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9/08/2020 12:53 pm  #41

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

QCS wrote:

Hey guys, I have the final version of the moose logo! Dire, I'll send this file to you as soon as I can.

Now that, is a solid logo for the university. Also, those alternate jerseys look great, the all-gray ones might be one of my favorite ones out of all of them. Nice job! 


9/08/2020 1:17 pm  #42

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

Well here's the finalized football uniforms with the new horns!

Does anyone want to take over the lacrosse uniform design or am I fine to take a stab at them?


9/08/2020 1:39 pm  #43

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

Those football unis look great! I'm more than ok with you doing lacrosse, and I've got the baseball jerseys right here!

The gray was too dark to make a traditional all-gray jersey, so I kept it to an alt. Honestly, I'd buy that gray cap.

9/08/2020 8:32 pm  #44

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

First time making anything lacrosse-related, so if there's anything you guys want me to fix I'm open to C&C.


9/08/2020 8:47 pm  #45

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

I really like it, very traditional. My only suggestion would be to flip the orange and cream on the orange jersey as well as change the white to cream on the cream jersey's penny.

Edit: I just realized you don't have the file for the monogram. My bad, I'll send that over.

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9/08/2020 10:12 pm  #46

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

I don't know..I feel like the Lacrosse jerseys need the Grey they're too simple?
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9/09/2020 12:32 pm  #47

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

The reason the uniforms looked a bit plain was that I was trying to copy over what most colleges did, which most looked plain. To fix that, I tried replicating the pant/sock stripes on the jerseys and changed the helmet to orange with gray facemasks to (hopefully) incorporate a bit more gray into the set. Thoughts?


9/11/2020 11:19 am  #48

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

I really like it, I'm wondering if we can put the antlers on the helmet. The striping is really nice, very classic.

I also have a home and road jersey for hockey, working on a gray alt. The sleeve numbers on the cream jersey shouldn't be on the yoke, that's just a template thing. Rangers-inspired striping on both jerseys.

9/11/2020 11:57 am  #49

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

Could we maybe take a page from the Canes and do a "Riders" diagonal on the cream Jersey?
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9/11/2020 2:22 pm  #50

Re: Term 1 - Group 2

I think the hockey jerseys look good as they are, only minor thing I have is add the hat logo on the home jersey for consistency reasons. I'll second the diagonal Riders, but maybe do it on the gray alt you were doing. If you already had something else planned for the alt, then I'm fine with the wordmark on the cream roads.


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