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6/29/2021 11:02 am  #251

Re: All-American Association Football League

Awards & All-Star Teams 1914-1915

The champion Cleveland Forest only placed two players on the Gold Star team – Cameron Hayes and Aaron Archer – but Hayes walked away with three other awards of his own – Most Goals, Most Points, and the Golden Ball.  Jason May of Mound City garnered the other individual award for the most assists.  The runner-ups Akron Vulcanites placed three on the team.  Gordon Waters, skipper of Cleveland Forest, received the Manager of the Year award.

7/06/2021 10:29 am  #252

Re: All-American Association Football League

Penultimate Division 1914-1915

Ohio wouldn’t be left with only two clubs in the Ultimate, since the Canton Rovers claimed a promotion spot by tiebreaker over Kearny Caledonians and Washington DCAC.  The latter was a surprise to be in contention with a -1 goal difference.  When DCAC lost, they tended to lose bad.  Three-time champion Baltimore Chimney Swifts would also be returning to the Ultimate, leading the Penultimate pack after a one-year stay.  At the bottom of the table, Louisville Racehorses had a short one-year sojourn in the Penultimate.   St. Paul Boreads would be leaving the Penultimate after a 7-year tenure.

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Re: All-American Association Football League
Eastern Regional Division 1914-1915
Noviport FC outdistanced the competition to claim the Eastern Regional title and earn its first promotion to the Penultimate. As the national press began to take notice, the repeated question was “Where is Noviport from?”  The New Haven club is said to be investigating rebranding for the upcoming season.  Also earning promotion were the New York Chieftains, who only spent in year in Eastern and now will have their fourth stint in the Penultimate.  While never having reached the Ultimate Division and viewed by the local press the “little brother” to the Fomorians, the Chieftains did beat the Fomorians on Derby Day and took possessions of the Silver Shillelagh.
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7/22/2021 9:36 am  #254

Re: All-American Association Football League

Mid-American Division 1914-1915
United Kansas Cities will be going right back up to the Penultimate Division after racing away from the rest of the Mid-American.  The Madison Iceboats won the battle for the second promotion spot, outdistancing Dayton Gem City.  At the bottom of the table, Racine Danskere and Saginaw Cogs were in the relegation spots, but Racine will likely be able to stay so as to give the division twenty clubs next year.
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Re: All-American Association Football League

Western Division 1914-1915

Seattle Black Diamonds became the first Western Division club to repeat as champions, staving off a challenge from the Los Angeles Pumpjacks.  Word in the City of Angels that Oil Queen Emma Summers was livid with the team’s failure to capture the title.  She apparently will be offering the players a big bonus if they claim the title next year, or their walking papers if they fail to do so.

Just before the season began, a new club joined the division.  Phoenix Helios, playing in the Sun Oval, made their debut, but disorganization over the course of the season put them in a distant last place.
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8/03/2021 3:16 pm  #256

Re: All-American Association Football League

Southern Division 1914-1915
Birmingham Baronets claimed the Southern Division title in strong form, after finishing 2nd last season on goal difference.  The defending champion Atlanta Crackshots finished a distant fourth.  Of the new clubs that joined the division, the Austin Moontowers had the highest spot in 8th.  The Chattanooga Switchmen, coming on 13th, had the most disappointing season after being a contender last year.  Charles Town SC, despite finishing last in the table, seemed to be hitting its stride at the end of the season and it augurs well for a strong showing in the American Football Association Cup.
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8/06/2021 8:33 pm  #257

Re: All-American Association Football League

Catching up with this season, glad the Boston Shipwrights are back in the Ultimate League, (even if they weren't a great team this year)!

I forget if you mentioned this already, but when will the Southern Regional Division be able to get teams into the Penultimate and Ultimate Divisions?

8/06/2021 11:10 pm  #258

Re: All-American Association Football League

Hopefully Shreveport SC can use this 6th place finish to take the south next year

8/07/2021 10:51 am  #259

Re: All-American Association Football League

Man, you have put an absolutely insane amount of work into this. With this many teams, it can't be easy. I'm very impressed! 

As for the most recent season, glad to see Charlotte doing well. It is disappointing to see them in the top two of their regional, yet not promoted to the Penultimate. Forgive me if you've mentioned this, but is there a reason the South doesn't send anyone to the Penultimate?


8/07/2021 5:16 pm  #260

Re: All-American Association Football League

West and South do not do promotions to Penultimate to answer everyone’s questions.
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