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2/18/2024 4:11 pm  #1

Player names / backstories

=14pxHey everyone, this is my first real post here so not really sure how much interaction this will get. But to start I am curious if any of you guys have created athletes for a fictional league. And im curious to see/hear them as I have a ton of fictionally created leagues I do and am constantly looking for new players to fill them out. Im not much of a designer yet and get a lot of my team ideas, from either here or internet or just make them up. Ive been doing these "fake" leagues for almost ~ 8 years now and have a lot of different sports, but again just putting this out there to see if you guys have any cool names or payers backstories or player designs and would just love to hear them even if I dont incorporate them in my leagues. Thanks, hope for some interaction lol


2/18/2024 6:41 pm  #2

Re: Player names / backstories

Hi Verbi, welcome to the boards! Lots of us around here have fictional leagues (and/or worlds) with plenty of fictional players. If you're looking for inspiration I'd recommend checking them out or asking some of the creators about their processes. We're always here to help.

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