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6/20/2020 7:20 pm  #1

READ ME FIRST: Welcome to Alternate History Sports!

Hey there partner, welcome to Alternate History Sports! We're glad you're here. You've happened upon one of our favorite little slices of the internet. We're a friendly bunch and promote community through our work, communication, and of course, how we feel about our favorite fictional teams.

So give us a howdy and introduce yourself in this section. Create a new topic and say hi and state your sports allegiances, how you found us, what you love most about fictional sports, or any other random fact you care to share. If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask. We'd love to show you the ropes. If you're a longtime lurker, we encourage you to participate in the community!

Here's a quick roadmap for how to get involved!

1. Register. Choose a unique username that fits you.
2. Read up on the rules. Our forum Code of Conduct is here. If you plan to eventually release a series, read these series guidelines before you do anything else.
3. Create your first topic here and introduce yourself!
4. Tell us who ya root for. We've got a running thread on the subject here. We're all sports fans after all.
5. Get readin'! We have lots of incredible series from incredibly talented and dedicated creators.
6. Get involved in the community. We love quality and thoughtful feedback and commentary here.
7. If ya got questions, we're here to help. Just ask!

Our team here at AHS:

BaluTheBare - Site Founder/Administrator
Steelman - Co-Administrator/Operations
Darknes - Moderator
Noe38 - Moderator
Section30 - Moderator
Gritty - Fantasy Sports Commissioner
ProsecutorMilesEdgeworth - AHSylum Discord Manager

Again, welcome to the boards!
AHS Admin. Creator of the THLPUCHWHA: Redux and Retroliga.

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