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4/20/2020 4:09 pm  #251

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

The Minnesota Loons would like to nominate themselves for the Arctic Classic and Atlas Championship.

For the Arctic Classic the Loons propose Allianz Field, home of Minnesota United (the other Loons). Allianz Field is a new state of the art Soccer Pitch in neighboring St. Paul that opened just last year. With a partial roof to block any rain or snow from spectators, Allianz Field offers a great view for all fans.

For the Atlas Championship the Loons nominate Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo, Norway. The largest Stadium in Norway, it can fit over 35,000 spectators. Minnesota has a very large Scandinavian influence and heritage with over 17% of Minnesotans coming from Norwegian descent, tying the State of Minnesota with the country of Norway.

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4/20/2020 4:12 pm  #252

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

Section30 wrote:

What is it with Allianz and sponsoring stadiums with so many lights?



4/20/2020 4:14 pm  #253

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

The Toronto Terriers have officially announced their bids for the Civic Series and Atlas Championship.

The first event, the Civic Series, is proposed to be held at the Roger’s Centre, a Toronto Landmark since 1989. “The venue’s max capacity for Canadian Football is 52,230, which means it would be perfect for an outdoor game.” Said team owner Rick Fetcher, who has finally started going by his full name for once. “The T-dogs and Ice Age Entertainment would be very proud if we could hold this game.”

The Atlas Championship game has three proposed sites: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London (Max Capacity 62,303), Aviva Park in Dublin (Max Capacity 49,000), and Anfield in Liverpool (Max Capacity 53,394). The locations are all suggested as to honor Toronto’s rich British heritage.

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4/20/2020 4:25 pm  #254

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

CHICAGO, Ill. -- The Chicago Ghosts have placed its bids to host the Arctic Classic and Civic Series in local areas around the Ghosts' fan base.

The hopeful inaugural Arctic Classic would take place in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, a location that has hosted many Super Bowls, Final Fours, an NBA All-Star Weekend, and a soon-to-be College Football Playoff game.

The 67,000 person stadium is in close proximity to the Ghosts' AAA affiliate Indianapolis SuperChargers.

As for the Civic Series, Chicago has been blessed with a larger geographical fan area than most which makes for interesting opportunities later in the AltHL's subsequent history.

That being stated, Chicago has expressed interest in bidding for the Civic Series to be played at Busch Stadium, the home of the St Louis Cardinals. Seating 45,494, Busch Stadium offers the opportunity to give fans in hockey-hungry parts of the central United States an opportunity to come together under the lights and celebrate one of America's most fascinating games.

With both of those bids announced, the ownership and front office staff in Chicago wish everyone the best of luck with their plans.


4/20/2020 4:37 pm  #255

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

The Boston Rovers would like to put in a bid for the Civic Series and the Atlas Championship.

For the Civic Series, the Rovers would like to put a bid for the Boston Commons, the oldest city park in the US dating back to 1634. 

For the Atlas Championship, the Rovers would like to bring hockey to Celtic Park in Glasgow, the owner while he is Irish also has Scottish roots and would love to honor them.


4/20/2020 4:39 pm  #256

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

Hey everyone! 

Awesome bids so far.  A couple of things before we continue. 

Please limit your bid to one venue.  

The Civic Series is reserved for non-traditional venues meaning NOT a stadium.  If you said 'Civic Series' with a stadium venue I already have moved it over to the Arctic Classic group.  

If you need to make amends to your bids feel free to do so.  

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4/20/2020 4:55 pm  #257

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

The Los Angeles Titans, in a odd move, made the announcement that they'd only be applying for the right to host the Arctic Classic, despite having the option to pick a second site.  Owner Stickman made it clear he had his eyes set on Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.  

When asked why the odd location in a non-traditional hockey market, his reply was that he always wanted to go to Hawaii, before composing himself to say that this would be the first bold step in expanding the AltHL's popularity across the world.

(Later, when pressed strongly to pick another event to try and host, he also applied to host the Atlas Championship in the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which hosts the Australian Football League's AFL Grand Final, which routinely eclipses 100,000 spectators).


4/20/2020 5:10 pm  #258

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

The Charlotte Racers announce their bid to host the Atlas Championship and Civil Series bids.

For the Atlas Championship, Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth has chosen to pick Emirates Stadium, home of EPL member Arsenal in Holloway, London, England. He stated, “I want to see more hockey players coming out of the United Kingdom. The opportunity to grow the game in the United Kingdom and give Arsenal fans some winning, given how downtrodden they have been recently, will most certainly be the utmost honor for the Racers.”

For the Civil Series, he unveiled an interesting choice. “We have decided with the cooperation of the town of Winston-Salem to place a bid for hosting the Civil Series at Bowman Gray Stadium. I wanted something like this to encase one of the grassroots racing tracks in NASCAR, and show that it doesn’t take a big city to draw in fans as long as a spectacle and a show is put on. Plus, I’m working some talks with NASCAR to possibly host a lower series exhibition race before the game.”

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4/20/2020 5:36 pm  #259

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

The Winnipeg Arrows announce bids to host the Arctic Classic and the Civic Series.

Arctic Classic at Shaw Park - Capacity - 7,461 ((Baseball) would add additional stands in the outfield to expand)
The home of the Winnipeg Goldeyes sits along the river not far from the Red River Arena and the CMHR. The baseball park would be a great home for an outdoor game in the chilling "Winterpeg" weather. 
"I love the community if the city and I want to bring them an outdoor game before we adventure off to other places"

Civic Series on the Red River
During the coldest months of the year, Winnipeg hosts one of the longest skating trails in the world along the Red River. They would add a rink for the Arrows to play along the banks of the River so fans can use the banks to watch the game from. The rink would be put just south of the Provancher bridge at The Forks National Historic Amphitheatre with a dock cross the way to add more fans (though would be a much further view. 

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4/20/2020 6:48 pm  #260

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

Dr. Pepper and the New York Gargoyles have submitted bids to Arctic Classic and the Civic Series.

The Arctic Series will be held at Richmond County Bank Stadium, home of the Staten Island Yankees. Extra seating will be provided, provides a great, scenic New York City skyline background.

The Civic Series will be held in Central Park, possibly at a modified Lasker Rink on the northern end of the park.

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