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2/01/2020 9:56 pm  #1

The History of the AEAFL: 1952 Premiership Season

Welcome everyone to my alternate universe where American Soldiers introduce American Football to Postwar Europe resulting in not only a popularity spike but a group of leagues across Europe. I'll be mostly focusing on the story side of things but I'd love to collab with someone if they would like to make teams with me. But here is the story for now.

The Year is 1952, the War is finally over, the Allies had beaten the Axis and now had a different enemy in the East but for some it was time to rebuild. There was a group of American soldiers who introduced a new sport to Europeans, American Football. They got enough curious onlookers to get Allied interest in the game and tryouts began across France, Denmark, Sweden, the Low Countries, the UK and West Germany. Enough players were found and businessmen looking to help reinvigorate their nations to found the AEAFL, the Alliance of European American Football Leagues. A quartet of leagues were made in the Premiership of American Football in the United Kingdom. The Amerikanischer Fußball Bund with teams in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The Confédération de Football Américain in France. Lastly the Norse Football League in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. American support in the venture not helped but flourished with a collection of coaches, players not good enough for the big leagues in the States and referees going into Europe in order to help foster interest in the Gridiron but to also deflect thoughts of the Red Menace lurking at home and on the horizon.   

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Re: The History of the AEAFL: 1952 Premiership Season

Such a great premise! Looking forward to seeing how this develops.
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Re: The History of the AEAFL: 1952 Premiership Season

Steelman wrote:

Such a great premise! Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Thank you, I'll be going by league to league.Certain Countries will swap leagues, plus with the fall of the Iron Curtain other leagues will form.
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Re: The History of the AEAFL: 1952 Premiership Season

The Premiership kicked off with the London Derby, between the Bulldogs and the Black Knights. The game was a low scoring and sloppy affair on a rainy London afternoon and a Bulldog victory..The Bulldogs were wildly inconsistent playing like champs but other weeks taking dumb pentalties leaving them at a 4-6 record. The Knights enjoyed a well rounded team with an above average defense led by LB Barney Wilkes, who won Local Defensive Player of the Year.  But they weren’t the champs of the South Division, the only community owned team in the Portsmouth Defenders. They received a bunch of American vets as support players along with the “Gunny”. Carl Fargrove, was a renowned college coach who retired from the ranks to train soldiers before D-Day. The Gunny was heads and shoulders above every other coach in the league leading them to an 8-2 record with their only losses to the 2nd place Black Knights and the last place Bulls. The Bulls stumbled out of the gate with injuries across the team, including prized QB Viktor Corbin, a hot-headed but talented prospect from the University of South Carolina who was passed over by the American league. They only won on the final week when “Gunny” was resting his boys for the Northern invaders. 

South Division 

Portsmouth Defenders: 8-2
London Black Knights: 6-4
London Bulldogs: 4-6
Birmingham Bulls: 1-9 

Up North, the kings were the Mungos of Glasgow who bullied their way through the league with RB Angus McDougall and a stout defense, who proudly boasted that the Churchill Cup was coming to Scotland after a 9-1 season with their only loss being down in Pompey. The Unicorns were anything but magical with a dreadful 1-9 season with the only win being over the Bulls thank to K Alan Vickers, who was the best player on the team after not getting good local talent nor imports thanks to the hot-headed coach Artie Burns, a former British Officer whose drill-sergeant temperament lost him the locker room from the start. Down in Manchester, the Millers did their best but generally a weak but promising team behind a pair of stout lines. Lastly in Liverpool, QB Martin Dooling led a potent attack that was able to score on anyone but sadly their defense was more akin to wet toilet paper. The Steamers offense with Dooling at the helm was stunning for the Scouse and visitors alike and he rode it all the way to Local Offensive Rookie of the Year. 
North Division 

Glasgow Mungos: 9-1
Liverpool Steamers: 6-4
Manchester Millers: 3-7
Edinburgh Unicorns: 1-9 

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2/08/2020 2:09 am  #5

Re: The History of the AEAFL: 1952 Premiership Season

Good first start. Some short histories of each team might be nice but I think I'll support these Scottish teams off the bat after visiting there last year.
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