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8/28/2020 3:31 pm  #41

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Awesome seeing this come back! I feel like I've missed so much already, haha. I'm glad most of the original teams have come back in more or less the same form. That said, I absolutely love what you've done with Saturn! That h logo is brilliant, and the whole package just feels fun and unique. Don't have a whole lot else to say other than keep up the good work!


8/28/2020 7:38 pm  #42

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

2524 – 2527: A Cinderella Story

In the first season (2524) of the 14-team league set up, it was an incredible showing for the PUA Emperors. The Emperors, a fresh expansion team, became the first ever expansion team to make it to the postseason in their first ever season, winning 90 games which were good for the third-best record in the league.
In the LCS, the Mercury Mets handled the Earth Astronauts in five games, while the Emperors pulled off an upset over the more experienced Mendez Islanders to advance to the Galactic Series in their first season! Could they keep the Cinderella story going?
AND YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! The Emperors became the first ever expansion team to win the Galactic Series title in their FIRST season! They downed the heavily favored Mets in six games, led Series MVP Creenan Park, who batted .550/.591/.900 with two homers, 11 hits, and 5 RBIs.
What an incredible story!
However, in the next three years, there was a mixture of teams that won the Galactic Series. The Ganymede Giants won their first one in team history in ’25. The two moon teams, the Luna Apollos and the Kennedy Rockets, won the title in ’26 and ’27 respectively.
Despite winning the Galactic Series one at a time with several years in between titles, the Apollos are now the all-time leader in most Galactic Series wins in league history with 5, one more than the Mercury Mets and the Mendez Islanders.
One interesting note that happened during this period of time - three of the four Galactic Series during this era were one team away from having a true interleague rivalry series in the title series. It could have been Earth vs. PUA in ’24, Jupiter vs. Ganymede in ’25, and Luna vs. Kennedy in ’27. While one made the Galactic Series, the other lost in the League Championship. Close, but no cigar.
Galactic Series
2500 – Ceres over Luna
2501 – Mercury over Earth
2502 – Mercury over Ceres
2503 – Earth over Mercury
2504 – Earth over Mercury
2505 – Mercury over Earth
2506 – Mercury over Venus
2507 – Luna over Earth
2508 – Venus over Luna
2509 – Earth over Luna
2510 – Ceres over Luna
2511 – Luna over Earth
2512 – Jupiter over Ceres
2513 – Mendez over Earth
2514 – Mendez over Ceres
2515 – Mendez over Earth
2516 – Luna over Mendez
2517 – Venus S. over. Jupiter
2518 – Mars over Saturn
2519 – Luna over Ganymede
2520 – Mars over Venus R.
2521 – Mendez over Mars
2522 – Mars over Kennedy
2523 – Kennedy over Mars
2524 – PUA over Mercury
2525 – Ganymede over Mercury
2526 – Luna over Venus R.
2527 – Kennedy over Ceres

All-Time Standings

What's next?
Two teams from the Jovian system join the league to make it a 16-team league! 

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8/28/2020 7:54 pm  #43

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Alright! That's how you do it, show 'em who the Emperors of the league are! 


8/29/2020 4:59 am  #44

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Well, the Emperors couldn't have had a much better start to their existence, could they?  Very cool to see!  Both they and the Canyons look very nice!


8/30/2020 12:19 pm  #45

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

2528: Sweet Sixteen
Happy Sweet Sixteen! Solar League Baseball has announced that there will be two new expansion teams to begin play in the 2528 season. The two new teams will bring the total numbers of team to 16.
SLB has already announced the two locations: Callisto and Europa, two of the Galilean Moons of Jupiter.
With the popularity rising at an all-time high, and at the right time of the league’s future expansion plans, and the advancements the two moons have made lately, it was the perfect time for Callisto and Europa to get their own teams.
The two teams are the following: 

  • Callisto Cubs
  • Europa Mastodons

Callisto Cubs

Origins – When the Callisto Cubs’ owner Grant Upton found out he was granted an expansion team; he knew he had to name the team the Cubs right away. It was the worst-kept secret in the Solar League. Upton, a businessman based in Callisto, was originally from the North Side of Chicago on Earth, owns several Chicago-themed restaurants, shops, and buildings around the moon of Callisto. Plus, a location name that starts with a ‘C’ and ends with an ‘O’ fits with the Cubs just right. So, naturally, they were dubbed the Callisto Cubs.
Colors – The Chicago Cubs had a timeless look while they were playing in the Major Leagues on Earth, so the Callisto Cubs emulated their branding by going with blue and red with the classic C and bear logos.  
Stadium – Upton built a replica of Wrigleyville in Callistopolis, the largest city on Callisto, filled with restaurants and bars and a near exact replica of the famous Wrigley Field (yes, even with the ivy too). But luckily, with advanced technology on Callisto, they are able to have a retractable “force-field roof that’s barely noticeable. If there’s a bad weather on Callisto, easy, just active the force field roof and they’ll be safe from the elements while a storm rages on.
RR9’s Note – I have no shame. Go Cubs Go.
Europa Mastodons

Origins – It took a while for the expansion team on Europa to come up with. But after months long of studying, surveying, and travelling around the moon to determine the perfect name for the team, they’ve finally settled on the Europa Mastodons. With the amazing snowy and icy biome on Europa and bringing back animals from the Ice Age of Earth to repopulate the species and study them, the Mastodons were a fitting name for the Europa expansion team.
Plus, the team owners are huge Power Rangers fans. They’ve seen all 533 seasons already.
Colors – Everybody was surprised that they didn’t go with icy blue or something that fits the snowy environment, as they chose black and metallic gold. They wanted the subvert expectations by choosing a color scheme that would fit the team itself instead of Europa. Plus, the Black Power Ranger's zord was a Mastodon.
Stadium – The Mastodon Cave is going to be one of the more unique stadiums, as they dug out (pun not intended?) a side of a mountain and built the stadium right into it. The 20-foot cliffs of the mountain serve as the outfield wall, with 8-foot tall pads alongside the ground for safety. Yes. If a ball hit the icy cliff, the play is still live, even with the funky ricochets. If they hit to the top of the cliff, it’s a homer. It's almost like this particular Portugal soccer stadium, but the cliff is in play, only better sculpted
RR9’s Note – It’s morphin time!

What's next? 
The recap of the next era with 16 teams! 

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8/30/2020 3:10 pm  #46

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Cubs and Mastodons looking classy once again, I like how Europa leaned more into the mastodon imagery instead of the Power Rangers stuff. If I remember correctly, I think Europa was my least favorite team on the original thread. The black and old gold is a good look, glad to see them back.


8/30/2020 6:17 pm  #47

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

The Cubs are... the Cubs. No shame. Ha.

The Mastadons look amazing in black and old gold. Nice work!

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8/30/2020 6:35 pm  #48

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

I knew this expansion would bring the Cubs back! They'll always look great because they're the Cubs, enough said. No shame in copying their design.I do like the improved Mastodons, as the old original set was a bit gimmicky with the diamonds on the jerseys. 

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8/30/2020 9:59 pm  #49

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Both teams look good you keep outdoing yourself RR9!


8/31/2020 5:48 am  #50

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

No comment on the Callisto Cubs, since it's literally just the Chicago Cubs reskinned slightly.   It's not bad, just I have nothing to say since everyone already loves the Chicago Cubs design, myself included.

The Europa Mastadons though do have some creative design here.  I do actually remember the original design of this team and I can see the Power Rangers reference was leveled down and as a result, this looks far more original and organic.  I really like this design a lot!  Great color scheme and that stadium definitely has a personality, (although the ricochet effect would probably be very chaotic, like the Green Monster at Fenway Park but on steriods!).  Definitely a top 5 team for me!


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