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3/26/2022 5:04 pm  #71

Re: Welcome to PUCH

FC Macbeth wrote:

Don't mind me. Just your ordinary Libby coming in for draft day.


QueasyFeelin wrote:

Metro ahead of EC? Rigged.

New EC fans would say that.

NeoPrankster wrote:

No teams on the west coast???

As I said before, this year's rendition of the league is more regionally based due to Emerson being from NYC. I would imagine if the league picks up that more western cities will be in line to join soon.

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3/26/2022 10:05 pm  #72

Re: Welcome to PUCH

With the inaugural draft fast approaching, scouts for every team were working hard to produce lists and rankings of all the incoming prospects. Even some independent scouts were providing their intelligence for the new league. In the effort of fairness, Emerson decided to release some of the info to all the teams along with the general public.

In what became colloquially known as the "Triple-E Report" lists of prospects by position were generated and ranked. A Top-10 of each position along with an overall Top-10 by projected talent was also added.

Players listed in italics are scouted by the community. I will list the scout for those players on draft day.

Some housekeeping on my simulation method:

For my simulation every player is generated an initial rating between 1-10 along with a potential rating of 3-10. Some special players will be given a higher rating than 10, but these are very rare and are considered generational talents.

Each offseason, players will receive a randomly generated score for progression or regression (+1, 0, -1) which will be applied to their rating. If the player's rating has reached or exceeded their potential rating, then it becomes their floor cap so their rating cannot dip below the cap until they reach age 32 where every player automatically will lose 1 rating point every year thereafter until they either retire or are no longer of a sufficient rating to be useful to a team.

New for this series is a yearly randomization that I am calling the 7 Sides of Life & Death. This will be rolled once for each team every offseason and will affect one player from each team for the season. This roll supersedes the potential cap floor rule and can also affect any player's rating at any age. This will be a fun addition to watch out for in the offseason. A bad 7-sider could affect an entire season if it hits an important player. Or a good 7-sider could give a huge boost. You never know how it will break.

1 - Superstar Breakout (+3)
2 - Career Year (+2)
3 - Big Improvement (+1)
4 - League Suspension (0)
5 - Major Injury (-1)
6 - Major Regression (-2)
7 - Career Altering Injury (-3)

I will rarely, if ever, share specific player ratings but I will do my best to categorize players according to their ability. Kind of like real life where we never know how good some players really are or could have been, so it will be here. You will see reports on player progress and talent throughout the series and can monitor where they're at on the team roster pages as well. I will always be happy to answer any questions about any player's ability, potential, etc.

Also for this series, I will be doing contracts for every player but they will be by amount of years only. No money attached as I find that to be too laborious to keep track. However, larger contracts will typically be associated with higher caliber players and teams may shy away from those kind of players if they're trying to cut costs. And free agency will be unrestricted. All contract money will be vague but part of the series.

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3/27/2022 1:31 am  #73

Re: Welcome to PUCH

1982 PUCH Inaugural Draft

Round 1

01 – Toronto Fox – RW Ruben Thornhill
Age: 22 | Cozy Corner, VT

Thornhill was clearly the best prospect in the whole draft and a no-brainer choice for Toronto. He's still very young, has excellent speed and incredible hands. He plays a hybrid power forward style but he's quick around the net and has great vision and hockey IQ. Thornhill is a problem for opposing teams to play against and he figures to slot in as an instant young leader for the team.

02 – Liberty Athletic – C Geoff Ficociello
Age: 23 | Rome, NY

Ficociello is young and has great vision for a centerman. He's a pass-first player who can set up plays for anyone on the ice. He's of slighter build which means he can get lost in the wash around the net but he's fast and quick on his feet and likes to push the pace. Fico has a smooth accurate shot and smart with the puck. He's a cornerstone player that Liberty can build their team around.

03 – Metropolitan NYC – LW Ken Yewdokimova
Age: 21 | Edina, MN | Scouted by Ashton Alex Arnoldson (Edgeworth)

Yewdokimova is a special talent that is still rough around the edges. An Armenian-born player from Minnesota, he could skate before he could walk. He's got a brash in-your-face style and personality and isn't afraid to throw his sizable frame around on the ice. He's a better shooter than passer but he's at his best when crashing the net and cleaning up grease. He's faster than he is agile but he can see the ice well and is the type of player who can really excel with the right coaching.

04 – Empire City – LW Marc Minnemeyer
Age: 34 | Livonia, MI

Minnemeyer is an old-school winger with the toughness and lack of teeth to prove it. He's a leader on and off the ice and is one of the most feared players in the draft. Minnemeyer has lost a step at 34 but he still possesses a wicked slapshot and enough ability to crash the net to still make him a force to be reckoned with. Empire makes an instant statement with this choice that they want to win now.

05 – District United – C Fred Hellerstein
Age: 25 | State College, PA

Hellerstein is a unique prospect at 25 years old. He's an incredible talent in the faceoff circle and is strong on his skates. He's a bit of a jack-of-all-trades but has seen improved passing technique which bumps him up the draft board. He's good at accented his teammates and providing stellar two-way play. District will be looking for him to anchor one of the top lines and bring leadership to the new team.

06 – Motown Chrome – RW Stan Oldham
Age: 30 | Sherbrooke, QC

Oldham is an all-around talent on the wing, good at basically everything. He's a better scorer than passer and has a gorgeous quick wrist shot that makes him especially dangerous on the power play. Oldham's versatility is a plus and he has All-Star potential backed by years of veteran experience. He's a quieter personality but he will be a sure leader for Motown in the early going.

07 – Monarques de Montreal – RW Morgan Blair
Age: 30 | North Bay, ON

Blair is a pass-first winger with good speed and quickness and soft hands. He can anchor a top line and elevate the play of anyone on his line. It was no secret that Monarques wanted Oldham instead but Blair has an affable personality and should be able to fit in well in Montreal. Blair has the talent to lead the league in assists and will figure to be an All-Star candidate if Monarques can draft around him.

08 – Narwhal – D Jason Yake
Age: 26 | Battle Creek, MI | Scouted by Ashton Alex Arnoldson (Edgeworth)

Yake is a classic defenseman and possesses a mighty slapshot with some serious heat. He can handle the puck and is a real asset on the power play. Yake is a strong leader and will galvanize any group around him. He's a smart player but isn't afraid to be a bruiser and mix it up on the ice. Yake takes special pride in shutting down opposing star players and likes to be on the ice for heavy minutes. He's a player Narwhal can build a strong identity around.

09 – Ohio Republic – G Sam Smiley
Age: 22 | Zanesville, OH | Scouted by Jayson Johansson (Jayhawk)

Smiley is huge for a goalie and has spent his life in the weight room since a young age. His nickname of “Swole” is by no accident, as Smiley can bench press a house and has no problem leaning into opposing players and knocking heads whenever he gets a chance. Smiley isn't very quick but he's a big presence in the crease and his loquacious personality often can get under the skin of opposing players. Smiley is the best goaltender in an average class and figures to be a cornerstone for Ohio Republic who is happy that the Ohio-native fell to them.

10 – Howler-Hawkins – C Silas Silver
Age: 19 | Charlottesville, VA

Silver is young and still green behind the ears but he's got tons of talent if he can learn to harness it. He's a natural scorer but is prone to droughts. Despite his streakiness, Silver can take over games when he's feeling it and seems to find an extra gear of vision and ability. He likes the big moments and often doesn't play hard against inferior opponents. His skill level is through the roof if he can become more consistent and could be a huge steal for Howler-Hawkins in these early stages.

And there's the first round! How are y'all feeling about your franchise cornerstones? I will post recaps for the next 4 rounds and then just an overall recap for rounds 6-20 as the teams build out their rosters. The team roster pages will be updated as we go.

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3/27/2022 3:54 am  #74

Re: Welcome to PUCH

If there's any player I made up that ended up in any of those teams, just give me a call.

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3/27/2022 7:14 pm  #75

Re: Welcome to PUCH

FC Macbeth wrote:

If there's any player I made up that ended up in any of those teams, just give me a call.

I will notate when players have been scouted by the community, and there will be a full list at the end of the draft as well!

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3/27/2022 7:15 pm  #76

Re: Welcome to PUCH

Round 2

01 – Toronto Fox – D Jerry Gosselin
Age: 27 | Burlington, VT

Gosselin is a versatile defenseman, capable of quarterbacking an offense with above-average passing and shooting. He's a consistent if underwhelming defender but he has a strong hockey IQ and is rarely out of position. He's a player Toronto can build their blue line around.

02 – Liberty Athletic – D Mike Moon
Age: 31 | Lake Oswego, NY

Moon is a tough defender and at 31 has improved his skating. He won't offer much in the way of scoring but he's a good passer and diligent hitter who can anchor a blue line. Moon has a way of making everyone else around him better and is a solid leader in the locker room.

03 – Metropolitan NYC – D Buddy Zigich
Age: 33 | Hanover, MD

Zigich is instant leadership for Metropolitan and despite being on the wrong side of 30, is still a capable defender with tons of experience and wisdom. Zigich has a long reach which makes up for his lack of top-end skating. He makes smart passes and can deliver the occasional slapper from the blue line. Zigich brings captain materiel to the locker room and figures to be the primary leader for the boys in orange.

04 – Empire City – C Andrew Jacobs-Warren
Age: 29 | Battle Creek, MI | Scouted by Ashton Alex Arnoldson (Edgeworth)

Jacobs-Warren is a talented centerman with elite vision and playmaking ability and will pair well with Minnemeyer on the top line for Empire City. AJW has great hockey IQ and knows how to make the right plays at the right times. He's not the strongest player but he typically can always be in the right position. He has room to improve in the faceoff dot but he's proven reliable in clutch situations.

05 – District United – RW Taylor Esner
Age: 24 | Wainfleet, ON

Esner is an interesting player prospect. He's still young at 24 and has lots of room to grow. He's got considerable talent but hasn't quite put it all together yet. Esner has a nice shot and seems to luck into a lot of goals. He's a boom or bust kind of player but his potential makes him a worthwhile investment for a team wanting to grow slow and develop talent. Having Hellerstein as his center should help him stay grounded and working hard.

06 – Motown Chrome – D Louis Brooksfield
Age: 30 | Danville, OH

Brooksfield isn't a special talent but he's a solid buttoned-up defenseman who can anchor a blue line and provide dependable play every night. He's a better shooter than advertised but often will pass up too many shots. Brooksfield has experience and an expansive hockey IQ that helps him and his teammates prepare for their opponents. He can be a second coach on the ice which is useful to younger players.

07 – Monarques de Montreal – F Eddie Frederick
Age: 24 | Magog, QC

Frederick is a unique talent and very versatile player who can play every position well. He's known as “The Chameleon” as he can play anywhere the coaches need him. Monarques is looking for him to primarily play center and anchor a top line as they bring in young talent. Frederick has a quick shot, excellent vision and a nice passing touch. He doesn't have top-end speed but he's quick and knows how to position himself well. He's also a capable defender figures to be a strong 200-foot player in Montreal.

08 – Narwhal – C Buzz Cutter
Age: 22 | Dayton, OH | Scouted by Aloysius Allspice (Jam)

Cutter is an exciting player with flowing hair and an electric fast style on the ice. He's a strong skater and loves to mix it up in front of the net and has incredible hands for screens and tip-ins around the crease. Calvin “Buzz” Cutter likes to make passes from behind the opposing net and is a skilled passer. Cutter has no lack for confidence and bravado which can get him into trouble with the penalty box. At just 22 years old, he gives Narwhal a huge boost of energy down the middle.

09 – Ohio Republic – LW Gary Dunlap
Age: 30 | DuBois, PA

Dunlap is a true power forward in both skating and shot power. He's at his best when one-timing power shots from the left circle. He's a menace on the power play. Dunlap brings some beef to the beginning of Ohio's top line where he can be an anchor to build around. He's one of the strongest skaters in the prospect pool and has plenty of experience. His vision and passing are below average but he makes up for it with defensive prowess along the boards.

10 – Howler-Hawkins – LW Roman Harrison
Age: 29 | Ewing, KY

Harrison is a sniper with speed and quickness. He's especially lethal on the breakout where he can show off his superior puck handling skills and laser of a wrist shot. He rarely attacks the net and prefers to snipe from long range but he's experienced and stays out of the box. He can score in bunches and could be an early scoring title candidate if he gets paired with a good line.

Up next: Round 3

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3/27/2022 7:41 pm  #77

Re: Welcome to PUCH

Round 3

01 – Toronto Fox – C Alexandre Letortu
Age: 18 | Montreal, QC | Scouted by Walter Warsawski (ThisIsFine)

Letortu is very young and has a lot to learn but he's an intriguing talent at center with a natural scoring touch. He has an excellent wrist shot and has a nose for the puck. He's very accurate and has great vision. He's competent in the faceoff circle. With the right coaching Letortu can be a top line center in the league as he has a chance to grow and mature.

02 – Liberty Athletic – RW Rod Poole
Age: 31 | Woodstock, ON

Poole is a classic tough winger with tons of experience and a rough-and-tumble attitude. Poole can help shelter a young Ficociello on the top line with elite hitting and checking and provide a vicious slapshot on the power play. Poole is a player opposing teams dislike playing against and brings that classic sandpaper to the ice every night. Poole can wear down opponents singlehandedly and brings leadership and a can-do spirit to the locker room.

03 – Metropolitan NYC – C Rick Etibridge
Age: 19 | Dix, IL | Scouted by Ashton Alex Arnoldson (Edgeworth)

Etibridge grew up in Illinois but moved to Toronto to play hockey in high school. He's a strong two-way center talent. His scoring touch has a long way to go but he's a strong skater and has excellent vision as a passer for a young player. He's still learning the finer points of the game but his puck handling is near elite and he can quarterback the power play or 5-on-5. They reached a bit for this pick but Etibridge gives Metropolitan a young talent they can mold into a star center given time.

04 – Empire City – D Vincent Aberdeen
Age: 27 | Burlington, VT | Scouted by Ashton Alex Arnoldson (Edgeworth)

Aberdeen is a cerebral blueliner with a talented skating regimen and penchant for the dramatic clutch goals. He's got a soft scoring touch, typically more finesse than power. He's an adept passer and can see the ice very well. He's a competent if not particularly strong defender and is more known for his offense. He's got a big personality on and off the ice and he will definitely bring some life to the locker room. He figures to be a leader for Empire and will provide some juicy sound bytes.

05 – District United – D Norm Hitchcock
Age: 25 | Brooklyn, NY | Scouted by Van Vandenlangenberg (Dan)

Hitchcock is a wild personality both on and off the ice. Known as a practical joker, Hitchcock will bring lots of life and laughter to a locker room. On the ice, he's an excellent hitter and isn't afraid to lay out and block shots. He's known to be a good shooter but has a knack for scoring greasy goals. He will rub some coaches the wrong way but he is a solid piece to build a blue line around and is a dependable player despite all the joking around.

06 – Motown Chrome – LW Mark Barker
Age: 18 | Worcester, MA | Scouted by Dwight Darby-Derby (Dire)

Barker is one of the youngest prospects in the draft having just turned 18 to be eligible but he has lots of talent and potential. Motown is banking on his potential as Barker isn't very big or strong. He's a fast skater and has a nice scoring touch but is allergic to the boards or crashing the net. He's a big talker but will always back down from fights and still has a lot of maturing to do before he can morph into a star.

07 – Monarques de Montreal – D Dale Neuman
Age: 31 | Loudon, NH

Neuman is a strong offensive defender with excellent puck moving and passing abilities. Monarques will be looking for his leadership skills and quarterbacking skills to help carry the offense. He's prone to occasional defensive lapses but his shooting often makes up for it as he will be a team leader in scoring goals. He's excellent on the power play and sees the ice well.

08 – Narwhal – LW Jimmy Jugo
Age: 24 | Thetford Mines, QC

Jugo is one of the fastest wingers in the draft. He can out-skate just about anybody on the ice. His speed can be a liability at times as he takes too many penalties but he's got a nose for the puck and enjoys crashing the net. Jugo has decent hands but is best on quick one-timers. If he can stay out of the box he's a major threat on the breakaway. He's still young and has room to grow as a player which Narwhal is looking to see from him.

09 – Ohio Republic – C Jack Oeltjenbruns
Age: 32 | Milwaukee, WI

Oeltjenbruns is a classic center with a strong two-game. He's a very capable defender and opposing players rarely score on him. He's not a notorious scorer but he's got a nice touch in the passing game and brings plenty of experience to the locker room. He can be an immediate captain for the team and someone dependable at both ends of the ice. He's not very fast but he's strong in the dot and stays out of the box.

10 – Howler-Hawkins – G Stan Blackburn
Age: 26 | Brampton, ON

Blackburn is a quick-footed goalie with fantastic athleticism for the position. Just the second goalie drafted so far, Howler-Hawkins is looking at the huge potential in Blackburn to be a cornerstone in their net. Blackburn has lightning quick reflexes and tons of energy. Sometimes he can be so hyper he will lose focus but when he's playing with confidence and a slow heartbeat he can be a shutdown presence in the net.

Up next: Round 4

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3/28/2022 5:38 pm  #78

Re: Welcome to PUCH

Round 4

01 – Toronto Fox – LW John Herbco
Age: 21 | Chatham, ON | Scouted by Moe McLotto (AJHFTW)

Herbco, or “Big Herbie” as he's known, is a playmaking winger with great size and speed. He's at his best breaking out the puck and has the vision for long passes and highlight-reel saucers.

02 – Liberty Athletic – D Wayne Wren
Age: 21 | Manhattan, NY

Wren is an offensive defender, great at handling the puck and quarterbacking on offense. He's a smaller-bodied player who can get roughed up so he prefers to pass and shoot. He's not very fast but he has excellent vision and protects the puck well.

03 – Metropolitan NYC – RW Charlie Williams
Age: 29 | Gracefield, QC

Williams is a pass-first winger who offers lots of versatility and dependability. He's strong and can play the boards well. His passing skills are near elite and he can add some scoring punch as needed. He's quicker than fast but he has good hockey IQ and makes the right plays. He's a blue collar kind of player, quiet and works hard.

04 – Empire City – G Reggie Gisser
Age: 33 | Ithaca, NY

Gisser is a solid goalie, has excellent vision and experience. His eye-control is top-notch and he plays angles well. He's not as athletic as he used to be and can't make those highlight reel stretch outs anymore but he's technically sound and will always keep his team in the game.

05 – District United – LW Robbie Garvey
Age: 23 | Cleveland, OH

Garvey is a trigger-happy winger who loves to shoot from anywhere on the ice. He's not especially talented but he can score in bunches due to his heavy volume of shots. His small frame leaves him vulnerable to injuries so his biggest hurdle is often staying on the ice. When he's healthy and firing shots he can be a top line wing.

06 – Motown Chrome – C Reid Cone
Age: 35 | Fort Wayne, IN

Cone brings old-school toughness to the center position. He's not a big scorer but he can pass and defend well and is a beast in faceoff dot. He's a dependable penalty killer even though he's lost a step or two at age 35. With such light offerings at the position, Motown was forced to make the choice for an older center. Cone does bring excellent leadership to any locker room.

07 – Monarques de Montreal – LW Sterling Coronado
Age: 20 | Providence, RI

Coronado is a speedy do-it-all winger who can play on any line. He's got enough scoring touch to play top minutes but he's at his best setting up plays with his speed and passing. His skinny frame doesn't take hits well but if he's healthy he can be a difference maker.

08 – Narwhal – RW Seymour Ainsworth
Age: 29 | Trenton, NJ

Ainsworth is an enigmatic player both on and off the ice. He's short and extremely fast and agile but often has hands of stone and will go through long stretches of being unable to finish. Despite his struggles scoring, he's a very strong forechecker and can push the pace and kill penalties very well.

09 – Ohio Republic – RW Gavin Lamm
Age: 28 | Toronto, ON

Lamm is a thin-bodied winger who is a below average skater but has a nose for the puck. He will struggle against faster players but he's an excellent passer and will always look for the setup first. He's at his best along the boards where his lack of speed won't hinder him. 

10 – Howler-Hawkins – D Tony LaRue
Age: 29 | Springfield, MA

LaRue is a technically-sound defenseman who rarely makes mistakes. He doesn't offer much in the way of offense but he's a solid passer and won't hinder the rush. He's excellent along the boards and half-wall digging out pucks. He has a strong hockey IQ and is often a second coach on the ice for other players.

Up next: Round 5

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3/28/2022 6:08 pm  #79

Re: Welcome to PUCH

Round 5

01 – Toronto Fox – LW Ron Rhodes
Age: 32 | Harrisburg, PA

Rhodes is a tough veteran winger who has great skill sniping from the circles.

02 – Liberty Athletic – G Todd Guerin
Age: 25 | Minneapolis, MN

Guerin is a strong goalie with good technique in the crease and challenges well.

03 – Metropolitan NYC – G Eddie Baugh
Age: 24 | Toledo, OH

Baugh is a big lumbering giant. He positions well but won't be able to make many quick saves.

04 – Empire City – RW Bo Schaffer
Age: 27 | Chicago, IL

Schaffer is a classic big-bodied winger who is a strong forechecker.

05 – District United – D Ivan Taranov
Age: 26 | Leningrad, USSR | Scouted by Juice Jenkins (IDM)

Taranov, often called "Tarnation" by his American teammates, is a big hitter with a vicious slapper but isn't known for any accuracy on his shot.

06 – Motown Chrome – C Barry Brietzman
Age: 27 | Bronx, NY

Brietzman is an energetic and talented two-way center who is always running his mouth.

07 – Monarques de Montreal – RW Francois Drissi
Age: 26 | Lyon, FR | Scouted by Ashton Alex Arnoldson (Edgeworth)

Drissi is a French-born winger who is a true sniper with incredible hands and vision with his shot.

08 – Narwhal – G Al Bender
Age: 18 | Philadelphia, PA

Bender is green behind the ears but he has incredible athleticism if he can put in the work to bulk up his skinny frame.

09 – Ohio Republic – D Connor Greathouse
Age: 26 | Toronto, ON | Scouted by Wally D. Wayne-Johnson (Wallflower)

Greathouse is a do-it-all defenseman who isn't great at anything but is dependable and plays hard.

10 – Howler-Hawkins – RW Elias Van Stahl
Age: 20 | East Berlin, East Germany | Scouted by Kieran Kavanagh (Darknes)

Van Stahl is very fast and flies up and down the ice. He's got some nice mitts but he's still learning how to finish better.

The first five rounds are in the books! How's your team looking? In the coming days I'll be posting overall recaps of the remaining rounds and highlighting any special players such as those scouted by the community.

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3/28/2022 6:52 pm  #80

Re: Welcome to PUCH

Hey Chrome, are we gonna draft a goalie?

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