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9/04/2020 5:32 pm  #61

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Mendez looks good! Can’t wait for the next part

9/04/2020 6:10 pm  #62

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Holy wow, the Islanders look gorgeous! Incredible update. My ONLY nitpick is I think the yellow/gold could be a few shades darker since you also have cream in the color scheme. And I agree with IDM, a second alt with a colorful look seems very necessary.
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9/04/2020 7:09 pm  #63

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Loving Mendez! I think they'll be my team of choice while I wait for the Emperors to return. I adore the shade of blue you chose, and cream is always classy. Great work!

9/05/2020 2:15 pm  #64

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

2536 – 2543: 16 team era, Part 2

Even though there has been no expansion for 8 years, there was still a new look in the league in the Lagrange Islands with the Pamoja Guardians and the rebranded Mendez Islanders.
The regular season and postseason format remain the same. Each team played 162 games, and 3 teams from each league qualified for the postseason.

RR9's Note - Trying a little something new, as I post the year-by-year brief recap instead of summarizing the whole era. 
2536 – It was an instant classic Galactic Series, as the Venus Sparrows and Europa Mastodons – in their first G.S. appearance – went all the way to Game 7. The Mastodons rumbled their way until a victory with a 6-0 lead in the 7th inning, where the Sparrows responded with SEVEN unanswered runs in the 7th and 8th to clinch their third title in team history.  The Sparrows were an incredibly resilient team, as all of their postseason series came down to the final game in each round (Game 3 in ALPS, Game 5 in ALCS, and Game 7 in GS).
2537 – The new looks didn’t give the Mendez Islanders any trouble, as they won their 5th title in team history as they defeated the heavily experienced Luna Apollos in the Galactic Series.
2538 – Both of the LCS went all the way to Game 5 in a classic. The Callisto Cubs blew the Venus Sparrows out of the water by the score of 12-5, while the Pamoja Guardians walked it off with a three-run homer in the bottom of the 9th to down the Europa Mastodons. However, it was the Cubs who prevailed over the Guardians as they won the Galactic Series in 6 games to secure their 2nd championship in franchise history. The Cubs were down 3-2 in the 8th inning, before tying it in the 8th and walking it off with a homer in the 9th.
2539 – The Kennedy Rockets wrapped up their third title in team history and their first since 2527. They trounced the defending champions, the Callisto Cubs, in 5 games. To get into the G.S. the Rockets swept their way through the Valles Marineris Canyons and the Pamoja Guardians and had an overall record of 9-1 in the postseason.
2540 – There was a one-game playoff between the Kennedy Rockets and Pamoja Guardians for the CL Inner Division title and the right for a bye into the LCS. The Rockets defeated the Guardians, 2-1. The Guardians quickly took care of the Halos in the CLPS, but couldn’t figure out the Rockets as they lost to the Rockets in 5 games in the CLCS.
The ’40 Galactic Series was a seesaw affair, as it went all the way to Game 7 between the Rockets and the Ceres Belters. Game 7 needed more time to determine the winner, as it lasted into the 11th inning. The Belters belted a three-run homer in the top of the 11th, and held down the score to clinch their third title in team history and first since 2510, 30 years ago.
2541 – The Luna Apollos were champions once again, as they defeated the Pamoja Guardians in six games for their 8th championship in franchise history, good for most of all time in Solar League Baseball history.
2542 – In ’42, there were two one-game playoff games that needed to be played. The Luna Apollos and the Earth Astronauts faced off for the AL Inner Division, while the Kennedy Rockets and Valles Marineris Canyons matched up for the CL Wild Card slot. The Apollos destroyed the Astronauts, 15-4, while the Rockets took care of the Canyons, 6-1. Both of the Moon teams advanced to the postseason.
However, the Moon teams, despite winning their LPS, had no chances against the Ceres Belters and the Europa Mastodons.
It was another Galactic Series that went all the way to Game 7, where the Mastodons defeated the Belters, 4-3, for their first title in franchise history. How they got there was a wild one. The Mastodons were up 2-0 in the 8th inning. The Belters tied the game at 2-2, then scored a go-ahead run in the 9th inning to make it 3-2. However, in the bottom of the 9th inning, the Mastodons played small ball and scrapped their way to 2 runs for a 4-3 walk-off victory.
2543 – In the final season before the league expands for next season, the Valles Marineris Canyons topped the Venus Sparrows 6-0 in Game 6 at Canyons Ballpark in Bradbury, Mars to win the ’43 Galactic Series. It was the 2nd title in the Canyons’ history.
Galactic Series
2500 – Ceres over Luna
2501 – Mercury over Earth
2502 – Mercury over Ceres
2503 – Earth over Mercury
2504 – Earth over Mercury
2505 – Mercury over Earth
2506 – Mercury over Venus
2507 – Luna over Earth
2508 – Venus over Luna
2509 – Earth over Luna
2510 – Ceres over Luna
2511 – Luna over Earth
2512 – Jupiter over Ceres
2513 – Mendez over Earth
2514 – Mendez over Ceres
2515 – Mendez over Earth
2516 – Luna over Mendez
2517 – Venus S. over. Jupiter
2518 – Mars over Saturn
2519 – Luna over Ganymede
2520 – Mars over Venus R.
2521 – Mendez over Mars
2522 – Mars over Kennedy
2523 – Kennedy over Mars
2524 – PUA over Mercury
2525 – Ganymede over Mercury
2526 – Luna over Venus R.
2527 – Kennedy over Ceres
2528 – Luna over Venus R.
2529 – Ganymede over Luna
2530 – Ganymede over Earth
2531 – Luna over Ganymede
2532 – Saturn over Ceres
2533 – Valles Marineris over Callisto
2534 – Callisto over Saturn
2535 – Mercury over Ganymede
2536 – Venus S. over Europa
2537 – Mendez over Luna
2538 – Callisto over Pamoja
2539 – Kennedy over Callisto
2540 – Ceres over Kennedy
2541 – Luna over Pamoja
2542 – Europa over Ceres
2543 – Valles Marineris over Venus S.
All-Time Standings
What’s next?
The next Big Bang Expansion to make it 20 teams! 

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9/05/2020 2:24 pm  #65

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Both of the new looks are great

The Islanders rebrand is a thing of beauty, love the Island theme rather than the Marlins look they used to have, and the colors are incredible. I agree with ItDoesntMatter in wishing that all of their colors could be used in the uniforms, but the blue and cream with pink accents is a great look so I can't really complain

9/05/2020 2:25 pm  #66

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Haha, take that Pamoja! Glad the Islanders got a new title, and they looked good doing it! I do feel bad for the Reign, they're the only team without a title. Speaking of titles, if the Emperors are reborn will they reclaim their history from the Guardians or will they have to start from scratch?

9/05/2020 3:26 pm  #67

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

43 champs baby! WooHoo!

9/05/2020 5:20 pm  #68

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

I like the year-by-year recaps, gives much more depth to this historical recap. You've got the Halos and Mastodons switched on the graphic.
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9/05/2020 6:36 pm  #69

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

You might want to fix your CL outer division

9/05/2020 7:18 pm  #70

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Whoops. Thank you for the catch. The post has been updated above. 

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