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5/04/2024 6:29 pm  #2641

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

TheEnigmaticOne wrote:

Just a question, have there been any scandals in league history? The only one I can think of was when the Worcester stadium burned to the ground.

That's pretty much the only scandal in the league. It's a pretty well captained ship under Ryan Jameson.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Wallflower wrote:

TheEnigmaticOne wrote:

Just a question, have there been any scandals in league history? The only one I can think of was when the Worcester stadium burned to the ground.

That's pretty much the only scandal in the league. It's a pretty well captained ship under Ryan Jameson.

That we know of...

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 Hall of Fame Class

Member #36: LB Rusty McVee - Brampton, ON - 1st Ballot - Creator: Scratch
Rusty broke into the league as a rookie in 1953 after being drafted 4th overall by the Montreal Rouge. His first year would be a great one as he made an immediate impact. He would help Montreal to their 2nd McCallister Cup in 3 years and take home Rookie of the Year. He would earn his first All-Star the next year in 1954, but the team fell short of a repeat. While McVee was just getting into his prime, the Rouge would slip into a deep rebuild, going 2-8 in back-to-back seasons. The poor form would lead to McVee desiring a trade. His request would be granted and Montreal would trade McVee to Long Island. His first year on Long Island would be a little rocky with McVee struggling to fit into the new team, but by his second season, they would figure it out. The Raiders’ defence would become one of the best defences in the league’s short history en route to a McCallister Cup win in 1958. McVee would win the McCallister Cup and Playoff MVP during the run as well. The next two seasons would both still be good with the Raiders finishing atop the West Division in both years, however, fell short of a championship. In 1960, the Raiders would face a cap crunch with the salary cap being introduced so the Raiders would have to let go of McVee. McVee would sign with the Providence Gold Stars and would then take them to a competitive spot, including a McCallister Cup appearance in 1963, marking the 3rd team he has gone to the big game with, however he fell short of a 3rd ring. After the cup run, McVee would leave the Gold Stars and head home to join the Toronto Steelheads. He would play for his local club for their first 3 seasons in the league helping them to the playoffs in all three years. After 1966, McVee would officially call it a career, finishing with 2 McCallister Cups and 7 All-Star seasons. One of the most impressive things in McVee’s career is that his team made the playoffs in 12 out of his 14 seasons.

Member #37: DL Olympus Heights - Oshawa, ON - 1st Ballot - Creator: Scratch
Heights was selected 5th overall in the 1955 draft after the Ontario Tigers traded back from the 3rd spot. They had their eye on the smart and ever-improving D-lineman. It took him a bit of time to truly kick into gear, but by 1958, Heights was becoming a regular all-star. His favourite place to be in the game was in the backfield, stopping running backs in their tracks and giving QB’s a good reminder to throw the ball. During the Tigers’ run of 3 straight McCallister Cup appearances, Heights was a part of one of the more frustrating D-lines in the league that featured, Dee Floyd, William Collins, and a young Richard Blunt. He certainly was important to the Tigers’ success including 2 Cup wins in 1960 and 1963. His friendly, fun-loving personality tied really well to his leadership on the line, keeping everyone focused but having a good time. He would also make both the Tigers’ 1950 and 1960 All-Decade Teams, cementing himself as one of the best to play for the team.

Member #38: Emil Riddle - Pittsburgh, PA - 1st Ballot - Creator: Wallflower
Riddle’s career started with the Pittsburgh Hammers of the ACFL where he worked his way up to the head coaching role. However, due to some rough seasons in Pittsburgh and disagreements with management, he decided to look for a new opportunity. He would land in Worcester and make an immediate impact taking home Coach of the Year in his first season. He would win Coach of the Year again in 1956, leading the Athletics to a 9-1 record and their long McCallister Cup appearance in the NAAF. Following the changing of ownership in Worcester after Richard Paul’s passing, issues arose between Riddle and management. Decisions like the team trading star QB Riley Kiernan and drafting QB Gene Bishop, frustrated Riddle. He tried to make it work, but Riddle left the team after the 1958 season and took a job with the Thunder. He quickly made the Thunder into contenders in the West Division. He would bring on several former Athletics players like DB Alexander Bradley and OL Cliff Strautzenberger, as well as push for the acquisition via trade of Hall of Fame LB Scotty Williams. After acquiring Williams in 1962, he would finally get over the hump and win the McCallister Cup which also went along with his 3rd Coach of the Year. Following the win, he continued to keep the team in contention despite injuries and other issues. In 1965, he would lead the Thunder on one last run to the final but fell short of winning it again. 1966 ended up being his worst season as a coach and felt that it was finally time to step away. Riddle is one of the best coaches the league has seen. Players loved playing for him, simply because he made them better, he took the time to help everyone on the team. A true leader and champion of the sport.

Member #39: DL Vernon Spears - New York City, NY - 1st Ballot - Creator: Captain Mort 3D
After being selected with the first overall selection in the 1954 draft, DL Vernon Spears had the tough task of replacing the recently traded Hall of Fame DL Sean Bowen. It would be hard to do considering the Hawks were heading into a heavy rebuild. However, he very quickly started to get the team moving forward. In just his second season, he would help the Raiders reach the McCallister Cup. He continued to grow and get comfortable in the defence and the team. Many teammates began to highly respect Spears, which led to him being named the team’s first captain in 1957. From there, he played a vital role in the Raiders' success in the late ’50s. He was able to reign in LB Rusty McVee during his tough first season and get the Raiders their first cup in 1958. He then helped with 2 more West Division titles in the following seasons. Unfortunately, the Raiders could not capitalize on another cup win and had to go into another rebuild. However, with Spears leading the way on defence, it did not take long for the team to find their groove again and went to back-to-back McCallister Cups in 1964 and 1965. They took home the ‘65 title, which got Spears to stay on for one last season. However, the Raiders would fail to make the McCallister Cup after losing to Montreal 14-15 in the East Division Final.

Member #40: RB Joel Bonner - Boston, MA - 6th Ballot - Creator: Wallflower
Joel Bonner was a dominant force during the 1940s for the Boston Football Club. He ran all over the NEFC prior to the formation of the NAAF. Once, Bonner got into the NAAF, he continued to roll on, earning Offensive Player of the Year in the league’s first season in 1949. After the Boston Independents took home the McCallister Cup in 1949, they would go back-to-back behind Bonner’s strong rushing attack. Unfortunately, Bonner’s career would take a turn when he was injured in week 1 of the 1951 season. His major leg injury would slow him down quite a bit initially. He was never able to rekindle his 1940s form, but he would still battle back. He remained a key part of Boston’s run of making 5 of the first 6 McCallister Cups. Following the 1954 season, Bonner would remain a part of the team despite many teammates, like QB Larry Larson, retiring. He would help during a rebuild, eventually taking a smaller role as his career winded down. The first half of Bonner’s career alone was worthy of the Hall, but his later half may have led to his longer wait to get the call. 

Member #41: DL Napoléon Chevalier - Moncton, NB - 6th Ballot - Creator: Wallflower
Chevalier was a fierce member of the dangerous and punishing Montreal defence of the early 1950s. He was a feared lineman who would make sure you felt it when he tackled you. He believed that part of winning was a mental game too and made sure to make teams second guess their moves. He would be a consistent All-Star being named to each of the first 5 All-Star teams in the NAAF’s history. He would help the Rouge capture 2 McCallister Cups in 1951 and 1953, being a part of one of the best defences the league has ever seen. After the 1954 season, Montreal was headed for a major rebuild and would trade Chevalier to the Ontario Tigers. He would play one season with the team, which ended in a disappointing playoff miss. As tough as Chevalier was on the field, he was still a thoughtful guy off of it. He’d beat the crap out of you in the game but then buy you a drink after. That’s who he was and is. After retirement, Chevalier has continued to be involved in youth football in his hometown of Moncton, just waiting for his moment to be called to the Hall. 

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 Schedule

The 1972 NAAF season will kick off on June 22 as the defending McCallister Cup champs, the Louisville Thunder, are hosting last year’s Central Division champs, the Pittsburgh Blacksmiths. The holidays roll in for Week 2. With Canada Day on Saturday, there is a triple header, starting with Montreal @ London at 1:00 PM ET, then Winnipeg @ Ottawa at 5:00 PM ET, followed by Toronto @ Vancouver at 8:30 PM ET. On Tuesday, Boston will then host Indiana for the 4th of July. Week 6 remains rivalry week. Then teams will head on their bye week between weeks 8-10, starting with the West in Week 8, East in Week 9, and Central in Week 10. The Labour Day tradition will continue for both Louisville and Indiana as well as the two Alberta teams of Edmonton and Calgary. Finally, the season is set to end with a battle between Providence and Ottawa, but that matchup is subject to change if the league feels a different match is better for the later slot.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 Season Preview - Power Rankings

1 - Providence Gold Stars
1971 Record: 11-3 (2nd East)
1971 Result: Lost Quarter-Finals
Head Coach: Tommie Warner (3rd Season)
Starting QB: Red King
Offensive Scheme: Balanced
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: DB Neville Falkner
Rookie to Watch: LB Ridley Robertson

Since making a change at Head Coach after the 1969 season, the Gold Stars have gone a solid 19-7 since, fielding one of the best defences in the league in both seasons. A defence that had 2 Defensive Player of the Year nominees last season in LB Kurt Warlock and DL Bartolo Cruz, who took home the award. The defensive lineup remains roughly the same except for one key difference which is the returning DB Neville Falkner. One of the best corners in the league’s history returns to Providence to hopefully put this team over the top for the first time in the NAAF. Despite a fantastic defence, the offence is no slouch with a pair of solid RBs in Ronnie Byers and Tresean Jones, behind QB Red King in his 2nd full season as a starter. The former 2nd overall pick is also excited to have a former college teammate in WR Leon Hudson join the team to shore up the WR corps. On top of that, they also changed it up at Offensive Coordinator, replacing Kerry Holder with Don Neuman, which should bring a jolt to the offence that was average at times last season. Looking across the whole lineup it is hard to find any weakness in Providence’s arsenal which makes them a favourite, if not the favourite, going into the 1972 season.

C - LB Victor Falkensteig
A - WR Owen Paisley
A - S Tom Parrish

2 - Louisville Thunder
1971 Record: 9-5 (2nd Central)
1971 Result: Won McCallister Cup
Head Coach: Lou Granger (3rd Season)
Starting QB: Buck Murphy
Offensive Scheme: Pass Heavy
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: WR Orlando Barrack
Rookie to Watch: DL Carl Hogg

The defending champs enter the 1972 season with a lot of momentum after bouncing back from a late-season skid to roll on and win the title. Louisville has one of the most explosive offences in the league, but they will have a slight change in the WR corps. The team's former #2 WR, Lloyd Lane, left town for more opportunity so a lot of the pressure this season will be on WR Ben Graham to step up in his 2nd full season as a starter. WR Orlando Barrack has also arrived to help with the loss of Lane, but the 31-year-old is not as fast as he used to be. The defence is also solid in Louisville with a scary D-line that features Aaron Henderson, Lucas Kipling, and Gavin Shaw, as well as an ever-improving LB corps behind former 1st overall pick Ricky Wildgoose and veteran Le’Darius Wynn. Expect to see another competitive season from the Thunder who have a shot at repeating as champions.

C - WR Casey Coleman
A - LB Le’Darius Wynn
A - S Tom McDougall

3 - Pittsburgh Blacksmiths
1971 Record: 12-2 (1st Central)
1971 Result: Lost Quarter-Finals
Head Coach: Ted McMahon (8th Season)
Starting QB: Louis Vaughn
Offensive Scheme: Balanced
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: WR Yahui Sun
Rookie to Watch: LB Yuri Dragunov

It was a disappointing end to an incredible season for the Blacksmiths. After MOP-winning QB Louis Vaughn went down in the first playoff games, the team would fail to get past the 8th-seeded Buffalo Blue Wings. The team is determined to bounce back this season, despite having a harder time bringing in new talent since they have been right up against the cap all offseason. However, they did still manage to replace the departing WR Orlando Barrack with WR Yahui Sun and extend DL Matthias Hartmann after a breakout season. If star DL Arthur Bradshaw can remain healthy this season, Pittsburgh will have a dangerous D-line with those two leading the way. The rest of the defence didn’t see a whole lot of change, but the one interesting addition is with LB Yuri Dragunov who has reportedly been incredibly impressive in training camp, impressive enough for Pittsburgh to trade away veteran LB Kyle Essena just weeks before the season is set to start. Pittsburgh is going to be a threat again this season, and the fans, as well as Cup-hunting veteran S Garet deVale, will hope that they can claim the Cup this season.

C - QB Louis Vaughn
A - OL Erik Nelson
A - LB Quinn Masters

4 - Minnesota Serpents
1971 Record: 10-4 (1st West)
1971 Result: Lost Semi-Finals
Head Coach: Soni Dionne (4th Season)
Starting QB: Martin Keller
Offensive Scheme: Run Heavy
Defensive Scheme: 3-3-3-2
Biggest Acquisition: DB Chandler Gage
Rookie to Watch: LB Morgan King

Minnesota was finally able to get over the hump of winning a playoff game after their 3rd straight strong season. Now, it is time for the team to take the next step forward and get after a Cup. The team won’t see a major change in strategy with a run-heavy offence led by 1971 Offensive Player of the Year, RB Tyler Kuhn, and his veteran support in RB Hugo Hughes and RB Austin Andrews. The umbrella secondary also returns on defence with the new additions of DB Chandler Gage and S Peter Sellers who will slot into a couple of the starting 5 secondary players. In the front 6, there are 3 new/up-and-coming players in DL Winfield Winchester, acquired via trade, as well as 1st Round Pick, LB Morgan King, and second-year player, LB Earl Featherstonhaugh. Overall, Minnesota should be a solid team again and should be able to be in the Cup conversation.

C - OL Elias McCarren
A - DL Albert Sullivan
A - QB Martin Keller*

5 - Montreal Rouge
1971 Record: 12-2 (1st East)
1971 Result: Lost McCallister Cup
Head Coach: Malachi Knowles (2nd Season)
Starting QB: Gene Bishop
Offensive Scheme: Balanced
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: LB Walker Colson
Rookie to Watch: OL Phil Ampertis

Montreal surprised many fans last season with a 12-2 record and a trip to the McCallister Cup. While the defence remains a key threat with one of the strongest secondaries in the league, headlined by S Mathieu Cazenave and DB Lamar Brown, as well as a couple of young stars in DL Alan Franjkovic and LB Jean-Christophe Bain. Offensively, the Rouge may have some more issues, while a pair of 1st Round acquisitions last season in RB Bo Frazier and WR Antonio Villanueva added some much-needed life to the offence, there is concern over the aging players. Star WR Taylor Karis is slowing down at 33 and QB Gene Bishop, who seemed like he would be out of Montreal by the end of last season, is still here. The 36-year-old Bishop has been spotty over the last several years and while a solid season last year gave him a new contract, many are wondering if the Rouge may eventually turn over to 1970 1st Round Pick, QB Nathan Houle, at some point this season. Overall, Montreal’s defence makes them a tough team, but the offence may hold them back this season in a difficult East Division.

C - OL Mathieu Roy
A - WR Taylor Karis
A - DB Lamar Brown

6 - Long Island Raiders
1971 Record: 6-8 (5th East)
1971 Result: Missed Playoffs
Head Coach: Levi Bray (3rd Season)
Starting QB: Ivan Sanchez
Offensive Scheme: Pass Heavy
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: DL Johnathan Ellison
Rookie to Watch: S Ian Outlaw

It was a disappointing title defence for the Raiders last season, who completely missed the playoffs. However, that did not discourage GM/Owner Wayne Tillman who went out and picked up two big free agents. DL Johnathan Ellison, who has been great for the Steelheads in recent years comes in to replace the retiring DL Pionk Bjorkkstrand, and TE Eric Peterson, who has been a bit of an underrated TE for the Victors comes in to fill a need the Raiders have had for a few years now. HC Levi Bray is excited to work with his new offensive weapon in Peterson as well as the recently acquired RB Rudy Saunders to supplement RB Scott Norton. Defensively, the Raiders are getting older, but some younger talent is on the rise in DL Dallas Breaker, LBs Callum Owen and Tyrone Dye, and 4th overall pick S Ian Outlaw. Expect a bounce back from the Raiders this season with the moves they have made towards getting back to the playoffs. 

C - LB William Washington II
A - DB Rutherford Winters
A - WR Larry Mossholder

7 - Ottawa Royals
1971 Record: 9-5 (3rd East)
1971 Result: Lost Quarter-Finals
Head Coach: Jean Matieau (5th Season)
Starting QB: Drake Young
Offensive Scheme: Balanced
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: DL Robin Lucas
Rookie to Watch: DL Robin Lucas

Last season the Royals were keeping pace with the Gold Stars and Rouge at the top of the East Division up until QB Drake Young was injured, ending what was looking like an MOP-level season from the young QB. QB Ulysses Lawyer did his best to keep the Royals afloat, but they would ultimately be a 1st Round exit for the 2nd year in a row. With Young back to health, the Royals are hoping to bounce back and get back to being a top team in the league. They focused this offseason on shoring up depth on the D-line, adding DL Robin Lucas in the draft and DL Ryan Sargent in free agency while hoping that young players like 1971 1st Round Pick, Mathieu Tremblay, and Obert Roux will be able to add more depth to the team. Overall, they still have a solid team behind stars like DL Bernhard Hartmann, DB Sergio Alvarez, and S Marc Bellecourt, but a concern could be on aging weapons on offence. The team’s top RB Corbyn Knight is 32, while last season’s top WR Marshall Leonard is 34. They are going to need to hope that younger talent like WR Matthew de la Cruz, WR Charles Toothacre, and RB Richard Morin can start to take on bigger roles this season. Overall, Ottawa should still be a solid team and if they can stay healthy this year, they could be a contender. 

C - DL Bernhard Hartmann*
A - LB Sam Wheeler
A - QB Drake Young*

8 - Vancouver Wolves
1971 Record: 7-7 (2nd West)
1971 Result: Lost Quarter-Finals
Head Coach: Johnnie Dawson (3rd Season in NAAF)
Starting QB: Kevin Westwood
Offensive Scheme: Balanced
Defensive Scheme: 4-4-3-2
Biggest Acquisition: DB Lawrence Ralph
Rookie to Watch: S Gunpei Koizumi

Barely crawling into the playoffs last season was not a proud moment for the Wolves, who had gone all the way to the McCallister Cup the previous season. Just like a lot of teams, they are hoping to bounce back. However, the team was pretty quiet this offseason. The only major addition in free agency is DB Lawrence Ralph who is set to be a depth DB for the team. They feel that they still have a strong team behind QB Kevin Westwood, WR Keshawn Johnston, DL Rashawn Sutherland, and LB Shawn Anderson. Playing in the weaker West Division, they very well could be a top team again this season with the team that they have had. The one interesting new player will be S Gunpei Koizumi, who is the first player to come through the Japan talent pipeline. Vancouver has been high on the young player so many eyes will be on the 3rd Round Pick to see how he does in the NAAF as a bit of a guinea pig for the league’s new international ventures.

C - QB Kevin Westwood
A - WR Keshawn Johnston
A - DL Jared Kendall

9 - Boston Independents
1971 Record: 7-7 (4th East)
1971 Result: Missed Playoffs
Head Coach: Kenneth Chaney (4th Season)
Starting QB: Nathaniel Braddock
Offensive Scheme: Balanced
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: LB Kyle Essena
Rookie to Watch: WR Craig Nunnery

There is no team with more pressure to win a championship than the Boston Independents heading into the 1972 season. With Braddock now 36, Boston has been all in on trying to bring home a championship before Braddock retires. They have invested a lot of money and draft capital into making the team a Cup contender, adding players like DL Wayne Baxton, WR Al Allmendinger, and DL Bjorn Sigmarsson. However, they still couldn’t get into the playoffs last season, despite being a solid team statistically. This offseason, they attempted to lure DB Neville Falkner over, but ultimately lost out to their rivals in Providence. Their push left them a bit behind in free agency and ultimately failed to add any significant changes. However, that may work out for Boston who has a good foundation. Maybe all they need is to build off of the chemistry that is being formed with the current group. Either way, Boston will be giving it their all to try and even just get into the dance this season after last year’s disappointment.

C - QB Nathaniel Braddock
A - DL Wayne Baxton*
A - S Ernie Osborne

10 - Buffalo Blue Wings
1971 Record: 7-7 (3rd Central)
1971 Result: Missed Playoffs
Head Coach: Maurice Evanson (9th Season)
Starting QB: Charles Lemieux
Offensive Scheme: Balanced
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: DL Zane Tannith
Rookie to Watch: LB Basti Gräbner

The Blue Wings pulled off the definition of sneaking into the playoffs after managing to score just enough to beat Indiana by 14 in order to pick up the 8th seed last season. All after suffering a plethora of key injuries to RB Jasper Dickerson, DB Ezra Power, and DL Ned Hedman. Injuries had always been a concern for an aging Blue Wings team that had to sacrifice depth for the salary cap in recent years. Last year, it finally caught up with them, as well as the age of the team was clearly on the back end of an era of dominance. This offseason, they aimed to add some depth to the team overall, acquiring former 1st Round Pick, LB Willie Stetson, as well as veterans DL Zane Tannith and RB Théodore Lemieux. They should all help if more injuries start to pile up again, however the team doesn’t enter this season feeling as big a threat as they usually do. Buffalo will no doubt be competitive with QB Charles Lemieux leading the way, but they aren’t projecting to be a top contender like they have been for the last decade. 

C - QB Charles Lemieux
A - DB Dean Hawkins
A - WR Jimmy Jack

11 - London Tigers
1971 Record: 5-9 (5th Central)
1971 Result: Missed Playoffs
Head Coach: Aengus Lynch
Starting QB: Henry Johnsson*
Offensive Scheme: Balanced
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: WR Lloyd Lane
Rookie to Watch: S Marcus Harris

A new era began in London after GM Joseph Johnson officially retired from football after running the team for 23 seasons. In the last couple of seasons, the Tigers have flashed moments of great play, even being able to beat the Thunder twice last season, but have been quite inconsistent overall. Much of the young talent on defence has been good like DL Mo Kahn, LB Reuben James, and LB Everett Lynch, but not great. RB Jeremy Royal has also shown flashes of elite play but has not been consistently healthy or great either. These guys are going to have to reach the next level if the team wants to return to playoff contention. They may also have a little more pressure on them with 1971 2nd Overall Pick, QB Henry Johnsson, starting this season. Johnsson has had limited play, but a year on the bench has worked out for a lot of QBs in the past. Luckily, new GM, Martin Gagneaux has gone out to get some help with WR Lloyd Lane joining the fray as a top-tier WR. Lane along with other talent like WR Cole Fletcher should provide Johnsson with a good support group along with a rebuilt O-line. The Tigers are a dark horse that could easily find themselves in playoff contention if things work out and their core players can take the next step forward.

C - DL Mo Kahn
A - LB Everett Lynch
A - QB Tyrion Gainsborough

12 - Indiana Victors
1971 Record: 7-7 (4th Central)
1971 Result: Missed Playoffs
Head Coach: Urick Wilkins (4th Season)
Starting QB: Tom Applewhite
Offensive Scheme: Pass Heavy
Defensive Scheme: 3-4-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: OL Clancy Harrison
Rookie to Watch: DB Oswald Martell

After missing out on the playoffs in a heartbreaking collapse against Buffalo last season, the Victors are left in a weird spot. They had a good enough season that they elected not to clear house at GM and HC, but it wasn’t good enough to inspire a lot of confidence going into this season. The offseason didn’t get off to the best start with DB Neville Falkner leaving town. They struggled to bring in much help throughout the offseason as a whole. One of the biggest issues the team has had for years now has been in the run game. They tried to bring in RB Jimmy Golden last year, but he showed he is well past his prime. As of now the team may be relying a lot on Ed Finley, who stepped in for Golden at times last season, and RB Yancy Harrison, who started most of last year for Buffalo in the absence of RB Jasper Dickerson. However, they also could turn to 2nd year RB Daniel Collins, who was taken in the 2nd round last year. A lot of eyes will also be on QB Tom Applewhite, who is entering the final year of his expensive contract after a mediocre season last year. There is a lot of pressure on the Victors to succeed, but not a lot of hope they can follow through beyond being a fringe playoff contender.

C - OL Viktor Stahl
A - QB Tom Applewhite*
A - LB Marshall Langenbrunner*

13 - Halifax Mariners
1971 Record: 4-10 (6th East)
1971 Result: Missed Playoffs
Head Coach: Ben McMillan (5th Season)
Starting QB: Todd Sparrow*
Offensive Scheme: Balanced
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: OL Mason Fitzpatrick
Rookie to Watch: RB Axel Vandal

It is officially the QB Todd Sparrow show in Halifax this season. Last year’s 1st Overall Pick will be the day 1 starter for the first time in his career. He struggled in his first few starts last year but improved a lot by the end of the season. Halifax still has a relatively strong foundation of talent. A solid mix of veteran leaders like DL Pat Butler, DB Joe Robinson, and WR Shane Steadman, as well as younger talent like LB Frederic Macnamara, DB Jack Treadaway, and WR Oliver Shephard. There will be a lot of eyes on the backfield to see if 2nd Overall Pick, RB Axel Vandal will see the field a lot, but to start the year RB George Seahorse will lead the way. Halifax should be a solid and competitive team, however, their playoff hopes may be already dashed just from having to play against the East Division where all 5 other teams have a legitimate shot at the McCallister Cup this season.

C - DL Pat Butler
A - DB Joe Robinson
A - WR Shane Steadman*

14 - Toronto Steelheads
1971 Record: 2-12 (6th Season)
1971 Result: Missed Playoffs
Head Coach: Phillip Little
Starting QB: Landon Ross*
Offensive Scheme: Run Heavy
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: OL Amos Sewell
Rookie to Watch: DL Sam Reinkemeyer

It was a difficult first season under GM Reginald McMahon in Toronto last season, but McMahon was committed to bringing the team’s floor up. They would first address the weak O-line by bringing in a pair of veterans in OL Amos Sewell and OL Paul O’Doherty. They would lose a key piece in DL Johnathan Ellison, but with the 1st Overall Pick, they would bring on DL Sam Reinkemeyer who has the potential to be even better than Ellison. Another key adjustment is with the offensive play calling, bringing on veteran coach Kerry Holder as the new OC, who runs a much more traditional, but effective offence. Expect the team to focus a lot more on the ground attack with RB Shannon West. Now the last question was going to be at QB. The team did draft QB Ryan Alexander in the 1st Round this year, but they are going to let him sit. QB David Simmons is still with the team, but Holder has elected to go with the QB that is most comfortable in his system, Landon Ross, who has been with Holder for the past 5 seasons split between Long Island and Providence. Toronto had a great defence last year, and with a simpler offence may be able to string together some more wins this season and get out of the bottom of the league.

C - LB Judge Barrett*
A - S Charles Clerk
A - OL Amos Sewell*

15 - Edmonton Rangers
1971 Record: 6-8 (3rd West)
1971 Result: Missed Playoffs
Head Coach: Pat Gilliam
Starting QB: Ken Myers*
Offensive Scheme: Run Heavy
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: RB Jimmy Golden
Rookie to Watch: OL Callum Thomas

Edmonton has been a solid team in the West division over the past couple of seasons. They are carried by a strong coaching staff and strong run game, however, age is likely to start pulling this team backward. They come into this season as the oldest team in the league and they didn’t exactly get younger throughout the offseason. Their key addition was a 34-year-old RB Jimmy Golden… not exactly an inspiring move. On top of that, they also saw the retirement of long-time legend QB Blair Collins. Taking his place is his backup QB Ken Myers. Myers has been serviceable in his 4 starts in the past two seasons going 3-1. However, there are a lot more questions about his ability to manage the team in the long run. The team’s usual strength may be in question as well with RB Gary Hubbard now 31. His support of Golden is not a sure thing, so they are going to have to hope that some younger talent like 2nd Round Pick Howie Bowman and recently acquired Aeneas Phillips can bring in some more support in the backfield. Overall, Edmonton can still be solid with the coaching staff as they have been, but the age and new QB may lead to a worse finish than the team is used to.

C - OL Charles Creighton*
A - LB Herb Landry
A - RB Gary Hubbard*

16 - Calgary Predators
1971 Record: 4-10 (4th West)
1971 Result: Missed Playoffs
Head Coach: Travis Hobson
Starting QB: Emmitt Jackson*
Offensive Scheme: Wild West
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: DB Bobby Bastian
Rookie to Watch: WR Eric Norris

It may be the make-or-break year for the Wild West Offence experiment in Calgary. After another offseason with a chance to bring in players that fit the offence, they are going to need to show that it works in order to keep the current staff in place. QB Emmitt Jackson will enter his second season in the offence. He showed moments of solid play last season and the team will hope he can build off of that this year. A lot of the offence will likely hinge on draft picks from the last two years in RB Rocco Peaks, who the Preds took 4th Overall last year, and WRs Eric Norris and James Johnson, who they drafted this season. All have good speed which should hopefully work well in the offence. Their defence should still be solid with veterans like DL Damien Battles, DL Chris Barrett, and LB Junior Abbott, but they also will want to see some new and young talent take on a bigger role this season in DB Bobby Bastian and LB Marcus McGhee. Calgary showed growth last season, we will see if they can improve again this year.

C - DL Chris Barrett
A - RB John Drexel
A - LB Junior Abbott

17 - Regina Wheat Kings
1971 Record: 4-10 (6th West)
1971 Result: Missed Playoffs
Head Coach: Wayne Combs
Starting QB: Stanley Evans
Offensive Scheme: Balanced
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: WR Leonard Green
Rookie to Watch: LB Lewis Vander

Regina has consistently punched above their weight in the past couple of seasons with one of the weakest rosters on paper. There is more hope this season with the team now having an official GM in Aaron Thornton who has made some strong changes already. The two key moves were drafting LB Lewis Vander 3rd overall and acquiring WR Leonard Green. Vander is a very dynamic defender who can slot into a few different spots in the defence which provides flexibility, while Green should be a welcome and physical addition to the passing attack. These new additions should supplement all the great new acquisitions from last season with QB Stanley Evans, who surprised many with a solid year, another physical WR in Jimmy Franks, and of course, last season’s Rookie of the Year, the dominant DL Butcher Callahan. The expectations are a little higher for the Wheat Kings this season, but they have proven to get over the bar in the last two years. 

C - LB Brett Pride
A - DL Pete Gingers
A - OL Hugh Johnson

18 - Winnipeg Falcons
1971 Record: 4-10 (5th West)
1971 Result: Missed Playoffs 
Head Coach: Jay Nielson
Starting QB: Ulysses Lawyer*
Offensive Scheme: Balanced
Defensive Scheme: 4-3-2-2
Biggest Acquisition: QB Ulysses Lawyer
Rookie to Watch: DL Graham de Veres

The Falcons suffered through a very inconsistent season last year, primarily at QB. Emerson Thompson started the year but eventually was benched for Jerome Sheppard, who was also hit or miss. With those inconsistencies, the Falcons went out and brought in three new QBs, Ulysses Lawyer, Xerxes Wynn, and Mitchell Nash. Going into the season, Lawyer is getting the call. The 29-year-old, has the most experience being the starting QB for the Gold Stars in 1969. He also played well for the Royals down the stretch last season. Lawyer is not the most inspiring selection, but maybe a more consistent one. However, don’t be surprised if Wynn or even Thompson get in at some point this season. Outside of the QB spot, the Falcons don’t change dramatically. They did address their major weakness on the D-line with DL Quinton Hextal returning while drafting a young player in DL Graham de Veres. Winnipeg has a solid set of talent, but they seem a little lost in their direction, especially at QB, so that leaves them with little momentum heading into the season, hence their placement here.

C - LB Claude Clarke
A - RB Joe Rivers
A - WR Terry Upshaw

1972 Season Predictions

(1) Minnesota - 10-4
(6) Vancouver - 9-5
Calgary - 4-10
Edmonton - 4-10
Winnipeg - 3-11
Regina - 3-11

(3) Pittsburgh - 10-4
(4) Louisville - 10-4
London - 7-7
Buffalo - 7-7
Toronto - 6-8
Indiana - 5-9

(2) Providence - 10-4
(5) Boston - 9-5
(7) Long Island - 8-6
(8) Ottawa - 8-6
Montreal - 7-7
Halifax - 6-8

(8) OTT over (1) MIN
(2) PRO over (7) LI
(3) PIT over (6) VAN
(5) BOS over (4) LOU

(2) PRO over (8) OTT
(3) PIT over (5) BOS

54th McCallister Cup - Buffalo, NY
(2) PRO over (3) PIT

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 Week 1

Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - 21 @ Louisville Thunder - 27 - Thunder Stadium - Thursday, June 22, 1972 - 7:00 PM ET - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 46,226

1st Q
0-7: LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Casey Coleman
7-7: PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Taylor Austin
2nd Q
10-7: PIT - FG K Nigel Stewart
10-14: LOU - RTD RB Neil Bradley
11-14: PIT - Single K Nigel Stewart
3rd Q
11-21: LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Casey Coleman
14-21: PIT - FG K Nigel Stewart
4th Q
14-24: LOU - FG K Rhys Kupp
21-24: PIT - RTD RB Max Tracy
21-27: LOU - FG K Rhys Kupp

The season would kick off with the Thunder and Blacksmiths in a very important divisional battle.
The first half was tight with both teams getting points on the board, however, the Blacksmiths would get flashbacks to their playoff loss when QB Louis Vaughn would get knocked out of the game late in the first half. Vaughn had taken a couple of shots early in the game which may have re-aggravated his previous arm injury. QB Magnus Torrensen would replace Vaughn. 
Without Vaughn, Pittsburgh’s offence would slow down with Louisville taking over and starting to run away with a 10-point lead in the 4th.
RB Max Tracy would keep the Blacksmiths in the game with a touchdown in the 4th, but it was far too late as Louisville would kick off their title defence with a win.

Long Island Raiders - 14 @ Providence Gold Stars - 27 - New Providence Stadium - Friday, June 23, 1972 - 6:00 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy - Attendance: 62,370

1st Q
7-0: LI - PTD QB Ivan Sanchez -> WR Larry Mossholder
7-7: PRO - PTD QB Red King -> TE Kairos Knight
2nd Q
7-14: PRO - PTD QB Red King -> WR Justin Palmer
7-17: PRO - FG K Gilbert O’Neill
3rd Q
7-20: PRO - FG K Gilbert O’Neill
4th Q
14-20: LI - PTD QB Ivan Sanchez -> WR Frank Drysdale
14-27: PRO - RTD RB Ronnie Byers

The city of Providence was ecstatic about the return of DB Neville Falkner for their home opener against the Raiders, as it was the first time he had ever returned to the city for a game after Indiana never played Providence in the 3 years he was there. 
They were also ecstatic about the team that many have billed as a top contender this season. They would show it by taking a strong 7-17 lead heading into halftime. 
Long Island had gotten the upper hand early, but the Gold Stars’ defence adjusted and shut them down until the 4th. 
The Gold Stars would overall dominate in a great opening game to start the season 1-0. 

Winnipeg Falcons - 4 @ Vancouver Wolves - 30 - Vancouver Exhibition Stadium - Friday, June 23, 1972 - 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT - Weather: Cloudy/Light Rain - Attendance: 34,658

1st Q
0-3: VAN - FG K Sterling Brooks
2nd Q
0-10: VAN - RTD RB Jeremiah Morrow
0-17: VAN - PTD QB Kevin Westwood -> WR Keshawn Johnston
3rd Q
0-20: VAN - FG K Sterling Brooks
3-20: WPG - FG K Jordan Hollingsworth
4th Q
4-20: WPG - Single K Jordan Hollingsworth
4-23: VAN - FG K Sterling Brooks
4-30: VAN - RTD RB Nikki Yang

Vancouver was all business to kick off the season against the Falcons. They would dominate the first half, jumping out to a 0-17 lead. 
QB Ulysses Lawyer made his first start for the Falcons and struggled overall. The veteran threw a pair of interceptions and only was able to get into scoring range a couple of times in the game, giving the team only 4 points.
Vancouver was clearly the better team rolling on for a 4-30 win to start their redemption season. 

Toronto Steelheads - 12 @ Halifax Mariners - 21 - Atlantic Stadium - Saturday, June 24, 1972 - 12:00 PM ET/1:00 PM AT - Weather: Drizzle/Haze/Cloudy - Attendance: 24,456
1st Q
0-7: HFX - RTD RB George Seahorse
2nd Q
0-14: HFX - PTD QB Todd Sparrow -> WR Shane Steadman
3-14: TOR - FG K Frank Hughes
3rd Q
6-14: TOR - FG K Frank Hughes
6-17: HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
6-20: HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
4th Q
6-21: HFX - Single K Albert Wickerweaver
12-21: TOR - PTD QB Landon Ross -> WR Cameron Kane

The Todd Sparrow era in Halifax got off to a solid start with the Mariners jumping out to a 0-14 lead on the Steelheads in the first half, with Sparrow throwing a touchdown in the 2nd quarter.
Toronto’s defence rallied in the second half after struggling in the first, keeping the Mariners out of the endzone. However, their offence was less than stellar. QB Landon Ross’ first start for the Steelheads would be pretty slow. The team tried utilizing the run a lot, but Halifax did a good job of shutting it down. Only once Ross had to go to the air a bit more did the offence finally get into the endzone late in the game.

Buffalo Blue Wings - 23 @ Ottawa Royals - 36 - Royals Stadium at Brewer Park - Saturday, June 24, 1972 - 12:00 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy/Light Rain - Attendance: 44,966
1st Q
0-7: OTT - RTD RB Corbyn Knight
7-7: BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Julius Drake
7-10: OTT - FG K Ira Foster
2nd Q
7-17: OTT - PTD QB Drake Young -> WR Charles Toothacre
10-17: BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
10-23: OTT - PTD QB Drake Young -> WR Matthew de la Cruz
3rd Q
13-23: BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
13-26: OTT - FG K Ira Foster
20-26: BUF - RTD RB Jasper Dickerson
4th Q
20-29: OTT - FG K Ira Foster
23-29: BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
23-36: OTT - RTD RB Corbyn Knight

It was a tight opening quarter between the Royals and Blue Wings that left Ottawa up by a field goal.
The 2nd would see QB Drake Young catch fire, throwing a pair of touchdowns to give Ottawa a 13-point lead after Buffalo managed to deflect the extra-point attempt by K Ira Foster.
Ottawa’s offence cooled in the 3rd, allowing the Blue Wings to climb back into the game, scoring 10 points to cut the lead down to just 6 heading into the 4th. 
After trading field goals, Ottawa’s defence would step up and seal the game with DB Sergio Alvarez coming away with a crucial interception that would set up a late touchdown to give Ottawa a 13-point lead once again.

Regina Wheat Kings - 9 @ Edmonton Rangers - 23 - Forest Heights Park - Saturday, June 24, 1972 - 3:30 PM ET/1:30 PM MT - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 28,398
1st Q
0-7: EDM - PTD QB Ken Myers -> WR Stanley McClendon
3-7: REG - FG K Mark Mundle
2nd Q
3-10: EDM - FG K Thomas Standberry
3-13: EDM - FG K Thomas Standberry
3rd Q
6-13: REG - FG K Mark Mundle
6-16: EDM - FG K Thomas Standberry
4th Q
9-16: REG - FG K Mark Mundle
9-23: EDM - RTD RB Gary Hubbard

The Edmonton Rangers’ season started off on the right foot when new starting QB Ken Myers hit WR Stanley McClendon on a slant which he turned into a 76-yard touchdown. They would maintain their strong start with two field goals in the 2nd. 
Regina’s offence struggled in the game, a lot of miscues would lead them to only grab 3 field goals during the game.
However, the game was still within a score until Edmonton got a big forced fumble from LB Rhett Bradberry, that would lead to a late touchdown.

Boston Independents - 15 @ Montreal Rouge - 24 - Mount Royal Stadium - Saturday, June 24, 1972 - 7:00 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy - Attendance: 46,435

1st Q
7-0: BOS - RTD RB Reggie Whitehead
8-0: BOS - Single K Woody Woodstock
8-7: MTL - RTD RB Bo Frazier
2nd Q
8-10: MTL - FG K Buster McDooley
3rd Q
15-10: BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Al Allmendinger
15-16: MTL - RTD RB Bo Frazier
15-18: MTL - 2PT QB Gene Bishop -> WR Antonio Villaneuva
4th Q
15-21: MTL - FG K Buster McDooley
15-24: MTL - FG K Buster McDooley

Boston’s season would get off to a rough start as they faced the Montreal Rouge for the 3rd consecutive game dating back to last season. The first stroke of bad luck would come on RB Reggie Whitehead’s touchdown where several players would land on his ankle awkwardly causing an injury that is likely to keep him sidelined for about half of the season. 
Montreal couldn’t take advantage of the hindered Independents, only taking a 2-point lead into the half. 
Boston came out of the break determined, scoring a touchdown to take a 5-point lead. However, Montreal was able to answer with RB Bo Frazier’s 2nd touchdown of the day.
Boston was only down by 3 in the 4th, but QB Nathaniel Braddock would be the next to hit the ground, taking a big hit from DL Alan Franjkovic, forcing QB Joel Joeson to finish the game. The hit was viewed as a little dirty, which led to a few scrums throughout the remainder of the game.
Montreal’s defence would shut down Joeson and the Independents, while the offence added 6 more points to start the season off with a win.

London Tigers - 17 @ Minnesota Serpents - 29 - Midgard Stadium - Sunday, June 25, 1972 - 1:00 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 49,240
1st Q
3-0: LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
3-7: MIN - RTD RB Tyler Kuhn
2nd Q
3-14: MIN - RTD RB Tyler Kuhn
6-14: LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
6-15: MIN - Single K Ray Bough
3rd Q
6-22: MIN - PTD QB Martin Keller -> RB Austin Andrews
12-22: LDN - RTD RB Jeremy Royal
14-22: LDN - 2PT QB Henry Johnsson -> TE Pete Mayfield
4th Q
14-29: MIN - RTD RB Tyler Kuhn
17-29: LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth

RB Tyler Kuhn was back to his old ways to kick off the 1972 season, running all over the Tigers for 3 touchdowns and 132 yards. 
QB Henry Johnsson in his first start took a bit to get going, but was able to lead a touchdown drive in the 3rd that kept London in the game. However, two interceptions from DB Austin Sherebernikoff and S Gérard LaCroix would not be a great look to start.
WR Lloyd Lane was relatively quiet for his first game in London, only making two catches in the game.
RB Austin Andrews would also get into the endzone for Minnesota, scoring against his former team for the first time.

Calgary Predators - 11 @ Indiana Victors - 20 - Victory Stadium - Sunday, June 25, 1972 - 4:00 PM ET - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 45,607
1st Q
0-3: IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
7-3: CGY - RTD RB John Drexel
2nd Q
7-10: IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Jake Abbredezzi
3rd Q
7-17: IND - RTD RB Ed Finley
10-17: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
4th Q
10-20: IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
11-20: CGY - Single K Billy Eichelberger

Calgary’s Wild West offence got off to a promising start with a touchdown in the opening quarter to take a 7-3 lead. However, it would be quickly stunted when QB Emmitt Jackson would take a hit from LB Benjamin Page on a scramble, forcing QB Jesse Essex into action.
Indiana took advantage with strong defensive play and then put up 14 straight points to make it 7-17. 
From there, the Victors would settle into a comfortable spot, holding off the Predators to start an important season off 1-0.

Players of the Week

OFF: RB Tyler Kuhn MIN - 3 Rushing Touchdowns, 132 Rushing Yards
A dominant performance from the reigning Offensive Player of the Year helped lift Minnesota over London

DEF: LB Frederic Macnamara HFX - 10 Tackles, 1 Tackle for Loss
Macnamara played a pivotal role in shutting down the Steelheads’ run game, racking up 10 tackles and getting to RB Shannon West in the backfield one time

Injury Report
BOS: RB Reggie Whitehead - 7 Weeks
BOS: QB Nathaniel Braddock - 2 Weeks
BOS: WR Tyreek Flores - Day-to-Day
BUF: WR Julius Drake - Day-to-Day
BUF: OL Garth Brooklyn - Day-to-Day
CGY: QB Emmitt Jackson - Day-to-day
CGY: OL Charles Schwartz - 2 Weeks
CGY: DB Andrw Patterson - 5 Weeks
EDM: DB Eddie Brink - 5 Weeks
HFX: S Sampson Wendel - 1 Week
HFX: S Nick Prince - 4 Weeks
IND: LB Marshall Langenbrunner - Day-to-Day
IND: S Geno Aranda - 5 Weeks
IND: LB Gerrard Miller - 2 Weeks
LDN: LB Everett Lynch - Day-to-Day
LI: WR Larry Mossholder - 2 Weeks
LI: LB Callum Owen - 1 Week
MIN: LB Earl Featherstonhaugh - 3 Weeks
MIN: DB Chandler Gage - 3 Weeks
OTT: WR Marshall Leonard - Day-to-Day
PIT: QB Louis Vaughn - 1 Week
PRO: DL Brock Dyson - 1 Week
PRO: OL Emil Jennings - 5 Weeks
REG: TE Hank Bradford - 11 Weeks
TOR: LB Grover Smith - Day-to-Day
TOR: WR Felix Fontaine - 4 Weeks
VAN: OL David Brewington - 2 Weeks
WPG: OL Czesław Krasowsk - 7 Weeks
WPG: Jesse Rivard - 10 Weeks

Vancouver - 1-0
Edmonton - 1-0
Minnesota - 1-0
Calgary - 0-1
Regina - 0-1
Winnipeg - 0-1

Louisville - 1-0
Indiana - 1-0
Toronto - 0-1
London - 0-1
Buffalo - 0-1
Pittsburgh - 0-1

Providence - 1-0
Montreal - 1-0
Ottawa - 1-0
Halifax - 1-0
Boston - 0-1
Long Island - 0-1

Power Rankings
1 - Providence -
2 - Louisville - 
3 - Minnesota +1
4 - Montreal +1
5 - Pittsburgh -2
6 - Ottawa +1
7 - Vancouver +1
8 - Long Island -2
9 - Buffalo +1
10 - Boston -1
11 - Indiana +1
12 - London -1
13 - Halifax -
14 - Edmonton +1
15 - Toronto -1
16 - Calgary -
17 - Regina - 
18 - Winnipeg -

Week 2 Games
EDM (1-0) @ LI (0-1) - JUN 29 - 7:00 PM ET - Thursday Night Football
BUF (0-1) @ PIT (0-1) - JUN 30 - 7:00 PM ET - Friday Night Football
MTL (1-0) @ LDN (0-1) - JUL 1 - 1:00 PM ET - Canada Day
WPG (0-1) @ OTT (1-0) - JUL 1 - 5:00 PM ET - Canada Day
TOR (0-1) @ VAN (1-0) - JUL 1 - 8:30 PM ET - Canada Day
PRO (1-0) @ HFX (1-0) - JUL 2 - 1:00 PM ET
LOU (1-0) @ REG (0-1) - JUL 2 - 4:00 PM ET
MIN (1-0) @ CGY (0-1) - JUL 2 - 4:00 PM ET
IND (1-0) @ BOS (0-1) - JUL 4 - 5:00 PM ET - 4th of July

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Not rooting for anyone to get injured, but it should be interesting to see Wesley Wu get his shot with the starting RB injured.


5/15/2024 10:06 pm  #2648

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Pittsburgh losing Vaughn in the first game is rough, even if he's only missing a week. Bad mojo. Solid win by Halifax though. Hopefully Sparrow can grow into a star.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 Week 2

Roster Moves
BOS: RB Reggie Whitehead | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
BOS: RB Scott Dale (Debut) | Reserve List -> Active Roster
CGY: DB Andre Patterson | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
CGY: DB Ken Olsen | Reserve List -> Active Roster
EDM: DB Eddie Brink | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
EDM: DB Sam Kroshaw | Reserve List -> Active Roster
HFX: S Nick Prince | Active Roster -> Reserve List
HFX: DB Cornelius Walker | Reserve List -> Active Roster
REG: TE Hank Bradford | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
REG: TE Doug Landry | Reserve List -> Active Roster

Edmonton Rangers - 0 @ Long Island Raiders - 17 - Long Island Stadium - Thursday, June 29, 1972 - 7:00 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy - Attendance: 40,306

1st Q
0-3: LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
2nd Q
3rd Q
0-10: LI - PTD QB Ivan Sanchez -> WR Frank Drysdale
0-17: LI - PTD QB Ivan Sanchez -> TE Eric Peterson
4th Q

The Raiders were able to take an early lead with a field goal in the opening quarter, however, the scoring screeched to a halt with both teams having turnover and offensive troubles. 
The Raiders would get a prime chance to score in the 2nd quarter after an interception from DB Ross Conroy only for a misfire on the snap resulting in a fumble going back the other way.
In the 3rd, the Raiders would finally start figuring out the Rangers, scoring a deep touchdown with Frank Drysdale. Then, a deflected pass from DL Johnathan Ellison would land in the arms of LB Callumn Owen, setting up a touchdown to TE Eric Peterson shortly after.
The quick scores would be the killing blow as the Raiders held on to a shutout win.  

Buffalo Blue Wings - 29 @ Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - 22 - Riverfront Stadium at Brewer Park - Friday, June 30, 1972 - 7:00 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy/Light Rain - Attendance: 48,411

1st Q
3-0: BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
3-7: PIT - RTD RB Max Tracy
2nd Q
10-7: BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Tracy Driscoll
10-14: PIT - PTD QB Magnus Torrensen -> WR Edward Washington
13-14: BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
3rd Q
19-14: BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Tracy Driscoll
22-14: BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
4th Q
22-20: PIT - RTD RB Max Tracy
22-22: PIT - 2PT QB Magnus Torrensen -> WR Yahui Sun
29-22: BUF - RTD RB Jasper Dickerson

Pittsburgh would look to get some revenge on the Blue Wings after being knocked out of the first round of the playoffs by them last year.
QB Magnus Torrensen made his first start for the Blacksmiths since 1967. He would lead Pittsburgh to a 13-14 lead in the first half.
In the 2nd half, Buffalo started to pick up the pace. QB Charles Lemieux was playing determined and would get 9 points for the Blue Wings in the 3rd to take an 8-point lead. 
Pittsburgh would manage to tie the game late with a great drive that ended with RB Max Tracy in the endzone. 
After WR Yahui Sun tied the game with the 2-point conversion, the Blue Wings would go to work. Lemieux would pick apart the Blacksmiths’ defence and manage to get down to the 1-yard line before RB Jasper Dickerson punched in the go-ahead score. 
Pittsburgh was unable to respond in the remaining minutes, leaving Buffalo victorious at Riverfront Stadium once again.

Montreal Rouge - 10 @ London Tigers - 24 - Western Fair Stadium - Saturday, July 1, 1972 - 1:00 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy - Attendance: 28,375

1st Q
0-1: LDN - Single K Nimrod Handsworth
0-8: LDN - RTD RB Jeremy Royal
7-8: MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Antonio Villanueva
2nd Q
10-8: MTL - FG K Buster McDooley
10-11: LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
3rd Q
10-18: LDN - RTD RB Jeremy Royal
10-21: LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
4th Q
10-24: LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth

It was an electric atmosphere in London with a sold-out crowd in Western Fair Stadium with the Canada Day celebrations and Rouge fans making their way down from Montreal. 
The home fans were treated to a strong start from the Tigers that would see them take an 0-8 lead in the first.
Montreal would then get the next 10 points before London was able to sneak in a late field goal and take a lead into the break. 
The 2nd half would be a much different story with the Tigers’ defence completely shutting down the Montreal offence. A mix of great defensive play and some errors by QB Gene Bishop would leave Montreal stuck at 10 points.
QB Henry Johnsson looked good in his second start, leading the Tigers to score 13 points and secure their first win of the season.

Winnipeg Falcons - 22 @ Ottawa Royals - 27 - Royals Stadium at Brewer Park - Saturday, July 1, 1972 - 5:00 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 44,831

1st Q
0-7: OTT - PTD QB Drake Young -> TE Luiss de Brands
0-14: OTT - PTD QB Drake Young -> WR Matthew de la Cruz
2nd Q
0-17: OTT - FG K Ira Foster
3-17: WPG - FG K Jordan Hollingsworth
3rd Q
3-20: OTT - FG K Ira Foster
6-20: WPG - FG K Jordan Hollingsworth
13-20: WPG - RTD RB Joe Rivers
4th Q
13-27: OTT - RTD RB Corbyn Knight
16-27: WPG - FG K Jordan Hollingsworth
22-27: WPG - PTD QB Xerxes Wynn -> WR Elijah Skinner

The Ottawa Royals came out guns blazing against the Falcons, scoring a pair of touchdowns in the first, assisted by a DB Jerome Caldwell interception. 
QB Ulysses Lawyer struggled mightily in the open stages of the game but did recover for a field goal late in the 2nd. 
The Falcons would get another field goal in the 3rd but at the cost of Lawyer, who took a tough hit during the drive. QB Xerxes Wynn would get into the game on the next drive.
With Wynn under centre, the Falcons’ offence came to life, scoring their first touchdown of the season. 
Ottawa would respond to start the 4th with a touchdown from RB Corbyn Knight, however, Winnipeg would stick around. 
Wynn would lead a couple of drives that would pull the Falcons to within 5 points, including a long TD pass to WR Elijah Skinner.
Following the touchdown, Ottawa would refocus and shut the Falcons down in the final minutes, holding on for their 2nd win of the season.

Toronto Steelheads - 14 @ Vancouver Wolves - 31 - Vancouver Exhibition Stadium - Saturday, July 1, 1972 - 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 34,871

1st Q
0-7: VAN - PTD QB Kevin Westwood -> TE Johnny Temple
0-14: VAN - PTD QB Kevin Westwood -> WR Keshawn Johnston
2nd Q
0-21: VAN - RTD RB Jeremiah Morrow
3rd Q
7-21: TOR - RTD RB Shannon West
7-24: VAN - FG K Sterling Brooks
4th Q
14-24: TOR - PTD QB David Simmons -> WR Cameron Kane
14-31: VAN - PTD QB Kevin Westwood -> WR Akira Sakamoto

The Wolves remained determined on their bounce-back campaign, taking it to the Steelheads early. 
Three 1st half touchdowns would give the Wolves a 0-21 lead heading into the break.
Toronto’s defence was still struggling to find their form, while the offence was continuing to sputter. Luckily, they would get a little bit of life with an early touchdown in the 3rd.
Unfortunately, that would be the only bright spot for starting QB Landon Ross, as he would throw a pick on the next drive. 
QB David Simmons would enter the game in the 4th to relieve Ross. Simmons would get the Steelheads back to the endzone, giving them a little sliver of hope, which would be quickly dashed when QB Kevin Westwood hit a wide-open WR Akira Sakamoto, who would blow past everyone for a touchdown.

Providence Gold Stars - 20 @ Halifax Mariners - 11 - Atlantic Stadium - Sunday, July 2, 1972 - 1:00 PM ET/2:00 PM AT - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 22,659
1st Q
3-0: PRO - FG K Gilbert O’Neill
6-0: PRO - FG K Gilbert O’Neill
2nd Q
6-1: HFX - Single K Albert Wickerweaver
13-1: PRO - PTD QB Red King -> WR Leon Hudson
3rd Q
13-4: HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
4th Q
20-4: PRO - RTD RB Tresean Jones
20-11: HFX - RTD RB George Seahorse

The Gold Stars headed up the coast for a date with the Halifax Mariners to kick off Sunday’s action.
The Gold Stars would control the first half with a 13-1 lead, while their defence was causing a lot of trouble for the young QB Todd Sparrow.
Halifax would gain a little life in the 3rd and eventually the 4th with a touchdown run from George Seahorse. 
However, it was Providence’s day with a dominant defensive performance.
The one negative for the day was QB Red King leaving the game in the 4th, but the injury is believed to be minor and he should be back next week. QB Michael Miranda finished the game.

Louisville Thunder - 38 @ Regina Wheat Kings - 3 - Broad Street Stadium - Sunday, July 2, 1972 - 4:00 PM ET/2:00 PM CST - Weather: Cloudy/Light Rain - Attendance: 14,060
1st Q
7-0: LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Casey Coleman
10-0: LOU - FG K Rhys Kupp
2nd Q
17-0: LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Orlando Barrack
24-0: LOU - RTD RB Neil Bradley
3rd Q
31-0: LOU - RTD RB Neil Bradley
4th Q
31-3: REG - FG K Mark Mundle
38-3: LOU - PTD QB Al Washington -> WR Justin Dubuque

The defending champions rolled into Regina and did not hold back as they completely blew up the Wheat Kings’ defence.
QB Buck Murphy would throw 2 touchdowns in the first half, while RB Neil Bradley powered through for another to take a staggering 24-0 lead.
Louisville’s defence was also playing at the top of their game, holding the Wheat Kings off until a late field goal following an interception from DB Madison McGhee allowed Regina to get a field goal.
In the 4th, Louisville would allow QB Al Washington to get some snaps, where he would throw a touchdown to make it 38-3.

Minnesota Serpents - 34 @ Calgary Predators - 16 - Predators Stadium at The Stampede - Sunday, July 2, 1972 - 4:00 PM ET/2:00 PM MT - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 28,133
1st Q
0-7: CGY - RTD RB John Drexel
0-10: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
7-10: MIN - RTD RB Tyler Kuhn
2nd Q
14-10: MIN - RTD RB Tyler Kuhn
21-10: MIN - RTD RB Hugo Hughes
3rd Q
21-13: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
28-13: MIN - PTD QB Martin Keller -> WR Sebastian Dassler
31-13: MIN - FG K Ray Bough
4th Q
31-16: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
34-16: MIN - FG K Ray Bough

The Calgary Predators got out to an early lead against the Serpents with their rushing attack seemed to work well against Minnesota’s defence that has one less guy up front. 
However, after getting a 0-10 lead, they would suddenly get shut down with Minnesota making some adjustments defensively.
At the same time, Minnesota would capitalize on offence, scoring 3 touchdowns on the ground to take a 21-10 lead.
Calgary tried to get points back in the 2nd half, but would only get 6 while Minnesota added 13 to their total, capturing their 2nd win of the season.

Indiana Victors - 20 @ Boston Independents - 25 - Richardson Stadium - Tuesday, July 4, 1972 - 5:00 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 45,182

1st Q
1-0: IND - Single K Ross Poindexter
1-7: BOS - PTD QB Joel Joesen -> WR Al Allmendinger
4-7: IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
2nd Q
7-7: IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
7-14: BOS - RTD RB Wesley Wu
3rd Q
14-14: IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Jake Abbredezzi
14-17: BOS - FG K Woody Woodstock
17-17: IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
4th Q
17-18: BOS - Single K Woody Woodstock
20-18: IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
20-25: BOS - PTD QB Joel Joesen -> WR Tyreek Flores

Tuesday’s 4th of July match-up would be an interesting one with Boston without both QB Nathaniel Braddock and RB Reggie Whitehead leaving QB Joel Joesen and RB Wesley Wu to start the game.
It started off alright for Boston with Joesen hitting WR Al Allmendinger for a touchdown early. 
Indiana would spin their tires a bit throughout the first half. While they did get into scoring range 3 times, they all ended with kicks. 
The game was tied for a little bit before RB Wesley Wu would break into the endzone to give Boston a 7-point lead at halftime.
In the 2nd half, Indiana would finally gain some traction, scoring 10 points in the 3rd to leave the game tied heading into the 4th. 
The teams would both get a score early in the final frame, but Indiana’s field goal would put them out in front, leaving Joesen to play some hero ball. 
Luckily for Boston, Joesen would pull through and get the team down the field, before hitting WR Tyreek Flores for the game-clinching score giving Boston their first win of the season.

Injury Report
BOS: LB Mads Strahlman - 5 Weeks
BOS: TE Spencer Griepentrog - 1 Week
BOS: OL Terry Pennington - Season
BUF: OL Ty Barrett - 8 Weeks
CGY: WR Ted Jackson - Day-to-Day
CGY: DL Roger Barrett - Day-to-Day
EDM: S Paul Clement - 2 Weeks
EDM: OL Lenny Barrigan - 6 Weeks
HFX: LB Nick Proehl - 11 Weeks
HFX: DB Joe Robinson - Season
HFX: RB Axel Vandal - 1 Week
HFX: WR Jav Karrigan - 1 Week
HFX: OL Tony Walker-Jones - 5 Weeks
IND: OL Marc Clevinger - 2 Weeks
LDN: LB Reuben James - Day-to-Day
LDN: OL Felton McDowell - 7 Weeks
LDN: WR James Love - 8 Weeks
LI: OL Gary Bies - Day-to-Day
LI: WR Valentine Botwright - Day-to-Day
LI: OL Martin Dashaw - 1 Week
LOU: DB Oswald Murray - 4 Weeks
MIN: OL Daniel Chou - 7 Weeks
MIN: TE Xavier Francis Langford - Day-to-Day
MTL: OL Bradley Clark - Day-to-Day
OTT: OL Martin Graw - 2 Weeks
PIT: DB Zed McLaughlin - 3 Weeks
PRO: S Tom Parrish - Day-to-Day
PRO: QB Red King - Day-to-Day
PRO: OL Peter Manning - 2 Weeks
REG: OL Matt Price-Fisher - 8 Weeks
TOR: OL Alan Farquharson - 1 Week
TOR: WR Sterling Underhill - Day-to-Day
TOR: DB Rob Risker - 8 Weeks
VAN: OL Ron Raymond - 13 Weeks
VAN: OL Nick Bowen - Day-to-Day
WPG: QB Ulysses Lawyer - 1 Week
WPG: S Lin Chong-Su - Day-to-Day
WPG: OL Ian Yager - 5 Weeks
WPG: DL Justin Bardouche - 1 Week
WPG: OL John Dough - 1 Week

Players of the Week

OFF: QB Charles Lemieux BUF - 2 Passing Touchdowns, 311 Passing Yards
Lemieux’s performance was nearly perfect as he was able to lift the Blue Wings to a win over the Blacksmiths

DEF: DL Bartolo Cruz PRO - 1 Forced Fumble, 2 Sacks, 5 Tackles
Cruz played a vital role in causing a lot of chaos for QB Todd Sparrow, the Gold Stars’ win over the Mariners

Vancouver - 2-0
Minnesota - 2-0
Edmonton - 1-1
Calgary - 0-2
Winnipeg - 0-2
Regina - 0-2

Louisville - 2-0
Buffalo - 1-1
Indiana - 1-1
London - 1-1
Toronto - 0-2
Pittsburgh - 0-2

Providence - 2-0
Ottawa - 2-0
Montreal - 1-1
Long Island - 1-1
Halifax - 1-1
Boston - 1-1

Power Rankings
1 - Providence -
2 - Louisville - 
3 - Minnesota - 
4 - Ottawa +2
5 - Vancouver +2
6 - Buffalo +3
7 - Montreal -3
8 - Long Island -
9 - Pittsburgh -4
10 - London +2
11 - Boston -1
12 - Indiana -1
13 - Halifax - 
14 - Edmonton -
15 - Toronto -
16 - Calgary - 
17 - Winnipeg +1
18 - Regina -1

Week 3 Games
OTT (2-0) @ LDN (1-1) - JUL 7 - 7:00 PM ET - Friday Night Football
HFX (1-1) @ LI (1-1) - JUL 8 - 12:00 PM ET
PIT (0-2) @ WPG (0-2) - JUL 8 - 1:00 PM ET
MIN (2-0) @ REG (0-2) - JUL 8 - 3:30 PM ET
VAN (2-0) @ CGY (0-2) - JUL 8 - 3:30 PM ET
MTL (1-1) @ PRO (2-0) - JUL 8 - 7:00 PM ET - Saturday Night Football
BOS (1-1) @ LOU (2-0) - JUL 9 - 1:00 PM ET
IND (1-1) @ TOR (0-2) - JUL 9 - 1:00 PM ET
EDM (1-1) @ BUF (1-1) - JUL 9 - 4:00 PM ET

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5/16/2024 7:55 pm  #2650

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Great week. Loved seeing Wu get a touchdown, and even though it was a loss, I loved seeing Xerxes get his shot at a starting job. With his performance, and the injury to Lawyer, I hope he can pick up a win next week, or whenever their next game is.

Edit: Also cool to see Al Washington get his first (AFAIK) NAAF regular season TD.

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