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11/29/2021 8:32 pm  #151

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

I like the new looks for the Power and Stetsons. Also nice to see the Lions maybe making a little bit of progress!

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12/01/2021 12:26 am  #152

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

Kelly City becoming Cayuga's Kryptonite


12/07/2021 1:46 pm  #153

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

2008 Pacino Cup Playoffs - Conference Finals
Brooklynn Blackhawks vs. Bentley Stars

After a convincing win in Game 1, the Stars held onto a 1-0 lead late in the third, but Brooklynn would pull the goalie and score with 22 seconds left to tie the game. The Stars, clearly rattled, took an early penalty in overtime but managed to survive and get back into it. Game 2 would go into a second overtime period where the Blackhawks would break them, netting the game winner on a 2 on 1 and taking a 2-0 series lead. The Blackhawks took Game 3 in another 2-1 contest that wasn't as close as it seemed and then blew out the Stars in Game 4 for the sweep.

Bayleigh Peach Kings vs. Kelly City Lakers

The Lakers would take the first 2 in Bayleigh, outscoring the Peach Kings 7-1 through the 2 games. Bayleigh fought back in Game 3 to get a game back but the Lakers put them away early in Game 4 to take the 3-1 stranglehold lead. In Game 4, the Lakers would take a 3-0 lead early in the second and looked to be heading to their second straight final, but the Peach Kings roared back, tying the game before the end of the 2nd before ending it early in Overtime to force a Game 5. In Game 6, The teams went back and forth and into overtime yet again, except this time the Lakers would break their hearts and head to the finals.

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2008 Pacino Cup Finals
Brooklynn Blackhawks vs. Kelly City Lakers

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