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8/21/2023 2:31 pm  #31

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Keepers are due this Saturday! 

I'll update the rosters on Fantrax at that point.


8/25/2023 9:22 am  #32

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

With the due date on keepers being tomorrow, last call on these New York Emperors!

QB - Teddy "Two Gloves" Bridgewater (DET) -- $1
QB - Gardner "Undefeated as an AltFL Starter" Minshew (IND) -- $4
RB - Leonard "Boy he'd be good if he had an NFL team" Fournette (free agent) -- $7
RB - Marlon "Was with the Cardinals for 2 days before tearing an ACL" Mack (ARI) -- $1
WR - Rashod "Baltimore insists that Lamar is going to throw the ball" Bateman (BAL) -- $7
WR - Terrace "I'm sure he's got a role with the Panthers" Marshall (CAR) -- $1
TE - Noah "Geno's legit, I'm sure" Fant (SEA) -- $9
DL - Montez "Pass rushers are good in AltFL" Sweat (WAS) -- $7
LB - Zaven "He's a pass rusher now!" Collins (ARI) -- $7
LB - Willie "He's a solid LB" Gay (KC) -- $1
LB - Luke "Maybe he's a starter" Masterson (LV) -- $1
DB - Vonn "He's on the Panthers who have a good defense" Bell (CAR) -- $8
K - Cade "He kicks the ball for an NFL team" York (CLE) -- $2

Hit me up. I have a small amount in my budget I could use, though I'd prefer not to increase without getting a little more value. I'll always take picks, and I'm willing to move these guys for non-first round picks as well.

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8/25/2023 5:01 pm  #33

Re: The AltFL Season 2023


(with a trade-in of equal or greater value)
(also you should not expect these players to actually cost you any less when you submit your keepers, this metaphor is getting a bit overextended)

tl;dr: here are the players we are willing to trade along with their keeper value, listed here in order of projected fantasy points for the 2023-24 season, and therefore theoretically in order of their approximate value to you:

K Riley "the Lions don't score a lot of touchdowns, and he's only 23" Patterson ($3)
K Brett "you probably got the wrong impression of him from that one playoff game" Maher ($8)
DB Jalen "basically saved the Steelheads season last year" Thompson ($4)
LB Ja'Whaun "how is this guy our third best linebacker?" Bentley ($7)
TE Tyler "definitely better than the average tight end" Higbee ($10)
DL/LB Joey "man am I glad we got in a Bosa Deez Nuts Bowl while he wasn't injured" Bosa ($17)
WR Donovan "the Browns have too many wide receivers" Peoples-Jones ($1)
DB Cam "the Bungles have a really good defense" Taylor-Britt ($1)
DB Jason "had 1.5 sacks last season as a safety" Pinnock ($1)
RB Deon "if Jonathan Taylor isn't a Colt this season he might have some real value" Jackson ($1)
RB Raheem "could be solid if he gets playing time" Blackshear ($1)
RB Royce "started in the Alt/Bosa Deez Nuts Bowl" Freeman ($1)
RB Isaiah "at least he made it to the AltFL, unlike our other 2nd round rookie pick last year" Spiller ($2)
WR Devin "at least he returns kicks" Duvernay ($8)
RB Caleb "we definitely ended up with way too many crappy running backs last season" Huntley ($1)

also: feel free to ask about anybody not listed here but you'll have to make a really good deal if you wanna trade for a Tyreek Hill or a Nick Bolton

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8/25/2023 9:10 pm  #34

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

The Chicago Cyclones are holding one last call for any trade deals for any of the following players before the keepers deadline (and their values):

QB Matthew "At least he got a Super Bowl ring" Stafford ($19)
WR Michael "Eventually he'll go back to 2019 form" Thomas ($21)
WR Isaiah "Was a good wideout until he forgot to receive" McKenzie ($9)
WR Russell "He was a good WR until he took an injury to the knee and also had to face the Tampa Bay wideout gaunlet" Gage ($4)
LB Leonard "Now with DL eligibility" Floyd ($7)
LB Deion "Now he can actually start regularly because he isn't injured to start the year" Jones ($7)
LB Micah "No not that LB named Micah who is also in the NFC East" McFadden ($1)
DB Kenny "Top CB in Indianapolis which doesn't really say a lot but at least he's good" Moore ($7)
DB Richie "Somehow the 10th highest scoring DB last year" Grant ($3)
DB Johnathan "Had a career year with the Patriots so hopefully that sticks" Jones ($1)
K Ka'imi "He is the kicker for the Houston Texans which isn't much but at least he's a kicker that hasn't gotten cut every other year" Fairbairn ($5)

Feel free to reach out if you have any sort of interest in any of these players.

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8/26/2023 10:33 am  #35

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Last call for keepers! I will be uploading them today and tomorrow so you will be able to view the available talent for the draft. 

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8/27/2023 4:16 am  #36

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Just emailed my keepers. Been on the road so hopefully it's not too late.

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8/30/2023 8:06 am  #37

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Just sent mine in! Better late then never!

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8/30/2023 10:40 pm  #38

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Hey everyone,

Your keepers have been entered in Fantrax. Please review them on Fantrax! If there is something that is incorrect from what you requested to keep, please let Gritty or myself know so we can fix it before the draft. If you do not let us know, and it is not corrected before the draft, the player will be able to be drafted and whoever takes them gets that player.

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9/04/2023 8:42 am  #39

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Week 1 is finally here! 

Classic unis for the Brawlers. Looking for a bounce back / injury free season! 

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9/05/2023 9:50 pm  #40

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Welcome to the new season! YOUR 2022 AltFL Champion New York Emperors start the repeat effort with a home game against the visiting Dallas Bandits. We're going to hand out some championship rings, and we're hoping they don't weigh those guys down too much. We're going with the standard home kits in this one, as we're going with the gray helmet, yellow jersey, and gray pants. He's number 1 in your programs AND number one in your hearts, we're highlighting star quarterback Jalen Hurts for this one. #ImperiumSineFine

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