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3/17/2020 1:59 pm  #31

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

Logos look great! As individuals each one fits their name perfectly and are like eye candy. Only problem I’m having is that when they are all together most of them look VERY similar in style. Obviously this is the designer’s style and this designer had the better identity almost entirely across the board so the wins are well deserved, but it makes it feel like the league has one identity instead of each team having their own. I’m not sure if that makes sense. Sharp look with awesome colors, I’d happily take a handful of them.

3/17/2020 2:09 pm  #32

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

The league looks great, happy to see a couple of my own logos made the cut as well!


3/17/2020 4:02 pm  #33

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

Yeah, this is a really solid looking league!  Really happy with a few of the logos in particular getting in, (won't say all of them, but in particular the Los Angeles Titans logo because it looks like a cross between a spartan and a sultan.  Am I the only person who sees that?  I love it by the way, and the other was great too).

3/17/2020 4:41 pm  #34

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

I really feel the Gargoyles secondary is a stronger logo than the primary. With the announcement, and the logos being unlabeled, I had to wrack my brain to figure out which team was the Bats. I think the full body logo helps with that.

3/17/2020 5:23 pm  #35

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

There were so many great entries, it's a shame we could only choose one of each. I think the league looks pretty sleek to start out. Nice work by all!
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3/17/2020 8:26 pm  #36

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

With the logos selected we move to the uniform phase.  In the link below, you will have a folder with all of the winning logos, an image with all of the official team colors, and a uniform template.  We chose the Steelman Template, for its ease of use and ability to be used in paint.  And it goes without saying that the color 'white' is included even if I didn't include it with the graphic.  The colored jersey is the home jersey.

Submissions are sent to ->

We are going to go through one conference at a time.  That will make it more manageable to ensure that everyone has a chance to submit some teams.  The more submissions you enter the more chances you have at being selected as one of the official AltHL sweaters. The Timeline for this part of the process:  

Process begins:            Wednesday, March 17    
Eastern Conference Due:        Sunday, March 22    
Central Conference Due:        Wednesday, March 25    
Western Conference Due:         Sunday, March 29    
Winning Sweaters Revealed:    Monday, March 30    
Owner Draft Order Announced:    Tuesday, March 31
Owner Draft:                Wednesday, April 1

Voting will begin the day after the conference due date.  I will announce the date it closes as we go.


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3/17/2020 8:29 pm  #37

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

Here are some thoughts from each of the logo designers so far.  You can choose to use their thought process or not. Make the uniforms what you want and the voting will take care of the rest. 
Boston Rovers
Simple green and white color scheme. Logo is a roundel with a shamrock and celtic knots inside, pretty simple and straightforward. 

Halifax Kingfishers
For Halifax I wanted to go in a unique direction and do something a little different. If anyone follows my Torland leagues, you know I love cream and off-white. I first looked for color palettes based on kingfishers. I really like the teal-blue color. I think the orange may be too muted when compared to the cream so it could probably be brightened up a bit but I really like the full color scheme. In full disclosure, the bird shape is based on a royalty free vector that I found and really liked so I tweaked it into something that worked for the logo. I kept things simple, focusing on the goalie stick as a perch and creating a diagonal flow to the logo. Instead of wings I decided to go with an inset wordmark to really highlight the Halifax name. Hopefully it feels classic. 

Montreal Chevaliers
For Montreal I envisioned them being a big red machine.  They have white and silver highlights. For Montreal I feel like they are a classic-esque team.

 New York Gargoyles
Black, grey and yellow is a surprisingly unique color scheme.  I am excited to see what people can do with them because they are classic like New York typically is but they could be modern and new age like their name suggests. 

Philadelphia Founders
Stars and stripes? Their main color is a dark blue with a red white and buff.  

Quebec Owls

Chicago Ghosts 

Minnesota Loons
Logo is a Loon head in the shape of Minnesota with pine trees making the collar stripes and the north star for the eye. When designing this I had pictured the team being primarily black and white like a loon, but with some red accents.

Toronto Terriers 

Charlotte Racers
The logo takes inspiration from NASCAR's current logo, with the font based directly on the logo. The blue comes from the city's logo, the green from the city's civic flag, and the yellow from the CityLYNX streetcars. The wordmark isn't supposed to be on any color other than black or white, and I actually didn't design the primary logo to appear on the sweater. The sweaters are all supposed to include the wordmark, with the "Racers" on the home and the "Charlotte" on the away. Depending on if white or colored is chosen for home games, I can provide the "Racers" wordmark with the bar or the "Charlotte" without it. I realized we'll probably need a number font, so I can make that today. If you want a close approximation, Hauser Condensed Italic is really close.   

Winnipeg Arrows
 pictured a Minnesota Gophers, UMD Bulldogs kind of vibe for them.  

 Vancouver Glaciers
For jerseys, I envisioned a really clean jersey with a less is more approach.For the colour scheme, all the blues represent the ocean, sky, glacier etc. 

Calgary Wranglers
"I was thinking this set to be similar to a late 90's-early 2000's style identity. A tan colored jersey, I wanted to try to involve barbed wire into the set somewhere but i couldn't find the right place, so it would be interesting to involve it in the uniforms somehow. That or a stereotypical western theme. A lot of black, in the helmets, shorts, stripes, black could even be the colored uniform; think Dallas Stars."

Los Angeles Titans
Unique color scheme for the league, but shares an identity with the Lakers.  Could go either way on classic v. modern but I think that it should reflect the city of LA. 

San Francisco Dragons
Something cool and bold. 

 Seattle Seawolves
I feel like we have to have the ‘Wolves join the other Seattle teams on a design.  

 Portland Sawblades
I just so happened to be in Portland in the Northwest/Stumptown /Pearl District area while designing the logo. I mostly just took inspiration from what I saw around me, and several new brands being established in the area. Green and red are pretty classic PDX colors so I focused on finding a shade pairing that I liked and added a yellow gold to go with it. The only significant design idea was the half wood round/half blade shape. I tried to make it bold but still weird enough to fit the culture there. Portland has an unusual mix of design styles but it seems recent trend is toward more vintage, clean vibes with a little of that hippie PNW character.


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3/17/2020 9:36 pm  #38

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

One thing I don't recall seeing but I think we'd all be in favor of is having an alternate sweater. Can we confirm that a uniform set should include a a home/away/alt?
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3/17/2020 9:53 pm  #39

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

I like that you can design a Home, Away and Alternate.
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3/17/2020 10:24 pm  #40

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

What time is the owner draft PT?
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