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8/06/2020 1:00 am  #91

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Tough to see both the Carp and T-Birds at the bottom of the standings

Big fan of the updated unis for Hokkyo, the scripts are both classics


8/07/2020 4:48 pm  #92

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Section30 wrote:

Tough to see both the Carp and T-Birds at the bottom of the standings

Big fan of the updated unis for Hokkyo, the scripts are both classics

Yeah, I've been rooting for the Carp to do something but they've just missed their window it seems. Thanks for the complements, I'm glad the new scripts went over well!

I've got the results of the 1965 RICS right here!

Both the Kings and Tigers returned to the RICS, with the Kings looking for their first and Toramoto looking their second. 

Game 1 - SM 5, TOR 3 - San Moriuchi barnstormed the first two games, showing up to play while beating down the Tigers. This game wasn't close, Toramoto only got on the board in the 9th. Tigers pitcher Ray Riley gave up all 5 runs in the first three innings, then his replacement Tetsuyuki Miyatake was injured while pitching. 

Game 2 - SM 12, TOR 2 - If you thought Game 1 was bad for Toramoto, Game 2 was awful. The Tigers gave up 12 runs while the Kings walked all over them in Toramoto. Toramoto's starter Kazukuni Yoshimoto finished the game with an ERA of 21.00, giving up 7 runs in three innings. His replacement wasn't much better and it only got worse from there.

Game 3 - TOR 4, SM 3 - Looking to take a commanding 3-0 lead at home, the Kings slipped and let the Tigers get 4 on the board and couldn't fight their way back to victory. San Moriuchi looked weaker as their bats slowed a bit, but the game was very close.

Game 4 - TOR 19, SM 5 - No, that is not a typo, the Tigers actually scored 19 runs in this game. This is the highest-scoring playoff game in RICS history, and several other records were set as well: the playoff game Hits record (both for one team and combined) was set, with the Tigers hitting 22 and the Kings hitting 11 to set a record of 33 (previous was 27), most individual players at bat by one team (19, SM), and largest margin of victory in a playoff game (14, previously 10, SM over TOR). 

Game 5 - TOR 5, SM 4 - In a decisive Game 5, the Kings looked to bounce back from their beatdown the previous game. They put up a good fight, but gave up 2 runs in the 9th to lose the game, get swept at home, and go down 3-2.

Game 6 - TOR 5, SM 4 - Facing series defeat, the Kings toughened up and put 4 runs on the board to go up 4-0 in the 5th before giving up 5 runs over the next 4 innings, including a walk-off RBI in the 9th to seal the game and the series at home. Tigers RF Sam Prince was named MVP, launching 11 hits and 2 homers in the series.


NEXT: 1966 Offseason
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8/07/2020 11:26 pm  #93

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

19-5 in game 4... Woof.
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8/08/2020 12:53 am  #94

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Dan O'Mac wrote:

19-5 in game 4... Woof.

Yeah, I couldn't believe it when I saw it. You'd think with a game that was 12-2 and a game that was 19-5 this would be the highest-scoring RICS ever, but it's actually not. The combined run total for this one was 71, while the 1962 series between Queenston and Shinosaka had a combined total of 79. Just domination by Toramoto, they've got a good team that should last them for a while.
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8/10/2020 11:07 am  #95

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Here's the 1966 Offseason!

This one was more exciting than previous ones, a couple big trades happened that should make things interesting next season.

Starting off with Aorin, they traded solid 2B Salvatore Torres to Queenston for 2 prospects that will hopefully help them in the long run. The Monarchs are looking to get back into the postseason and try for their second championship, and Torres will act as a great backup for Jose Gutierrez, the current Monarchs 2B.

The Senators traded young star Josh Payne to the Emeralds in exchange for a solid 2B in Tyler Cantrell and two prospects with solid potential. The Sens are looking to reload after a couple close seasons, while the Emeralds need big splashes to get anywhere. 

Nothing else of note occurred, so here are the preseason predictions:
Shinkyo Robins - 78-64
San Moriuchi Kings - 76-66
Vertlac Emeralds - 73-69
Yosemite Grizzlies - 69-73
Queenston Monarchs - 68-74
San Juan Shockers - 62-80

Shinkyo Senators - 75-67
Joestar Crusaders - 74-68
Shinosaka Stars - 74-68
Toramoto Tigers - 73-69
Aorin Carp - 72-70
Hokkyo Thunderbirds - 59-83

NEXT: 1966 Season
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8/13/2020 1:35 pm  #96

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Sorry for the wait, here's the 1966 draft and season!

1966 Player Draft:
1 - Hokkyo - RF Shingo Nitta - Age 20 - Roosevelt University - Potential: 3.5/5
2 - Yosemite - SP Fumiya Sato - Age 23 - University of Shinsakai - Potential: 3/5
3 - Vertlac - 1B Todd Holden - Age 22 - San Moriuchi Christian University - Potential: 3/5
4 - Aorin - CF Matt Jones - Age 18 - Aorin Municipal High School - Potential: 4/5
5 - San Juan - 3B Jonathan Hayworth - Age 18 - North Hokuseikyo High School - Potential: 2.5/5
6 - Joestar - SP Tomoyuki Niimi - Age 21 - Apana Mauna City College - Potential: 2.5/5
7 - Queenston - SS Chris Stewart - Age 22 - Shinkyo University - Potential: 3/5
8 - Shinkyo RBL - 3B Josh McClain - Age 18 - Hikigaya High School - Potential: 3/5
9 - Shinkyo SBL - CF Erik Pierson - Age 22 - DeMia University - Potential: 2.5/5
10 - Shinosaka - SP Takeru Hashimoto - Age 19 - South Straight High School - Potential: 2/5
11 - San Moriuchi - LF Kenji Nakanishi - Age 22 - Hayakawa University - Potential: 2/5
12 - Toramoto - SS Kusuo Fukunaga - Age 19 - Kira Yoshikage High School - Potential: 3/5

53 - San Juan - 2B Masataka Ando - Age 17 - Northwest High School - Potential: 3.5/5

And here's the season!

In the RBL, it's back to the Robins show as they win their first pennant in four years. Hot on their heels were the Kings, who were probably the second-best team in the Federation this year but missed out on the playoffs. The Monarchs slipped a bit, but are still a good team. The Emeralds just couldn't put it together and ended up under .500 again, while the Shockers continue their decline from mediocrity to awfulness. However, they were still better than the Grizzlies, who simply can't put together two consistent seasons to save their lives. Instead of competing and finally finishing above 6th, they got worse and lost nearly 100 games again. 

In the SBL, the Tigers were dethroned as the Stars stormed to the top to try for their fourth crown. It wasn't even close as the rest of the league stumbled and couldn't catch up. The Tigers were the only other team to even reach .500, while their rivals in Joestar were just under. Aorin tied the Crusaders, while the Senators fell and had a subpar season. The big news was the Thunderbirds becoming competitive, as they were only three games away from the Sens by season's end. 

And so, it will be the Robins and Stars in the RICS. These two have actually never played, with both just missing the other's competitive window. It should be a good series, expect lots of fireworks.

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8/14/2020 10:58 pm  #97

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Without further delay, here's the 1966 RICS!

It was a tough series, trading games while going the distance.

Game 1 - SNO 3, SKR 2 - The Stars robbed the Robins on home field, putting together enough offense to hold off an attempt at a comeback by the Birds. SNO 1-0

Game 2 - SKR 5, SNO 1 - After being shown up at home, the Robins showed up to play and took back home field. TIE 1-1

Game 3 - SNO 7, SKR 4 - As the series headed to Shinosaka, the Stars turned it up, bombarding the Robins in a high-scoring game. SNO 2-1

Game 4 - SKR 8, SNO 2 - This time, it was Shinkyo's turn to embarrass the Stars, as they launched multiple home runs to tie up the series. TIE 2-2

Game 5 - SNO 4, SKR 3 - In a pivotal Game 5, the Robins just couldn't get it done and gave up the series lead heading back home. SNO 3-2

Game 6 - SKR 6, SNO 1 - With some life left, Shinkyo rallied around their team and the Birds took down the Stars to force a Game 7. TIE 3-3

Game 7 - SNO 14, SKR 0 - In what some are calling the most embarrassing RICS performance ever, the Stars murdered the Robins 14-0 in Shinkyo. They were already up 4-0 after the 2nd and scoring 8 in the 5th seemed to be the final mental blow Shinosaka needed to claim victory. SNO 4-3

Shinosaka RF Chris Wentz was named series MVP, hitting 10 including 1 homer to help the Stars' bats come alive to take out the Robins. This the Stars' fourth RICS championship, tying the Robins for most wins. Despite tradition, Commissioner Aoyama forbade Stars owner Toru Seki from overhauling the uniforms again, telling him to "...just put the stars on the [darn] logo and be done with it!" A new system was put into place where the Stars would wear a star on their uniforms if they were reigning champions, otherwise only on the logo would the stars be updated. 


NEXT: 1967 Offseason + Identity Tweaks
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8/15/2020 2:14 pm  #98

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

I've got the 1967 offseason ready to go!

Two teams made identity adjustments this year:

Of course, the Stars have a new look, creating something that should last for a while. The brand is centered on a new "star S" that adorns the cap and primary logo. The primary is a roundel with "Shinosaka Stars" at the top and five stars on the bottom, for the four championships and "one to grow on", in the words of Stars owner Tooru Seki. The Stars became the first team to use a sleeve patch as they placed the primary on the sleeves of both the home and away. As promise, a star was placed over the chest for Shinosaka's championship win.

The other green team also made changes for the first time:

Vertlac update their look with a new emphasis on "emerald green", their main shade. The home jerseys feature a new emerald with striping and a new Vertlac green cap, while the road is entirely different and uses emerald green. Additionally, they become the first RIBF team with a different home and road cap as well as the first team to use colored belts. With MLB teams beginning to experiment with their jerseys, RIBF teams are looking to mix things up and give fans something different.

In other news, Shinkyo Senators owner Daisuke Yoshida passed control of the team to his son, Tomoya. Tomoya is only 24, but his father had become unable to effectively head team operations. Senators fans hope that the new owner will improve their luck like it did for Shinosaka.

As for player movement, a couple things of note happened:

In a trade with Vertlac, Aorin sent aged superstar Takeshi Kawamoto in exchange for SP Josh Hurley. The move was widely unpopular in Aorin, as Kawamoto was a star for the Carp during his 12 years there and wanted to finish his career with the team he played for his whole time in the majors. 

Speaking of the Emeralds, they sent SP Ryuta "Bizarre" Ishihara to the Joestar Crusaders in exchange for prospect RP Virigilio Lopez and solid SP Josh Randall. 

Joestar also made a trade with San Moriuchi, gaining young starter CF Motoaki Watanabe for prospect RP Peter Second, the former first-round pick, and star SP Jason Walker, who was a stud for the Crusaders while he pitched there. It's unknown why Joestar chose to trade away so many pitchers.

There were several notable retirements as well:
Robins pitcher Sumiki Nishimura retired after 12 years of service, a consistent All-Star who helped the Robins win four titles.
Queenston's catcher, Hisashi Miwa, who is most known for his time with the Senators, gave it up after 12 years.
In San Juan, 40-year-old SS Yoshio Taniguchi retired after excellent seasons with both the Carp and Shockers.
Additionally, 3B Masakatsu Masuda hung it up after some great play with both the Senators and Shockers.
With the Senators, SP Hisanori Furukawa called it career. Pitching most of his time for Joestar, he won the 1957 RICS before giving one last year for the Senators.
Vertlac star Katsuaki Terada retired after 12 years with the Emeralds, becoming a consistent all-star from 1959-64, only skipping '62.
The Grizzlies also lost star Kiyoshi Abe, who played with Shinosaka for most of his career before one year with the Robins and one final year with Yosemite. 
Finally, Carp fan favorite Taizo Nishimoto called it quits, an excellent pitcher for both the Carp and Emeralds.

Preseason Predictions:
San Moriuchi Kings - 80-62
Shinkyo Robins - 76-66
Vertlac Emeralds - 74-68
Queenston Monarchs - 73-69
San Juan Shockers - 64-78
Yosemite Grizzlies - 62-80

Toramoto Tigers - 82-60
Shinkyo Senators - 79-63
Joestar Crusaders - 76-66
Shinosaka Stars - 72-70
Aorin Carp - 69-73
Hokkyo Thunderbirds - 50-92

Additionally, the Carp have begun seeking a new stadium in the city of Aorin-shi. Aorin Municipal Ballpark is 30 years old, and is the smallest in the RIBF. Owner Junichi Maeda has said his desire is for the team to remain in Aorin, but if a new stadium deal cannot be reached, he may begin looking for places to relocated the team. Most fans believe that a new stadium will be built, though the city of Shinsakai-shi has already begun heavily promoting their home as a new place for baseball.
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8/18/2020 6:04 pm  #99

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Here's the 1967 season and draft!

1967 RIBF Draft:
1 - YOS - SP John Bohnhoff
2 - SJ - CL Jeremy Pagonis
3 - YOS - SP Jon Martinez
4 - HOK - 3B Tim Emond
5 - SKS - 2B Hector Saldivar
6 - VER - CF Chikao Kai
7 - AOR - C Ryan Langer
8 - JOE - SP Vince Ludwig
9 - TOR - SP Hiroshi Nishihara
10 - QNS - SP Fumiya Sato
11 - SNO - SP Danny Swager
12 - SM - CL Aaron Williams
13 - SKR - 2B Raul Arambula

54 - YOS - CF Yukata Uchida

And here's the 1967 season!

Once again the Robins and Stars will meet in the RICS, but this time the roles are switched with Shinosaka having home field advantage and Shinkyo needing to steal some games on the road to win it all. But before that, a quick wrap-up!

In the RBL, the Monarchs finished second, beating the Kings by one game, and for the first time since 1956, the Kings/Canaries franchise has not finished either first or second in the RBL. They still had a great season, but missed out after a weak homestretch. Following them were the new-look Emeralds, who had a fine enough season. It's their first above .500 since '61, so it's some improvement. The Shockers, who seem to be cursed, remain bad, but not as bad as the Grizzlies, who made strides this year, as they tend to do. As their minor leaguers make their way up the system we should start to see some improvement. 

Meanwhile, opposite the Gray Mountains, the Stars dominated once again, fending off challenges from Joestar and Shinkyo before claiming the pennant for good. The Crusaders rebounded after last year, solidifying themselves as the "#2" SBL team. Behind them were the Carp, finishing third in a relatively weak SBL. The Senators and Tigers continue to flounder, and the Senators even finished last in the SBL despite playing in the biggest stadium in the Federation. Of course, the T-Birds came in last, but this time it was decently competitive, they had a chance to finish above 6th but couldn't hold on.

There you go, the '67 RICS will be the Robins and Stars, repeating last year's affair. Shinosaka is the better team on paper, but Shinkyo was last year and that turned out wonderfully for them, huh? 

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8/18/2020 6:14 pm  #100

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Well the Carp almost had a winning record... so thats something lol

Hoping the T-Birds can turn it around sometime soon


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