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4/03/2020 10:01 am  #1

AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

AltHL Owners!

Today is the day! It is finally here.  Today each of you will be the proud owner of one of our amazing AltHL franchises.  From here on you will be in control of that team through future rounds of design.  You will be also able to provide the character, community, and tradition of that team.  And of course you, like all the other owners will build your team from the ground up to take home the first ever AltHL Cup.  

Just a reminder this is how today works.  It is pretty simple.  The draft order is below.  Once 3pointtally responds to this post the draft will begin.  After he posts, Steelman is officially on the clock.  Pay attention to the order and don't jump the gun.  Technically there is no time limit on the pick.  If it gets to be too long I will reach out to the person individually to move it along.  Let's try only to post the picks during the draft time and save all of our commentary for afterwards. I will populate the draft board as often as I can today as the draft moves along.  I envisioned all of you booing as you read this as the Gary Bettman often is at the draft.  

Let's get to it! The AltHL Owner Draft is officially open!


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Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond


Friday, April 3, 2020

Vancouver, British Columbia - The Vancouver Glaciers today announced that fire department employee 3pointtally has purchased controlling interest in the team from the AltHL thanks to the inaugural owner draft.

The closing of the transaction makes 3pointtally, 33, the new Majority Owner, Chairman and Governor of the Glaciers and the only owner of an AltHL franchise thus far.
"This is an incredible moment for me and my entire family," said 3pointtally. "The Vancouver Glaciers team is poised to do great things on and off the ice. I look forward to helping hockey continue to thrive on the boards, and I am committed to providing our passionate fans, loyal partners and the entire Province of British Columbia with a team they can be proud of for years to come."

AltHL President & CEO Gritty called 3pointtally’s purchase of the team a capstone to what has, thus far, been a momentous off-season. "Mr. Tally is a proven winner and his track record of logo creations and jersey design accomplishments makes us well-positioned for continued growth, progress and long-term success here in Vancouver. Today marks a major step forward for our league and our great fans and partners."

The Hamilton Ontario-based 3PT Group has roots dating to 1987 when he was born. 3pointtally has built a broad portfolio of logos, jersey designs, television and radio experience, and most recently has been the head of the Hamilton Ontario Fire Departments Administration team.3pointtally thanked Gritty for what he called "invaluable service to the League."

"Gritty deserves credit for creating the league and for growing the game of hockey on the AHS boards," said 3pointtally. "I look forward to working with him in the future and want to thank him for his hard work and commitment to the team and league."

Gritty expressed his excitement for the direction of the franchise moving forward."It has been an honor and a privilege serving as the President and CEO of the AltHL," said Gritty. "I am proud of the work we did to make this organization and league better, and I am pleased to be passing the torch to someone who will guide this franchise to great days ahead.”

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4/03/2020 12:29 pm  #3

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond


Friday, April 3, 2020

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Halcyon Sports group announced today that principle owner Steelman has acquired controlling interest in the Halifax Kingfishers of the Alternate Hockey League through the inaugural owner draft.

The selection makes Steelman, a media mogul originally from Texas, the majority owner of the new franchise in Halifax and the second official owner of a team in the AltHL after Vancouver. “This is a great day for hockey and for Halifax,” said Steelman. “The first official rules of ice hockey were born in Halifax and today the Kingfishers will continue that tradition of pioneering and passion.”

“This has been a long-time coming and I am very proud of the work my team has done to forge this franchise into existence. From presenting this wonderful city as a candidate, to brainstorming a winning name, to crafting an iconic logo to represent the city, to designing a set of sweaters that all Bluenosers can wear proudly, this has been an incredible journey. I am excited for this launch and for the history we will establish both on and off the ice here in this great city.”

While Halifax is by far the smallest market of the new league and smallest metropolitan population with the Halifax Regional Municipality harboring approximately 403,000, new owner Steelman isn't worried about the optics of being the underdog.

“I was the underdog when I played sports. I had to work harder than everyone else and I think that translates to how I built this company and the spirit of Nova Scotia and every Haligonian who shares that pride. We know our fans will be wild and passionate and I know other teams will fear to play here because of our raucous environment. We are committed to providing and establishing a steadfast culture of professional hockey for our fans and their families.”

Halcyon Sports Group, with offices based in Oregon, Texas, Washington DC, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Edinburgh, Scotland, has been a marquee of excellence in the sports industry since the early 1990's. Under Steelman's unparalleled leadership they have spearheaded the design and management of many franchises across a wide platform of sports and athletics.

Steelman thanked AltHL President and CEO Gritty on behalf of Halcyon Sports Group and the city of Halifax for his invaluable contributions in creating the league, while Gritty expressed admiration for the leadership in Halifax in return. “I'm confident that Steelman and his whole crew will serve the great city of Halifax with dedication and unrelenting resolve to build a winning culture and be a rock in our new league.”

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Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond


Saturday, April 4, 2020

Quebec City, Quebec - With the third selection of the AltHL owner draft, FC Macbeth bought out all of the Quebec Owls' remaining stakes, thereby making him the majority owner of the new franchise.

After the previous two owners selected Vancouver and Halifax in the first and second selection respectively, Macbeth was the third owner to do so. The CEO and general manager of Borneo Sports Entertainment raised doubts by Quebecois around the province as they were unsure if the Malaysian-based media group was able to manage the team properly to one of Canada's hockey oriented cities, let alone bringing in the success in the AltHL. "When I first picked a team from a multilingual place, people come to me and said 'Tu sais du hockey?' ", Macbeth answered to the interviewers in the press conference, "I just told them 'Oui' and moved on with finding stability and popularity before hitting the ice,"

"Where my family and I come from, we don't know what hockey is because all we care about is football and badminton. Until we went to a shopping mall while on vacation and saw that big giant ice rink around the stores. In my eyes, it instantly reminded me of the good old days when children went outside and skate on frozen lakes to play a game. In short, I studied that sport to know what drives the popularity in them. During my school time, I made friends from Canada just so I get further knowledge of the game by watching Olympic hockey. The thing is I did everything I could to not look like a fool who only knows the Great One and nothing more."

Borneo Sports Entertainment first opened ground in 1991 by five local businessmen in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. The company was known for sponsoring and organising state-wide competitions for schools and universities during the annual Sports Day event. Their latest achievement was taking their local team Sabah FA back into the Malaysia Super League (the country's top soccer league) after appointing key staff members and buying important players that lead to the success of the team after they were relegated to the lower league seven years ago. FC Macbeth plans to expand their influence outside their home country, and his wish was reluctantly granted from his father whom he initially scoffed at the idea of owning a hockey franchise.

"Quebec is where the heart of hockey comes from because you're one of the fiercest fandoms I encountered in a long time. I say, much fiercer than our local team's fans back in our country. If you can drum up the support when the season starts, perfect," Macbeth commented on the reputation of hockey fandom of Quebec City, "we're not alone, though. Why? Look around you. we've got rivals from Montreal, from Toronto, from those patriotic boys from New York and every team in the league. We've got a mountain to climb and with your help, we'll show the hockey world how we're made of!"

With the population at =12.6px531,000, Quebec City has been home for six different franchises since the late 1800s. Since the Nordiques' transformation into the Avalanche, Quebecois were hoping for someone to bring major-league hockey back in their city. Some of them express disappointment of letting Macbeth taking the helm of the Owls due to his ethnicity as a Kadazandusun (a local tribe in Sabah). "Great job Gritty. Great f*cking job," Samuel (not his real name) shouted negatively at the AltHL President and CEO's decision. "Let's just have some random Asian d*ckhead from some random third-world dumpster to get his dirty hands on our f*cking team. Does this guy know how to skate? I hate this forced diversity bullsh*t!"

Despite the sentiment towards the CEO of BSE, Gritty reassures fans that his ethnicity and race should not affect his choice of becoming the new owner of the Quebec Owls. "Be nice to him, hockey fans. Macbeth believes in success as much as I am and he will give all that he can to turn the Owls from a nobody to everybody's favourite team. Let's not bring racism in the sport. Remember, hockey is for everyone, not just for white people."

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4/03/2020 11:17 pm  #5

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond


Saturday, April 4, 2020


The AltHL Owner Draft continued with the 4th overall pick in which Darknes unsurprisingly bought all of the shares to the Boston Rovers. Darknes acts as the representative of the Greater New England Entertainment Authority, a conglomerate of Restaurants, Arenas and Shops in the New England region with award winning burger, BBQ, Chinese and Breakfast restaurants across the region. The young 25 year old spoke at a jam-packed Boston Common where he addressed the Boston faithful wearing a green and white scarf akin to something seen in an European Football match. "I am proud to say the Rovers will stay with a local son who's sweat and tears have given the whole region his best foot forward and provided during troubling times with good food and personable service. Someone who has seen the worst in our teams and seen them at their peaks, someone who's stayed up far too late to watch our boys play on the west coast. It is my pleasure and honor to be not just the owner but also be a fan for this great organization!" He said with beaming pride. "Boston is used to the Duckboats rolling down the streets in the bitter winter and the blazing summers and I promise as CEO of GNEEA we will do our *censored*est to bring the AltHL cup to the Hub!" He said with a fist pump as he'd continue. "We thank the Commish Gritty for bringing Hockey to Beantown and we cannot wait to see what the league as a whole grows into."

The Commissioner spoke moments after the press conference confirming the sales. "We are proud to have a loyal Bostonian keep the reigns of the city's team in his capable hands, best of luck to traveling fans who visit them on the road. I have a feeling that will be one of the loudest buildings in the whole league."

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4/04/2020 1:08 am  #6

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond


Saturday, April 4th, 2020

Minneapolis Minnesota

"It is my honor to select the Minnesota Loons with the 5th pick in the AltHL Owner draft." said 20 year old college student Section30. He wasted no time taking the reigns of his hometown team, "It was a no brainer" said the lifelong Minnesotan. "Here in Minnesota hockey is more than just a game" he said "Every winter our 10,000 lakes turn into 10,000 hockey rinks of which numerous legends of the sport have emerged from. From the High School Hockey Tournament to the pros, Minnesota is hockey and I intend on keeping our states long and proud tradition alive and well with the Loons!" He put on the Loons black sweater, wearing it with pride. "I can't wait to see the Loonatics in action, I have no doubt that you will be the best fans in all of the AltHL. I would like to thank commissioner Gritty for bringing a team to the state of hockey and for making this all possible. Go Loons!"

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4/04/2020 9:09 am  #7

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond


Saturday, April 4, 2020 

Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Young, up and coming designer and student, Wallflower, is taking control of one of the final teams added to the AltHL: The Winnipeg Arrows. 

Wallflower was more of an observer throughout the creative process trying to learn from the other more experienced AtlHL owners and community members. He was very surprised to have the opportunity to be the 6th pick in the owner draft, but he quickly became excited about possibly getting his local squad, which almost didn’t exist. 

“I was a bit disappointed the city missed out in the original voting, but man, was I ever excited when Winnipeg won the additional team selection. I was uncertain about the name initially, but the logo and colours have made me fall for this brand. I am super excited to be able to expand the brand and connect with the City of Winnipeg. Hockey is a passion in this city and I want to bring that sports community together and really make it a part of the Arrows culture. So, thank you to Gritty and the rest of the AltHL community for giving Winnipeg a chance!” 

Wallflower selected his pick just after Section30’s pick of the Minnesota Loons. The Arrows were the add on team to give the Loons a local rival, and Wallflower is all for the rivalry and possibilities of working together for special event games and more. 

“Super excited to work with and go head to head with Section30 and the Loons. Not gonna lie, I love their brand just as much as ours, and I have a feeling this will lead to some cool things moving forward.” 

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Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

Draft Update

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4/04/2020 6:05 pm  #9

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

In order to speed the Owner Draft up we are going to ask everyone to have their picks with in 12 hours.  So tomorrow (Sunday) we are going to try to wrap this Draft up.  We can do this by everyone making sure that you check in at least once tomorrow during the day.  CCLXXXVII is on the clock.  

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4/04/2020 7:36 pm  #10

Re: AltHL - Owner Draft and Beyond

How do I do that? Do I pm you with my pick?

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