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6/08/2021 11:57 pm  #2501

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Sioux Falls added a new wordmark that they will use on their uniforms, they will still use their Hog logo as primary.

The Packers new uniforms don't change too much, sticking with the same triple stripe design. Their new Sioux Falls wordmark is placed front and center on both jerseys with their logo on the shoulders. Breezers get new striping and the shoulders are new base color with a maroon collar and white helmet.

That'll do it for today, we'll round out the offseason tomorrow with the expansion teams.

Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!

6/09/2021 4:48 pm  #2502

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Expansion Teams

East Bethel is a town of over 7,000 in the northeastern region of the Twin Cities and will be joining the Northeast Hockey Association. They will play their home games at 900 seat East Bethel Ice Arena.

They will be called the "Cranes" taking the name from the unofficial symbol of the city, the Sandhill Crane. The East Bethel area is the ideal environment for the large birds so there are more Cranes there than usual. The team's official colors are crimson and gray, the same colors found on a Sandhill Crane.
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6/09/2021 5:00 pm  #2503

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Ham Lake is a town up the road from Blaine on your way to East Bethel and will also join the Northeast Hockey Association. With a population of over 8,000, Ham Lake should be able to compete sooner than later. The Hammers will play their home games in East Bethel until an arena is built in Ham Lake.

The team will go by the "Hammers" and decided to use a color brand new to the MAHL in an attempt to stand out, pink. The Hammers logo is a roundel with the team name surrounding a Nordic Hammer (in honor of the large Scandinavian population) over an overhead view of a pink Ham Lake, the lake the town is named for.
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6/09/2021 5:08 pm  #2504

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Granite Falls was selected as one of two expansion teams set to join the Southwest Hockey Association to help with travel to Willmar and Hutchinson. Granite Falls is a town of over 3,000 and will play their home games at 700 seat Kilowatt Community Center.

The team will be called the "Rox", an ode to the towns name. Their logo is simply their nickname arched in team colors purple, silver, and white.
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6/09/2021 5:15 pm  #2505

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Montevideo has a population of over 5.5k and is the other city that will be joining the SWHA. The Pios will have to play outdoors at Lagoon Park Rink until their arena finishes construction.

They'll be called the "Pioneers" due to their location on the western frontier of the state. Their logo is a roundel with "Pios" inside in a stylized font style. The Pioneers official colors are cardinal and orange.
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6/09/2021 6:53 pm  #2506

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Big fan of the Hammers, any use of pink is always cool! I'm liking what I see overall, the return of that Bucks logo is real nice.

6/09/2021 9:20 pm  #2507

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Rocky looks like a relative of some famous plumbers from Nintendo.

6/19/2021 6:49 pm  #2508

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Happy to see the Bucks back in navy and wine. Sioux Falls is a downgrade, hopefully they return to their old logo soon. I like the Cranes logo, hopefully they add it to the jersey soon.

I like Ham Lake a lot. Nice color scheme. I also like the Pios color scheme a lot as well.
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6/20/2021 4:53 pm  #2509

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Old Dog, New Tricks.
Not much to mention when it comes to the opening changes because they were all tweaks, but there is plenty here to comment on.

Anoka Warriors - This change was almost so minimal that I left them with the group that ended up off the list of critique, but I do think the logo change benefits the team enough to say "good job". 

Bemidji Blue Ox - I really like the new striping and the addition of their "B" on the shoulder. Embracing the lighter blue feels right for a team that is based on Babe, who I see mostly depicted as a cold, softer blue. The new pants striping is sharp, too.

Hopkins Tigers - Weird case where I believe the white uniform, greatly benefitted, but the darks seem off. Maybe too much white? I don't think it was a step in the wrong direction, just a change to make things fresh.

Duluth Hornets - That is one bulky chest stripe, but I don't mind it. I will miss their white heavy, green jerseys a lot, but I am sure these new ones will grow on me. I am still waiting for this team to slap their hornet on the front. Doesn't have to be full time, but it is such a nice looking, classic logo that deserves some time in the spotlight. (Always felt they would look perfect if they used a script and a smaller sized hornet on the chest like Edina irl)

Two Harbors Wolfpack - I always forget how much of a mouthful this team name is. This Rangers-esque look is flat out better. Yes, it is similar, but the simple tweak is an upgrade.

Mounds View Gunners - Congrats Mounds View, I have no interest in your identity overall, but you have gained my interest with your helmet stripe. This small change now puts you over other teams when I am undecided on who to support in a matchup. Outside of the sweet racing stripe, the jerseys are just better. I'd push further and suggest using the primary logo on both jerseys. 

Alexandria Norsemen - I am intrigued by the addition of gold because it makes the logo so much better, but they really butchered the jerseys. How the gold and yellow touch hurts my head a little, and the amount of black on their white set feels off. This is their first go at it, so I will give them a pass. Plenty of time to tweak this great idea until it is right.

Burnsville Bucks - Pro: Everything about the jerseys is perfect. Cons: I am not sure if I am ready for that script to phase out. One of the few cases where I like two different logos for the jerseys. 

Sioux Falls Packers - You have butchered my boy, and I will miss him so much. Nothing here feels better besides the breezer stripes, maybe. I think the team was just really excited about how the wordmark turned out and wanted to show it off. The confused pig will be back soon enough.

Young Buckaroos
East Bethel Cranes - This crane looks unsure of itself, but I do like him a lot. Their chest is a little busy with all the block letters, and there is an excessive use of gray on their dark jerseys, but it isn't a bad starting point.

Ham Lake Hammers - What a team. Really like the pink, but the rest doesn't fit my interest. The drop shadow lettering is a lot to stack on to the already powerful pink. It is a bit overstimulating. The white jersey is definitely the better one in their set. Excited to see what this team looks like when they find their identity.

Granite Falls Rox - What a name. This team Rox. Not much future potential for the logo, but I like their colors and classic stripes. 

Montevideo Pioneers - These colors do it for me. The font does it for me. The jerseys do it for me. The shortening to "Pios" is perfect. Only change I'd make is to the chest font because it is out of place, but I don't mind all that much. Can't wait to see the chaos this team makes with their outdoor rink.

6/25/2021 5:08 pm  #2510

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

1984/85 Regular Season - North

The most successful team in MAHL History are back on top of the Iron Range. Eveleth was just a well oiled machine all year long, working as a unit to take home their 18th IRHL crown as well as the Quad City Trophy. Ely was a bit of a surprise as well, after improving the past few years and barely missing the playoffs a year ago, this year the Black Bears were able to push for a title. Despite coming up short of their goal, I don't think they'll mind too much as they win back the Hardhat and return to the post season for the first time in over a decade. Grand Rapids and Virginia round out the top four, both putting together solid teams. Chisholm and Tower-Soudan both spent some time in the top four during the season, but they weren't able to hold their position as they fall to fifth and sixth. Mountain Iron, Babbitt, Coleraine, and Hibbing were all solid teams, but they lacked that extra something to push them beyond mediocrity. Keewatin and Hoyt Lakes took the brunt of the league for much of the year, sitting well at the bottom of the table despite not being "bad" by any means.

After a good season a year ago, Two Harbors was determined to take it to the next level and they did just that. The Wolfpack built their identity around being defensively sound and using their size to wear on opponents. Two Harbors takes home their fourth Lake Superior Hockey League title, their first in 50 years. Thunder Bay and Hermantown were next, both with teams to be feared come playoffs. Superior clinched the final playoff spot in their final game of the season with a win over the Hornets in rivalry week to squeak past their arch rivals from Duluth whos season came to an end finishing in fifth. The rest of the pack was pretty even for the most part with any team capable of winning on any given night. The rest went as follows; Silver Bay, Duluth Voyageurs, Cloquet, Grand Marais, and finally Proctor.

Something clicked for International Falls this year, bouncing back from a 7th place finish to win the Northland Hockey League for the first time since 1960. The Ice showed they had the talent to compete for a Cup with their run to the Final two years ago so this wasn't a crazy surprise, but the efficiency the Ice play with should be feared in the playoffs. As always the NLHL was stacked in the top four, any of them could be capable of a deep run. Roseau finished in second and won back the Victory Bell. They were followed by Bemidji and their rivals from Warroad who round out to playoff squads. Missing the cut were Winnipeg, Fort Frances, and Blackduck who all could make a case of being playoff caliber teams during the regular season. Baudette, Steinbach, and St. James finished with losing records and ended near the middle of the pack. It was a rough year for Kenora and Red Lake who just lacked the speed and skill of the rest of the league.

Fargo is back on top after a bit of a hiccup a year ago where they fell to fourth. The Titans were simply the best team in the Red River this year despite there being a couple really good hockey teams in the league. West Fargo was able to prove the doubters wrong who said last year was a fluke. The dogs from Moorhead and East Grand Forks will also get a chance to compete for the Kellogg Cup. Dilworth continues to slowly improve, moving up another spot in the final standings from a year ago but still missing the post season. Grand Forks suffered some injuries to key players during the regular season and it left them without some of their top guys for long stretches. The Jets tried to overcome their obstacles but in the end they just couldn't get it done as they finish in sixth, missing the playoffs for only the second time in team history. The rest of the league was all about even, going Crookston, Detroit Lakes, Thief River Falls, and Pelican Rapids bringing up the rear.

Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
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