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Basketball » Basketball Alt-History » Today 1:18 am

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NeoPrankster wrote:

Will this series continue?

That's the plan. I don't think I'll be back to posting regularly until New Years-ish, but I think I'll be able to have a couple random posts between now and then starting next week.

Hockey » Canadian International Hockey Association » Yesterday 11:36 pm

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1978 CIHA Off-season

1978 AQHL Draft
Many top teams tried to offer the bottom 3 teams picks for players, but those offers were not good enough to anybody’s taste, so the bottom team’s picks are still in their hands. With their 1st pick still intact, the Sherbrooke Loups waste no time and made their pick, and they took forward Josh Winter from Saint John, New Brunswick. The Volts select goalie Trevor Corbet from Boisbriand, QC. Forward Jaune Poulette of Quebec City, QC, was the 3rd pick by the New Glasgow Highlanders.

1978 OMJHA Draft
Peterborough Braves hit the jackpot with forward Mike Mellon from Pickering, Ontario, who is a scoring machine after making 42 goals for the Pickering Jr. B club and lead them to an all-Ontario Jr. B title.  The Orangeville O’s select from Collingwood defence Ron Green; not only he can play defence, but he can also score too, which could be what the O’s need to boost their offence. Pick number 3 the Burlington Metros took defence Matthew Walton from Guelph that the Metros title him “the man with the cleanest hits,” which they need in hopes of heading back to the top of the league.

1978 WCLH Draft
The Battalion may have traded some picks, but they kept their 1st pick and used it to select defence Peter Warwick from Flin Flon, MB. Lethbridge Cougars pick, from Calgary, AB forward Jack Burk. Medicine Hat Hawks got themselves a forward from Red Deer, AB Seth Lewis, who’s been under the Hawks radar for a good year and believed that he could give the team what they need in a chance of getting in the playoffs long term.


CIHA: The Valor Cup is going to the national capital as the brand new Ottawa Civic Forum will be the place for the tournament; it’s also the home of soon to be the Ottawa Pro Hockey Club as the city got themselves an expansion team which they’ll debut in the 1980-81 season.

CIHA: With Ottawa hosting the 1979 Valor Cup tournament, the trio leagues and the CIHA president Joseph McGeorge saw some team

Basketball » Basketball Alt-History » Yesterday 10:41 pm

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Will this series continue?

Hockey » Quebec Amateur Hockey League » Yesterday 10:29 pm

I too look forward to seeing the uniforms.

Football » From the US to the World (1983 team unveilings complete) » Yesterday 10:11 pm

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How many of you guys prefer the classic Generals look?

Hockey » Quebec Amateur Hockey League » Yesterday 10:04 pm

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Oh, boy, oh, boy! I can't wait; this is going to be good.

Football » History of the National Football Association- 1967 Expansion + Merger » Yesterday 9:38 pm

Steelman wrote:

Glad to see the Ironmen back in Pittsburgh where they belong.

I also really love that Houston identity with the rocket. Nice work.

Hopefully they do you well. I forgot to mention as well that Milwaukee agreed to return the Ironmen history as well. I'll let those on the mothership argue on whether that was smart or not, they seem to enjoy the Cleveland-Baltimore situation irl, I'm sure this one would go down just as well. Hopefully the fans enjoy it though.

Stickman wrote:

Lots of news this offseason!  Loving it!

Merger and new teams: Lots of excitement here with 7 new teams!  Definitely feels like the NFL/AFL merger, except the SFL never really seemed to be on equal footing with the NFA like the AFL was with the NFL.   With so many new teams in the mix, (20 teams now), I was wondering, if you have the time, would you be willing to post what all the teams in the league currently look like in a single post?  It'd be a pretty good time to have a complete picture of the league!

Realignment: Other than Minneapolis getting a tough break with the alignment, this looks pretty good!  (Cincinnati being in the south is just a funny happenstance like the Indianapolis Colts being in the AFC South and it harmless).  Really loving Pittsburgh and Milwaukee being in the same division over the Ironmen situation, that could prove to be a great rivalry!

Houston Explorers: This is a really nice update!  Adding yellow definitely helps this team look more adventurous, (befitting the Explorers name).  Those sleeve numbers look good too!   Probably the best of the updates!

Texas Roughriders: A very simple approach to this jersey with just red and white.  Definitely a fan, although I'll miss the old logo. That really was a stroke of genius in the logo having the Ridin' Cowboy's horse's eye be the spot on the Texas map where the team plays.  Still, the new logo is very nice too!  

Colorado Cougars: Really nice job with the new identity!  That log

Football » North American Association of Football - NAAF » Yesterday 9:20 pm

Just as Dumont was finding a groove too. It doesn't help that we passed on Braddock just for this to happen. Hopefully he comes back better than ever.

Hockey » Quebec Amateur Hockey League » Yesterday 8:35 pm

FC Macbeth
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Section30 wrote:

Sevsdast wrote:

Section30 wrote:

Looking forward to seeing how this goes!

You're collaborating with him, right?

No, he has my permission to use the same universe as the MAHL, but I am not affiliated with this project

Wait, were you allowed to mention your works in my universe? Or do I need permission from you?

Football » North American Association of Football - NAAF » Yesterday 7:27 pm

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I feel like this is Ottawa’s championship to lose. I would be surprised if they don’t win. Big win however for Indy. Thunder didn’t strike today!

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