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2/22/2024 10:27 am  #11

Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

The Six Republics and their independence

After many years of European rule, the people now wanted independence from Spain, Portugal and France, the Spanish lost their territories first due to the Peninsular War, revolutionary ideas and enlightenment, the Spanish side, which would go to be named "Sierria", wanted to be independent, people rioted through the streets, at the Church of Our Apostles, one leader by the name of José Maria Cabarceno cried out revolutionary things and told the citizens to arm themselves, and so, the war of Sierrian independence began. At first the Spanish have won many battles, but then Sierrian general Marcos Birmano began to say motivational speeches, which helped the Sierrians win the war, it lasted for three years.

All of the Spanish side except the Isabel Islands became independent as the Republic of Sierria, which declared independence on March 27th, 1822.

The Isabel Islands later became independent five years later as the Republic of the Isabel Islands on June 16th, 1827, they had another war of independence, which was led by Antonio Tarrasco.

The Portuguese would fall next, Arcogrande Island was established when Arcograndese rebels stormed the governor's palace, they didn't like how Arcogrande was treated as just a navy base for Portuguese soldiers and that Arcogrande was underdeveloped, so they demanded independence, they stayed in the palace for three days, leaving the governor trapped in the embassy, after he agreed on Arcograndese independence, the governor was finally freed and left to Portugal, Portugal tried to declare war on the Arcograndese to take back the island, but it failed due to sailors sympathizing for Arcogrande. The Republic of Arcogrande declared independence on February 12th, 1825

Out of fear that the same would happen to the Portuguese side of Aurun, Portugal gave indpendence to the new Republic of Menditária on May 22nd, 1826

The French side was the last one to be independent, Île des Chouettes became independent when pirates attacked the island, France did not have much money back then to pay them to attack the British and the pirates wanted to "free" the island, so Captain Armand Lechamp decided to siege the island and captured the military base of Ganacoute, then they pushed to reach Bête-de-Mer, which was the capital, the pirates declared the Republic of the Chouettes Isle on September 20th, 1829, they appointed Alexandre Gantais as the president of the republic, he was a former French diplomat turned pirate after the French Revolution.

Then the continental French side wanted independence due to their frustration with the French monarchy and the loss of the Île des Chouettes, so they armed themselves and decided to riot torwards the governor palace in Mengique, demanding independence, which resulted in a war against France in 1830, the British helped the rebels against the French and gained recognition from them when they declared independence as the Republic of Berriane on October 1st, 1834.

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Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Six Republics, info

Republic of Sierria (1822-1865)
Official language: Spanish
Capital: Queranda
President: Matías Lucerna (1862-1865)

Republic of the Isabel Islands (1827-1865)
Official language: Spanish
Capital: San Hipólito
President: Roberto Berenguer (1863-1865)

Republic of Arcogrande (1825-1865)
Official language: Portuguese
Capital: Jarro
President: Federico Salinas (1861-1865)

Republic of Menditária (1826-1865)
Official language: Portuguese
Capital: Novo Ascalão
President: Emilio Fogueira Aquino (1863-1865)

Republic of the Chouettes Isle (1829-1865)
Official language: French
Capital: Bête-de-Mer
President: Philippe Gnaphale (1861-1865)

Republic of Berriane (1834-1865)
Official language: French
Capital: Gauthierville
President: Narcisse Bucard (1862-1865)

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Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Good stuff so far, man! Very rich history and backdrop.

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2/23/2024 8:23 am  #14

Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Steelman wrote:

Good stuff so far, man! Very rich history and backdrop.

Thanks man! More content related to Aurun is on the way.

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Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

The foundation of Aurun

The president of Berriane, Narcisse Bucard, was elected in 1862, he was from the Democratic Party of Berriane and Aurun, he advocated for a unified Aurun, a country that united the six republics into one, many political leaders from the republics agreed with his thoughts on Aurunuse unification.

He wanted a country that was democratic, an economic powerhouse, that had equal rights and that wanted to push forward in development.

In 1865, Narcisse Bucard invited the other 5 leaders, their generals and ministers to a meeting in Gauthierville, they discussed on how would they unify, they decided on laws and they wrote a constitution, on June 5th, 1865, Narcisse Bucard declared the Republic of Aurun, elected himself as President, and chose Gauthierville as the capital, many politicians have announced the creation of the Aurunese state, the flag drawn up by Martin Rochegris was flown in Henri Palace and people celebrated the unification, although people still missed their old republics.

Narcisse Bucard would make the Democratic Party of Aurun, which lasted only 10 years after they merged, and he would select Emilio Fogueira Aquino as the vicepresident of Aurun.

Instead of choosing or creating 1 language to unify Aurun, they chose Spanish, Portuguese and French as official languages, even though some presidents didn't know all three languages, they chose to make the three languages mandatory in education and government.

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Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Aurunese presidents

I'm gonna pause the history for a bit just to put the list of Aurunese presidents:

Narcisse Bucard *(PDA) (1865-1873)
Matías Lucerna *(PUA) (1873-1877)
Martin Rochegris *(PUA) (1877-1881)
Miguel Bermeo *(PRA) (1881-1889)
Francisco Silva Perales *(PUA) (1889-1893)
Pierre Gardien (PL) (1893-1901)
Benito Estanques *(PUA) (1901-1905)
Dante Meleiro (PL) (1905-1911)
------------ MILITARY COUP ----------------------------
Rubian Mechero *(SA) (1911-1918)
------------ Mechero dies in office -------------------
Juan Domingo Marqués (PN) (1918-1926)
Henri Lebateau (PL) (1926-1934)
Guilherme Camponês (PL) (1934-1938)
------------- ESTROSBURE ELECTED ---------------
Marcel "Marcie" Estrosbure *(PAA) (1938-1955)
---- Estrosbure resigned, exiled to France ----
Gerardo Mauricio Soles (PN) (1955-1961)
Roland Provence `(PL) (1961-1965)
Armando Herrero (PN) (1965-1969)
Bernard Finisterre (PA) (1969-1973)
José Pablo Torres ^(PL) (1973)
Philippe Forêtier (PL) (1973-1979)
Fernando Brisa (CD) `(1979-1983)
Cláudio Aveiro (PN) (1983-1987)
Pedro Serrano (PN) (1987-1990)
Samuel Narbona `(PA) (1990-1994)
Paul Germaine (PL) (1994-1998)
Nano Castanheiro (ADC) (1998-2002)
Lambert Arnault ^(PL) (2002)
Adolfo Domingo (PL) (2002-2005)
Carlos Milano `(PN) (2005-2009)
Teresa Moras (PN) (2009-2013)
Albert Jacques Toulouse (PS) (2013-2015)
Ricardo Ramos `(PL) (2015-2019)
Moisés Almendra (PN) (2019-2023)
Juan Roman Gaitero (PL) (2023-Pres)

* | Defunct party
^ | Resign
` | Snap election

Defunct parties:
Democratic Party of Aurun (PDA)
Aurunese Unity Party (PUA)
Aurunese Revolutionary Party (PRA)
Aurunese Solidarity (SA)
Aurunese Action Party (PAA)

Parties that had a leader as president:
National Party (PN)
Liberal Party (PL)
Socialist Party (PS)
Christian Democratic Alliance (ADC)
Aurunese Party (PA)
Democratic Centre (CD)

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2/23/2024 5:13 pm  #17

Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Things that I may or may not have forgotten about Aurun

(Inspired by Torland's wiki entry)

ISO Codes: AA, AUR, 697
Domain name: .aa
Calling code: +425
National mammal: Magacanny (A canine that is the size of a fox, has the face similar to that of a wolf, and has a sand like color)
National bird: Aurunese white eagle
National marine animal: Atlantic marlin
National flower: Magnolia
Motto: Honor virtutis praemium
Currency: Aurunese Sierra (AUS)
National sport: Football (soccer)
Legislature: National Courts
Government: Federal parliamentary constitutional country
Timezone: UTC-03:00
Recognizes DST?: No

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2/24/2024 9:29 am  #18

Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Military coup

On June 27th, 1911, General Rubian Mechero and hundreds of soldiers marched torwards the Henri Palace, he got enough military support to take over the palace, leading to a military dictatorship, which was controlled by Mechero, Aurunese Solidarity (A political party formed by frustrated soldiers) and the military handled other issues. The reason why Mechero couped Meleiro's government was due to unfair military treatment, unemployment and low salary, leading citizens to support Mechero's political party and his coup. Mechero also introduced military conscription, something that would last until 1999.

Aurun and WWI

Aurun was part of the Entente, Mechero himself supported the Entente, giving them weapons and sending Aurunese soldiers to European frontlines, they declared war on Imperial Germany, as Mechero advocated from the return of Alsace and Lorraine to France. Many Aurunese soldiers had to fight alongside the British and French, some of them fought on Battle of Somme. When the war ended, thousands of Aurunese soldiers returned to Aurun, they built Veteran Plaza in Gauthierville shortly after Mechero's death, then they would reinstate democracy in Aurun, hosting the 1918 elections, with Juan Domingo Marqués getting elected as president.

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2/25/2024 5:48 am  #19

Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Marcel "Marcie" Estrosbure

In the 1938 elections, the leader of the Aurunese Action Party, Marcie Estrosbure was elected as president of Aurun, this would result in a dictatorship that lasted until 1955.

Marcie Estrosbure declared neutrality during WW2, due to various reasons and he would side with the US during the Cold War.

He was against communism, he banned other political parties so he could remain as president, he increased the time of military conscription to 1 year and 8 months and he started a nuclear program.

During 1949 to 1954, he started the Aurunese economic miracle and started modernizing Aurun, opening the country to tourists, Estrosbure brought television to Aurun and established three channels in three different languages.

In 1955, Estrosbure was having health problems and he decided to resign as president, fleeing to France and being exiled there, he stayed in Alsace until his death in 1963.

Post-Estrosburist Aurun

Aurun began having elections again, reinstating democracy, Gerardo Mauricio Soles, from the National Party, became the first president elected after Estrosbure's reign, Aurun would later join NATO.

Aurun was finally modernizing, hosting the 1960 Summer Olympics in Apóstoles, opening the Olympic Stadium, the 1974 Expo in Gauthierville, the 1983 Copa América and the 1986 World Cup in Aurun, giving Aurun the spotlight.

Aurun would experience a second economic miracle during this era, becoming one of the richest and most visited countries in the world, and having new companies that focused on electricity, such as Elsum, Globe Electric, and Faro Electronics. Aurun became a country that attracted immigrants from around the world, from Francophone Africa to India, having an increase in population and having more inhabitants.

This economic miracle would last until 1987.

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2/25/2024 12:27 pm  #20

Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Present day Aurun

After the economic miracle, Aurun still is a country that is growing strong, Aurun has hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006 in Des Dames and the Copa América in 2007, and they have presented a bid to host the 2038 World Cup, the 2028 Copa América, and the 2036 Olympics in San Ramón.

Aurun has had some snap elections and many presidents became unpopular after the new millennium, having about 2 snap elections, so there is a political divide between different parties.

Aurun is still an economic powerhouse, it is an important WTO and Mercosur member and Aurun still has strong diplomatic ties to the US and Latin America, as well as their former owners, they are still doing well in terms of economy, tourism is paying off.

A huge amount of progress has been made as more landmarks are being built, like the tallest tower in Aurun (Grenouille Tower in Capet), the new Aurunese History Museum and other expensive projects.

Military conscription has ended since 2006, parties like the PA and the PCA were opposed to that decision, it had to be approved by the Senate, more than half of the senators voted against conscription, winning by just 2 votes.

Gaitero plans to take Aurun to the bridge of progress, attempting to modernize the country and start making more business streets in other cities, he is staying as president of the Liberal Party until 2029, so he has a chance he could be re-elected if he wins the next election.

Next up, the provinces of Aurun.

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