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9/10/2020 7:16 pm  #71

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1997 Regular Season

With so many fresh coaches behind the bench nobody knew what to expect going into 1997. For Cayuga and their fans, they showed once again that they C’Aint get it done. The Saints finished dead last in the league and their attendance continues to plummet year after year. There’s always next year…

Following the Saints were the Eruption and and the Seminoles, who both had awful years and were nowhere near the playoffs. For the Seminoles, it’s a disappointing finish after they appeared to be moving quickly in the right direction. For the Eruption, it’s another poor season with nothing to show for it and that would be the end of the Ezra Day era in Mount Faith as they relieved their head coach of his duties at years end.

On the opposite end, the top 3 were close from start to finish as they all battled for a bye and home ice advantage. Ultimately, the Lakers rose to the top of the division and get the first round bye, while Lake Hope finishes second and will host the Peach Kings in the semi-finals. The expansion team from Bayleigh makes the playoffs for the first time.

In the West, we had a mirror of the East. The bottom 3 teams in Brooklynn, Anchor City and Battlefield were all well out of the playoffs down the stretch which left Bentley, Fort Theory and Dawn Mills fighting it out for the bye and home ice advantage.

Shockingly, the Devil Rays would emerge from the West in first place and would earn the bye. The powder blues will await the winner of the defending champion Bentley Stars and Fort Theory Generals, who will renew their rivalry once again to open the playoffs after finishing with identical points.

Up next, the opening round of the playoffs!
Lake Hope Lions vs. Bayleigh Peach Kings and Bentley Stars vs. Fort Theory Generals!

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9/12/2020 11:24 am  #72

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1997 Pacino Cup Playoffs

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals
Lake Hope Lions vs. Bayleigh Peach Kings

The Peach Kings head to the playoffs for the first time against Lake Hope who are really hitting their stride as a team and hoping to overcome last years finals heartbreak. Game 1 was a high scoring contest that saw the Lions outscore the Kings 7-5. Game 2 was the opposite, a tight checking goalie battle that came down to the wire. Charlie Woods would bury the winner with just over 4 minutes to play as the Lions took a 2-0 lead. In Game 3, the Lions stormed out to a huge lead before the Kings tried to fight back. It was too little too late though, as the Lions hang on for the 7-6 win and sweep Bayleigh into the off-season.

Western Conference Semi-Finals
Bentley Stars vs. Fort Theory Generals

The rivalry is renewed. Bentley is looking for their 4th Pacino Cup while Fort Theory is looking to match them with their third. Game 1 was what was expected, a hard hitting tight game. In the end Bentley pulled out a 4-3 win on a Tom Armstrong winner. In Game 2, Solomon Rollins showed why he was the top goalie this year, earning the 3-0 shutout to tie the series. Game 3 however was all Bentley and they lit the lamp. Rollins was pulled after allowing 4 goals on 15 shots and the Stars blew out the Generals 6-0. With their backs against the wall, the Generals threw the first punch in game 4 … and the second and third going up 3-0 in the first. The Stars rallied back to make it 3-2 but the Generals closed them out with 3 unanswered for the 6-2 win to set up Game 5 to the disbelief of nobody. In Game 5, both teams left it all on the line. After trading goals in the second period, Rollins stood on his head again and shut the stars down. With the Stars unable to break through, Generals forward Nicholas Robertson took a pass on the wing, skated into the zone and went shortside off the crossbar and in to give the Generals the 2-1 win and take the series 3-2 in another classic between these rivalries.

Up next, the 1997 Conference Finals!

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9/13/2020 12:11 am  #73

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

Go Lions!

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9/14/2020 7:17 pm  #74

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1997 Eastern Conference Finals
Lake Hope Lions vs. Kelly City Lakers

The Lions continue to roll in the playoffs, going perfect through the first 2 rounds as they sweep the Lakers in the Conference Finals. After taking Game 1 7-5, the Lions put up another 7 in Game 2, winning 7-6 in a game closer on the scoreboard than it really was. With the Lakers looking for a bounce back in Game 3, the Lions mauled them, thumping them 5-1 to remove any seed of optimism. Game 4 was another Lions mauling, doubling up the Lakers 6-3 for the sweep and another trip to the Pacino Cup Finals.

1997 Western Conference Finals
Dawn Mills Devil Rays vs. Fort Theory Generals

With the Generals back in the conference finals, the pressure was on Dawn Mills to finally deliver. After doubling the Generals 6-3 in Game 1, the Rays collapsed in Game 2, getting blown out 7-0 at home and the fans had seen this story before. Game 3 was another Generals blowout, destroying the Devil Rays 8-5. Looking to tighten up and get back into the series, the Rays brought Game 4 into overtime, but had their hearts broken just 45 seconds in when Nicholas Robertson put one five hole for the 2-1 win and 3-1 series lead.

But the Devil Rays rallied. Down 4-0 in Game 5, the Rays fought back to tie it in the third before stunning the Generals with the game winner with 2:54 left on the clock to win 6-5. With the momentum flipped, the Devil Rays battled into a Game 6 and were tied 1-1. Looking like overtime was looming again, the Rays stunned Fort Theory again, scoring with less than 2 minutes left to force an unexpected Game 7.

In Game 7, the Devil Rays would not be denied. They came out flying and scored early and often, leading 3-1 after the first. They would bury 2 more in the second and shutdown the Generals in the third to win the West and head to the Pacino Cup Finals.

Up next, the 1997 Pacino Cup Finals! Lake Hope Lions vs. Dawn Mills Devil Rays!

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9/16/2020 8:03 pm  #75

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1997 Pacino Cup Finals
Dawn Mills Devil Rays vs. Lake Hope Lions

With a first time champion guaranteed in 1997, Lake Hope and Dawn Mills went to war looking to take home the Pacino Cup. Game 1 was a goaltending clinic. Nico Gray and Aidan hall went perfect through regulation. And overtime. And double overtime. It wasn’t until mid-way through triple overtime when Lorenzo Ross came in 2 on 1 and ripped a wrister over the glove of Nico Gray for the 1-0 Dawn Mills lead.

Game 2 was just as tight, but not a goaltending battle. Tied 4-4 in the 3rd, Israel Holland’s point shot went through a crowd in front and beat Nico Gray for the 5-4 lead. Aidan Hall would hang on at the other end and Dawn Mills would take the 2-0 series lead.

Game 3 was back in Lake Hope, and the Lions benefitted from the hometown crowd, coming out flying and not looking back, cruising to a 7-3 win to cut the series lead in half. However, in a crucial Game 4, the Lions fell flat and the Devil Rays just ran through them, leading to a 5-1 win as the Rays were 1 win away from their first title.

In Game 5, Aidan Hall withstood an early Lions barrage allowing the Rays to take the 1-0 lead on a Emmitt Goodwin one-timer. With the Dawn Mills crowd roaring, the Rays added 3 more in the second for the 4-0 lead. With just 20 minutes between them and the cup, the Devil Rays bunkered down and shut down the Lions, adding an empty netter as Lake Hope tried anything possible. The Devil Rays win the game 5-0 and the Pacino Cup, meanwhile Lake Hope fails in back to back seasons and becomes the second team in YHL history to lose in consecutive finals (Mount Faith Eruption, 1991, 1992 and 1993).

After the season, the league announced their annual awards winner:

Up next, the 1997-1998 off-season and entry draft! … and some big league news!

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9/16/2020 11:22 pm  #76

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

Way to go Rays


9/17/2020 6:52 pm  #77

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

Congrats Dawn Mills Devil Rays you guys earn it.


9/23/2020 8:02 pm  #78

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1998 Draft

After back to back finals losses, Lake Hope made some significant moves to move up in the draft and secure 3 first round picks. The first round went as follows:

The Lions traded Hayden Fletcher to South Beach last year and received their first round pick which ends up being 3rd overall, and traded Ivar Asplen to Battlefield for Pick 9. The Lions are hoping the fresh blood will get them over the hump, which is not a usual move for teams looking to get to the next level. We’ll see if it pays off.

The Big News

YHL Commissioner Richard Paul announces that there will be 4 expansion teams entering the league in 2000. The bidding process will begin at the start of the season and teams will be announced after the 1998 Pacino Cup Finals.

Even Bigger News...

After the past few drafts have failed to yield any real superstars, the league determined in a board of governors meeting that it was due to the lack of developmental opportunities for these players. Currently, players are competing in their local leagues and are failing to compete against the best players in the country, however that is going to change. With a goal of launching in 2000 to coincide with expansion, the YHL announced the creation of the Yorkland Youth Developmental Hockey League! The plan is to develop four junior leagues across the country where the best players can hone their skills. The league is currently in discussion with minor hockey programs across the country who are interested in joining the league.

Up next, the 1998 regular season!

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9/23/2020 9:40 pm  #79

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

Oh liking this offseason a lot!


9/24/2020 6:04 pm  #80

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

The Lions seem like they're taking a step backward with these moves but hopefully will pay off more in the future. I can't imagine two mid-round rookies being the missing piece though for a championship run.

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