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9/23/2020 3:08 pm  #91

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

MyTeamIsDr.Pepper wrote:

From an outsiders perspective, I definitely think the home (and maybe the set as a whole) needs some white interjected somewhere. Maybe white numbers could work?

This is exactly what I was gonna suggest, the home definitely would benefit from some white IMO


9/23/2020 10:31 pm  #92

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

On second look the football unis needed a bit more white, so the home numbers and NOB change to white and the main helmets also turn white since I think it contrasted better with the paw. So here's the home/away set and the third light blue set, along with the throwback.
And now for the soccer kit, which includes a color, a white, and a clash. Hopefully these are stylish yet somewhat traditional, which is what I was aiming for with the football uniforms.
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9/24/2020 8:33 am  #93

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

I really like the set you've put together! The new white helmet is a good look, and that throwback is class. The soccer set is really nice as well, the blue kit is a nice clash. Great work, I'll get mine done tonight!

9/24/2020 4:55 pm  #94

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

Hey, wanted to give a quick update. I have the baseball set and the home hockey jersey, if you guys have feedback I'd like to hear it before I finalize this stuff.

9/24/2020 5:50 pm  #95

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

The baseball set looks great, with my only thing is that maybe try changing the piping on the red jersey from the darker blue to the lighter one.

As for the hockey jersey, I'm not feeling the striping. Maybe try swapping the dark and light blue and remove the white stripe in between? Or even remove the dark blue (with maybe having it be on the away only) and only have the light blue on the home. I'd think of maybe redoing the striping, with having it somewhat similar to the football's throwback striping or even like the Blackhawks or Stars striping if you want. Just throwing out suggestions since I'm not too familiar with designing hockey stuff.
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9/24/2020 8:33 pm  #96

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

Alright, here's the updated baseball set as well as the hockey set. I used the football striping for the hockey set and went for a slightly more minimalistic look for the blue alt.

9/24/2020 8:42 pm  #97

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

Looks great! If no one has any other critiques then I think we're ready to submit!
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9/24/2020 10:08 pm  #98

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

I'm ready to send this off if everyone else is on board with it all
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9/24/2020 11:57 pm  #99

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

Yea this looks good to send off, great work guys!


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