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9/20/2020 1:09 am  #1

A variation on Driveball

I've pretty much hit another wall on my Driveball thread, hence the lack of updates for the last month.

Now I feel I must restart from scratch, but not completely though.

The scoring was pretty convoluted in the thread I posted on this forum. This time, I want to simplify it to something similar to what is used for International Rules (Gaelic/Aussie) football.

The next problem to solve is the field design. I had a field diagrammed over an American Football field, but it looked too confusing.

For reference, here are the fields for a couple different football codes. What I'm trying to do is find the right mix of each field.

Aussie rules:


Rugby league:

Rugby union:

Rough outline of the rules:
- Roster size: 14 to 15 on the field plus enough interchange players for a 22-25 man roster.
- Teams made up of Goalies, Backs, Midfielders and Forwards.
- 4 20 minute quarters or 2 35 minute halves.
- Game starts with the referee spiking the ball at midfield.
- Ball can be advanced through fistball (Aussie), kick (Gaelic) or pass (American)'
- Six tackles needed to gain possession.
- Goalie can inbound to a teammate after the opposing team scores.
- Direction of attack determined by coin toss.
- Scores after the siren will count.
- Field divided into three zones: Defensive, Midfield, Attack.
- Players must stay within the zones corresponding to their position on the field.

Free kicks:
- If the defending team puts the ball out of its own end line, the attacking team get a free kick.
- Attacking team can also be awarded a free kick if a defensive foul occurs in the attack zone.
- If a player from either team steps out of his designated zone and called offsides, a free kick is awarded to the opposing team.

- Pass or kick must travel more than 15 yards for a mark to count.
- Only 6 marks are allowed per possession.
- Seventh mark results in a free kick for the opponent.
- Spoiling the mark: Opponents can try to swat or intercept the pass attempt.

I may have to give the game a different name since apparently already there's an Android game called Driveball.


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