,000 and will reach $36,000 by his final two seasons. The other two big names were in the LB core. The first being LB Gene Benson who would sign for 3-years at $22,000 a year. The second was last season's big acquistion LB Rusty McVee. There was lots of pressure on the Raiders to impress the LB enough to stay with the team, and after their defence struggled this season, the team was extra nervous about McVee leaving. Luckily, McVee felt he was a part of the issue and knows he has unfinished business with the team and signed a 3-year deal at $26,000 a season. Long Island is looking good for several championship pushes over the next 3 seasons.  

Matieau Takes Minimal Raise While Fellow Stars Lock-Up in Ottawa
QB Jean Matieau was out of contract for the first time since he became the starter for the Royals, however, he didn’t look for much of a raise. His previous contract was at a $32,000 salary, but he would sign a 4-year deal worth $33,000 a season. Matieau would be asked about the minimal raise especially compared to Painter’s contract, he would respond by saying that the money wasn’t a factor and he even went below what the Royals originally offered stating he wants a competitive team and he can’t be the only star. With a bit of extra money, GM Jon Neal would be able to lock up DB Uzzia Hayes to a 2-year deal worth $22,000 a season, RB Alexei Volkov to a 4-year deal worth $24,000 a season, and WR Mackenzie Jones to a 5-year deal at $21,000-$23,000 a season. The Royals are looking set to continue to compete. 

Worcester Drama Continues
After issues with the low ball offers on DB Alexander Bradley and LB Silas O’Brien last season, there was hope that the situation would be better without GM Kyle McCarty. The early part of the offseason was going well with S Shawn Jensen signing on for another 3-years at $22,000, and the recently acquired WR Marqués Gardner signed for 2-years at $16,000. However, there was eventually another issue that arose with former 4th overall pick, OL Magnus Gunnersson. Gunnersson to start, was not happy about the trading of QB Riley Kiernan as he felt the team gave up on him way too quickly. Gunnersson was also becoming good friends with the QB and knew about some personal issues that Kiernan was dealing with last season which may have contributed to his poor performance. Pairing that up with the Athletics giving him a very low initial offer ticked off the elite lineman. While they have come closer, Gunnersson is not happy with the team and will likely be looking for a new home. The Athletics have opened up to trade talks with teams, but because of the pending free agency, they aren’t getting very many good deals if at all. OL Randy McFadden also was barely in talks with the team and is wanting to head back out into the market for what might be his final season. 

Top Signings
OL Sal Valcano -BOS - 5Y, $15,500
LB Marco Price - BOS - 3Y, $19,000
QB Angelo Medina - BUF - 3Y, $32,000
DB Lou Lake - BUF - 4Y, $19,000
DB Lester Murphy - IND - 1Y, $27,000
DB Ollie Guy - IND - 1Y, $14,000
DB Ricardo Salvador - LDN - 4Y, $17,000-$18,000
WR Wilbert Benjamin - LDN - 3Y, $20,000
RB Conner Riley - LI - 2Y, $14,500
K Henderson Schumacher - LI - 5Y, $14,000
WR Truman Harry - LOU - 3Y, $14,000
RB Lawrence Sharp - LOU - 2Y, $13,000
DB Quentin Xavier - MTL - 5Y, $25,000
OL Maxence Castex - MTL - 5Y, $16,000-$17,000
DL Calias McDonough - PRO - 5Y, $23,500-$27,000
OL Wilfred Gibson - PRO - 3Y, $17,000 

Top 10 Free Agents
OL Magnus Gunnersson - WOR - *Potential Trade before Free Agency Period
OL Randy McFadden - WOR
DL Matis Baril - OTT
QB Brian Meadows - IND
DL Robert Garrison - IND
DL Garrett Mason - BUF
LB Mickaël Beaumont - IND
OL Samuel Weston - IND
LB Clifton Fields - BUF
DL Jessie Sellers - LI
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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I feel like Worcester could end up in a Jaguars situation here with the tension between the players and the front office. If the organization messes this up it might lead to a exodus of their star players.

I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

10/12/2020 5:28 pm  #904

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1958 Free Agency and Transactions 

Sit back everyone this is a long one… 

The big question entering the free agency period was OL Magnus Gunnersson. The Athletics would be unable to find a team willing to take the chance on trade to sign him before the deadline, so Gunnersson entered the open market. 8 of the 10 teams (Buffalo and Worcester did not offer a deal) would end up offering Gunnersson a contract. Gunnersson quickly would narrow it down to 3 teams he was seriously considering. The offers came from Boston, London, and surprisingly Montreal. All teams that had bright futures, but by the end of the process one team had something the other two didn’t and that was a friend in QB Riley Kiernan. Gunnersson would join the Tigers on a 5-year contract worth a total of $97,500 ($19,500 a season). The Tigers look even scarier heading into the season. 

After Gunnersson, there wasn’t too much available and the players would quickly find homes with fewer offers. OL Randy McFadden would return home to Boston after 3 seasons with the Athletics, despite having a little bit of a sour departure from Boston originally. DL Matis Baril would also head home to the Big Apple signing with the Raiders for 2 seasons. DL Robert Garrison would also find a home with the Royals after some expected he would return to the Tigers where he spent most of his career.  

With the top signings out of the way, the biggest improvement would end up coming in the form of trades. The teams would get down to business with a record of 9 trades during the period.  

The first was a minor player-for-player deal between the Worcester Athletics and the Ottawa Royals. Worcester would send DL Charles Hoover to the Royals for DL Maxime Rivard. The deal was ultimately for Worcester to get rid of the $12,000 salary of Hoover for the cheaper Rivard, however, Hoover is a better DL which Ottawa will gladly add.

Following the first trade, Long Island and Providence would swap prospects with WR Ronald Macquire headed to Long Island for RB Bernard Alston. Macquire was a 4th round pick in 1955 and Alston was a 3rd round pick in 1956. Alston will fill in as Providence’s 3rd RB and Macquire will be Long Island’s 3rd WR.

After the minor deals, Boston would make their presence with a pair of big deals. The first would be a trade with the Tigers. The Independents would acquire 1956’s 11th overall pick S Drew Porter and backup RB Ovien Noel in exchange for a pair of former 4th round picks in RB Don Gregson and S Marc-Antoine Marchand. Boston needed a Safety for the future and the Tigers already have Neil Graham who was drafted the year after Porter. The Tigers get a solid RB prospect in Gregson who has grown a lot and should be a strong backup.

GM George Hanson was not done there as he would then bring DB Lester Murphy back to Boston in a trade with Indiana. Murphy was traded out of Boston two years ago and is now going to make a comeback as the team’s top DB. They also would grab veteran WR Joseph Barry. Of course, there was a price for the two veterans: a 1960 2nd Round Pick, QB Caldwell Higgins III, WR David Burrows, and DB Kenneth Wade. Higgins or Bart Swayze were expected to be on the way out with QB Nathaniel Braddock and QB Terry Bourbon being on the roster this season. Higgins might get some opportunities if Duane Logan is hurt or struggles this season.

Boston wasn’t the only team looking to bring back familiar faces as the Ottawa Royals would acquire S Lester Greer from the Thunder. Greer had a strong year last year in Louisville while S Neari Charles wasn’t quite as consistent for the Royals. The Royals would give up their ‘59 2nd Round Pick, S prospect Reginald Barnaby, and LB Leo Davenport. Ottawa would also get Louisville’s 4th rounder as well. After getting rid of Davenport, the Royals would be able to bring back former Royal LB Mickaël Beaumont after one year in Indiana.

The Rouge would be continuing to make improvements in the WR core. Surprisingly, in order to acquire WR Nathan Green from Buffalo, the Rouge would send WR Toni Radovanovic over after only acquiring him from Ottawa at the draft. Green, in the end, is more proven than Radovanovic and should be a great #3 WR for Montreal. Buffalo would also get a 3rd rounder with Radovanovic.

Another big name that was circling the rumour mill was LB Silas O’Brien. O’Brien was traded to Worcester in 1956 but after conflicts over contract negotiations last offseason and the team wanting to rid some salary, they felt that it would be best to trade him again. 4 teams were heavily involved in talks for the 26-year-old. Ottawa, Providence, Montreal, and Louisville were involved. Most of the deals involved a 2nd round pick and a cheap depth player or prospect. Ottawa and Providence would be the front runners early, but after Ottawa got Greer from Louisville, their deal became a little weaker, and with GM Jack McKinnon’s poor relationship with Providence they would be pushed out as well. Montreal and Louisville would be the remaining deals, but with the Greer trade, Louisville was able to offer a bit more and would ultimately win out the deal. They would acquire LB Silas O’Brien and a conditional 1960 3rd Round Pick in exchange for Ottawa’s 2nd Round Pick, LB Jim Daniels with $3,000 retained on his $8,000 salary, and DB Marshall Allen. The conditions on the pick are dependent on O’Brien re-signing with Louisville and it would become a 2nd if the LB does not re-sign.

The final two trades were fairly minor with the Athletics picking up OL Christopher Søndergaard from the Tigers for a 4th Round Pick as they look to add depth in the weaker OL and the Tigers needing to dump a lineman after signing Magnus Gunnersson.

Finally, Ottawa would acquire former 2nd round pick RB Corey King and a 4th Round Pick from the Gold Stars for DB prospect Vince Jungen. King helps bring depth for the Royals while his departure opens up a spot for RB Bernard Alston.

Top Signings
OL Magnus Gunnersson WOR > LDN - 5Y, $19,500
OL Randy McFadden - WOR > BOS - 1Y, $15,000
DL Matis Baril - OTT > LI - 2Y, $14,000
QB Brian Meadows - IND > OTT - 2Y, $10,000
DL Robert Garrison - IND > OTT - 2Y, $14,500 ($10,500 2nd year player option)
DL Garrett Mason - BUF > BUF - 1Y, $8,000
LB Mickaël Beaumont - IND > OTT - 1Y, $10,000
OL Samuel Weston - IND > LI - 1Y, $7,500
LB Clifton Fields - BUF > IND - 1Y, $7,500
DL Jessie Sellers - LI > PRO - 1Y, $8,500 

*Holy crap this was one heck of an offseason, sorry for the long description, I’m sure if this becomes more consistent then I will focus in on the most important moves, but I do love talking about the moves and trying to explain the rationale behind the moves. I hope there's still lots of interest for the depth on this level as the league grows.
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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

What an offseason. My predictions for ‘58
West Division
Buffalo Blue Wings 10-2
London Tigers 10-2
Long Island Raiders 9-3
Indiana Victors 4-8
Louisville Thunder 4-8
East Division
Ottawa Royals 9-3
Boston Independents 8-4
Providence Gold Stars 7-5
Montreal Rouge 5-7
Worcester Athletics 3-9
Round 1
PRV 17-34 LDN
BOS 20-26 LI
Round 2
LDN 31-28 OTT
LI 19-21 BUF
McAllister Cup
LDN 17-28 BUF
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10/12/2020 10:36 pm  #906

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Wow what a crazy offseason with all the trades. Boston and London really improved through trades and the draft. It’ll be interesting to see how they do this year.

I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1958 Season Preview 

1958 Schedule
Intriguing/Event Games
W1 - BUF VS OTT - Season Opener - McCallister Cup Rematch
W1 - BOS VS WOR - Braddock Vs. Bishop
W1 - LOU VS LI - Thunder Stadium Opening Game
W1 - LDN VS IND - Western Fair Stadium Opening Game - Canada Day Game
W2 - BOS VS BUF - 4th of July Game
W6 - Rivalry Week
W10 - BUF VS LOU - Labour Day Game
W10 - IND VS PRO - Labour Day Game

Power Rankings 
* = designates new captains or captain changes

1 - Ottawa Royals
1957 Record: 7-3-2
1957 Result: Lost McCallister Cup
While some may be frustrated to see the Purple and Gold Kingdom at the top of the power rankings again, there is a level of respect for the ability of this club to maintain its success. The offence still remains the best in the league led by QB Jean Matieau, RB Alexei Volkov, WR Chester Bennett, and WR Mackenzie Jones. However, what really pushes the team to the top is the improvements on defence. They were able to add DL Robert Garrison and DL Charles Hoover to help DL Olaf Viktorsson, they brought back S Lester Greer, and added rookie LB Douglas MacDougall in the draft. While they still aren’t Long Island, they have a stronger defence to back up the offence which was still able to get them to the McCallister Cup last season. Look for the Royals to be the frontrunners for the East Division crown this season. 

C - QB Jean Matieau
A - DL Olaf Viktorsson
A - DB Uzzia Hayes* 

2 - Long Island Raiders 
1957 Record: 6-5-1
1957 Result: Lost Division Final
Long Island had a very disappointing season last year. The defence that everyone expected to dominate the league, could not figure it out all year. The chemistry issues were holding the team back and then injuries only added to the mess. LB Rusty McVee blamed himself for some of the communication issues as he was more focused on himself than the team and was not in tune with the leadership. Hopefully, with this season, the defence can find a rhythm and live up to their potential. On offence, the Raiders might finally have their superstar RB in 2nd overall pick Dareion Fields. Fields is quick and elusive and will be a great weapon for the squad. However, a lot of eyes will be on QB Lyle Painter, who has to take that next step to truly lead this team. Painter has been solid in his first 3 seasons but has still lacked that game-changing level that you would expect from a former 1st overall pick. If the issues get cleared up, the Raiders will be tough to stop. 

C - DL Vernon Spears
A - LB Elijah Goldwater
A - WR Robert Lang 

3 - London Tigers
1957 Record: 4-8
1957 Result: Missed Playoffs
The Tigers have high expectations again, but it is deserved with the growth and the additions that the Tigers made this offseason. The big name was QB Riley Kiernan. The former Athletic had his career-worst season in 1957 which ended with an injury. Worcester was not a fan of the ups and downs and traded him to London. Kiernan is looking for redemption this season after a very rough year, however, you can’t count on him being the starter, as HC Clifford Jacobson is leaning towards starting QB Christian Stewart for their week 1 game against Indiana. Jacobson has said that Kiernan will see the field at the very least, but they want him to get used to the new offence before throwing him into the fire. The Tigers also added on the O-line with Kiernan’s Worcester teammate in OL Magnus Gunnersson which gives them one of the league’s best offensive lines. The rest of the team is still very much the same which should work really well for chemistry and give the Tigers a great all-around team. If they can remain consistent, the Tigers are as big a threat to the Raiders in the West. 

C - LB Aengus Lynch
A - QB Christian Stewart
A - WR Wilbert Benjamin 

4 - Boston Independents
1957 Record: 5-6-1
1957 Result: Lost Division Semi-Final
Boston is a completely different team this season, and it starts with their prized possession in QB Nathaniel Braddock. It will be Braddock’s rookie year and mistakes will happen, but he is still one of the most complete QB’s coming into his first season. The Independents also added a lot around their young QB. Bringing back OL Randy McFadden and DB Lester Murphy, adding WR Joseph Barry to shore up the WR core, and grabbing S Drew Porter for their safety spot. With the additions and the success the team had last season, it could be back to contention for the Independents this season. They certainly will be exciting to watch this season with Braddock under centre and the other additions for the team.  

C - LB Brent Harper*
A - OL Andrew Furrson
A - WR Ellis Lindholm* 

5 - Buffalo Blue Wings
1957 Record: 10-2
1957 Result: Won McCallister Cup
If you are expecting the Blue Wings to replicate their spectacular 1957 season, you might be disappointed with this season. As much as Buffalo kept most of the team together, they are getting older. The majority of their core is reaching into their 30s and will certainly start to really show signs of decline. Players like RB Arthur Conner (33), DL Sean Bowen (32), DB Louie White (33), DB Dylan Alston (34), and QB Angelo Medina (33), will all likely take a step down from where they were last year and the many years before. However, Buffalo will still remain a playoff contender this season. Despite their age, the chemistry worked well and if that can be maintained Buffalo could still have a strong year.  

C - DL Sean Bowen
A - S Frazier Brooks
A - RB Arthur Conner

6 - Providence Gold Stars
1957 Record: 9-3
1957 Result: Lost Division Final
Providence runs into a similar problem to Buffalo; they are getting older, especially on defence. The secondary is all over the age of 31 and will be much slower this season and the LB core hasn’t quite been as strong in recent years. The offence isn’t as bad with 1957 MVP, QB Connor O’Rourke and a pair of young WRs in Sammy Moss and Cedric Peterson. However, WR Peter Brooks and RB Élisée Marchal are showing age and it will likely fall onto RB Johnnie Stafford and the young receivers to make up for it. Not only that, but the Gold Stars O-line is going to be a bit patchy with a pair of rookies in OL Varo Giovanni and OL Nicholas Waller starting out of the gate. Providence could once again be pretty good, but could also be equally as bad. They are about on par with Buffalo as a general wildcard this season.  

C - DB Lee Wolfe
A - QB Connor O’Rourke
A - WR Peter Brooks 

7 - Worcester Athletics
1957 Record: 7-5
1957 Result: Lost Division Semi-Final
Worcester walks away with what most are saying as one of the worst offseasons in league history. Trading their franchise QB and a young LB piece, losing their OL star in Gunnersson, and still not improving the depth behind DB Alexander Bradley. Worcester has a lot of questions to answer out of the gate. A big one will be if rookie QB Gene Bishop can take over for Kiernan in the offence. The WR core and RB are pretty solid with the team, but the O-line could spill a lot of trouble for a young QB. Worcester could be just as good as last year, but they could also fall right to the bottom if things go wrong. 

C - LB Scotty Williams
A - WR Clyde McIntosh
A - QB Andrew Glover*

8 - Montreal Rouge
1957 Record: 2-8-2
1957 Result: Missed Playoffs
Montreal may finally show some improvement this season. QB Stanislav Ovechkin enters his second year under centre and will have some better weapons to work with. WR Nathan Green will join the team behind veteran WR Ray Lopez and second-year WR Derek Cross. RB Scott-Mallard White will look to break free behind a stronger O-line this season as well. The offence as a whole has improved a lot, now the Defence is a bit rough. While DB Quentin Xavier and DB Jontray Cox will be solid in the secondary, the front 7 leave much to be desired. The DL at least adds some young talent to hopefully improve over time with DL Xander Devereaux being acquired via trade and DL Dexter Barbarcos being picked in the first round. Teams will likely still be able to run a lot against Montreal, but their offence should be able to at least put up a fight. 

C - QB Stanislav Ovechikin
A - OL Eugésippe Chalifoux
A - DB Quentin Xavier 

9 - Louisville Thunder
1957 Record: 3-9
1957 Result: Missed Playoffs
The Thunder made some strong improvements this offseason. The most notable being the surprise addition of LB Silas O’Brien. While O’Brien is only under contract for this next season, but he’ll be getting a #1 role in the Thunder defence which may help their case in keeping him around come next season. The youth will be the major focus of this team. Rookie DB Jayden Mills and second-year S Johnny Berger will hope to make a statement on the back end this season while RB Stavros Black will get more touches this season. However, most of the fans are excited to see last year’s #1 pick QB Leonidas Dumont, take over the starting job this season. He showed lots of promise in the final two weeks of last season, getting a huge win over the Raiders in Louisville. Louisville will be fun to follow, but they’re still a long way from being a playoff competitor. 

C - OL Aaron Spears
A - K Thomas McFadden
A - DB Jesse Scott 

10 - Indiana Victors
1957 Record: 4-8
1957 Result: Missed Playoffs
The Victors plan to go all-in through the expansion draft is not looking too good at the moment. Many of the players they drafted are heading into the end of their careers and will begin to really show a decline this season. Most notably QB Duane Logan, RB Laurent Brazeau, and DB Ollie Guy. The list might have also included DB Lester Murphy and WR Joseph Barry as well had they not been moved to Boston. With Logan getting older, QB Caldwell Higgins III could find himself starting some games this season after coming over in the Boston trade. It’s likely going to be a long season for the Victors, but they will have #4 overall pick RB Rodney Clark to watch this season to see what he can do for the future of the team.  

C - QB Duane Logan
A - RB Laurent Brazeau
A - DL William Sanderson* 

Wallflowers' Predictions
Long Island 10-2 y
London 8-4 x
Buffalo 6-6 x
Louisville 3-9
Indiana 1-11

Ottawa 9-3 y
Providence 7-5 x
Boston 6-6 x
Worcester 5-7
Montreal 3-9

WDSF - London over Buffalo 
EDSF - Boston over Providence

WDF - Long Island over London
EDF - Ottawa over Boston

40th McCallister Cup - Ottawa over Long Island

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I still have it being Buffalo over London in the championship.
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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Rugrat wrote:

I still have it being Buffalo over London in the championship.

Technically one team would have to finish 4th for that to be a possible matchup in the Championship.

Tho I will say Buffalo won't likely be the same team as last year.
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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Does Ovetchkin have nickname? The Slinging Slav came to mind.


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