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2/15/2023 2:17 am  #1

American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

*Hops out of time machine*

*Cough Cough* Woah, where am I?

2023? But it was just 2021?!

You're telling me it's been over a year since the last time I posted a concept?

Pshhhh it can't be.

Oh my god it has been hasn't it.

*Intense panic sets in*
Anyways, hello there stranger! You've probably heard of me, or at least of my baby of a fantasy league; the National Football Association, or the NFA, for short, and that's all you really need to know to enjoy this upcoming project! While I might've kind of left the NFA to be permanently stuck in the year 1976, (sorry about that lol), I won't be leaving the universe. After a while of sitting around, burnt out from the NFA, but still interested in working in the NFA's universe, I decided to come upon a project idea! Today I will be posting the beginning of a short series I will be trying to post regularly til its end, however we both know that's likely to not be what happens. This little series will be a more proper introduction into the collegiate football environment of the universe, and a short analysis that will probably leave most people wanting more, well hopefully.

I will be delving solely into the 1980 season for this series. I will be posting a short recap of every week, until we reach the end of the 16 week season, highlighting one game in specific that will be the designated "Game of the Week." Think of it as a predecessor to this universe's College Football Gameday. Once we reach the end of the season I will go in detail and describe the 6 major bowl games and give a basic recap over the remaining minor bowl games. The National Championship is played after the bowl games in this universe, a bit more similar to the CFP era of modern college football. But we will get more into the details as we go. For now, I will be posting the teaser for the preseason Top 20, and then revealing each team in ascending order until the entire rankings are revealed!

Sound good? Well hop it, it'll be a fun ride!

Here are each week's rankings in a spoiler for ease of access!

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2/15/2023 10:03 am  #2

Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

We will watch with great interest. Hyped for some college ball!

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2/15/2023 10:19 am  #3

Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

Glad to have you back DP! Excited to see what you got in store.


2/16/2023 3:15 pm  #4

Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

great to see you back dr. p! will definitely be cool to have a cfb thread around. excited to see what you've got in store for us!


2/17/2023 12:43 am  #5

Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

Alright! Thanks for all the sweet comments y'all, I'm excited to get into this! So, how this is gonna go is that I'm going to reveal the week 1 AP top 20 rankings in groups of 4. As I reveal the rankings, I will also reveal the teams themselves, including logos and uniforms, along with some basic information. For the weeks going forward, I will only be introducing teams that are new to the rankings this season. Sound good? Let's get going!

Here's the first 5:

Coming in at 20th are the Pullman Thunderbirds!

School: Pullman University
Mascot: Thunderbirds, T-Birds
Located: Pullman, Washington
Founded: 1890
Colors: Pacific Blue, Gold, Silver
Conference: Pacific Coast Conference

Next up at 19th are Bell Eagles!

School: Bell University
Mascot: Eagles
Located: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Founded: 1840
Colors: Cardinal, Silver
Conference: Southern Traditional Conference

Then, at 18th, we have the Southeastern Cowboys!

School: Southeastern University
Mascot: Cowboys
Located: Austin, Texas
Colors: Maroon, Gold
Conference: Texarkana Conference

Penultimately, at 17th, are the Arkansas State Eagles!

School: Arkansas State University
Mascot: Eagles
Located: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Founded: 1882
Colors: Royal Blue, White
Conference: Texarkana Conference

Then, rounding out the group at 16th we have the Louisiana Lions!

School: University of Louisiana
Mascot: Lions
Located: Baton Rouge
Founded: 1850
Colors: Crimson, Black, White
Conference: Southern Traditional Conference

It's great to be back and I'm excited for this project! C&C always appreciated!

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2/17/2023 1:28 am  #6

Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

As a Washington State fan I feel like I have to support Pullman. Also, what does the design on Southeastern’s helmet mean?


2/19/2023 11:39 pm  #7

Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

osctheg wrote:

As a Washington State fan I feel like I have to support Pullman. Also, what does the design on Southeastern’s helmet mean?

The design on Southeastern's helmets are similar to that of Bell's, or Michigan irl. It's modeled after Dartmouth's helmet and is just supposed to represent an old school leather helmet design the program had. 
Next up; 15-10!

At 15th, starting us off, are the San Francisco Redwoods!

School: San Francisco University
Mascot: Redwoods, Reds
Located: San Francisco, California
Founded: 1888
Colors: Burgundy, Gold
Conference: Pacific Coast Conference

Then, after them at 14th are the Virginia State Greyhounds!

School: Virginia State University
Mascot: Greyhounds, Hounds
Located: Charlottesville, Virginia
Founded: 1835
Colors: Navy, Greyhound Silver
Conference: American Appalachian Conference

At 13th are the South Florida Dolphins!

School: South Florida University
Mascot: Dolphins, 'Phins
Located: Miami, Florida
Founded: 1900
Colors: Powder Blue, Scarlet
Conference: Independent

Then we have the Wisconsin State Eagles, at 12th!

School: Wisconsin State University
Mascot: Eagles
Located: Madison, Wisconsin
Founded: 1860
Colors: Green, Royal Blue
​Conference: Great Lakes Conference

Finally, finishing just outside of the top ten, are the Sacre Couer Crusaders

School: University of Sacre Couer Crusaders!
Mascot: Crusaders
Located: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Founded: 1845
Colors: Green, Gold
​Conference: Great Lakes Conference


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2/24/2023 11:40 pm  #8

Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

Here are teams 10-6!!!

Starting off the top 10 are the Texas Baptist Stallions!

University: Texas Baptist University
Mascot: Stallions
Located: Fort Worth, Texas
Founded: 1908
Colors: Maroon, White
Conference: Texarkana Conference

Then, coming in at 9, are the St. Paul Loons!

University: St. Paul State University
Mascot: Loons
Located: St. Paul, Minnesota
​Founded: 1850 
Colors: Red, Black
Conference: Great Lakes Conference

After that are the number 8, Houston State Mustangs

University: Houston State University
Mascot: Mustangs
Located: Houston, Texas
​Founded: 1927
Colors: Black, Gold
Conference: Texarkana Conference

And at 7th, are the Utah Stampeders!

University: University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Mascot: Stampeders
Located: Salt Lake City, Utah
​Founded: 1860
Colors: Red, White
Conference: Great Plains Conference

Finally, just ending up outside of the top 5, are the East Texas Lonestars

University: East Texas University
Mascot: Lonestars
Located: Dallas, Texas
​Founded: 1800
Colors: Black, Red, Grey
Conference: Texarkana Conference


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2/26/2023 7:06 pm  #9

Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

I think Im an Arkansas State fan from now on.


2/27/2023 4:54 pm  #10

Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

Alright, we've made it to the top 5! Let's see who's starting the season at the top of the college football world!

Coming in at 5: The Rustlers from Oklahoma A&M University!

University: Agricultural and Mechanical University of Oklahoma
Mascot: Rustlers
Located: Norman, Oklahoma
Founded: 1880
Colors: Black, Gold
Conference: Great Plains Conference

Then, we have the LAIC Lancers at number 4!

University: Los Angeles International College
Mascot: Lancers
Located: Los Angeles, California
Founded: 1870
Colors: Gold, Silver
Conference: Pacific Coast Conference

Starting off the top 3; are the Penn Golden Lions!

University: University of Pennsylvania
Mascot: Golden Lions
Located: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Founded: 1800
Colors: Blue, Gold
Conference: American Appalachian Conference

Missing out on the number 1 overall spot, are the Oxford Blues!

University: Oxford University
Mascot: Blues
Located: Oxford, Mississippi
Founded: 1844
Colors: Navy, White
Conference: Southern Traditional Conference

And, finally, coming in at #1 in the entire nation; the Northern University Blacksmiths!

University: Northern University
Mascot: Blacksmiths
Located: Detroit, Michigan
Founded: 1855
Colors: Northern Green, Silver
Conference: Great Lakes Conference

And, with that, we've concluded the unveiling of the Week 1 rankings. From every week onward, only teams new to this years ranking will have their uniforms unveiled. I will also be including a brief summary of the Game of the Week, and the movement in the rankings. I'm super excited to start getting into the meat of this project, so lets go!

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