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1/03/2021 1:43 pm  #171

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Sorry about the break, I'm back with the 1975 Offseason!

1975 Offseason:
Player Movement:

Joestar swung a trade with the Carp, sending the Mexican RF Mario Duarte to Aorin for prospect Conrado Esmeriz and catcher Ryan Langer. Both teams hope that this will bolster their chances of making the playoffs.

Sol was busy on the trade market, making three different deals to different teams: one prospect-for-prospect deal with Aorin, sending a solid pitcher in Tony Velez to the Senators in exchange for two prospects, and a massive deal with Shinosaka, shipping star Denny Love to the Stars for three prospects.

Coaching Carousel:
Crescent City decided they needed a culture change around the club and fired GM Yoshihisa Yamaoka and Manager Yoriyoshi Beppu. The Ducks have replaced them with Manager Takao Okada, manager of the Robins beforehand and GM Hirohide Yamamoto, a newcomer to the GM world.

In addition, Aorin axed skipper Yasuharu Onizuka. Speaking to the press, he remarked something about the Carp's GM not giving him the pieces he needed to work with, a comment that cost him $1500 after the league determined it was "detrimental to the image of the Federation". He was replaced with Toshio Nakamoto, who spent the last decade acting as Batting Coach for the Grizzlies and Stars.

Carp star Steve Powers called it quits this year. Spending all 13 years of his service in Aorin, the Massachusetts native says he'll head back to the States and watch Red Sox games.

Vertlac legend Hirohisa Nakashima also hung up his cleats. The pitcher was a consistent defensive threat on the mound and also was no slouch as a pitcher, winning the 1967 Pitcher of the Year Award.

Popular Grizzlies player Yukiharu Shimizu has played his last game in the RIBF. Playing with Yosemite for almost their whole existence, he'll go out on top after finally winning a ring.

Identity Changes:
Three teams made changes this offseason: Hayakawa, Shinkyo, and Joestar.

Shinkyo didn't make any major changes, simply updating to the new template and adding names on the back of their jerseys. They don't have a manufacturer.

Joestar made some changes, updating their wordmark to be arched instead of arced, adding NOBs, and making their road jersey gray.

Finally, the biggest changes. Hayakawa refused to update to the new template because it didn't have a pullover vest option, sticking with the classic template. They made their gold jerseys their new home jerseys and added a red jersey for road games. The old white jerseys stick around as an alt, making them the first alt jerseys in the RIBF.

There it is! The 1975 offseason. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!


1/03/2021 4:40 pm  #172

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

The updates all look nice, I really like how the Heroes are sticking with the pullover with the big logo on the front, it's a unique look for baseball but I think it works


1/05/2021 9:16 pm  #173

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

In before QCS respects me as a human being.

Also, some clean updates.


1/05/2021 9:33 pm  #174

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

These are clean looks. I like them.

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1/09/2021 4:49 pm  #175

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

I love the color schemes in these three teams, Joestar's purple and white in particular


1/15/2021 8:13 pm  #176

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

And I'm back with the 1975 season! I wish I could say it was an exciting one, but it was kinda boring.

RBL North:
The Robins are back on top, taking out the Emeralds in a do-or-die game 143 at home. They've got a really solid hitting corps and some great pitching, they might do some serious damage in the postseason. Behind them were the Emeralds, who had it up until the very end and choked the division away to miss the postseason yet again. The Grizzlies had a decent season, but unfortunately couldn't keep up with Shinkyo and Vertlac to mount a true title defense. As always, Sol was never in contention.

RBL South:
Queenston held the lead in the division since May and never gave it up after the Kings cooled off. They have a bombastic offense and strong defense and it led them to walk all over their competition. The Kings had a disappointing season after a strong start, winning eight of their first nine, but they just couldn't catch the Monarchs this year. The Ducks stepped forward after an awkward year last season and returned to their near-60 win ways. The Shockers had a terrible year, just nothing clicking for them.

SBL North:
The Thunderbirds are back on top after a couple down seasons and their timing couldn't be better. Everything starting clicking as they defeated a relatively weak SBL North for their third division title. Behind them are the Tigers, who overtook their bitter rival in Joestar as the season ended. Of note this season was a game in July between the two, when after 11 innings Joestar battered the Tigers and a massive brawl broke out. It was the first major incident between the two ever despite the rivalry and led to several long suspensions for players and managers. Hanging in the back was Hayakawa, unable to replicate the success of the year before.

SBL South:
The Stars have won the SBL South yet again, making this the fifth time in a row they've taken the crown. The Senators followed them up with a solid campaign, and the Steamers had a breakout year to achieve a winning record and jump Aorin for third in the division. Speaking of, the Carp continue to struggle, mostly due to injury this year. They have a potentially competitive group and some luck (and not being in the same division as Shinosaka) would go a long way for them.

NEXT: 1975 RIBF Playoffs!

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1/15/2021 8:54 pm  #177

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation


Even though it's the weakest division, a title's a title!


1/15/2021 11:44 pm  #178

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Wow, my Kings took a step back.

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1/16/2021 2:53 am  #179

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Carp? Luck? Two words you'll never see together.

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1/16/2021 6:13 am  #180

Re: Robin Island Baseball Federation

Tough break again for the Carp, we'll get there eventually!

Nice job with the new designs by the way!  Joestar's changes really enhanced them, and Hayakawa's still quite the interesting design as it always is!


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