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12/08/2022 4:13 pm  #271

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

The Carolina Reapers find themselves in a surprising situation: win, and you're in. Sitting as the current 8 seed, all the Reapers have to do to clinch a playoff spot after a year off is defeat their rival, the Philadelphia Brawlers. Alternatively (and much less likely), Los Angeles, Orlando, St. Louis, and Chicago could all lose to also lock Carolina in. No matter what, the Reapers' focus is on taking down the Brawlers. Since we're at home, we'll be donning our classic home set of Reaper Red helmets, jerseys, and socks, with Pepper Green pants. #FeelTheHeat


12/08/2022 8:27 pm  #272

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

The playoff hopes are certainly looking dim heading into this final game, but the Galactics are going to do their best to get a win and hope that we get some help from other teams. We are heading to Miami to face our southern rivals. We are breaking out the alternate orange outfit as we take on the Hammerheads, while the graphic features our player of the season in Barkley, who had a very strong bounce-back year. #GoGalactics #ORLvsMIA #startthecountdown


12/08/2022 11:35 pm  #273

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Well, we did it guys, gals, and nonbinary pals. The Kentucky Stallions have gone from 1-13 and bad to 10-3 and the winners of the Central Division. Now we just have our rivalry game vs Minnesota before we find out what placement we get in the playoffs and who we have to face. Good times in Kentucky. Time to celebrate with fried chicken and bourbon (for those old enough to partake)

Thanks Wallflower for the graphics all season. You are cool

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12/09/2022 8:57 am  #274

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Here are the power rankings, with a week of back pay. Wins are a cruel mistress, as Portland is fourth in the rankings, yet the team is below .500.


12/10/2022 2:44 am  #275

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

JamHeronArk wrote:

Here are the power rankings, with a week of back pay. Wins are a cruel mistress, as Portland is fourth in the rankings, yet the team is below .500.

* post reported for fraud *

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12/12/2022 11:40 pm  #276

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

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12/13/2022 11:19 am  #277

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

So following last year's controversial announcement of Mac Jones of the Utah Raptors as the Rookie of the Year, I tracked the impact every rookie had on their AltFL team throughout the season, totaling the number of points only when they were starting for their AltFL team and accumulating stats for them. There were 76 different players that started a game for their AltFL team, and a couple who played for multiple teams! Of the 76 players, 70 of them at least scored some positive points, and none finished the season with negative points. Some surprises were had, but we have the Dan O'Mac Rookie of the Year for both Offensive Players and Defensive Players.

Congrats to the Chicago Cyclones running back Dameon Pierce who got just enough points on the final game of the season to edge out Kenneth Walker III for the offensive rookie of the year. 

The defensive rookie of the year was not nearly so close, as Jalen Pitre of the New York Emperors blew every other defensive rookie away to not only win defensive rookie of the year, but lead all rookies in scoring this season.

Want to know more? Click on this convenient link (the whole sentence is one) to view all 76 players, what they scored each week they started, their high score, low score and average per start! Any one with a gold box was started on their NFL team's bye week.

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12/13/2022 2:43 pm  #278

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Today, Football Owner Stickman, stepped up to the press conference podium, flanked his two wiener dogs, Ketchup and Mustard, who had their best sad puppy eyes going all out today.  It was almost convincing.   "Well, things didn't quite go as we'd have hoped.  All of the outside things that were supposed to happen, happened.  But we just didn't quite have it in us to win our own goal.   And no, before you all accuse the team of being too exhausted from being tasered too much last week, that had absolutely nothing to do with our loss.  Probably."   he stated.  

"But Stick," started AltSPN reporter Johnny Armando, "Even if that's true, the reports are out there saying the entire team is rather angry at you for literally siccing your dogs on them with tasers.   There's even a rumor that they shocked the players that were on bye weeks!   Poor Cairo Santos...... that kicker might never sit straight again......" Armando suddenly shuddered.  

"Well that's nonsense!   Would these precious little angels ever overdo it with the tasers?"  Stickman motioned to the dogs, "Look at them, they would never be so naughty as to....... MUSTARD, YOU PUT THAT LEG BACK DOWN NOW!   DON'T YOU DARE MESS UP MY SHOES!    KETCHUP!   STOP ENCOURAGING HIM!!!!!  JOHNNY!   ASK ME NICER QUES...... errrr, sorry Johnny.  Got a little carried away there, hahahahaha.  But seriously, let's ask some real questions, like about how proud I am of the team to have bounced back from an 0-3 start to nearly making the playoffs or with all the new players that we acquired both in the drafts and during in season trades and signings that contributed to our team's success?   Why can't you ask me questions like that?"

"Because frankly, the craziness that surrounds you Stickmen gives me way more interesting material to work with, not to mention all the rumors with you guys.   I mean, we still haven't even covered the rumors where one of you supposedly are banned from England over an incident with King Charles and a Tootsie Pop, that's probably Hockey Stickman I'd bet.  Or that you were all created in a lab somewhere in Abu Dhabi.   Or that one of you tried to start a war with Canada of all places over missing the post-season, that sounds like Baseball Stick..... are you okay?   Wait, is one of those rumors actually about you?!"   Stickman's face had turned gray, but he recovered quickly.  "Yeah, nope, yep, I'm good.  Haha, what an outrageous tale.... me being... uhhhh, yeah a Tootsie Pop, likely story, Armando.   Well if you don't mind, I have two dogs to console".   Stickman walked away, leaving the confused reporter left wondering if King Charles would be more forthcoming about that story...

Anyway, had tons of fun this year!  Best of luck to all the playoff teams!  May the postseason be a hectic, crazy time for all!


12/13/2022 3:12 pm  #279

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

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12/14/2022 11:11 pm  #280

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

For the third straight year, YOUR New York Emperors are heading to the AltFL playoffs! This year's a little different, however, as we are also the AltFL East Division Champions for the first time in the modern era. As such we face off against one of our biggest Legacy Project nemeses, home playoff games. We welcome our most liked division rivals to the Polo Grounds as the Carolina Reapers secured their second playoff berth in the modern era. We are aren't going to stray from the norm, as we get the standard gray helmets, yellow jerseys, and gray pants for this one, as shown by star quarterback, number 1, Jalen Hurts!

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