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6/15/2021 12:12 am  #81

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Dan O'Mac calls forth the reporters. It's time to announce some things pertaining to the Milwaukee 48ers. LET'S GO!

 Ladies, gentlemen, everyone else here. Welcome! I'm taking some time to announce the new minor league affiliates of the Milwaukee 48ers and our new arena! Without further adieu, your AAltHL team will be based right here in Wisconsin, in my hometown of Green Bay, the Green Bay Foxes. Named after the river that bisects the city, they'll wear green as befitting a city named "Green Bay" and the gold of their parent club, the 48ers.

Dan: When the players move up to the next level, it'll be time to get some Dick. They'll head to Pittsburgh where they'll share Dick's Arena with AltBA's multi-time champions, the Pittsburgh Hammers. Named after the fire that is so necessary in the steel making process, the Pittsburgh Flames put players just one step away from the AltHL.

Dan: Next we have hired the first coach in franchise history. We didn't go very far, just down the road to Madison, as we hired the now former coach of the University of Wisconsin women's hockey team, 6-time NCAA champion and 3-time NCAA runner up, Mark Johnson.

Dan: Finally, our new arena. I went out and made a very large offer that was taken up, and we bought the now former Milwaukee Art Museum on the waterfront. They'll be moving somewhere, and I will absolutely help facilitate that. But we reached out to local companies, and sold our naming rights to the ManpowerGroup. When you come out to the 48ers first home game next season, you'll be watching that game at the Manpower Arena!

Dan: Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

And at that, Dan gives a little salute (?) and walks off. Shut up, it's late and I don't know what else to go with.

6/15/2021 5:03 am  #82

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Ottawa, Ontario.

The owner of the Ottawa Guardians, Osgiliath Guard, held a press conference early Monday morning. He arrived in a brigadine vest with his arms covered in plate, his legs in brown pants and knee high leather boots. The odd man was this time deep in the Algonquin Forest taking the reporters on a lengthy hike.

As they crossed a river, he announced the coaches of the Ottawa Guardians. Eric Lindros of Vancouver Glaciers fame would lead the team on the bench while Mike Fisher and Darcy Tucker would assist him. When pressed about the arena he simply said f**k off. Daniel Alfredsson and Mike Modano were named head of scouting.

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6/15/2021 9:39 am  #83

Re: AltHL Design 2021

After all considered last year, it’s house cleaning time in the Racers camp. Out are the past GMs and Coaches. In are the new. The GM is now going to be Ron Hextall (replacing Jim Rutherford). Former Racer Rick Tocchet will take the helm as Head Coach, with Associate Coach Craig Berube and Assistant Coaches Corey Crawford and Cory Cross. The Head Scout is now former Racer Kevin Stevens. Plus a new goal song will be played to mark this change of direction, changing to Charlotte’s own Dababy, and a special version instrumental of his hit song “Vibez” only containing him saying the very first two words of the song, “Let’s Goooo”

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6/15/2021 3:13 pm  #84

Re: AltHL Design 2021

The Rovers would like to formally announce that their coaching staff will solely be comprised of team legands in Chris Pronger manning the bench with Brett Hull and Al McInnis as his assistants. Mark Bergevin will be in the GM role.

6/15/2021 3:40 pm  #85

Re: AltHL Design 2021

The Halifax Kingfishers formally announced today that their team staff will have Stan Bowman back as General Manager and have promoted former team legend Chris Chelios as head coach. Two sons of Halifax who played in the NHL will be named assistants in Bobby Smith and Glen Murray.
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6/15/2021 6:07 pm  #86

Re: AltHL Design 2021

With our expansion teams officially apart of the league we turn our attention to redesigning some of our original franchises. Only four teams submitted themselves so we decided to keep them all. 2 teams just want new alternates while 2 want full redesigns. 

Submissions for these uniforms will be due NEXT WEDNESDAY. Send them to the gmail account as usual. Below are some of the thoughts that the owners are looking for in their new design. 

With that said, remember these uniforms are designed by the league still. Therefore we will collectively vote on the best redesign. The owner then will be asked if they'd like to keep their current uniform OR switch to the winning one. You can use parts of the logos and the names of the teams but avoid altering or adding new logos for the teams (since we haven't voted on those logos).

Looking forward to the new direction for these teams.

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6/16/2021 10:17 am  #87

Re: AltHL Design 2021

The Detroit Angels have officially announced the hiring of their head coach, one of the greatest coaches of all time, Scotty Bowman

The Angels have also hired Detroit hockey legend, Steve Yzerman to be their General Manager.

6/16/2021 11:49 am  #88

Re: AltHL Design 2021

The Winnipeg Arrows have officially announced the hiring of Manitoba native, Barry Trotz as head coach as well as bringing in the recently retired, former Arrows goalie, Ryan Miller as the new GM.

6/16/2021 5:52 pm  #89

Re: AltHL Design 2021

The Seattle Seawolves have hired legendary Red Wings and Oilers GM Ken Holland.

As for a coach, legendary goaltender Patrick Roy has been hired as head coach.

6/16/2021 7:21 pm  #90

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Hailey Wickneheiser and Ken Dryden will share duties as the General Managers of the Ottawa Guardians. The two have vast hockey experience and have experience in positions of paper in the hockey world. Plus, Dryden as a freaking MP. He can handle sh-t.

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