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6/16/2021 7:22 pm  #91

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Guys, I didn’t know where else this would go, so I put it here.
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6/18/2021 8:26 pm  #92

Re: AltHL Design 2021


18 June 2021

Red Deer, AB - Igneus D. McQueen appeared at Westerner Park Centrium in Red Deer today to introduce the Edmonton Wildcats' AAA team. "We're proud to have the great city of Red Deer under the Wildcats umbrella," said McQueen. "I've always loved this city, and its name is a palindrome, and I've always loved palindromes." (Editor's note: It's not.) After a few more hours of platitudes, McQueen introduced the team's brand, the Red Deer Pioneers:

McQueen spent several more hours explaining the team's brand, but without all the NikeSpeak, what you're left with is this: the name honors the original pioneers who settled the town. Rather than being a human pioneer, though, the logo is a red deer wearing a coonskin cap, because of course it is. The uniforms are based largely around the team's three shades of brown, with a consistent striping pattern on the yoke, sleeves, and hem across all three jerseys. The alternate also features a Pioneers script.

After about eight hours, McQueen opened the floor for questions. A visibly tired reporter asked about the Wildcats' AA team, to which McQueen responded: "They won't let me release that yet." When asked who "they" were, McQueen replied, "They won't let me release that either. In fact, I've probably already said t-" At this point, a flash of light pierced the sky and McQueen vanished into the night, leaving behind a very confused crowd and some dope Pioneers merch.


6/19/2021 9:57 pm  #93

Re: AltHL Design 2021

June 19th, 2021

The Quebec Owls are pleased to announce their minor league affiliates. Their new AAAltHL affiliate will be the Laval Patriots. When questioned on the decision to put one of their affiliates right across from his main rival , the mysterious owner of the Owls replied: " I know that it is a risky move, but I'm confident that the team will be able to succeed."

As for their AAltHL affiliate, they will be located in Trois-Rivières and will be called the Rivermen. The Owls organization chose Trois-Rivières because it is midway between Laval and Quebec.

Logos and jerseys for the two teams will be released at a future date.

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6/23/2021 4:45 pm  #94

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Last call for the AltHL redesigns! I'll post the polls tomorrow morning.
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6/23/2021 11:50 pm  #95

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Glacier National Park

23 June 2021

AP - Hikers in Montana's Glacier National Park have found a strange image on the side of a cliff. The image appears to be a depiction of a cutthroat trout wearing a cowboy hat and holding a bloody knife. I feel personally threatened by this image and would not be writing this article if I was not in fear for my life but I feel I must document this in case this creature appears and mutilates me. A photograph of this unexplained phenomenon is attached below:

Update (2021-06-24 04:53:39): Based on several other cliff paintings and a strange text that came from the phone number 7 (I swear to Christ 7 is the whole phone number), it seems that this is actually the logo for the Montana Cutthroats, the AA affiliate of the Edmonton Wildcats. We have pieced together what we believe to be this team's brand:


6/23/2021 11:54 pm  #96

Re: AltHL Design 2021

I'm 90% sure that trout bullied me in high school.
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6/23/2021 11:56 pm  #97

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Dan O'Mac wrote:

I'm 90% sure that trout bullied me in high school.

do you work for ap by any chance?


6/24/2021 12:23 am  #98

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Dan O'Mac wrote:

I'm 90% sure that trout bullied me in high school.

I’m 100% sure that uttering that trout’s true name is a severe criminal offense in 124 countries.
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6/24/2021 5:13 pm  #99

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Here are the options for the redesigns for our four AltHL teams. 

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6/30/2021 3:16 pm  #100

Re: AltHL Design 2021

North Gower, Ontario
Sitting outside North Gower Pizza, Ottawa Guardians owner Osgiliath Guard announced the uniforms for his two farm teams on a small, dying ASUS phone. While most reporters were unable to see what the uniforms looked like, we were able to get a copy of the uniforms. The Gateneau Roughriders of the AAAltHL had a home and away uniform that matched the Ottawa Roughriders of local fame and a third that featured large red stripes on the sleeves. The AAltHL Windsor Hurricanes sport army green and officer's gold jerseys with a unique striping pattern. The stripes on the home jerseys replicate chevrons used on military uniforms, albeit blown up. The away has the same stripes meeting in the middle to provide a version of a chest stripe, while the alternate boasts simple, classic striping and a WINDSOR wordmark. A rough illustration of the Hawker Hurricane is their logo.

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