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8/08/2020 10:20 am  #11

Re: Liberty Basketball Association

Seattle Sockeyes- This was an option for NHL Seattle. It got rejected but it sounds cool
Portland Loggers- Logging industry is pretty big in Oregon
Salt Lake Halos- Was going to say Mormons but that sounds offensive so I went with this while keeping the religious theme
San Francisco Orcas- Lots of Whales nearby
Los Angeles Grizzles- If you have ever seen the California State flag you will know what I am talking about
Dallas Pegasus- This mythical creature is an incoming symbol of the city
Denver Couagars- Mountain Lions in Colorado and an underused name
Houston Galaxy- NASA is headquartered in Houston
New Orleans Gators- Lots of alligators in the area
San Antonio Outlaws- Lots of Outlaws were in Texas in the Olden days
Chicago Stars- Again if you have seen the Chicago Flag, you know what I mean
Cincinnati Avaitors- The Wright Brothers lived nearby
Cleveland Rockers- The Rock n Roll hall of fame is there
Detroit Notes- Motown music originated in the city and what is music symbol? A music Note!
Milwaukee Robins- Robins are Wisconsin’s State birds
St Louis Pioneers- Lewis and Clark’s journey to the pacific began in St Louis
Boston Admirals- Boston has a long and Storied naval history
New York Knights- A reference to the film the Natural and just fits in with NYC
Philadelphia Brawlers- Another movie reference this time to Rocky
Pittsburgh Forgers- Iron forges and Pittsburgh is famous for the Steel industry
Washington Presidents- The president lives there so...


8/08/2020 5:45 pm  #12

Re: Liberty Basketball Association

Los Angeles Action (Hollywood reference)
Portland Stags (references the White Stag sign)
Salt Lake Gems (plenty of gemstones to be found in SLC and Utah)
San Francisco Express (references the city's cable cars and ferries)
Seattle Spirits (Native spirituality, combined with the nascent spirit of innovation in the city)

Dallas Barons
(plenty of people in the area rich off oil)
Denver Greenbacks (the greenback cutthroat trout is Colorado's state fish)
Houston Commanders (highest-ranking astronaut in the space program)
New Orleans Court Jesters (you struck gold on this one!)
San Antonio Snappers (the San Antonio River has plenty of giant snapping turtles and red snapper fish...which one you base the look off is up to you)

Chicago Chillers
(Windy City reference, plays in "Chi"cago, "Ill"inois)
Cincinnati Titans (Athens of the West)
Cleveland Lumberjacks (the city's official nickname is the Forest City)
Detroit Muscles (again, you picked a great one!)
Milwaukee Hogs (home of Harley-Davidson)
St. Louis Sneakers (STL has a history in the shoe industry)

Boston Lanterns
(reference to the lanterns in the Old North Church which sent the "one if by land, two if by sea" signal)
New York Colossals (reference to the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty, "The New Colossus")
Philadelphia Rattlers (references the Gadsen "Don't Tread On Me" flag)
Pittsburgh Knights (a little outside the box in Steel City references, homage to the knights' steel armor)
Washington Statesmen (obvious reference to the people working in the nation's capital)


8/12/2020 1:44 am  #13

Re: Liberty Basketball Association

Confirmed names:
Washington Federals
New Orleans Court Jesters
Cincinnati Regals
Milwaukee Hops

For the remaining cities, keep the suggestions coming.

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