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3/03/2020 9:23 pm  #11

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

Really excited for this one! Looking great so far JCR


3/05/2020 12:58 pm  #12

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

1919-20 OSTROVIA

National Happenings
King: Vladimir III
Prime Minister: Georgi Romashkov (Conservative Party)
Population: 4,660,000

Khokkeynaya Liga Korolya (King's Hockey League)
King's Cup Champions: Koroli Khirov
League MVP: Maxim Tereschenko, Koroli Khirov
Top Scorer: Vladislav Matveyev, Atletika Kamezan

1. Koroli Khirov - 15-9
2. Atletika Kamezan - 12-12
3. Matrosy Mezhdupovets - 11-13
4. Shakhtery Gorabinsk - 10-14

Hockey on the islands of Ostrovia before 1919 consisted of relatively unorganized bouts between clubs without any league format. This changed in 1919 when each nation organized a league for their respective clubs. The Kingdom of Ostrovia was represented by the KLK or King's Hockey League consisting of four Ostrovian clubs playing 24 games each. During the first season, there were no ties with games going into a break-less sudden death overtime. At the end of the regular season, the King's Cup was given to the team with the best record. This was how the Ostrovian champions were crowned until the early 1930s.

Koroli Khirov
Representing the capital, Koroli Khirov (Khirov Royals) finished first in the 1919-20 campaign with a respectable record of 15-9. Khirov was led in scoring by winger Grigory Timofoeyev and his linemates Modest Lapin and Yuliy Abdulov. Goalie Anatoly Sharov got the majority of starts with Andrei Kudryashov only getting into a few games. Defenseman and captain Maxim Tereschenko was excellent in both ends earning himself the league MVP honors.

Atletika Kamezan
Despite being a defensive powerhouse, Atletika Kamezan (Kamezan Athletics) was unable to get much going offensively during the season and finished with a 12-12 record for second place. Aging veteran Vladislav Matveyev led the league in scoring, but Kamezan's scoring dropped off sharply after him. Goalie Dmitri Kryukov was excellent in goal while rookie goalie Vladimir Tarasov showed some promise.


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3/05/2020 1:13 pm  #13

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

Matrosy Mezhdupovets
Representing the coastal city of Mezhdupovets, Matrosy Mezhdupovets (Mezhdupovets Sailors) suffered from anemic offense the whole season with scoring just trickling in from the whole team. By far, the best player on the team was young goaltender Yaromir Titov who kept the team in many contests they had no right being in. Mezhdupovets finished 3rd with a 11-13 record.

Shakhtery Gorabinsk
Shakhtery Gorabinsk (Gorabinsk Miners) started well enough, but dropped off at the end of the season to finish last with a record of 10-14. Gorabinsk was exciting offensively with plenty of goals coming from wingers Yasha Kudryashov, Misha Bogolyubov, and Erik Maksimov, but the aging goaltending tandem of Daniil Polivanov (38) and Mikhail Bogomazov (40) was inefficient at keeping the puck out.

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3/05/2020 1:45 pm  #14

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

All four teams look great. I think I'm gonna be backing Gorabinsk because I love orange and black together, plus the chest stripe works great for them.

3/05/2020 4:52 pm  #15

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

Great start to this!  Definitely quite a bit of parity when you consider that only 5 games separated first and last place.  I think I'm with Section30 here, I like the Gorabinsk Miners the most too.

3/05/2020 5:30 pm  #16

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

Shout out to Shakhtery for their jump on the foreign market. Gautursson's flag sticks out like a sore thumb in this league. He must be pretty damn good, no? It would feel weird being outnumbered 79 to 1.

3/06/2020 8:53 am  #17

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

Thehealthiestscratch wrote:

Shout out to Shakhtery for their jump on the foreign market. Gautursson's flag sticks out like a sore thumb in this league. He must be pretty damn good, no? It would feel weird being outnumbered 79 to 1.

I was inspired by the NHL in this era where there were only 1 or 2 Americans surrounded by a majority of Canadians. There is a little more foreign influence in Saelo and Jotunmark. 

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3/06/2020 11:09 am  #18

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia


National Happenings
Prime Minister: Agnar Halldórsson (Independent)
Population: 7,950,000

Jotunmark Íshokkídeildin (Jotunmark Hockey League)
Jotun Cup Champions: Jotunheim Jotnar
League MVP: Bjalfi Aslaksson, Jotunheim Jotnar
Top Scorer: Bjalfi Aslaksson, Jotunheim Jotnar

1. Jotunheim Jotnar - 11-7-0
2. Skjalfandi Ísbirnir - 9-9-0
3. Lon Grænu - 7-11-0

With only 3 clubs, the Jotunmark Íshokkídeildin had each club play 18 games. Although the games allowed for a win, loss, or tie, there were no ties in the inaugural season. At the end of the season, the first and second place clubs played a championship game for the Jotun Cup.

Jotunheim Jotnar
Named for the legendary giants from which the country got its' name, the Jotunheim Jotnar finished first with a respectable record of 11-7-0. The club did so well thanks to the amazing scoring abilities of young star Bjalfi Aslaksson who averaged 2.1 goals per game to finish the season with 38. The team was captained by veteran defenseman Skapti Eymundursson who kept things under control from the blueline. Rookie goalie Onäm Ruud got the majority of starts while learning from veteran backup Marius Fjoelvarsson.

Skjalfandi Ísbirnir
The Skjalfandi Ísbirnir (Polar Bears) had a mediocre season finishing with an even 9-9-0 record. The top line of Tyrfingur Cýrusarson, Yngvar Hjarnarsson, and rookie Kjói Gygjarsson led the club in scoring with 23, 20, and 19 goals respectively. Kusi Broddisson and Rio Finnlaugsson split goaltending duties equally, but Broddisson was far more successful with a 6-3-0 record.

Lon Grænu
Representing the region of Southmark, the Lon Grænu (Greens), have a lot of local Suthri talent and were quite competitive despite a disappointing record of 7-11-0. Scoring was led by the veteran tandem of Amundi Eysteinsson and Matz Gestetner who each notched 24 goals. Most of those goals were off of dishes from rookie center Bjartmar Axelsson who finished with an impressive 44 assists. Goaltending was a weak spot for the Grænu with Edilon Karlsson and Adrian Ögrason unable to keep the puck out of the net.

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3/06/2020 1:35 pm  #19

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

1919-20 SÆLØ

National Happenings
President: Henning Lundberg (Libertarian Party)
Population: 3,950,000

Sælø Ishockey Liga (Saelo Hockey League)
Mester Kop Champions: Østerhavn Skibsbygger
League MVP: Holger Rohde, Østerhavn Skibsbygger
Top Scorer: Bendik Kristensen, Middehall Senatorer

1. Østerhavn Skibsbygger - 19-3-2
2. Middehall Senatorer - 15-9-0
3. Aukia Indfødte - 6-15-3
4. Saelsby Sæler - 5-18-1

The Sælø Ishockey Liga's four teams each played 24 games. At the end of the season, the Mester Kop was awarded to the team with the best record as the league champion.

Østerhavn Skibsbygger
Representing the port city of Østerhavn, the Østerhavn Skibsbygger (Shipwrights) took advantage of a talented roster and outworked their opponents to finish first with an impressive 19-3-2 record. Goalie Holger Rohde was seemingly unbeatable in net for the Skibsbygger earning league MVP status. The club's scoring was led by Lone Zohore who missed the scoring title by only 3 points. Young defenseman Aage Kahlenberg, who was a huge player for the time at 6'3" and 205lbs, overpowered the league's top offensive stars helping clear the way for Rohde to make easier saves.

Middehall Senatorer
The Middehall Senatorer (Senators) represented the capital and also had a solid season thanks to the impressive scoring of 35-year-old winger Bendik Kristensen. He was helped greatly by the talented but older top line of Håvard Grønkjær (39) and Eirik Backer (37). Ståle Salmarsson was the club's starting goalie and did relatively well, but couldn't measure up to the success of Holger Rohde of Østerhavn.

Aukia Indfødte
Featuring the best native Sikinigak talent, the Aukia Indfødte (Natives) did rather poorly in the 1919-20 season partially due to being unable to afford to pay more talented players like Østerhavn and Middehall. They were however able to lure Jotunnish center Christopher Egilsson away from the Jotunmark Íshokkídeildin. He led the team in scoring with 17 goals and 19 assists for 36 points. Rookie defenseman Gudmund Doessing also chipped in to the offense scoring 11 goals and adding 20 assists for 31 points. The golatending tandem of Jørgen Reiten and Hans-Christian Viken did their best but were unable to compete against the more talented clubs.

Saelsby Sæler
The Saelsby Sæler (Seals) had the most disappointing season by far in 1919-20. Despite being able to afford a better lineup, the whole team under-performed leading to a 5-18-1 record for last place. Henning Enoksen led the club in scoring with 15 goals and 22 assists for 37 points. Mikael Gytkjær started most of the games in net, but was often relieved by Robin Hansen when the games got out of control.

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3/06/2020 2:16 pm  #20

Re: The Complete History of Hockey in Ostrovia

All of these look great and fit the eras perfectly. I think I'm gonna go with Jotunheim Jotnar in Jatunmark and  Aukia in Saelo. I just love the colors and stripe patterns for both teams.

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