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7/30/2020 11:01 am  #31

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

How do you make trophies for your league?

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7/30/2020 11:14 am  #32

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

ThisIsFine wrote:

How do you make trophies for your league?

The player and goalie awards are sculptures that I altered in photoshop with gradient and textures.

The other trophies are all photoshopped togethed with gradients and textures on top. For example, the Pacino Cup. I used a generic trophy outline and then pasted a metal texture on top of it. Then I added textured gradients to the metal to give it the shine look. I cut out the handles and the details in the trophy and added different textures to it so it stands out as detail. Same process with the writing on the cup. I used this same process for all of the trophies.

The MVP trophy I created the shield outline and then pasted a wood texture on top of it and then used a gold medal texture for the outline.

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7/31/2020 10:10 am  #33

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1992 Draft and 1993 Season Preview!

As the league grows on, the storylines continue to develop and owners and coaches are forced to make moves. That is certainly the case for 1993 as we begin in Dawn Mills.

After firing head coach Bradley Wright at the end of the year, the Rays immediately hired the former Saints head coach, Xander Marshall. Marshall is considered one of the better coaches in the game but was stuck in Cayuga with not much to work with. Rays fans are happy with the move, but the bigger story is Efrain Little. The 2 time MVP and former scoring champion is sitting out until he is traded. New coach Marshall tried everything in his power to get him to reconsider but he is refusing to put on the baby blue ever again in Dawn Mills. Of course, this has made him public enemy number 1 and has completely tied the hands of the Devil Rays. With his contact coming up at the end of the year, the Rays are forced to move him but know they will be getting the short end of the deal as everybody will be lowballing them. Little is definitely enemy #1 in Dawn Mills.

Over in Brooklynn, it continues to be status quo and that is not sitting well with the Blackhawk faithful. The fans are turning on owner Killian Clark who says head coach Ryder Parker has nothing to be worried about and he feels good about where the team is at the moment. Sports talk shows are buzzing that Clark is going to lose the fanbase if he doesn’t act soon. Brooklynn has a good team on paper with some real quality pieces, but if they don’t change something it could be another long year.

The Sharks from Anchor City are looking to get back into the playoffs but the only problem is they have Fort Theory and Bentley right in front of them. The only champions in league history are looking to meet in the conference final for the third time. Despite the rivalry, the Sharks and Generals made a trade at the draft, swapping goalies as Jaylin Bright went to the Generals in exchange for Joseph Walker. League experts were a little stunned that the Sharks would move Bright but they have picked up an experienced winner in Walker.

In Fort Theory, they weren’t done shoring up their crease, as they also made a deal with Mount Faith. The Eruption are sending goalie Arthur Dean to the Generals in exchange for forward Joey Wilkerson. It’s a strange deal for the Generals to get another goalie, but head coach Theodore Harris feels that a strong duo in the crease is the key to getting past Bentley and into the finals again.

Closing out the West, the reigning champion Stars are guaranteeing that a championship hangover wont be happening again and are looking to repeat as champions. The Stars have added forward Mateo Fisher from Cayuga, a skilled, goal scoring forward who is going to just make them more dangerous. Owner Randy Oliver was quoted as saying that he is already prepping the parade route for another Pacino Cup.

In the East, back to back runner up Mount Faith is hoping the addition of Joey Wilkerson can push them over the top and finally into a championship. With two straight appearances in the finals, it’s tough to make any other moves as the Eruption are betting on their roster to get over the hump.

In Lake Hope, new head coach Spencer Baker has been hard at work implementing new schemes and gameplans to his players. He wants to see the Lions play a much tougher style and is pushing the team to work on their defense. Baker is out to prove that coaching was the issue and is sticking with mainly the same roster into next year. It is a bold move for a team that has been in the basement since the inception of the league.

The Cayuga Saints, looking for a new head coach, has hired the recently retired Justus Watts. Watts moves from the ice in Dawn Mills to the bench in Cayuga and many think it is a knee jerk reaction to the Lions hiring of Spencer Baker. Watts has signed two free agents, Kasper Parry out of Lake Hope and Alex Parker from the Generals. Neither are seen as game changers, but perhaps Watts sees something in them from competing against them a season again.

In Kelly City, head coach Caleb Ewart is on the hot seat to get something done and show improvement. The Lakers have been on the brink of success but have fallen short every year so far. With Fort Theory making moves in net, it pushed Steven Doyle out and allowed the Lakers to snatch him up. With Westin Barker being a bust so far, Doyle will be taking over the starting role. The 1991 goalie of the year will look to show that Fort Theory made a huge mistake moving him.

Finally, the 1992 runner up in the East, Battlefield. The Braves made a surprise run a year ago to the playoffs, and are looking to show it wasn’t a fluke. Confident with their team, head coach Phoenix Warner is staying put and hoping a good draft will be enough to get over the hump.

The 1992-1993 Entry Draft went as followed:

Up next, the 1993 Regular Season!

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8/03/2020 6:52 pm  #34

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1993 Regular Season

The season opened as always on New Years Day with the Bentley Stars raising two more banners to the rafters at the Element Air Centre.

The Stars faithful roared the achievement of 1992, but what would 93 have in store? Guaranteeing there wouldn’t be another championship hangover, the Stars were in a playoff fight heading into the trade deadline when they made the biggest acquisition in league history so far:

The Stars would trade Farman Ekborn and $2,000,000 to Dawn Mills for Efrain Little who was still holding out. Little wasted no time picking up where he left off, pushing the Stars ahead of the Sharks and into the playoffs.

In Dawn Mills, the fans were absolutely furious at the lack of assets they received for the 2 time MVP. Head Coach Xander Marshall explained that it was the best offer on the table and their hands were tied when Little refused to play. He agreed that the haul wasn’t the greatest but promised the fans that they will turn things around. Dawn Mills would finish 4th, just ahead of Brooklynn who was dead last again.

Killian Clark doubled down again, promising not to fire his friend and head coach Ryder Parker. Fans in Brooklynn started a petition for Clark to sell the team and season ticket holders said they wouldn’t be back until Clark sold the team. The turmoil in Brooklynn is reaching a high.

Anchor City failed to make the playoffs again, falling short for the second consecutive season and that was enough for head coach Marcus Rogers to get the axe. Rogers understood the decision but was adamant that the league needed to explore adding more playoff teams, as he feels his teams in Anchor City could have done damage in the post-season had they been able to get there. The push for more playoff spots was not heard on deaf ears, however the league says until there is expansion, there wont be additional spots added as they value the battle for the post-season.

The Western Final will once again be Fort Theory and Bentley. The Generals goalie tandem was in fact the right move as they won the West again over Bentley and will have the all important home ice advantage. This should be a hell of a series.

In the East, Kelly City fell to the bottom of the standings and with it came another coaching firing. Caleb Ewart was removed at the conclusion of the season and the fans in Kelly City are ready for change. New goalie Steven Doyle wasn’t able to turn their fortunes around and there is already talk that they may need to move him in order for the re-build to begin.

Cayuga finished 4th with not much to say. The Saints are stuck with what they have and much like the Lakers need to find a way to turn their fortunes but that wont be easy.

The Braves finished third and missed the playoffs which was seen as a massive disappointment. Head coach Phoenix Warner was quick to shut down rumour that his job was in jeopardy and that he was being forced to move pieces. Warner stressed that he has full control of hockey operations and while this year he failed, he promised to bring the Braves back to the post-season.

In second place was .. the Lake Hope Lions!? Spencer Baker was a man of his word, getting this group to the post-season with his new schemes and the players bought in. The Lions are proof that a change behind the bench can inspire better play. The Lions will be in tough however as they take on Mount Faith in the Eastern Final.

The Eruption once again were the class of the East, and this time, the league as they win their first ever Prime Ministery’s Trophy. The Eruption are looking for their third straight trip to the finals and are hoping that third times the charm for getting over the hump. They can’t look past Lake Hope however, who are going to grind and hit everything that moves. It should be a battle.

1993 Eastern Conference Finals - Mount Faith Eruption vs. Lake Hope Lions
1993 Western Conference Finals - Fort Theory Generals vs. Bentley Stars

Up next, the 1993 Pacino Cup Playoffs!

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8/05/2020 9:58 pm  #35

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1993 Western Conference Finals
Fort Theory Generals vs. Bentley Stars

For the third time in four years, these teams meet to settle the West. Game 1 was all Fort Theory, just dominating in every sense, taking the game 8-2.

Game 2 was more like it, tied 2-2 going into the third period. Mateo Fisher would put the Stars up 3-2, but just 2:11 later, John Anderson would tie the game for the Generals. The Stars would have another shot, but Jaylin Bright would make an incredible stick save and the Generals would head the other way where Owen Phillips would bury the winner to take the game 4-3.

Back at the EAC, the Stars would turn the tides, taking the game 4-2 in a game much closer on paper than on the ice.

Game 4 was again another reversal, with the Generals beating up on the Stars with another 8-2 win. With the series 3-1, the Generals headed home looking to head back to the Pacino Cup Finals.

In Game 5, the Generals took an early 1-0 lead before the Stars stormed back and scored 5 unanswered goals, leading 5-1 heading into the third. That’s where all hell broke loose. Louis Hunter would follow Generals forward Kade Wood into the corner and unleash one of the most vicious hits from behind we’ve ever seen. Wood was out cold and had to be stretchered off the ice, meanwhile a line brawl broke out. As per usual between these two teams, the fights didn’t end there as the third period ended up being an absolute war. The referees started throwing players out and the Generals would score a garbage time goal but the Stars would take the game.

Game 6 was back at the EAC, and the Stars were without Louis Hunter who was suspended for the rest of the series. The Generals carried over the emotion from Game 5 and came out flying, going up 3-0 in the first. The Stars would get 1 back in the second but the Generals would seal the deal in the third with a goal by Josh Ross.

After the game, Kade Wood would come out onto the ice to celebrate with his teammates as the Bentley fans booed the Generals off the ice.

1993 Eastern Conference Finals
Mount Faith Eruption vs. Lake Hope Lions

The playoff hardened Eruption look for their third straight finals appearance against the Lions who have finally put the pieces together to find success. The Lions are heavy underdogs going into the series, but manage to fight in Game 1, sending the game into the record books as the longest game in YHL history. Unfortunately, the fight wasn’t enough as Mount Faith beat Lake Hope 7-6 in the FOURTH Overtime.

Game 2 was all Mount Faith, as the Lions looked gassed and the Eruption found another gear after the overtime game. Joey Wilkerson scored a hat trick for the Eruption who took a 2-0 lead.

Back in Lake Hope, the fans had the Vertex Centre shaking as the Lions hit the ice looking to get back into the series. Whether it was nerves or an overwhelming amount of adrenaline, it didn’t matter as the Eruption destroyed the Lions 8-0. With the Eruption on the verge of the finals and the Lions not showing much, head coach Spencer Baker called out his team in the press conference post game and said that not only do the fans deserve better, but the players deserve better after their efforts this season.

Game 4 saw a change in net, as the Lions started former Eruption goalie Zane Lester. The game was back and forth until the Eruption took a 5-4 lead with 5 minutes to play. Sensing the season coming to an end, Baker pulled Lester with 4 minutes to play. It paid off as Oakley Kim ripped a one timer from the top of the circle off the crossbar and in to tie the game and send the building into a frenzy. The Eruption looked shook and took a too many men penalty with 3 minutes left which allowed Luca Rees to blast home the game winner with just under 2 minutes to play. The Lions had hope.

Game 5 back at the Phantom Grounds and the Lions kept all the momentum. Oakley Kim opened the scoring with 2 goals in the first and the Lions didn’t look back, getting the series within 1 after a 5-2 win.

Back in Lake Hope for Game 6 and the crowd was roaring. The Eruption held a 1-0 lead into the third off a King Hall powerplay goal in the second period. With the season on the line again, the Lions pulled their goalie with 3:43 to play. The Lions worked the puck around before Steven Hooper put home a rebound to tie the game and send the crowd into a frenzy. With the series slipping away, Erza Day called a time-out to rally the Eruption and just 45 seconds later, Joey Wilkerson would break the Lions heart, breaking in on a breakaway and beating Lester glove side. The Lions would pull the goalie again but the Eruption would get an empty netter to win the game 3-1 and the series 4-2. Mount Faith heads to their third straight Pacino Cup Final.

Up next, 1993 Pacino Cup Finals
Fort Theory Generals vs. Mount Faith Eruption!

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8/05/2020 10:17 pm  #36

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

Lose a 4-OT thriller and then win a pair of games to extend the series...I'll take that for these young Lions. It's a promising start for Baker.

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8/06/2020 8:47 pm  #37

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1993 Pacino Cup Finals
Mount Faith Eruption vs. Fort Theory Generals

For the first time in 3 years, the Eruption have home ice advantage in the finals, and they are hoping it’s enough to get over the hump. In Game 1, it was more than enough as the Eruption beat up on the Generals 6-1.

The celebration was short lived however, as the Generals came back calm and collected in Game 2, adding an empty netter late in the third to take the game 4-1.

Tied 1-1 back in Fort Theory, and the game tied 3-3, the Generals took a tripping call mid-way through the third period. Mount Faith coach Ezra Day called a time-out and drew up a play and it paid off, as Sam Carter tipped home a point shot for the 4-3 lead. The Eruption would hold on after a huge flurry from the Generals to take a 2-1 lead.

Critical Game 4, and both teams went back and forth. Tied 5-5 in the third, former General Joey Wilkerson scored what looked like a heart breaker to give the Eruption a massive lead with just under 4 to play. But with the goalie pulled, Josh Ross hit Owen Phillips with a crisp pass that was one-timed past the glove of Orion Stevenson to tie the game at 6. In overtime, Jaylin Bright robbed the Eruption on the goal line and the Generals went back the other way to win the game on a Donte Russo backhand. The Generals faithful exploded and you could see the Eruption sink on the bench.

In Game 5, the Eruption took a 4-1 lead into the second period and had the crowd buzzing, but the Generals began to chip away, scoring twice in the second to get within 1. They would tie the game in the third before Kade Becker beat Stevenson on a screened shot from the point to take a 5-4 lead and a 3-2 series lead. The Eruption faithful could see a third straight loss coming and tried to rally their team with a standing ovation as they left the ice.

Back in Fort Theory, the Generals would not be denied, taking a 5-1 lead into the third period. Both teams would add a pair and the Generals would once again hoist the Pacino Cup!

Following the season, the league announced it’s award winners:

League MVP - Boston Morrison, Mount Faith Eruption
Forward of the Year - Boston Morrison, Mount Faith Eruption
Defenseman of the Year - Rikard Palmstruch, Mount Faith Eruption
Goalie of the Year - Orion Stevenson, Mount Faith Eruption
Scoring Champion - Boston Morrison, Mount Faith Eruption
Playoff MVP - Jaylin Bright, Fort Theory Generals
Prime Minister’s Trophy Winner - Mount Faith Eruption
Pacino Cup Champions - Fort Theory Generals

For the first time, the Prime Minister's Trophy winner fails to win the Pacino Cup. A tough pill to swallow for the Eruption.

Up next, the 1993-1994 draft and off-season and a big announcement!

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8/10/2020 8:00 pm  #38

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1993-1994 Off Season and Draft

Here we go! The biggest news of the off-season is that the owners have unanimously approved expansion for 1995 with 2 more teams entering the league. Teams have been awarded to South Beach, McNally and Bayleigh, South York. The new owners have begun putting all the details together to launch in a year. As a result of the new teams, Battlefield is moving from the Eastern Conference to the Western Conference and therefore 1994 will be their last year in the East.

More major news comes out of Brooklynn, as things finally came to a head and Blackhawks owner Killian Clark sold the team to the South Puslinch Teachers Federation. There is talk that Clark may be trying to buy into one of the new expansion clubs. With the team sold, head coach Ryder Parker resigned and it’s likely he will follow his friend elsewhere. The fans in Brooklynn were thrilled with the news, until they announced the new head coach... was Felix David. After a brutal run in Lake Hope, he is looking to prove that he can turn things around with a new club. The Blackhawks are the first team to tweak their look under the new ownership, who wanted to put their spin on the team. They revealed a new logo and new jerseys which will be worn in 1994.

In the player movement department, Bentley was on a mission to get back to the finals and made some significant deals, moving Ralph Burke and Hayden Read to Brooklynn for Taylor Gallagher, while also moving Archie Stone to Lake Hope for Roman Gordon.

Both are considered calculated risks to see if Bentley can make a quick transition back to a league title. Dawn Mills made a big splash, acquiring defenseman Jace Fraser in exchange for James Foster from Lake Hope. The Lions are hoping that Foster can quickly give them a boost while Fraser is expected to be a stud for years.

Finally, two other coaches will be starting their careers in new markets this season, as Chuck Butera has been signed by Anchor City while Alex Loyal will take over the reigns behind the Kelly City Lakers bench.

The first round of the draft looked like this:

Up next, the 1994 Season! Can the Eruption get to the Finals for the 4th year in a row? Can somebody other than Bentley or Fort Theory take it all home? Year 5 is sure to bring the heat!

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8/11/2020 12:49 pm  #39

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1994 Season

The 1994 Season opened up in Fort Theory, where their 1993 Pacino Cup Championship banner was raised to the roof.

There were high hopes that Fort Theory would be able to go back to back, but those dreams were crushed as the Generals put together an atrocious campaign, finishing dead last and missing the playoffs by a long margin.

Don’t adjust your eyes however, as the Dawn Mills Devil Rays have emerged as the Western Conference Champions. Despite trading Efrain Little less than a year ago, the team rallied behind their new recruits and took the division with an astonishing 145 points.

Finishing second was Bentley, who are just always in a playoff spot it seems, and that sets up an extremely entertaining semi-final as Efrain Little will have to go through the Rays in order to get to the finals. The fans in Dawn Mills have made it clear that Little will be receiving a venomous amount of hate through the series.

Anchor City and Brooklynn continue to struggle in the middle of the pack, not being atrocious but not being good either. Felix David proved to be a poor choice behind the bench again, and it’s only a matter of time before the Blackhawk fans are calling for a change again.

In the East, Lake Hope’s moves in the off-season failed to provide any momentum and actually hurt the team as they failed to make the playoffs again after a magical run a season before. Kelly City sunk to the bottom of the standings again and made a minor trade with Brooklynn, sending Lars Ulf to the Hawks in exchange for Julian Ball.

The Saints rallied into third place but couldn’t get over the hump and missed the playoffs again. Several Cayuga fans have altered the logo on their jerseys from “Saints” to “Aints” as a protest against the teams struggles. 

This sets up for a 1993 Eastern Conference Finals re-match, as Battlefield will take on Mount Hope. The Eruption took the series in 5 a year ago, but the Braves are hoping home ice advantage will push them into the finals. Mount Hope actually had a rough year producing offense while the Braves seemed to score at will almost, leading the East in goals for and finishing only 5 goals behind Dawn Mills for the league league. 

With that said, the Conference Finals are set:
Eastern Conference Final - Battlefield Braves vs. Mount Faith Eruption
Western Conference Final - Dawn Mills Devil Rays vs. Bentley Stars

Following the season, the league announced that with expansion coming for 1995, the playoff format will be expanding and the full format will be announced at the conclusion of the Pacino Cup Playoffs.

Up next, the 1994 Conference Finals!

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8/11/2020 11:31 pm  #40

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

Ooof, bad moves by the Lions. I'm looking forward to the expansion teams!

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