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9/04/2020 2:07 pm  #31

Re: The Ideas Thread

Ooooh I like that. <--- Official home of the fictional country of Yorkland

9/04/2020 3:32 pm  #32

Re: The Ideas Thread

jared2001usa wrote:

QCS wrote:

Darknes wrote:

So I'm kinda now thinking about potentially doing out school in Oyster Bay which happens to be the Birthplace of one Theodore Roosevelt. So maybe doing the University of Long Island Colonels which was his Rank in the New York National Guard, the date would lend itself to the idea that the school was built to honor Teddy's Legacy. 

Ooo, I like that idea a lot. The only problem is I looked it up and Oyster Bay has a population of 293,000, which goes over our range. I googled it, and here are our choices for location: North Hempstead, Babylon, Rochester, Huntington, Yonkers, Syracuse, Ramapo, Amherst, and Smithtown. 

I also enjoy that idea, however since we can't have it at Oyster Bay, maybe we could place the university at either Babylon, Huntington, North Hempstead, or Smithtown, and still be able to keep it on Long Island.

I'd be down to use North Hempstead because it borders Oyster Bay in Nassau County.

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