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8/22/2020 4:47 pm  #1

Solar League Baseball: A Future History


The Setting

In the 24th and 25th centuries, humanity has colonized and terraformed the solar system to become a place to live, work, and play. Approximately 200 million people live throughout the system. The solar system is a highly diverse place, a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities, as humanity has finally put aside their differences and work together to better themselves and the rest of humanity together. Something something Star Trek something.

People get around using faster-than-light (FTL) spaceships, which reduce travel times from years to just hours and days. The fastest way to get from planet to planet (or moon-moon, planet-moon, etc.) is to pilot your ship through a massive gate called Wave Gate. You head through a Wave Gate at one end and it shoots you out of the other end at another planet. The trip takes hours instead of days. The closer the planets are, the shorter the trip is. And of course, further equals longer.
Each planet, major moons, and space stations have at least one Wave Gate stationed in their orbit. Some Gates are busier than others, some can travel to all Gates or only specific ones.
Simply put, these Wave Gates are “airports” by today’s standards.
You have the major airports that travels to nearly all airports such as Atlanta, Beijing, Los Angeles, and O’Hare (Chicago). And there are the smaller, regional airports that travels to and from limited places such as Des Moines, Little Rock, and Rochester.
The body in outer space is governed by the Space United Nations (SUN). For more information on the SUN, a breakdown on each of the celestial objects in our solar system, their backstories, and population sizes – please refer to the infographic below.

Space United Nations (SUN) Infographic
Warning - the image is 1280x8600, so get ready to do some scrolling!

Early Solar League History
For a long time in the solar system, there was professional baseball being played across various independent and barnstorming leagues scattered throughout the system. The most prominent leagues were on The Moon, Mars, Venus, and the Lagrange Islands (a group of 5 major space stations surrounding Earth and The Moon).
In the late 25th century, each of the league officials came together and formed a true major league, in the form of Solar League Baseball, that started play in the year 2500.
At the beginning, the league had six teams from four planets, a moon, and an asteroid, known as The Solar Six. The Solar Six contained the following teams:

  • Mercury Mets
  • Venus Sparrows
  • Earth Astronauts
  • Luna Apollos
  • Mars Warriors
  • Ceres Belters

SLB officials had big plans for SLB, as they intend to expand the league down the road.

RoughRiders9's Notes: 

Hello everybody! I’m BACK!!!!
It’s great to see everybody here! I’m really enjoying all of your sport fictions, even though if I didn’t post much. I’ve been lurking here all year ever since it started. But now I have a little time in my life and with the new OOTP out, I’m itching to break out my Solar League again! I’m really excited for this project and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!
I do want to mention a few things. I will be re-using some of my old Solar logos from the CCSLC forums, but there will be some new logos here and there. Also, I want to mention that while I always try to improve my graphic design logos, you may see some “duplicate” logos here and there. My primary goal for this thread is to enjoy my Solar League as it unfolds itself in OOTP, while I make it look pretty! I will always try to give credit where it is due.
Also, this is a reboot from my previous thread on CCSLC. You’ll be seeing some of the same teams to start with, but their histories will be different as I’m starting a new OOTP file. I’m going to be simming several decades first, to get “caught up” to 28 teams (YES, 28 teams!), and then I will begin doing the year-by-year recaps.

Looking forward to interacting with everybody, and enjoy the ride!

What’s next?

  • The Solar Six teams’ Identities
  • Each era’s recaps along with each expansion teams’ identities (around 8-12 years per era)
  • Once caught up to “today’s date,” the year-by-year recap begins



8/22/2020 4:55 pm  #2

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

2500: The Solar Six Teams
When the Solar League was established in 2500, they started out with six teams – each team located on four planets, a moon, and a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt. They are known as The Solar Six.
These six teams were the Mercury Mets, Venus Sparrows, Earth Astronauts, Luna Apollos, Mars Warriors, and the Ceres Belters, all of which are still active franchises in the Solar League in the "present day."
Mercury Mets

Origins – The closest team to the star of the solar system, the Sun, the Mercury Mets were inspired after the Turn Ahead the Clock promotion that Major League Baseball had centuries ago in 1998. The New York Mets renamed themselves as the Mercury Mets, and the Mercury team decided to roll with that name.
Colors – Their logo was based after the planet’s symbol, and their colors were dark ash gray (for the color of the planet’s surface prior to terraforming) with sun gold (for the color of the Sun).
Stadium – Their stadium is on the surface of Mercury inside a domed city, with marvelous views of the Mercury landscape and the Sun itself, within safety parameters, of course.
Venus Sparrows

Origins – On the second planet of the Solar System, the Venus Sparrows took the name from the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite (Roman goddess Venus’ Greek equivalent). With love, beauty, pleasure, and passion all part of the mythology, the sparrow was a recurring symbol associated with Venus. Plus, with multiple floating cloud cities in the Venusian skies, a bird-theme name seemed appropriate.
Colors – The team went with lighter colors to represent soft touch that the Goddess of Love provides, with light blue for love and the orange for the bright orange skies.
Stadium – Despite multiple cloud cities on Venus, the Sparrows played in an open-air stadium on the terraformed surface of Venus.
Earth Astronauts
Origins – The team went through many, many different possible names to find the perfect moniker to represent the planet of Earth, the original home of humanity. They finally settled on the Astronauts to honor the heroes from the mid 20th century.
Colors – With the team based in the old United States in North America, the team went with blue and red to honor the country’s colors and as well NASA.
Stadium – The team called Astrodome V their home in Houston, Texas, nearby the new Space Mission Control Center.
Luna Apollos

Origins – With Solar League Baseball’s headquarters being based in Lake Armstrong, Luna, the largest city in outer space, the Luna Apollos were the first ever SLB team to be revealed. Named after the Apollo program that succeeded in landing the first humans on the Moon from 1969 to 1972, the Luna Apollos were the most popular choice for the team name.
Colors – To represent the darkness of space itself and the brightness of the Moon as seen from Earth, the team went with black and white to keep it simple for their colors.
Stadium – One of the oldest “outer space” stadiums, the Apollodome is a multi-purpose sports stadium in its own self-contained dome just off the city skirts of Lake Armstrong.
Mars Warriors

Origins – In ancient Roman mythology, Mars was the god of war. So this was arguably the easiest decision when league officials helped form teams for the SLB, who named the team from the Red Planet the Mars Warriors.
Colors – Naturally, the team went with red as their primary color, to represent the red planet and the warriors of the past.
Stadium – With Mars as one of the most terraformed planets in the solar system, the Mars Warriors played in an open-air stadium in the heart of downtown Ares City, the capital city of Mars. 
Ceres Belters

Origins – At this point, the Ceres Belters were the furthest team from the sun in the Solar League, as they were located on Ceres in the Asteroid Belt. Ceres is the largest celestial object, officially classified as a dwarf planet. Nicknamed “Gateway to the Outer System,” Ceres is a major port between the inner and outer planets. The team is named after the residents of the Asteroid Belt, the Belters.
Colors – The team went with a mining theme for their logo sets, to represent the miners of the Belters on all of the different smaller asteroids in the belt.
Stadium – Their stadium was deep underground within the dwarf planet. Inside a massive “room,” a full-sized baseball field and stands were able to fit in it, with special walls on the roof and around that can project various elements (weather, urban life, etc).

What’s next?

  • The Solar Six era recap

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8/22/2020 4:55 pm  #3

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

YEEEEESSSSSS! Solar League Baseball returns! I can't wait to see how this evolves, hopefully my teams do better than they did last time. If I remember correctly, I was a PUA and Mendez fan, which wasn't exactly the greatest of times. I'm sure the team designs will remain as incredible as they were, and I can't wait to see how the league has differed from the original.

Edit: Wow, the Solar Six look great! Of these, I think Earth is #1 for me for now, but I know they'll be supplanted soon enough.

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8/22/2020 5:16 pm  #4

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Go Mercury Mets!


8/22/2020 5:21 pm  #5

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Wow this is definitely a baseball league I can get behind. I'm loving all the looks, especially the 3D mockups of the hats! The only critique I would give is that I can't see the bird in the Venus Logo. To me, it looks like a pegasus. My favorite team right now is probably Ceres as they have a nice, vintage look to them and colors I can get behind. Great work so far!


8/22/2020 5:32 pm  #6

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

I remember this project vaguely, will be nice to get a refresher course on it!  For now, I like the Luna Apollos the most, but they're all really good!


8/22/2020 7:03 pm  #7

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Can't wait to see this come back, for now I'm gonna go with Mars as my team

I really like the logo, and red and gold are a classic color combo that works perfect for the red planet


8/22/2020 7:07 pm  #8

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

All the teams look fantastic!
Mars is probably my favourite, especially the logo!
I really can't say much else other than great job!!


8/22/2020 8:21 pm  #9

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Looking forward to seeing this new incarnation! I think I'll root for the Mets in these early days. Love the 3D hat models.

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8/22/2020 10:16 pm  #10

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Can't wait to follow the revival of the SLB! Followed it back on the CCSLC, and never really rooted for a specific team. Hopefully that'll change soon when I find a team I really like, but for now I guess I'll root for the Apollos. (which iirc were/are still based on the White Sox, so it'll take my Cubbie Blue mind some time to get used to them lol)

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