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8/31/2020 9:13 pm  #1

Lee's War of Liberty

 This is a sports/Alternate TL set in a world where the Confederacy won the Civil War and annexed all of the border states, excluding DC and Maryland, and including the southern halves of Illinois and Indiana. I don't have any logos as of yet, but if this can get off the ground, I would try a contest, since Im terrible with logos and would like to have a fun game. Just a start, here is a list of the teams currently in the Professional Football Association, the CSA's top football league.

The Professional Football Association

Guide and Index

Northern Division

Richmond Virginians: est. 1913
In 1913, a group of University of Virginia Cavaliers gathered to form a Amateur Football Club. Originally the team was incorporated as the Richmond Cavaliers but this caused confusion with the Old Dominion Cavaliers of Virginia Beach. The Virginians joined the Virginian Football League and in 1922, joined the newly formed Eastern Football League. When the plan to merge the EFL with the WSFA came down, the Virginians were chosen to join the new league, known as the PFA.

Norfolk Bloodhounds: est. 1920
Founded by the Norfolk Police Department in 1920, the team was also known as the Sheriffs (1920-1921) and the Blues (1922-1924) before they settled on the name Bloodhounds. The Norfolk team had entered the EFL in 1921 as the Sheriffs and would remain in the league until the PFA was created.

Virginia Beach Sharks: est. 1965
The Virginia Beach Sharks were, along with the Nashville Spartans, an expansion franchise in the PFA in 1965. Virginia Beach had formally been home to the VFL’s Old Dominion Cavaliers, who had become the Virginia Beach Cavaliers after joining the EFL. The Cavaliers were not included in the merger that created the PFA in 1935 however. The Sharks were originally to be called the Cavaliers, but the University of Virginia objected to branding. As a result the name Sharks was chosen from a fan contest.

Newport News Barracudas: est. 1975
Newport News had been home to pro football before, including the EFL’s Dukes (1921-1923) and the short lived, but successful Kings (1930-1934) who managed to win the 1933 EFL Championship. In 1975, the PFA expanded for the last time, and along with bringing a team to Tampa-Saint Petersburg brought a new team to Newport News.


Saint Louis Giants: est. 1922
The Giants had a rather inauspicious start. Saint Louis, had been a great city for football before John Small, an oil millionaire, formed his team. He had decided to form a team after witnessing the 1921 EFL Title game between the Virginia Beach Cavaliers and the Charleston Sea Wolves. He loved the game so much he decided to field an all star team and field them in Saint Louis. He founded the Saint Louis Cardinals Football Club and got the Baseball club to share Sportsman Park. Even though he entered the team in the Missouri-Illinois League, the Cardinals soon dominated to much and killed the League. Sports writers angry at the Cardinal’s monopoly coined the name “Small’s Giants”. When the Cardinals joined the newly formed Central States Football Association (CSFA) in 1925 the team officially renamed itself the Giants in what Small referred to as “my first loss to free speech.” The Giants retained the name into the Western States Football Alliance (1930-1934) and then into the PFA.

Louisville Kings: est. 1948
After the Second World War, a group of veterans who had played before the war, met in Louisville to form a football club. The team immediately joined a reformed PFA and the Louisville Kings went on to defeat the Norfolk Bloodhounds. They were named the Kings in honor of King Louis, for whom the city of Louisville was named.

Nashville Spartans: est. 1965
Nashville had been home to the old Nashville Knoxvilleans (1930-1932) of the WSFA but had really always concentrated on the Baseball team, the Nashville Seraphs. The name Spartans was chosen to reflect the Ancient Greek theme that pervades Nashville.

Indianapolis Indians: est. 1966
In 1965, the PFA expanded by two teams, the Nashville Spartans and the Virginia Beach Sharks. The city of Indianapolis had failed several times to get an expansion franchise for the PFA several times. Although an ownership group and stadium were put together, the PFA refused to allow a third team in expansion. As a result the Indians joined the fledgling American Football League. The Indians would join the PFA in 1970, rather then merge into the NFL.


Atlanta Crackers: est. 1903
The Stevenson Cracker Company was established in Atlanta in the 1870’s and became a powerhouse in the region. In 1903, the Stevenson Cracker Football Club was formed to play in the Georgia Football Union. In 1920, the team turned professional and was renamed the Atlanta Stevenson Crackers. This was shortened in 1922 to just Atlanta Crackers. The Crackers joined the Eastern Football League in 1923 and then joined the PFA in 1935.

Charleston Sea Wolves: est. 1920
The Sea Wolves was the nickname given the U-Boat Corps of the Confederate Navy in the Great War. After the Great War, many of the Confederate sailors were left in Charleston. In 1920 the Sea Wolves were formed from an All Star collective formed from the Charleston Municipal Football League who joined the Carolinian Football League. In 1922 the Sea Wolves joined the EFL and then were chosen to join the PFA.

Birmingham Vulcans: est. 1970
The Vulcans were chosen along with the Indians to join the PFA in 1970. Birmingham had fielded two different Football teams previously, the Steelers (1919-1928) of the the Central States Football Association and the Alabama Appaloosas (1930-1933) of the Western States Football Alliance. The name Vulcans was chosen to reflect Birmingham’s past as a city of steel making.

Tampa Bay Cats: est. 1975
Tampa had never been a city of Football, and all media in the city had always been about the Tabaqueros, the baseball squad. However, in 1930, the Tabaqueros fielded a team known the Tampa Tabby Cats. The team became affectionately known as the Cats but was forced to fold when the Floridian State Football League was folded. In 1975 the PFA expanded once again and added a team to Tampa. A naming contest was held and the finalists were Stallions, Buccaneers and Cats. Cats was chosen for its sentimentality.


Dallas Texans: est. 1910
The Dallas Texans were founded in 1910, by alumni of the University of Texas. The Texans joined the Texas State Alumni Football Union (TSAFU) and immediately became rivals with fellow Dallas Clubs, the Christians and the Bears. The Texans then joined the Western States Football Alliance or WSFA in 1923 and the PFA in 1935.

Kansas City Cowboys: est. 1918
In 1918, after the Great War, a Football Club was founded in Kansas City known as the Steers. The Steers eventually became known as the Cowboys in 1921 and joined the WSFA in 1923. The Cowboys were chosen to join the PFA in 1930.

New Orleans Dragons: est. 1960
The Dragons were the result of 1960 expansion. New Orleans had never been home to a Pro Football franchise. However after Governor Dickson campaigned for a Louisiana team after York Stadium hosted the 1957 Stonewall Bowl between the Saint Louis Giants and the Charleston Sea Wolves. The name Dragons was chosen in a Nickname contest.

Houston Oilers: est. 1960
Houston had a history of Football teams including the TSAFU’s Houston Roughriders (1910-1914) and the WSFA’s Bobcats (1929-1934) but the name Oilers was chosen to reflect Houston’s Oil industry in 60’s. This also reflected ConOil, the owner of the Oilers until 1981.


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Re: Lee's War of Liberty

 This is the history of soccer in the CSA, which is one of the big four in the CSA, replacing Ice Hockey.

History of Association Football in the CSA
In this world the CSA always had close relations with the Prussians and inevitably the Germans so Soccer was bound to make the leap and it did eventually for the first time in 1909 when the American Association of Football was founded in Richmond. And in 1911 the first Domestic Competition, the National Cup was created. A small club from Richmond's Tredegar Factories, Tredegar Steel Richmond SC won the Cup 7 Times in a row and quickly established Soccer as a Popular Sport. However by the time the Great War had finished Soccer had fallen from it's high popularity to third most popular sport after Baseball and Football. Still Popular however the League of Confederate Soccer was formed in 1921. These were the teams.

League of Confederate Soccer
Tredegar Steel Richmond Soccer Club: Richmond 
Senators Hill Football Association: Richmond
Old Dominion Kaisers: Virginia Beach
Banditos FC: Wilmington, North Carolina
Veterans Athletic Club: Petersburg

Although it was the Nations only Professional tournament all the teams excluding Banditos, were from Virginia. And in 1924 New Orleans Business Magnate, Zebulon York V started the Western Soccer League to compete for the National Cup. The WSL had 6 teams 

Western Soccer League
New Orleans City Soccer Club: New Orleans
York Industries Athletic Association: New Orleans
San Antonio AFC: San Antonio
Texas United: Dallas
New Orleans Metropolitans: Metairie, Louisiana
Louisiana United: Shreveport
Cajun Hunting Club: Lafayette, Louisiana

The WSL and the LCS were gaining in popularity and a normal crowd could expect about 10,000 Fans. Although still junior to Baseball, Soccer found itself gaining on Football. And in another advance for Soccer, in 1931 Henry Clay and the Party for Confederate Equality had taken control of the Nation and united the the two competitions into the National Soccer League and organized the Soccer Final to be played in the National Stadium in Richmond, which was being constructed.

In 1933 the National Cup was played in the National Soccer Stadium between TS Richmond and York IAA in front of 30,000 fans. In 1932 the CSA had been reorganized as the Grand Republic of the South and in 1934 they invaded and by 1937 had annexed Mexico. So in 1938 4 Teams from Mexico were chosen to join the National Soccer League these temporary teams that lasted until 1944 were Nexaca, America, Asturia and Atlante. America won the Cup in 1941 and were the only Mexican team to do so.

After the fall of Clay and the PCE to Anti-Progressive forces and US Troops the NSL remained intact minus the four Mexican Teams and with less favor from the government. Clay had seen Soccer as a way to unite his People new President James Strom Thurmond believed American Sports like Football and Baseball should be the most prominent and considered not allowing the Soccer Final to be played in the NSS, but later relented. In 1955 the National Cup Final was broadcast by York Telecommunications Network Nationwide but the ratings were less then the that of the PFA or the Baseball Leagues. In 1970 it dropped below Basketball and currently remains the CSA's fourth most popular sport, with it's two powerhouses TS Richmond and York IAA being the most popular teams.

As for the national Team the CSA was present at the First World Cup in 1930 and placed second in Group 3 and placed 7th overall. They would not qualify again until 1966 when they trumped North Korea then Portugal and went all the way to the Semi-Finals where they lost 4-0 to England. They have not done well internationally since.

National Soccer League

East Division
Tredegar Steel Richmond Soccer Club: aka TS Richmond, TSRSC or the Steel Kings.
Virginia Beach-Old Dominion United: aka the Oldies: Formed from Virginia Beach- Old Dominion Merger in 1970.
Senators Football Club: aka SFC: Descended from Senators Hill, name changed in 1949.
Veterans Athletic Club: aka the Vets.
Banditos FC: Home in Wilmington, North Carolina
Miami Kaisers Sport Club.

West Division
York Industries Athletic Association: aka the Zebbies.
Lone Star Athletics-Houston: aka the Stars: Play in Houston
Texas United: aka the Rangers: Play in Dallas
New Orleans City: aka the Citizens.
Metropolitan Metairie FC: aka the Metros.

National Cup
1911. TS Richmond
1912. TS Richmond
1913. TS Richmond
1914. TS Richmond
1919. TS Richmond
1920. TS Richmond
1921. TS Richmond
1922. Banditos FC
1923. Senators Hill FA
1924. Senators Hill FA over York IAA
1925. Senators Hill FA over York IAA
1926. Senators Hill FA over Cajun Hunting Club 
1927. Cajun Hunting Club over TS Richmond 
1928. Veterans AC over Cajun Hunting Club 
1929. York IAA over Veterans AC
1930. York IAA over TS Richmond
1931. York IAA over TS Richmond
1932. York IAA over OD Kaisers
1933. TS Richmond over York IAA
1934. TS Richmond over York IAA
1935. OD Kaisers over York IAA
1936. York IAA over Veterans AC
1937. York IAA over Veterans AC
1938. Veterans AC over New Orleans City
1939. York IAA over OD Kaisers
1940. TS Richmond over York IAA 
1941. America over TS Richmond 
1947. TS Richmond over York IAA 
1948. York IAA over TS Richmond 
1949. York IAA over OD Kaisers
1950. York IAA over TS Richmond 
1951. LSA-Houston over TS Richmond 
1952. LSA-Houston over TS Richmond 
1953. TS Richmond over York IAA
1954. TS Richmond over LSA-Houston 
1955. TS Richmond over York IAA 
1956. York IAA over TS Richmond 
1957. York IAA over Banditos FC 
1958. York IAA over OD Kaisers
1959. OD Kaisers over York IAA
1960. Metropolitan MFC over OD Kaisers 
1961. Virginia Beach over Metropolitan MFC
1962. OD Kaisers over Metropolitan MFC 
1963. York IAA over OD Kaisers
1964. Banditos FC over York IAA
1965. Banditos FC over York IAA
1966. York IAA over Banditos FC
1967. York IAA over Veterans AC
1968. York IAA over Veterans AC
1969. Veterans AC over York IAA
1970. Veterans AC over York IAA
1971. York IAA over Veterans AC
1972. York IAA over TS Richmond
1973. York IAA over Veterans AC
1974. Veterans AC over York IAA
1975. Veterans AC over LSA-Houston
1976. LSA-Houston over TS Richmond 
1977. Veterans AC over LSA-Houston
1978. York IAA over TS Richmond
1979. York IAA over Veterans AC
1980. York IAA over Banditos FC
1981. TS Richmond over York IAA
1982. LSA-Houston over Banditos FC
1983. TS Richmond over LSA-Houston 
1984. York IAA over Banditos FC
1985. Banditos FC over LSA-Houston
1986. Banditos FC over York IAA
1987. York IAA over Banditos FC
1988. York IAA over TS Richmond
1989. York IAA over Banditos FC
1990. Banditos FC over York IAA
1991. Banditos FC over Texas United
1992. VB-OD United over Texas United 
1993. Texas United over Miami Kaisers 
1994. Miami Kaisers over York IAA
1995. York IAA over Miami Kaisers
1996. York IAA over TS Richmond
1997. York IAA over TS Richmond
1998. York IAA over Miami Kaisers
1999. York IAA over TS Richmond
2000. York IAA over TS Richmond
2001. TS Richmond over York IAA
2002. Metropolitan Metairie over TS Richmond
2003. TS Richmond over York IAA
2004. York IAA over TS Richmond
2005. York IAA over Senators FC
2006. York IAA over TS Richmond
2007. Senators FC over Metropolitan Metaire 
2008. Senators FC over York IAA
2009. York IAA over Senators FC

 This is what I have currently for the soccer history.

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Re: Lee's War of Liberty

what do you use to sim.

9/02/2020 1:11 am  #4

Re: Lee's War of Liberty

ZO82 wrote:

what do you use to sim.

 With this, I just made it up, since none of the teams exist.

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Re: Lee's War of Liberty

do you have the history of the CONCACAF Champions' League winners

9/02/2020 8:38 pm  #6

Re: Lee's War of Liberty

ZO82 wrote:

do you have the history of the CONCACAF Champions' League winners

 To be honest, it never occurred to me. I was trying to list the domestic scene for sports.

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Re: Lee's War of Liberty

This is the basketball league, once again it ends at a random time, but I can always expand or change the seasons themselves.

National Basketball League or the NBL

Richmond Spartans: established 1957
Richmond Senators: established 1956
Virginia Beach Skippers: established 1960
Charleston Bulldogs: established 1956
Tampa Tropics: established ?

Birmingham Bears: established 1949
Mobile Leopards: established 1952 as Mobile Jungle Cats
Miami Magic: established 1972
Kentucky Monarch: established 1965
Atlanta Olympians: established 1954

Saint Louis Crescents: established 1960 as New Orleans Crescents
Houston Lions: established 1951 as Saint Louis Buckskins
Dallas Rangers: established 1972
Memphis Pharoahs: established 1965
Little Rock Arkies: established 1959

NBL Finals
1956. Birmingham Bears over Mobile Jungle Cats
1957. Birmingham Bears over Saint Louis Buckskins
1958. Richmond Spartans over Atlanta Olympians
1959. Richmond Spartans over Birmingham Bears
1960. Mobile Leopards over Atlanta Olympians
1961. Birmingham Bears over Mobile Leopards
1962. Charleston Bulldogs over Richmond Senators
1963. Saint Louis Lions over Richmond Senators
1964. Saint Louis Lions over Richmond Senators
1965. Mobile Leopards over Richmond Senators
1966. Virginia Beach Skippers over Mobile Leopards
1967. Richmond Spartans over Little Rock Arkies
1968. Mobile Leopards over Birmingham Bears
1969. Birmingham Bears over Richmond Spartans
1970. Richmond Spartans over Kentucky Monarchs
1971. Richmond Senators over Louisiana Crescents
1972. Richmond Spartans over Kentucky Monarchs
1973. Richmond Spartans over Kentucky Monarchs
1974. Louisiana Crescents over Richmond Spartans
1975. Birmingham Bears over Louisiana Crescents
1976. Kentucky Monarchs over Virginia Beach Skippers
1977. Kentucky Monarchs over Memphis Pharoahs
1978. Virginia Beach Skippers over Atlanta Olympians
1979. Memphis Pharoahs over Virginia Beach Skippers
1980. Memphis Pharoahs over Little Rock Arkies
1981. Atlanta Olympians over Little Rock Arkies
1982. Louisiana Crescents over Atlanta Olympians
1983. Atlanta Olympians over Louisiana Crescents
1984. Houston Lions over Miami Magic
1985. Miami Magic over Houston Lions
1986. Miami Magic over Richmond Senators
1987. Miami Magic over Richmond Senators
1988. Mobile Leopards over Miami Magic
1989. Mobile Leopards over Richmond Spartans
1990. Richmond Senators over Richmond Spartans
1991. Birmingham Bears over Miami Magic
1992. Little Rock Arkies over Mobile Leopards
1993. Little Rock Arkies over Birmingham Bears
1994. Birmingham Bears over Dallas Rangers
1995. Birmingham Bears over Miami Magic
1996. Dallas Rangers over Memphis Pharoahs
1997. Richmond Spartans over Dallas Rangers
1998. Richmond Spartans over Memphis Pharoahs
1999. Memphis Pharoahs over Indiana Knights
2000. Miami Magic over Indiana Knights
2001. Memphis Pharoahs over Mobile Leopards
2002. Atlanta Olympians over Memphis Pharoahs
2003. Virginia Beach Skippers over Indiana Knights
2004. Memphis Pharoahs over Atlanta Olympians
2005. Indiana Knights over Houston Lions
2006. Birmingham Bears over Richmond Senators
2007. Birmingham Bears over Houston Lions
2008. Birmingham Bears over Tampa Tropics
2009. Little Rock Arkies over Birmingham Bears
2010. Charleston Bulldogs over Saint Louis Crescents
2011. Saint Louis Crescents over Tampa Tropics
2012. Birmingham Bears over Miami Magic
2013. Tampa Tropics over Virginia Beach Skippers

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Re: Lee's War of Liberty

 This is a short one, since the league is only founded in the 1990's.

 Though the CSA has fielded a Ice hockey team since 1960, there was no professional league until 1992, when the NHL partnered with the NBL to create a new hockey league centered in the Confederacy. The original six teams were as such.

Southern Hockey League 1992-93 season
Birmingham Polar Bears
Richmond Rowdies
Hampton Roads Rhinos
Miami Sharks
Houston Blades
Dallas Destruction 


Dixie Conference
Richmond Rowdies
Houston Blades
Birmingham Polar Bears
Arkansas Wolves
Dallas Destruction
Hampton Roads Rhinos

Rebel Conference
Richmond Spiders
Miami Sharks
Tampa Bay 

 Could use some ideas for team names, nothing is set in stone.

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9/08/2020 8:44 am  #9

Re: Lee's War of Liberty

Tampa Bay Marauders
Jacksonville Sharks
Miami Sol
Atlanta Generals
Charlotte Royals

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