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5/28/2022 5:42 pm  #1

The NHL Farm League

Greetings Community! 

I have been wanting to work on building our sports brand. I mean beyond the logo and uniform but also building a vision of the team in general. I have long been a big fan of the AHL. Used to go to the Hershey Bears and Philly Phantoms games all of the time as a kid and now my wife and I are big fans of the Colorado Eagles. So I am going to slowly build up the NHL Farm League. I want to reimagine an alternative to the AHL.

With that said, I love that people's projects have small elements of community engagement. So for each team that I am going to tackle I would like to get some direction from the community. I'll post a team and some poll questions. I'll use the answers to those poll questions to guide the brand's direction.

For the first batch of teams we are just going to use the final four teams from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. So just to be clear, I will be developing a minor league team for each NHL team (this will be a slow burn project). We're going to start with the...


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What theme should the team's mascot belong to?


5/28/2022 7:12 pm  #2

Re: The NHL Farm League

Sounds like a fun project! Looking forward to seeing it progess.
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5/29/2022 10:55 am  #3

Re: The NHL Farm League

Can't wait to see how this develops.

6/01/2022 11:10 pm  #4

Re: The NHL Farm League

Thank you to everyone who voted. The results have given the brand a direction. The logo and uniform have been made. Now we are exploring the brand a bit more. While I do that it's time for the poll for the next team...we're going to move onto to the next three teams..  Please help by answering the new poll questions. There is one question per team.

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6/18/2022 8:18 pm  #5

Re: The NHL Farm League

The first team is in...

The Sasquatch is a big deal in different pockets of the state. Definitely up here in Northern Colorado. The goal of the logo is for the Sasquatch to be reaching around the mountain in a similar manner to the snow in the Avs logo. The mountain is pulled from the Colorado Rockies logo. For the uniforms we wanted to use snowcapped shoulder yokes with the old-big foot logo. As for the crazy colors in the middle of the image, it's a color scheme for another team that i was considering so just ignore that.

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6/18/2022 9:55 pm  #6

Re: The NHL Farm League

Awesome job! I love the whole identity, particularly the Skating Sasquatch!
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6/20/2022 9:11 pm  #7

Re: The NHL Farm League

In honor of this impressive Lightning revenge is time for the Jacksonville Jackals. The name is purely for alliterative purposes. I have always loved the sound of the name jackals. As for the look, we wanted to get a look that harkens back to the original lightning black uniforms with white yokes. But to modernize the look the stripes are lightning bolts. 

The fan poll yielded 'unrelated name within close proximity' to Tampa Bay. 

The next two teams that are in the works are for the Rangers and Oilers.

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6/20/2022 9:55 pm  #8

Re: The NHL Farm League

Loving the Sasquatch and the Jackals! (Huge fan of the Thunderbolts on the Jackals jerseys!)

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