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7/07/2020 11:08 pm  #11

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

Cool to see the country in context. I like that you'll eventually be developing another country, maybe even another rival league?

I've definitely gotta be a fan of Lake Hope. I'm a musician. I like lions. I like black/silver/white color schemes. I really like the backstory for Cayuga. The others look good. I think there's a lack of black on Mount Faith's away sweater. For Kelly City I think the two blues need more contrast. I like the logo though! The Blackhawks look cool.

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7/07/2020 11:18 pm  #12

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

Yeah I think I'll be supporting either the Saints, Braves or Generals


7/08/2020 7:21 am  #13

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

Well what do you know, I'm finally commenting on a hockey league on this site, especially considering my username!

Anyway, this sounds like a cool league! My favorite team so far is the Eruption, as I feel it's a unique name, so I'll pull for them for now at least. Have you given any thought on the culture to Yorkland, though? I'll be looking forward to more about this league!


7/08/2020 10:50 am  #14

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

Glad to have all the support! 

I'm planning on doing a breakdown of each city and state, just trying to figure out how I want to lay it out visually still. I've got spreadsheets on spreadsheets on spreadsheets going on over here lol. Eventually though i'll reveal more and more to do with the country.

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7/08/2020 9:22 pm  #15

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

The Inaugural YHL Draft
August 1st, 1989
The lottery balls were revealed the night before the draft, revealing the draft order for the inaugural draft. Battlefield would get the first pick, but with a snake style draft, it
meant they had to wait a long time to build on it. The opening round went as follows:

Patrick Wells would go first overall, while Cayuga would take the only goalie in the first round. After 18 rounds, the teams were drafted, the league was set and it was time to drop the puck.

Up next...the 1990 season!

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7/09/2020 9:39 pm  #16

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1990 Season

The first ever season of the YHL kicked off with a battle between the Battlefield Braves hosting the Fort Theory Generals at the Renaissance Bowl. The sold out crowd of 13,500 were on hand to witness Prime Minister Cochrane drop the puck for the ceremonial faceoff.

With everybody coming in fresh, it was bound to be a great year for some teams and a learning curve for others. Head Coach Marcus Rogers and his Anchor City Sharks found themselves dead last in the league despite having one of the best goalies in the league in Solomon Rollins. Speaking of goalies, the only goalie taken in the first round proved to be a good choice as Adam Ball led Cayuga to an East Division championship.

The final East Division Standings:

Cayuga will host the Mount Faith Eruption in the East Division Final.

In the West, the Bentley Stars led from start to finish and goalie Toby Barker was named the goalie of the year. Forward Efrain Little led the league in points for Dawn Mills, but it wouldn’t be enough. Bentley will take on the Fort Theory Generals in the West Final.

Commissioner Richard Paul also announced that the leagues top team would be awarded the Prime Minster’s Trophy annually. The trophy would of course honour the fact that the Yorkland government backed the league and sports in the country in general.

Up next, this Sunday, the 1990 Playoffs…


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7/12/2020 4:53 pm  #17

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1990 Pacino Cup Playoffs:

East Final - Cayuga Saints over Mount Faith Eruption in 4
The East Final went the same way as the regular season, as Adam Ball led the Saints to an easy 4 game sweep of the Eruption. Mount Faith had a 4-2 lead in Game 1, but after that it was all Cayuga.

West Final - Bentley Stars over Fort Theory Generals in 7
While the East Final was a wash, the West Final was an absolute war. After splitting the series in Bentley, Fort Theory would go home to the Beacon Grounds Coliseum and lay an absolute beating on the Stars, 7-3 and 7-2. With their back against the ropes, head coach Brooks Bondar rallied the troops in games 5 and 6, completely turning the tables and blowing out Fort Theory. Game 7 back in the Element Air Centre was a blowout for Bentley, but was also an absolute fight filled affair after Fort Theory took out their frustrations with big hits and by dropping the gloves. The Stars will host the Saints to kick off the Pacino Cup Finals.

Pacino Cup Finals - Bentley Stars over Cayuga Saints in 7
After a Game 7 war, the question was whether Bentley had spent everything they had or would Cayuga be rusty with the long layoff. It ended up that neither were true, and Cayuga would take Game 1 in a 6-5 thriller. After splitting the series in both Bentley and Cayuga, the Saints would take a commanding 3-2 lead going into Game 6 at home. Despite being up 6-4 going into the third and having the hot Ball in net, the Stars rallied again with their back against the ropes and would come out with the win. Game 7 back in Bentley was 3-3 after 1 and was looking like another high scoring affair until Ball and Barker went save for save. With just over 6 minutes to play, Saints defenceman Foster Cohen took a cross checking penalty in front of the net to put Bentley on the powerplay. The Stars moved the puck around quickly on the man advantage and eventually Bentley d-man Louis Hunter scored on a seeing eye shot from the point. The Stars would hang on and claim the Pacino Cup.

Following the season, the league announced it’s first ever Awards Winners:

League MVP & Forward Of The Year - Efrain Little, Dawn Mills Devil Rays
Defenceman Of The Year - Maxim Shannon, Fort Theory Generals
Goalie Of The Year - Toby Barker, Bentley Stars
Scoring Champion: Oakley Kim, Lake Hope Lions
Playoff MVP - Louis Hunter, Bentley Stars
Prime Minister’s Trophy - Bentley Stars
Pacino Cup: Bentley Stars

Up next... the 1990 Off-Season and Draft

Let me know what you think! What needs to be changed? Layout? Game breakdown? Split the playoff posts by round to build anticipation? All feedback welcome.

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7/14/2020 7:56 pm  #18

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

State: Strabane
City: Anchor City

Strabane is one of the largest States in the country by geographic size, but only has a population of 750,000, the majority of that being in Anchor City. With some bigger cities spread out across the state, none compare to Anchor City with a population just shy of 550,000.

Strabane runs along 2 bodies of water in Lake Phoenix and the New Coast. It is the largest fishing market in the country and sends a healthy dose of fish to it’s neighbours up north in the United Provinces of Amirah.

While fishing is a major industry, so is tourism. The annual shark run along the waters edge in Anchor City usually sees hundreds of sharks hit the waters to prey on the smaller fish in the area. This brings in thousands of visitors every year to tour the waters with guided boats. With the shore lined one end to the other with hotels and beach houses, the local government decided in 1987 to launch a casino to try and attract more people to the city. It has been a major hit and the Boardwalk Casino Resort is constantly sold out year round.

The population of Anchor City continues to grow as real estate is booming due to the low costs. A lot of Yorktons are selling their properties to move to Anchor City for the relaxing and easy lifestyle that can come with living there. The job industry is not so strong outside of tourism and fishing, and so the local government is pushing to bring in more major companies with giant tax breaks to those who come. Talks are ongoing but so far no major company has taken a chance.

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7/14/2020 7:58 pm  #19

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

1990 Off-Season and Draft
After a very successful opening season, Yorkland prepared for it’s second season with the 1990 draft. Of note, the Brooklynn Blackhawks traded the 5th overall pick to Battlefield for goalie Mack Simmons and then Battlefield would flip their second round pick, 13th overall to Lake Hope for goalie Stephen Rogers. The first round went like this:

With the first year down, all teams retained their coaches, but it was felt that Anchor City and Lake Hope needed to show improvements or else the first coaching changes could be on the way.

Up next… the 1991 Season...

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7/15/2020 6:53 pm  #20

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

GoRedSox96 wrote:

Can't wait for 91! Can you please make me a Devil Rays sig 3point?

You got it.

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