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2/18/2024 8:49 am  #1

State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

The Republic of Aurun, an island or continent country that sleeps in the Atlantic, from snowy mountains to sunny beaches, it is a very diverse country, many people reside in it, and I will have to talk about it in many different parts.

The Republic of Aurun is a country located in the Atlantic, it is more of a continent and it used to be divided in three parts (hope this is OK with Steelman), it was divided between Spain, France and Portugal, more on the history later, it's capital is Gauthierville, located on the French side of Aurun, near the Three Country Circle, it's official languages are Spanish, French and Portuguese and it's president is Juan Roman Gaitero of the PL (Liberal Party).

Name: Republic of Aurun
             República de Aurún (Spanish)
             República de Aurum (Portuguese)
             République d'Auroun (French)

Capital: Gauthierville

Largest city: Apóstoles

Population: 273M

President: Juan Roman Gaitero (PL)

Vicepresident: Marie Anglet (PL)

Official languages: Spanish, French and Portuguese (All three languages are required in every province, it is obligatory to learn them in the Aurun educational system)

Other languages: Indigenous Aurunese languages and Creole languages

Bless you, my Aurun
Bendito seas, Aurún mio (Spanish)
Abençoado e voce, meu Aurum (Portuguese)
Béni sois tu, mon Auroun (French)

Demonym: Aurunese
                    Aurunes, Aurunesa (Spanish)
                    Aurunês, Aurunesa (Portuguese)
                    Aurounnais, Aurounnaise (French)

Inspired by: Torland by Steelman, my older country, Gocaggan, Republic of Los Altos by TheGiantsFan7 and the proposal of a Union of Latin African States

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Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Flag of Aurun

Aurun's flag was adopted in 1865, since the country's foundation, General Martin Rochegris, a leader from the old Republic of New Gaul, designed the flag in a meeting with the leaders of other old republics that were located in Aurun, the flag has the colors red, blue (or purple) and white, the three circles are ment to be suns and they represent the three countries that settled there, the triangle represents the trinity and a half of the cross of Saint Andrew (patron saint of Aurun).

The colors of Aurun and their meaning:

Red: Struggle for independence of all the united republics

White: Purity and guidance under the lord

Blue (or purple): Unity and the amethyst mines

That is all for now, expect more tomorrow, this country is still in development.

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Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Love to see a new world! You've already done some great work in early development. Also I love doing maps so I'd be happy to help you out with map making if you'd like. Can't wait to learn more! Are you planning on developing sports teams in your country?

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2/19/2024 8:40 am  #4

Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Steelman wrote:

Love to see a new world! You've already done some great work in early development. Also I love doing maps so I'd be happy to help you out with map making if you'd like. Can't wait to learn more! Are you planning on developing sports teams in your country?

Hi Steelman! Love your Torland Hockey League and Torland's history, and thank you for the feedback, sure, you can help me out with mapmaking sometime! And yes, there are going to be sports teams in Aurun, most popular sports being basketball, football (soccer), rugby and ice hockey, expect that soon.

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Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

The history of Aurun

Aurun was once populated by the "Aurunese Firsts", they were the original inhabitants of the Aurunese island, they were mostly a hunting tribe until they developed commerce in continental Aurun, they started to advance, founding cities in the later years, they started building with stones and created structures that were very unique.

With the founding of the Kensh Empire, the eastern half of the Aurunese island soon started to unify, developing a hierarchy, establishing rules, and started to advance, they soon discovered the amethyst mines and started basing most things out of amethysts, emperor Dastka II was known to have an amethyst on his headwear.

The Age of Discovery has begun and Portugal took a route to India by going around Africa, Spain has just won the Reconquista and they wanted to focus on trade, the Columbian expedition of 1492 which was led by Christopher Columbus, he reached America but he didn't know. Soon after, Amerigo Vespucci stated that he did not reach India, he reached America, and so, more expeditions begun.

Admiral and conquistador Federico de La Sierra was chosen to be the lead of the Sierran Expedition of 1506 to bring settlers to America, so they went north, but, it so happens that they hit land in what is now Aurun, de La Sierra found it very odd, he met the Aurunese Firsts and built a small temporary settlement for future expeditions, when he returned, he said that his expedition to "America" went well, but one of the settlers, Marco Menditar, figured out that they were not in America, they were in another continent, he told de La Sierra about it, and so they went back to Spain to inform the monarchs.

Menditar wrote a note about his experience there, talking about the expedition, he mentioned the Aurunese Firsts (in Spanish Primeros), he published the note and word began to spread about this new land, older maps named the land "Terra Sierra", but it would later change to "Terra Aurum", when they found gold in the Second Sierran Expedition.

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Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Kensh Empire, land before Aurun

The Kensh Empire was founded in the year 983, when many tribes united to form an empire that comprised all the eastern half of Aurun (except the island of Arcogrande), as you may know, the Kensh Empire advanced a lot in infrastructure and living standards, they developed medicine and started building with wood, the capital was named Hat'ma-gan (Snake river).

The founder of the Kensh Empire is credited to a leader of the Sagarji tribe, Makan'dus the First, a fearless chief who united all the other tribes, after a brutal war for power, Makan'dus was then followed by Bakimge, his son, as the next emperor.

The Kensh people's discovery of amethysts helped development a lot more, starting to use amethysts for headwear, walls, powder and pigment, it was a glorious time for the Kensh Empire, but everything would change when the Spanish arrived.

The Kensh Empire did not have a flag until the Spanish discovered the island, this was the final flag of the Kensh Empire until it was conquered by the Portuguese in 1515.

Dastka the Second, was the ruler of the Kensh until 1510, during the Second Sierran Expedition, he met the Spaniards, at first he didn't want the Spaniards to be here, but after treaties and bribery, he accepted the Spaniards, even giving up part of their territory to them, the Kensh people did not like this however, and so initiated a rebellion, it was put down by the Spaniards, however, Dastka ended up laying down on the floor, wounded.

The Kensh Empire's demise came when the Portuguese arrived and settled on the island, the Spanish territory expanded westward and gave the eastern half to the Portuguese in accords to the Treaty of Tordesillas, so, Portugal took over the last remnants of the Kensh Empire, the last ruler was Ka'sakt the First, his fate is unknown, some say he wandered down a forest to the Spanish side, others say he was captured by the Portuguese, no one knows where he ended up.

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Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

The partition of Aurun

Spain and Portugal decided to start a meeting in Albacete in 1509, they used the Treaty of Tordesillas to divide Aurun, Spain would give the Portuguese the eastern half, although Spain only had the southeast to offer (the other part of the eastern half was controlled by the Kensh), Portugal would later conquer the entire eastern half in 1515, which was the downfall of the Kensh Empire.

Spain then started to head west, having multiple wars with other tribes in Aurun, they finished conquering the entire western half in 1523, keeping the borders according to the Treaty of Tordesillas.

The first permanent settlement in Aurun was established by Franciscan friars in 1510 that went to Aurun to spread the word of the Gospel, when they built the mission of San Bruno de Colonia, which would become the foundation of the city of San Bruno (often nicknamed "Colo" nowadays), then more missions started to appear, one of them being San Ramón, which would become one of the biggest cities in Aurun.

Portugal then established it's first settlement in 1511, the town of Trindade, they are known to have a beautiful historical town that is regarded as part of Aurunese history, then they started to build more settlements when they conquered the eastern half after defeating the Kensh Empire at the Siege of Hat'ma-gan, which would be renamed to Adamagaõ.

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Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

I'm gonna pause on history for now, and I will now start focusing on the demographics of Aurun.

Aurun is a place with so much diversity when it comes to demographics, about 273 million live there, I am now going to proceed with the percentages:

Demographics by race:
%52.74 European-Aurunese (Spanish, French or Portuguese origin born in Aurun)
%21.51 Mestizo (Descendants of Europeans and Firsts)
%9.28 African-Aurunese (Descendants of slaves, Haitian refugees, African or Afro-Latin American immigrants)
%4.61 Asian-Aurunese (Descendants of Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Timorese, etc...)
%4.21 Aurunese First (The natives of Aurun)
%2.95 Creole (Descendants of Europeans, Firsts and African-Aurunese)
%1.68 Indian-Aurunese (Most of them were Indians that fled from Goa in 1961, others were descendants of Indians that came to work)
%2.99 Other (Groups such as Levantine and North African Arabs, Romani, other Europeans, Polynesians, etc...)

Demographics by religion:
%84 are Christians
   - %81 are Catholic Christians
   - %2 are Protestant Christians
   - %1 are other Christian denominations
%10 are non-religious
%6 are other religions (Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Voodoo, Espiritismo, Ba'há'í Faith, Rastafarianism, etc...)

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Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

Aurunese politics and political parties

Aurun is a presidential republic that has a Senate and Chamber of Deputies, the Senate has 120 seats, meanwhile the Chamber of Deputies has 536 seats, elections are mostly held every 4 years (sometimes elections can be called earlier due to snap elections).

To win an election, political parties must win a majority in the Chamber of Deputies (the name of the parliament), many of them form coalitions with other parties, to win that majority and establish a government, the other coalition which has lost the election forms the opposition, habitants of contistuencies have to vote for an MP to get a seat in the Chamber of Deputies, all coalitions must have a leading candidate for President of Aurun, then the canditates start debating on many issues, the political candidate with the most votes shall become the President, but they'll need permission if the majority is opposed to the winning presidential candidate.

For the Senate however, each state gets 3 senators, it is more competitive on state level, many candidates from different parts of the state fight for the senator title, the Senate is the more wiser house of the National Courts, they decide on treaties, can veto any laws proposed by the president or the Chamber of Deputies and can call snap elections.

Aurun since it's foundation has been a democracy for most of it's time, except during the rule of Rubian Mechero (1911-1918) and Marcel "Marcie"  Estrosbure (1938-1955), it has had many presidents and it was ruled by many parties.

Political parties need to be represented with acronyms that have the same letters in all the three languages, as to underatand which party they are referring to, since the three official languages are Latin languages.

Here are the political parties that can run for national elections:

Liberal Party (PL): Modern liberalism, centre-left
National Party (PN): Conservatism, centre-right to right-wing
Alliance for Christian Democracy (ADC): Christian democracy, centre-right
Socialist Party (PS): Democratic socialism and socialism, left wing
Democratic Centre (CD): Centre, centre-left and centre-right factions
Progressive Party (PP): Progressivism, centre-left to left wing
United Party (PU): Conservatism and nationalism, right-wing to far-right
People's Movement (PM): Populism, left wing to far-left
Aurunese Party (PA): Nationalism and social conservatism, far-right
Green Party (PV): Green politics, centre-left but does have centre-right factions
Communist Party of Aurun (PCA): Communism, far-left
Classic Liberal Party (PLC): Classical liberalism, centre-right
Aurunese Democrats (DA): Centrism, economic liberalism and nationalism, centre to centre-right
Reform Party (PR): Populism, right-wing

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Re: State of Aurun: Land of Amethysts and Gold

The arrival of the French

France has had an interest in Aurun and it's amethysts and wanted land there, so they sent French settlers to go to the northeast of Aurun in 1537, the Portuguese did not like that and wanted them out of Aurun, the French did not respond too kindly to it, so they attacked Ilha das Corujas (now known as Île des Chouettes), which was then occupied by French privateers, this ment war, so Portugal started to attack the villages settled by the French, then they started attacking eachother, one settler by the name of Bernard Amen, was frustrated with the Portuguese, so he decided to enlist in the French army, he has fought in many battles, the biggest one being in Basanda (now known as Basand), where the French declared victory over the Portuguese, this war would last until 1543.

Portugal later signed a treaty in Coimbra with the French that they could have the northeast of Aurun and have a population exchange.

Now Spain, Portugal and France have territory in Aurun, which would make up the three sides of Aurun, next, we are gonna talk about the Six Republics and their independence.

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