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6/05/2020 7:09 pm  #41

Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Team's jersey set updates for 1976-77 season.

Here's are some teams with their jersey updates. Some are big, and some are small. Let check them out, shall we.

Cape Breton Warriors
The Warriors made just small tweaks to the set. First are the collars now got two colours instead of one. Second, both numbers and nameplates gain a trim around them.

Laval Tigers
Besides the addition of nameplates, the team change the number font from block to rounded with trim.

Trois-Rivieres Titans
With them on the rise to the top of the league and could potentially start a dynasty of their own, the team wants to look good to go along with it. The stripes on both the arms and hem were tweaked a little bit. The collar is updated. Lastly, the dark jersey is no longer gold. It is now black.

Burlington Metros
Not only did the Metros overhaul the roster, but the team overhaul their look as well—simple stripes on both the arms and hem. The Numbers is now standard block with trims.

Milton Micmacs
They redid the stripes on both the arms and the hem. On the dark jersey, the logo once had white “M” with red and gold “Micmacs” letters are now gold “M” and red and white “Micmacs” letters.

Oakville Oaks

The changes they made are the colours. They darken both red and blue. The nameplate no longer has the drop shadow trim, just a solid standard block.

Owen Sound Arrowbirds
For the first time in team history, they add black to the jerseys, the wordmark logo, and the numbers.

Waterloo Maroons
Waterloo made a change to their look, going back to their old roots with two thin stripes on both arms and the hem. The logo got an upgrade, simple “W” with trims. It is the team’s first logo update in history.

Fargo Owls
The light jersey got an upgrade. Gone are the coloured yokes; update the stripes to match the dark jersey.

Lethbridge Cougars
Cougars made changes to their look by removing the yoke stripes and replaced the “Cougars” wordmark logo with a brand-new logo that featured the “L” and a paw inside a square box.

Medicine Hat Hawks
The yoke of the dark jersey is now gold.

Nanaimo Shark
They did tweaks to their numbers, last season, it was too big to fit the nameplate, so this year they downsize the numbers and add trim around the numbers for good measure and add a nameplate to finish the set.

Saskatoon Cats
The only update the Cats did is change the stripes on arms and hem from 3 to 2 stripes, the yokes are removed, and nameplates are added.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1976-77 WCLH Season
1976-77 Standings
1. Fargo Owls
2. Saskatoon Cats
3. Kenora Pioneers
4. Nanaimo Sharks
5. Abbotsford Forest Kings
6. Brandon Buffalos
7. Lethbridge Cougars
8. Moose Jaw Wings
9. Medicine Hat Hawks
10. North Battleford Crusaders


The downfall of the Cougars has begun with losing their 1st 15 games until they finally get their 1st win of the season. But their luck would turn around when the Vancouver Pro Hockey Club assigned Cliff Burns to the team, and they went on winning the last ten games and finished 7th. However, in the playoffs, they got swept by the Cats in 3 games.

On February 15, 1977, a piece of bombshell news hit both the league and the town of North Battleford as the Crusaders owner Ron Jackins officially sold the team to businessman Patrick Cox. He would go on and announced that the team would move from North Battleford to Swift Current in a brand-new arena called “Swift Current Veteran Memorial Centre” this is excellent news for Swift Current. Still, horrible news for North Battleford as no one cannot agree on a new arena deal at all. “This is one of the things that we let the past got into our heads and fall apart, I mean we were the 1960 Jade Trophy champions, and we can’t seem to work together to build this team better and put funds in a better arena.” Former Crusaders player Neal England said after the news broke. The team finishes last and will start the 1977-78 season in Swift Current.

The Fargo Owls made history as they became the first American team to finish 1st in the WCLH with winning 33 games followed by losing just 2 and 5 ties.

One of the best series ever played that happened in the 2nd round was Saskatoon Cats vs. Kenora Pioneers. They battled all five games, and all of them were overtimes, and in-game five the Cats left-winger Pete Quinn scored the overtime winner with a score of 2-1 to win and move on to the Jade Trophy finals.

Fargo kept their historic run to the finals as they went on beating the Saskatoon Cats in 6 games. Lead by the Owls top scorer Tom Gregson who made 9 goals, and 21 points as the Owls become the first American team to win the Jade Trophy title and will make a trip up north to Winnipeg for the 1977 Valor Cup tournament.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Congrats to Kitchener on the Valor.

All the updates look good. I like the new look for Burlington. Also really like the new rounded numbers for Laval.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Thanks for the feedback, Steelman.

Here's a quick announcement for everyone, I made a website for just the jersey's timeline, you can say it's kind of like the unofficial NHL Uniform Database site. The link is here,

Now on to the 1976-77 OMJHA Season
1976-77 Standings
1. Kitchener Legionnaires
2. Kitchener Generals
3. Waterloo Maroons
4. Owen Sound Arrowbirds
5. Oshawa Diamonds
6. Guelph Crusaders
7. Barrie Admirals
8. Oakville Oaks
9. Burlington Metros
10. Milton Micmacs


A lot of buzzes is happening this season with new teams coming next season. Orangeville announced the name for their team would be known as the “O’s.” Over at Peterborough, they will be named the “Braves” after the original Braves club the played the OMJHA from 1948 to 1962. Both teams will reveal their logo and jerseys during the off-season.

The Generals Patrick Herbco had a grand rookie season, with 30 goals, 65 points just 5 points shy of even his brother’s rookie year record. However, on January 31st, 1977, Patrick makes a record of 10 points in one game with 5 goals, and 5 assists in the Generals 10-2 win over the Micmacs.

 The Barrie Admirals made a big surprise in the league by making it to their first playoffs ever thanks to winning 7 of the last 10 games with the help of forward Leo Jackson and forward Ross Silverman. In the playoffs, they ran out of gas as they got eliminated by the Generals in 3 games.

The battle of Kitchener heats up in a big way as both teams try to claim the top spot in the league. After 4 games between each other both tie with 1-1-2 and to even the same record of 37-1-2, the only thing that kept the Generals from taking 1st place is the goals, the Legionnaires were 5 goals more to take 1st place over the Generals.

The Generals may not get the top spot in the league, but they became the top of the mountain as they beat the Legionnaires in 6 games to win the Smyth Cup title and will take a lovely trip to Winnipeg for the Valor Cup.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1976-77 AQHL Season
1976-77 Standings
1. Trois-Rivieres Titans
2. Cape Breton Warriors
3. Drummondville Les Rouges
4. Moncton Bears
5. Verdun Knights
6. Fredericton Vikings
7. Laval Tigers
8. Portland Clippers
9. New Glasgow Highlanders
10. Sherbrooke Loups


AQHL President Paul Name announced that Shawinigan is the new team to be part of the 1977-78 season. After the number of nicknames for the team, the Voltages were voted the best name for the team. They will show off the logo and the jerseys during the off-season.

The Clippers rookie forward Frank Logan had a hay day this season, putting in 30 goals, 75 points. Despite that, the Clippers lost some key players to injuries, even losing 20-year-old defence Rick Cooper to the Pittsburgh Pro Hockey club as he got called up mid-season for a playoff push. With that, Portland finished 8th place and got swept by the Titans in 3 games.

New Glasgow Highlanders got so many bad lucks this season. Assistant coach Frank Jensen suffers a heart attack and is forced to retire from coaching. Then goalie coach Vince Davidson got busted for speeding downtown and putting some players that were riding with him in danger. A week after that, he was fired. Lastly, the head coach of the team, Bill Cooper, did not do a good job at coaching and got let go in mid-season; the Highlanders hired Doug Reid to take over. The result they finished 9th place, but it did show some better results down the road. GM Ray Carter worked on redeeming himself (and save his job) by trading away defence Tim Jones, forward Will Bradley, and both 2nd and 3rd round pick to Sherbrooke for 16-year-old goalie Pierre Meloche and 1st round pick, which gives the Highlanders the first two picks for the 1977 draft.

Trois-Rivieres Titans show everyone why they guarantee a 1st place finish. All the rebuild they did has paid off with 5 players of theirs sitting in the top 10 in points leaders; forward Jim Goff was named MVP of AQHL, goalie Max Hebert played excellently and made a record of 15 shutouts. The Titans finished with 38-1-1, one of the best records in team history.

The Titans continue their historic season by beating Drummondville Les Rouges in 4 games to win the 1977 Bronz Cup. With that win, the Valor Cup is the team’s final piece to the puzzle to complete history in the making.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Those owls are on their way


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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1977 Valor Cup tournament
The Fargo Owls may become the first American team to be part of the Valor Cup tournament, but they became the first team to be eliminated after going winless. For the third time in four years that a 3rd seed team finish the round-robin round winless.

Kitchener Generals had a half and half tournament with 2 wins and 2 losses. Patrick Herbco helped the team stay in the competition with crucial game playing with scoring goals and assisting teammates in advancing to the finals.

The Trois-Rivieres Titans dominated the whole tournament finished 4-0 and made a Valor Cup record of 20 goals while just letting in just 3 goals.

The Valor Cup Finals was what everyone thought was supposed to be a one-sided final, but the Titans will have a hard time with the Generals. In the first period, the Titans take the lead by scoring 3 goals within 10 minutes, then only 2 minutes left. In the first period, the Generals Cal Winston scores a goal with help from Patrick Herbco.

The second period was all Generals game playing as Patrick Herbco scored 2 goals within 4 minutes to tie the game until 4 minutes left; in the second, Allen Guay broke the tie game with a long shot and hit the top corner.

The third period is where things get rougher for both goalies as they took shots like crazy from everywhere. 10 minutes left, Patrick hit a hat trick to tie the game at four apiece. With 1 minute left, controversy struck the Generals with what many fans call it “the high stick goal” as Andre Doucet lift his stick high enough to tip the puck in the net. The Generals claim it was a high stick, but Titans defence Andre is 6”11, while Generals goalie Sam Rogers is 5”10, so it is hard to call a high stick penalty. The Titans win it 5-4 final and complete their historic season as they are the 1977 Valor Cup Champions, and Mark Lewis is named MVP of the 1977 Valor Cup.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Great game! Congrats to the Titans. I'm looking forward to the new teams.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1977 Offseason part 1: League Draft and Expansion Draft

​OMJHA Expansion Draft
As the expansion draft happening, many teams had trade offers to both Peterborough and Orangeville draft picks to keep their players from being drafted by one of two teams. Kitchener Generals had four players on target including Patrick Herbco, so the team traded 1st round, 4th round and 5th round to Orangeville, as for Peterborough they received 2nd and 3rd round from the Generals and it worked as the Generals kept their players from being drafted while other teams just traded only the 4th and 5th round draft picks. One team that took the expansion draft hard was the Burlington Metros that lost eight players.

Orangeville O’s
1: F – Shawn Andersons, Burlington
2: G – Jack Glenn, Waterloo
3: F – Shane Lane, Guelph
4: D – Jim Hall, Kitchener Legionnaires
5: F – Will Steel, Milton

Peterborough Braves
1: D – Lenny Haynes, Waterloo
2: F – Herb Edwards, Milton
3: F – Jack Blackbell, Barrie
4: D – Chris Watson, Oshawa
5: G – Thomas Marsden, Owen Sound

AQHL Expansion Draft
With only one team added to the league, the teams can breathe a little, mainly with Drummondville that successfully traded their 2nd and 3rd round pick to the Voltages in hopes of keeping their roster together and stay with the Titans in the standings next season. Both Moncton and Fredericton lost their key players to the expansion draft even though they offer draft picks the Voltages to turn them down.

Shawinigan Voltages
1: F – Rick Dennis, Moncton
2: G – Kevin Garfield, Fredericton
3: D – Jean Lacombe, Laval
4: D – Vincent Leroux, Sherbrooke
5: F – Guy Beirnes, Verdun

1977 AQHL Draft
New Glasgow Highlanders hit the jackpot with the first two picks in hand. They waste no time and make their picks. The Highlanders first pick from Halifax, Nova Scotia forward Kyle Patrick, who has been on every team’s radar for some time as he shows some potential, he is the son of Halifax hockey legend Ronald Patrick. The team’s second pick from Quebec City, Quebec Guy Dubois a defenceman who can not only hit hard but also, he can score goals too, which will give the team the chance to go to the playoffs finally. The Clippers pick from Montreal, Quebec forward Paul Benoit is just what the team needs in hope for a deep playoff run.

1977 OMJHA Draft
There was an almost trade between the Metros and the Arrowbirds. The asking price from the Arrowbirds was too much for the Metros, so the deal fell apart. Milton Micmac's first pick is forward Kevin Bedford from Guelph, which should be a plus for Milton, mainly after helping the Guelph Jr. B hockey club wins the all Ontario hockey championship with 30G, 55A, 85 points in 40 game season along with 20G, 35A, 55 points in the playoffs. The 2nd pick made by the Metros is Eddie Baxter, a defenceman from Port Colborne who became an excellent enforcer for the Aurora Jr. B hockey club and could give more strength to the Metro’s defence come the 1977-78 season. The Oakville Oaks takes forward Derek Dunn from Collingwood, who is the Owen Sound AAA Major hockey club top scorer with 30 goals in 40 games is just what the Oaks need to improve scoring that they lack most of the 1976-77 season.

1977 WCLH Draft
At the draft, the new owner of the Swift Current hockey team Patrick Cox announced the team’s name would be called the Battalion. After that, they made their first pick, and they take forward from Regina, SK Ron Gratton, who may not be a scorer but is the best playmaker making 65 assists during the 1976-77 season with the Yorkton Jr. B hockey club. Medicine Hat Hawks select goalie Mark Eire from Cranbrook, B.C. Mark played very well with 15 wins in 20 games, and his save % is way above the .500 mark. 3rd pick made by the Moose Jaw Wings is Joe Robin, a forward from Vancouver, B.C. Joe’s playmaking style will help the Wings play better offence come 1977-78 season.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1977 off-season part 2: News, Swift Current's jersey set  and Expansion Teams jersey sets


The Valor Cup tournament returns to Toronto and will be at the Toronto Metro Complex home of the Toronto Pro Hockey club. “You know when you hit the big times where you can showcase top junior players across the North in a pro hockey arena,” said CIHA president Joseph McGeorge.


Trois-Rivieres Titans had a scare during the 1977 pro hockey draft where their 5 players are on the list, luckily only Mark Lewis, and Jac LeClair got drafted. “I hope these two come back and play with us, but it’s not that easy. I hope they have a great future in the pros.” Said Titans GM Jacques Norm.

With Shawinigan Voltages set to play for the 1977-78 season, John Rome announced the name for his team come 1978-79 season will be the Manchester Americans as he stood in front of the brand new rebuild Manchester Forum. As the hype for two new teams is all talks, both Paul Name and the owners are in discussion of splitting the league into two divisions. If that happens, that means the playoffs could change the format the way is.


With two more teams set for the 1977-78 season, there were talks of adding more expansion teams, but there been issues on some teams not paying the league fee full. Some organizations said that some money was taken from them, questions were not being answered even Franklin Name had a hard time answering them too, thanks to this problem talks of future expansions are being put to the side for now.

Jack Doan is one of many owners having paying issue to the league even though his team is making money. He claims that someone been taking his money, so the city of Guelph put their money in to have another season in the league.

With his son, John could be the next number 1 pick in the pro hockey draft next year, and Patrick is making every scout keeping an eye on him. Gerald Herbco has noticed that his sons could have a pro hockey career down the road and his dairy farm business getting busier he decides to put the Generals up for sale. The buyer is the team’s GM Todd Holmes, who has more interest in the team more than anyone else, and Todd hopes to purchase the team before the 1979-80 season.


With the relocation of North Battleford Crusaders to Swift Current and renamed the Battalion now out of the way, the league announced two new teams would be added for the 1978-79 season. First, to be part of the association from Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. The second from Billings, Montana. Both will show off the name, logos and jerseys come 1978 off-season.

With Cliff Burns now no longer eligible to play juniors level anymore next season, with most of the top players on the roster pretty much-going pro soon and long-time head coach Martin White retired. They decide to rebuild the team from the ground up, getting some top picks in hopes of being ready for the 1980-81 season in time for the 75th anniversary of their existence. In the progress of the rebuild, the team promoted Edward Smith from assistant coach to head coach. Also, the team traded forward Nick Verdon, defenceman John Pool, and 5th round pick to the Abbotsford Forest Kings for goalie Ross Davis, forward Ryan Lou Finn, and 2nd round pick. “It’s going be not so pretty for the next three years, but in the end, we will be built and ready for a darn good run.” Cougars GM Frank Finley said.

Jerseys sets for 1977-78 season

Here are the expansion teams and a relocated team jerseys set.

Swift Current Battalion
League: WCLH
Est: 1977 (relocated from North Battleford)
Location: Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Colours: Green, gold, dark blue.
Owner: Patrick Cox 1977-present
Arena: Swift Current Veteran Memorial Centre (build: 1975) (cap: 2200)

During the off-season, the team presented the folks of Swift Current the team’s set. The logo is a home plate-like shield with the big “B” on it with what everyone calls it “soldier’s stripes” underneath it. Green is the primary colour, along with gold and dark blue. Two thick stripes with a thin line in between on both arms and hem.

Orangeville O’s
League: OMJHA
Est: 1977
Location: Orangeville, Ontario
Colours: Orange, white
Owner: Alex Quinn 1977-present
Arena: Orangeville Arena (build: 1957) (cap: 2000)

Brush style “O” with a little “s” at the end is the team’s logo in orange and white. Two stripes on the arms, hem, socks, pants, to even on the collars as well to make the jerseys. Round style font with trims for the numbers and letters on the nameplate is just standard block.

Peterborough Braves
League: OMJHA
Location: Peterborough, Ontario
Colours: Blue, red, gold
Owner: Nathen Runnels 1977-present
Arena: Peterborough Forum (build: 1930) (cap: 1800)

The logo is the letter “P” with two spears inside to look like the letter “B” in blue on the light, red on the dark jersey. As speaking of jerseys, thick stripe with little thin trim stripes on both arms and hem. Standard block font on both numbers and nameplate, but the nameplate gains a thin trim.

Shawinigan Voltages
League: AQHL
Location: Shawinigan, Quebec
Colours: Orange, gold, black
Owner: Mitchell Lalime 1977-present
Arena: Centre Shawinigan (build: 1929) (cap: 1500)

Two lightning bolts shooting up from a diamond to shape like the letter “V” in orange, gold and black. Two thick stripes with two thin trim lines on the arms, hem, and socks. Standard block font on both numbers and nameplate, but the numbers gain two thin trim.

Next Post: 1977-78 WCLH season

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