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4/08/2020 8:33 pm  #31

Re: AltHL Legacy

Not start for Seattle, especially considering that 89-90 was in the middle of Washington's fourteen consecutive playoff appearances.

Also, can you organize the standings by wins/points instead of how you have it now?

4/08/2020 9:19 pm  #32

Re: AltHL Legacy

All of your suggestions have been noted. I will add that for the next go around.

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4/09/2020 3:13 pm  #33

Re: AltHL Legacy

West Division Champs baby!!!  Bring it, Portland...

4/09/2020 3:49 pm  #34

Re: AltHL Legacy

Well, being the 2nd worst team in the AHA isn't the best start, but that means the mighty Los Angeles Titans of Agrabah will only improve from here!

4/09/2020 4:10 pm  #35

Re: AltHL Legacy

After hearing some of your suggestions here is the updated view of the final standings from 1990.  But since we are technically simulating the twenty seasons before our first AltHL season this season is not the 1990 season but rather the 2000 season.  I have added points to the standings.  I made a mistake yesterday when previewing the post season matchups.  Minnesota and Calgary simply switch positions.  With all of that said enjoy the first round of the playoffs.
Canadian Shield Playoffs

 Round 1 - Winnipeg Arrows versus Calgary Wranglers 

The Winnipeg Arrows come into the postseason as the league’s best team.  The Arrows ended the season 10 points ahead of the competition. The Arrows welcomed the Calgary Wranglers in the first round in a Western Canada clash. 

Game 1 - Calgary caught the Arrows by surprise by scoring the first goal of the game just minutes into the contest.  Unlike Calgary the Wranglers had to fight to get into the postseason and were in playoff shape at the drop. By the end of the first period the Wranglers were out to a 3-0 lead.  However midway through the third period the Arrows had found their legs and cut the league to 1. With time running out, the Wranglers hit an empty net goal to steal Game 1. Final Score - Calgary 4 - Winnipeg 1. 

Game 2 - With revenge on the mind the Arrows let loose and opened a barrage of offense.  Arrows’ rookie Pierre Turgeon and Dave Andreychuk had two goals each in a big Game 2 win.  Final Score - Winnipeg 7 - Calgary 4 

Game 3 - As the series shifted back to Calgary, Winnipeg looked for answers on defense.  The Wranglers had scored 8 goals in the first two games. Game 3 would be more of the same.  Calgary stormed out of the gates, chased the goalie out of the game and took back home ice advantage in the series.  Final Score - Calgary 7 - Winnipeg 4. 

Game 4 - The Arrows were reeling from a big loss to Calgary in game 2.  Calgary knew that Game 4 could give them a stranglehold on the series. Despite their defensive holes, Winnipeg kept the offense going at an impressive clip.  This time, the Arrows offense put up 8 goals. Final Score - Winnipeg 8 - Calgary 3.   

Game 5 - As the series shifted back to the ‘Peg, the Arrows had restored confidence.  They rode the wave early in the game. But the pesky Wranglers kept hanging around. The game went to overtime.  Midway through the first overtime Phil Housley banged in a loose puck to give the Arrows the win. Final Score - Winnipeg 4 - Calgary 3 (OT) 

Game 6 - With their backs against the wall the Wranglers came out with nothing to lose in the first period.  They scored two goals in the first period. The Arrows used the intermission to regroup, and regroup they did.  The Arrows scored 4 straight in the second. They added another two in the third to win the game and the series.  Final Score - Winnipeg 6 - Calgary 2.   


Round 1 - Halifax Kingfishers versus Minnesota Loons 

Minnesota may be the state of hockey but they play in a league in the nation of hockey.  The Loons have a rivalry with the entire league as the ugly-American cousin. The enter this postseason with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove to the entire league.   

Game 1 - Halifax has a small but fierce fanbase and the Fisher Faithful propelled them in the first period.  Denis Savard tallied towards the end of the first to take the lead for the Fishers. John Maclean and Peter Stasny scored for the Loons to fight back to take a lead of their own.  The young Jeremy Roenick scored twice for Halifax to take a lead back into the locker room 3-2. Then in the third the Fishers score early to take the two goal lead. But as they say, ‘a two goal lead is the most dangerous lead in hockey’.  With less than a minute to go and the goalie pulled, Brendan Shannahan scored on a weak side one-timer to cut the lead to one. Unfortunately for the Loons, it was too little too late. Final Score - Halifax 4 - Minnesota 3. 

Game 2 - Another close game in Halifax led to overtime.  One goal could give the Fishers a commanding two game lead in the series.  Just five minutes into overtime John Maclean scored off of his foot to end the game.  The referees reviewed whether it was a kick or not but they determined that it was a good goal.  The Loons win! Final Score - Minnesota 3 - Halifax 2 (OT) 

Game 3 - The series shifted south of the border to Minneapolis.  Brendan Shannahan scored a hattrick to the delight of the Lunatics.  Final Score - Minnesota 8 - Halifax 3. 

Game 4 - With a 2-1 series lead the Loons played determined to push the Fishers to the brink of elimination.  With a sense of urgency and the goalie pulled, Halifax tied the game. In overtime Patrick Sundstrum scores for the Loons as the first overtime was winding down.  Final Score - Minnesota 5 - Halifax 4 (OT) 

Game 5 - Back at home with their backs against the wall, Halifax fought to the death to extend the series.  It was a fun game to watch as a fan but a game that is dreaded by coaches. Back and forth, a shootout for the ages.  In overtime, Greg Gilbert scores on a mini-breakaway to send the series back to Minnesota. Final Score - Halifax 8 - Minnesota 7 (OT) 

Game 6 - Licking their wounds after an exciting and difficult loss the Loons wanted to end the series in 6.  Halifax had spent all of their energy in Game 5 and couldn’t keep up with the Loons attack in Game 6. Final Score - Minnesota 5 - Halifax 3. 


Adams Cup Playoffs

Round 1 - New York Gargoyles versus Denver Bighorns 

The best record of either lead during the regular season belonged to New York.  They welcomed Denver who beat out Philadelphia with a tiebreak to make the postseason. 

Game 1 - Cam Neely scored a goal midway through the third period on the powerplay to give New York the win in a back and forth affair.  Final Score - New York 5 - Denver 4. 

Game 2 - The Gargoyles kept their foot on the gas in Game 2.  Ray Bourque scored on the power play. Brian Propp tallied at the end of the second period.  The Horns were only able to answer with one of their own. Final Score - New York 3 - Denver 1.

Game 3 - The Horns needed to right the ship back at home in the Mile High City.  The Horns swarmed in the early going. Ron Francis scored the first goal of the game for Denver.  Unfortunately for Denver fans Gargoyles goaltender Andy Moog shut the door with an outstanding performance.  Final Score - New York 3 - Denver 1 

Game 4 - The Bighorns faced a sweep at the hands of the Gargoyles from Gotham City.  With tremendous passion the Horns put up an impressive 7 goals. 2 of which coming off the stick of Pat Verbeek. Final Score - Denver 7 - New York 3 

Game 5 - The Gargoyles had the opportunity to close out the Bighorns on their home ice.  They had an offensive explosion of their own in the works. Dave Poulin, Bob Beers, Dave Christian scored a combined 4 goals in the second to dominate the game.  Final Score - New York 6 - Denver 2. 


Round 1 - San Francisco Dragons versus Portland Sawblades 

In a West Coast matchup the Dragons and Sawblades meet one another after a fierce rivalry during the regular season.   

Game 1 - Mats Naslund scored twice for the Dragons in the first 8 minutes of the game to set the bar for Game 1.  Final Score - San Francisco 2 - Portland 1. 

Game 2 - Craig Simpson scores two goals early to mirror the events of game one.  The Blades exploded from there. Mark Messier adds two goals of his own to win the game for Portland.  Final Score - Portland 8 - San Francisco 3. 

Game 3 - The series shifts to the Rose City for Game 3.  Portland started Game 3 right where they left off in game 2.  Final Score - Portland 5 - San Francisco 1 

Game 4 - The game got stuck on a seesaw.  These two teams went to overtime. Stephane Richer scores in overtime with a nifty backhand to win the game for the Dragons.  Final Score - San Francisco 5 - Portland 4 (OT)

Game 5 - Portland had to answer in game 5 after losing home ice advantage.  Despite falling behind early the Blades stormed back with 5 unanswered goals.  Final Score - Portland 6 - San Francisco 3. 

Game 6 - The Sawblades returned home, one win away from the finals.  And they played like it. The Blades scored the first 3 goals of the game.  The Dragons could only play even the rest of the way and couldn’t make the comeback.  Final Score - Portland 5 - San Francisco 2.  


***Check out the 'Beyond' Thread to share with the league your team's arena.  I will be able use the arena in these narratives moving forward.  

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4/09/2020 4:55 pm  #36

Re: AltHL Legacy


We want Winnipeg!

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4/09/2020 6:43 pm  #37

Re: AltHL Legacy

Looking at the standings for a second time I realize that the Chevs are 39 below the next worst team in the league.

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4/09/2020 7:11 pm  #38

Re: AltHL Legacy

Section30 wrote:


We want Winnipeg!

I was a bit disappointed at first when the matchup changed, but boy this is way better. Bring it on Loons.

Go Arrows! #takeaim

4/09/2020 8:44 pm  #39

Re: AltHL Legacy

Let's go 'Goyles. Let's blow the Sawblades out of the water like we did Denver! 
Coincidentally, the championship comes down to the team I thought I get in my mock draft, and the team I actually got, huh.


4/09/2020 9:09 pm  #40

Re: AltHL Legacy

Ah yes, the early 2000s, when the Capitals had one of the worst Cup Final hangovers in history.

Come on Seattle!

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