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12/03/2022 11:03 am  #1

UKA Club Pyramid System

I've recently started, with the help of @Timothy_1947, a project of creating a fictional football pyramid in a monarchist version of North America (I chose a monarchist America, the United Kingdoms of America, or UKA, thinking that the monarchy would make America more similar to Europe, which is what allows for the creation of the multisport athletic club system as opposed to the American franchise system.) With Washington not being the capital (the capital is Baltimore due to who I have the royal house being) the city of Georgetown, Maryland takes over most of what is today Washington, and it's actually a pretty similar city, just not the capital. But enough about the lore, if you want to join the project, PM me here with your e-mail (I made the map on Google My Maps) and any questions.


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