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3/24/2020 4:00 pm  #1

Silverian Basketball Assocation

I might finish the Silverian Baseball League at some point, but for now I want to introduce the Silverian Basketball Association. Also, this is done on Paint 3D so it's a little rough. C&C appreciated.
Since World War 2, much like Baseball, Basketball has boomed in popularity in Silveria. Largely this is due to American military presence because of Silveria's location in the South Pacific. Since 1955, Basketball has surpassed Cricket as the 4th most popular sport in Silveria. Cricket has fallen out of favor nationally due to the rise of Baseball. In hopes of cementing their place amongst the new Silverian big four, including Soccer, Rugby, and Baseball, the owners of 6 semi-pro teams met in Trent, Silver Peninsula after last season (1967) to discuss creating a professional basketball league. These 6 are not necessarily the most successful semi-pro teams, but they're located in 6 of the biggest markets and have the biggest wallets.  Trent was picked for its location between the two biggest cities in Silveria, the capital and biggest city, Stratford, and the historic center and second biggest city, Silver Point.
The first semi-pro organization of basketball came in 1950 with the birth of the Silver Peninsula Basketball Association, in what has become the Silverian basketball hotbed. In the years following other semi-pro leagues popped up including the Riverlands Basketball League (1951), the Green Coast Basketball Association (1953), the Rivers End Basketball League (1954), and the Traders Bay Basketball Assocation (1957). In 1956, Silveria saw its first move toward a national league, with Western Basketball Assocation being formed from the merger of the SPBA and the GCBA. The Eastern Basketball Association followed suit in 1964, combining the RLBL, REBL, and TBBA. 

As of the end of the 1970 SBA season, the teams are as follows.

For reference here is a rough map of Silveria. Note the North, Central-South, and East borders are land borders.

And the SBA logo which takes inspiration from the Silverian flag.

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Re: Silverian Basketball Assocation

Other countries on the Manatakwan Island that may be referenced include:
Avon-To the north, more British than Irish unlike Silveria, former British colony along with Silveria, rival to Silveria
Manakakwa-To the central-south, largely Polynesian, former British colony, little brother to Silveria
Asamiento Pacifico-aka Pacifico, to the east, largely Spanish, former Spanish colony, friendly to Silveria
Niveau Nord-to the far northeast, not bordered by Silveria, former French colony, friendly to Silveria

So the first team up in the rotation is going to be the Trent Engineers. Before joining the SBA, the Engineers played in SPBA from 1950-1955 and the WBA from 1956-1967, being successful in both leagues with 3 championships in each, most recently in 1966. Trent is to play in the Trent Civic Center which holds 6,500 in attendance. Trent was the 5th largest city in Silveria in the relatively recent 1965 Silverian Census, behind Stratford, Silver Point, Hamstead, and St. Patrick and is located in the largest metro area, Stratford-Trent. Due to its success in semi-pro basketball it was the second most popular basketball team in Silveria in 1965. While some owners were concerned with having two teams in the Stratford-Trent metro area, its ability to compete pushed the Engineers through.

Their name comes from Trent being a mechanical hub in Silveria. American car manufacturers, such as Ford and GM, have chosen the city due to its ideal location. German and Japanese manufacturers have continued this trend in recent years.

Team Direction
Playstyle: Offensive focus, run and gun
Team Attitude: Confident, reckless
Fan Attitude: Proud, Loud
Management Attitude: Hunting for championships, spending problems

Owner: Jackie McCarthy (Silverian-68) 
Coach: Ervin Fowler (American-44)
PG Charlie Gonzales (American-36) ***top 10 player in SBA
SG Sal Banks (American-27) ***top 10 player in SBA
SF Geoff Owens (Avonian-21) *mid-tier starter
PF Greg Johnson (American-30) ***verge top 10 player
C Shane Conway (Silverian-26) *low-tier starter
PF Sheldon Underwood (Silverian-31) *mid-tier backup
SF Fred Love (American-27) *high-tier backup
PG Kent Reeves (Silverian-33) *high-tier backup
PF Darrell Crawford (American-20) *low-tier backup
C Milton Massey (Silverian-28) *low-tier backup

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Re: Silverian Basketball Assocation

The next team up is the Silver Point Captains. Before joining the SBA, the Captains played in the SBA from 1950-1955 an the WBA from 1956-1967, winning one SPBA crown and 5 in-a-row in the WBA in 1957-1961 seasons. Due to their success the held the spot as the most popular basketball team in Silveria in 1965. However, recently the have trended toward mediocrity. Nevertheless, the Captains were a shoo-in to join the SBA being the biggest team located in the nation's second biggest city. They are to play at the largest arena in the SBA, the South Silver Point Arena, with 8,000 capacity. Silver Point-O'Connor is the second biggest metro in Silveria. With an already heated rivalry with Stratford Stars and especially Trent Engineers, it'll be interesting to see if they can compete.

Their name comes from the long history of sailing in the Silver Peninsula. A huge industry, but also where Silveria saw its rise as a nation. Owner Aubrey Sherman has close ties to the soccer club, Braeden Hooks, located in the city, and chose to retain the colors and theme. Their uniforms feature the traditional different jersey-short colors of Silveria.

Team Direction
Playstyle: Unfocused, Isolation
Team Attitude: Inexperienced, Apathetic
Fan Attitude: Disappointed, Want championships
Management Attitude: Distant, Stingy

Owner: Aubrey Sherman (Silverian-56)
Coach: Bradford Duncan (Silverian-49)
PG Jordy Jensen (Silverian-26) *low-tier starter
SG Edmund Harrington (SIlverian-21) *low-tier starter
SF Teddy Reese (American-20) *low-tier starter
PF Grant McCoy (Silverian-25) *mid-tier starter
C Sidney Wade (Silverian-23) *low-tier starter
PF Saul Rodriguez (Spanish-16) *mid-tier backup
SG Johnny Jackson (American-20) *low-tier backup
SF Max Moreno (SIlverian-27) *low-tier backup
PG Marlon Young (American-26) *low-tier backup

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3/24/2020 7:22 pm  #4

Re: Silverian Basketball Assocation

Stratford Stars
Before joining the SBA, the Stars played in the SPBA from 1950-1955 and the WBA from 1956-1967, winning two championships in each with the most recent being in 1964. The Stars have always been a top team in spending, but have tended to struggle putting all their talent together, likely due to sub-par coaching. Even with their place in the biggest city in Silveria, it was a battle for their spot with the Stratford Flames. However, the Stars were able to clinch their spot with monetarily, offering to pay much of the costs for the newly constructed Stratford National Coliseum which hosts 7,000.

Their name and colors, of course, come from being located in the nation's capital. Their uniforms have been called one of the most boring of any team joining the league. To bring some excitement, the Stars moved the text from their jersey to below the numbers, these would become a precursor to the 1977 untucked Marquette jerseys. There has also been some contention with Silver Point about slanting logos with both teams refusing to change.

Team Direction
Playstyle: Offensive focus, Fastbreak
Team Attitude: Talented, respected
Fan Attitude: Apathetic, fairwhether
Management Attitude: Big Spender, bottom line

Owner: Lou Burton (Silverian-68)
Coach: Clyde Cooper (American-38)
PG Rene Pope (Niveau Nord-31) ***top 10 player
SG Tommie Fowler (Silverian-19) *low-tier starter
SF Darryl Webb (American-23) *mid-tier starter
PF Bob Marsh (American-34) *mid-tier starter
C Randal Franklin (American-25) ***verge top 10
SFGerald Weaver (Silverian-34) *mid-tier backup
SG Brian Morris (Silverian-26) *high-tier backup
PF Alan Lane (American-30) *low-tier backup
SF Jan Holt (German-20) *low-tier backup
SG Chester Mack (Avonian-32) *low-tier backup
C Tony Peters (American-24) *low-tier backup

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3/24/2020 8:12 pm  #5

Re: Silverian Basketball Assocation

Rivers End Rowdies
Before joining the SBA, the Rowdies played in the REBL from 1954-1963 and the EBA from 1964-1967, winning 2 championships in the former. The Rowdies have largely been a failure in semi-pro ball, often falling short to in-province rival, Wells Phoenix. However, a new owner/oil tycoon bought the team in 1967 to push the Rowdies into the SBA. At this point, you could almost say the two teams merged, although not literally with Wells still moving forward in the EBA. The Rowdies may struggle to gain fans in the Wells-Carlisle metro for this reason. The Rowdies will play their home games at HamOil Arena, the only commerically named arena, seating 5,000.

Their name comes from the rattlesnakes that frequent the vast desert province, colloquially called Rowdies. Due to their joining the SBA, they decided to change names from the Hamstead Rowdies to the Rivers End Rowdies. Their colors represent day and night.

Team Direction
Playstyle: Defensive focus, muscle
Team Attitude: Hardworking, brash
Fan Attitude: Loud, uncouth
Management Attitude: Proud, Stingy

Owner: George Castille (Silverian-70)
Coach: Carlton Bates (Silverian-44)
PG Noah Foster (Silverian-26) *low-tier starter
SG Edgar Carroll (Silverian-32) *low-tier starter
SF Sylvester Carr (Silverian-32) *low-tier starter
PF Ira Diaz (Pacifico-27) ***top 10 player
C Pete Murphy (Silverian-20) *mid-tier starter
SG Grant Goodwin (Silverian-24) *mid-tier backup
SF Boyd Wilkerson (Silverian-35) *high-tier backup
SG Darren Singleton (Silverian-32) *low-tier backup
PG Hector Perez (American-28) *low-tier backup
C Alonzo Doyle (American-29) *high tier backup

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3/24/2020 8:35 pm  #6

Re: Silverian Basketball Assocation

Bangor Farmers
Before joining the SBA, the Farmers played in the RLBL from 1951-1963 and the EBA from 1964-1967, winning 4 championships in the RLBL and 1 in the EBA. The Riverlands is widely known as the second home of basketball in SIlveria with the Farmers, Haydon Hounds, and Brackley Bulls all being quite successful. Bangor was the natural pick for the Riverlands as its the biggest city in the province. The team should see bountiful support at the 6,000 seat Silverian Farmers Center. Their name shockingly comes from being the commercial hub of farming in Silveria.

Team Direction
Playstyle: Defensive, feed-it-in
Team Attitude: Disciplined, smart
Fan Attitude: Humble, supportive
Management Attitude: Proud, stingy

Owner: Colin Burns (Silverian-60)
Coach: Bryan Harris (Silverian-49)
PG Del Davis (American-30) ***verge top 10 player
SG Dom Byrd (Avonian-27) ***verge top 10 player
SF Eugene Shaw (Silverian-31) ***top 10 player
PF Cary Joseph (Silverian-24) *mid-tier starter
C Adam Lowe (Silverian-32) ***top 10 player
PG Charlie McLaughlin (Silverian-25) *low-tier backup
PF Roland Owen (Silverian-30) *high-tier backup
SG Ellis Holloway (Silverian-36) *high-tier backup
PG Mark Boone (Silverian-32) *mid-tier backup
SF Karl Ford (Silverian-35) *high-tier backup

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3/24/2020 8:54 pm  #7

Re: Silverian Basketball Assocation

Sherborne Whalers
Before joining the SBA, the Whalers played in the TBBA from 1957-1963 and the EBA from 1964-1967, winning 2 TBBA championships and 1 EBA championship. The SBA wanted to get a foot in the Traders Bay market and chose the Whalers over next door neighbor the Dudley Penguins and the more successful Salisbury Kings. They are to play at the smallest arena, Traders Bay Stadium holding 3,500. As you could they're going into the SBA as the least popular team, but hope to attract more fans in the Sherborne-Dudley metro. Their name comes from the notoriusly whale-filled waters of the Traders Bay. Blue was an obvious choice, but purple was chosen as a purposefully odd second color. 

Team Direction
Playstyle: Offensive focus, motion
Team Attitude: Friendly, laidback
Fan Attitude: Content, hopeful
Management Attitude: Ambitious, respected

Owner: Carl Patterson (Silverian-59)
Coach: Walt Ramsey (American-52)
PG Bobby Ellis (Silverian-24) *mid-tier starter
SG Brent McCormick (Silverian-26) *high-tier starter
SF Clarence Ward (American-22) ***top 10 player
PF Marty Cox (American-32) *low-tier starter
C Kenneth Tate (Silverian-28) *mid-tier starter
C Rick Howell (Silverian-23) *high-tier backup
PF Emanuel Fields (Silverian-20) *low-tier backup
SG Rufus Simon (Silverian-17) *high-tier backup
SG Tomas Carlson (Silverian-28) *mid-tier backup


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3/25/2020 12:06 am  #8

Re: Silverian Basketball Assocation

Nice! We don't see many basketball series around here. Glad you're doing one. I'm definitely going to root for the Rowdies.

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3/25/2020 6:14 am  #9

Re: Silverian Basketball Assocation

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3/25/2020 6:24 am  #10

Re: Silverian Basketball Assocation

Steelman wrote:

Nice! We don't see many basketball series around here. Glad you're doing one. I'm definitely going to root for the Rowdies.

Thanks! That's one reason I decided to go forward with the SBA, I also have finished the simulations up to modern day so that's nice. Not an ideal start for the Rowdies, but Ira Diaz should be star in the SBA for a long time.

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