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2/06/2022 11:05 pm  #31

Re: Clionia Premier League - 1991 Inaugural Season


The season ends with an unfortunate record broken by Lokastro Rangers as they break Sunradio's 3-33 record for the worst record in the country's history, a seemingly unbeatable record. But on the more fortunate side, La Diablo adds a sixth title to their collection after a heated overtime battle where they upsetted Seulito 6-5.

As for the season awards, Northern Irish midfielder Allistair Crick takes Striker of the year after an impressive total 30 goal within the season. Manager of the year goes to David Monteith after turning a group of young unknowns into household names, many of these players becoming Player of the month in the process. Last but not least, Keeper of the year goes to Clionian veteran netminder Seung Mateo. He earns his 10th award at age 40, reaching 20 clean sheets for the season, which then adds up to 200 career clean sheets in 500 career starts.

As the bottom three are relegated, the top three are promoted like always. Making their Cefligo debuts are Sunradio and Derosario, with Football Town making their first ever top flight debut ever. This also marks the first time Lokastro has been relegated from any top flight.

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