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AltBA » AltBA Design Thread » Today 3:51 pm

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For the people looking for help with logos, shoot me a PM and I'll try and coordinate with you since I've already submitted my logos for Group A.

AltBA » AltBA Design Thread » Today 3:44 pm

Balu the Bare
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Gritty wrote:

The primary logo can be placed on top of the primary color - white and the secondary color. This is often how we use the logos anyway so it'll help that you know it looks good that way. Notice the color boxes are squares. If your logo doesn't fit nicely inside the square then I'd adjust it to do so. We don't want any logos to be too 'tall' or too 'wide'. Below I put the word mark and the logo without a color background at all (even though it looks grey here). Thank you so much for putting up with that direction. 


Seattle Emeralds
Denver Mountaineers
Chicago Bulldogs
Detroit Mustangs
Louisville Spirits
Minnesota Giants

If you have any questions please let me know! 


What size should those boxes be? 

Other » The Story of Gridby » Today 3:01 pm

The Rules of Gridby Football
Copyright MCMXXI by Artemis H. Frazier

The field
- The field shall be roughly the same size as a pigskin gridiron, 120 yards long by roughly 50 yards wide.
- The field shall be divided into three zones; Defense, Neutral and Attack. These zones are determined by the direction the team is attacking.
- The center circle along the halfway line is where play begins with a ballup..
- The two lines at either side of the center circle are called restraining lines. Just like in lacrosse, the defenders and attackers are confined to their respective zones and only the midfielders can roam about.
- The squares in the defensive and attack zones are the areas where a penalty kick or conversion kick shall be taken.
- The dotted lines are where the teams shall line up for a lineout whenever the ball goes out of bounds in either zone.
- Each team is allowed thirteen players on the field at any time.

The ball
- The ball shall be an oval shape or a prolate spheroid to allow optimal forward passing.

- Helmets (initially leather) are required on the field at all times.
- The rest of the uniform shall consist of a jersey, shorts, socks, shoes, padding for the shoulders and knees.

- No contact above the shoulders or below the knees.
- Tackles can only be made at the chest and waist area.

Starting play
- The game starts with a ballup at the center circle.

Restarting play
- If the ball goes out of bounds in the defensive or attack zones, play restarts with a lineout along the dotted lines in either zone.

Advancing the ball
- Players shall run, pass and kick the ball forward.
- Laterals are allowed.
- The defending team needs to record six tackles to stop the attacking team and gain posse

Other » The Story of Gridby » Today 2:06 pm

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Interesting, can't wait to see the teams. 

Other » The Story of Gridby » Today 1:38 pm

To the casual sports fan, the game of Gridby may seem like a modern sport compared to its counterparts. But the history books prove that Gridby is a game as old as time.

In the mid to late 1860’s, an influx of immigration from Ireland and the United Kingdom brought soccer and rugby to North America.

The 1869 showdown between Rutgers College and the future Princeton University bore a close resemblance to soccer, but is considered by sports historians as the birth of college pigskin football.

On May 15, 1874 the colleges of McGill and Harvard tangled in a rugby match that would prove to be a major turning point in North American sports. On the McGill squad that day was James Creighton, whom a year later would be credited for organizing the first indoor ice hockey game. 

The first real seeds of Gridby were sown in Providence, Rhode Island. It was there on April 24, 1886 that a Providence YMCA instructor and McGill graduate named Phineas Danforth organized the first Gridby game. However, the action on the field played more like a mish-mash of soccer and rugby. With 24 men a side and no forward passing, the Shakespeare Athletic Club of Providence defeated the Union Club of Boston by the count of 6 to 2. Danforth’s cousin Rufus Dodson captained the Shakespeare squad while The Union Club was captained by Artemis Frazier.

Five years later, Frazier devised a new set of rules for his own version of Rugby. He eliminated the goalie position and reduced the number of players on the field for each team from 24 to the 13 now in use. In addition, Barnett introduced a weapon that made his game stand out from rugby; the forward pass. The first game under his rules was played in Boston between the Union Club and the Pilgrim Rowing Club on May 14, 1892, with the Pilgrims coming out on top 12-8.

In 1893, Frazier and Rufus Dodson put their short-lived rivalry aside to organize rugby teams at YMCA’s across New England using what became known as Frazier’s Rules.

As the 19th

Other » National Dashball League » Today 10:35 am

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All boring series Excluding NY vs Orlando. Alright Frost, do us a favor and beat the Deadbacks.

Other » National Dashball League » Today 9:18 am

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Three boring series, but at least New York gave us something interesting. Now let's go Frost!

Other » National Dashball League » Yesterday 11:28 pm

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Lotta chalk but that NY-ORL series was fun!

Other » National Dashball League » Yesterday 10:45 pm

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Nashville Fugitives vs Philadelphia Row
From the outset of Game 1, it was clear that a beat-up Nashville squad simply couldn’t hang with a Row team this good. Philly got out to a 25-4 lead after most of a quarter and never really looked back. Their defense seemed to snuff out just about every opportunity the Fugues thought they had, propelling them to an 89-point win. Even with F/K Ray Thomas reaggravating his groin injury in Game 2, not much changed, and Philly went up 2-0 with another big W. In Game 3, Thomas was back, and he and B/ZB Kenton Snowberger put on a show on the O-squad, with Snowy assisting on 36 of Thomas’s 46 on his way to 58 points contributed and another dominant win, this time by more than 100. By the time Game 4 rolled around, this series was more than over, and the Row only had to steamroll the Fugues one more time to advance to round 2.

Atlanta Records vs Chicago Frost
Unlike Nashville, Atlanta actually got out to a decent start against Chicago, trailing by just 13 going into the half. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t account for much in the final score, as Chicago would end up pulling away and winning by 49, but it also wouldn’t account for much in Game 2, which the Frost dominated from start to finish and ultimately won by 72. Things would only continue to get worse for the Records, as Game 3 saw another big win for the Flakes, headlined by F/C Greg Bauer, who finished the game with 37 points and 9 points assisted on offense to go along with 6 blocks and 5 passes deflected on defense. Game 4 was more of the same, at least until both teams’ stars went to the bench toward the end of the game, giving Chicago a ticket to the semifinals for the fourth straight year.

Toronto Hogs vs Texas Redbacks
In one sense, a lot has changed in the nine years since these two teams last met in the playoffs, but in another sense, very little has chan

Football » North American Association of Football - NAAF » Yesterday 10:39 pm

Captain Mort 3D
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Good to see my guy Lee Rogers back in the NAAF! Hopefully this stint goes better than the last one.

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