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7/30/2021 3:04 pm  #1

AltLB Design Thread

Take me out to the ball game! Take me out to the crowd! 

Welcome to the AltLB! This is the long awaited fourth leg of the Alt Sports Universe. In the coming weeks and months we will be building a brand new collective fantasy baseball league from the ground up. We anticipate this project to be one of our best. 

For those new to our community, the AltLB will be a fully functioning fantasy baseball league. It will be a keeper dynasty league in which we can build our teams for years to come. 

Here is the basic flow of our project.

Step 1 - Take Owner Applications
Step 2 - Select Cities
Step 3 - Pick Names
Step 4 - Design Logos 
Step 5 - Design Uniforms
Step 6 - The OWNER DRAFT
Step 8 - The Legacy Project
Step 9 - The Fantasy Draft
Step 10 - Opening Day 2022

Remember that before the draft each team is the property of the league. We are looking for our team designs to be legitimate identities that our unique to our league but worthy of reality. As we go through the process please be respectful of everyone who participates. 

We are looking for owners who are going to give their most honest effort of participating in the design process (as a nominator, designer, or at least voter) and fielding the most competitive team that they can.

We are anticipating a high number of owner applications. So please understand that we will be splitting this league into two separate fantasy leagues. At the end of the season we will have one champion. This harkens back to the old time baseball when teams played solely in their respective league. 

To make things interesting we are going to design the teams without a league alignment. Then after the owner draft we will have a random draft - splitting all of our teams into their respective leagues, National and American. How that all looks will be determined after we see the interest in the AltLB.

If you are interested in becoming an owner for the AltLB please send me a PM on AHS. We will then announce the full roster of owners in a couple of days when we start our ever-famous city selection process. 

I am excited to get going! If you have any initial questions send them my way and I'll make an FAQ sheet for everyone. 


7/30/2021 3:20 pm  #2

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Heck yeah! Let's go!

2x Alt Champion :: AltLB Champion Oklahoma City Bison - 2022 :: AltFL Champion New York Emperors - 2022


7/30/2021 3:24 pm  #3

Re: AltLB Design Thread

PM’ed in!

Inmate and Official Riot Provoker of the AHSylum

7/30/2021 3:33 pm  #4

Re: AltLB Design Thread

WHOOO, cant wait to see the large laundry basket this league will become

Runs the highly unsuccessful PSC project featuring the Premier Soccer League and National Baseball Federation

7/30/2021 4:11 pm  #5

Re: AltLB Design Thread

DM sent, let’s get it.


7/30/2021 4:35 pm  #6

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Can’t wait! This is gonna be so much fun!

Owner of the AltHL's Alaska Auroras, AltLB's Kansas City Colts, AltFL's Kentucky Stallions,  AltCAA's University of Kansas City Cosmos (2001 Legacy Champions)

7/30/2021 4:42 pm  #7

Re: AltLB Design Thread

DM’d and ready to roll again!

Owner of the Indiana Cardinals (2005 AltBA Champions) the owner of the Memphis Kings, and new owner of the Milwaukee Mallards! #HoosierBirds #KingUp #QuackQuack

7/30/2021 5:17 pm  #8

Re: AltLB Design Thread

PM’d and ready to go!


7/30/2021 5:18 pm  #9

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Awwww yeahhhh!   Can't wait for this baby to start!


7/30/2021 5:25 pm  #10

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Let’s get this party started!

AHS Admin. Creator of the THLPUCHWHA: Redux and Retroliga.

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