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AltLiga » AltLiga Season 2023-24 » Today 12:09 am

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We actually had a win that wasn't because of a fluke! Joburg didn't finish in the bottom for scoring in the week, getting in the upper half while St. Mungo could barely muster any sort of offense. The typical playmakers in Odegaard, Ward-Prowse, and Watkins all contributed well, and defender Gabriel Magalhaes finally showed what he can do on the pitch, playing all 90 minutes for the first time. We'll travel down the Chunnel to take on Olympique, who are also looking to build some momentum on the year after a loss to Berlin. We'll be wearing our clash kits for the first time as we attempt to turn around our awful start to the year. #StayGold

Hockey » Eastern Canada Hockey Organization » Yesterday 8:32 pm

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1950/51 Preseason Power Rankings

1-Halifax Highlanders
The defending champs have maintained their strong core of players, with goaltender Alex Davis remaining vital to the team's success. However, some of their supporting cast may need to step up for the team to remain dominant. The addition of James Stewart and the development of Harold Sullivan could provide some extra depth at the center position. The team will rely heavily on Robert Mayne and Charlie Ellis on the wing, with potential breakout stars in Antony Sinclair and Gavin Scott. Defence could be a concern, as the team has few standouts outside Stanley Blackwood. The backup goaltending position could also be an area to watch, with Jamie Scott looking to prove himself behind Tristan Campbell. Overall, the defending champs have the potential to remain a top team but will need contributions from various players to stay on top.

Best Player: G Alex Davis
Best Rookie: C Michael Nelson

2-Quebec Reds
Quebec was one win away from winning it all last season and looks to continue their success this year. Alex Fortin leads a strong group of centers, with Bradley Stewart providing experience and Gabriel Caron and Lachlan Johnston providing depth. The team is strong on the wings, with Roy Davies and Nicholas Marriott leading and younger players like Dustin Fraser showing potential. On defence, Evan James is a standout performer, with Kevin Taylor and Bob Dezouvre providing substantial support. Patrick Bell is a reliable starter in the net, and Ray Young provides a solid backup option. Overall, this team has a strong lineup with experience and potential in every position and could threaten for a championship once again.

Best Player: D Evan James
Best Rookie: W Nicholas Marriott

3- Montréal Métros
The Métros have a strong core of forwards led by Yvan Roy, the league's top player. Thierry Rousseau is also a solid contribut

AltLiga » AltLiga Season 2023-24 » Yesterday 8:27 pm

Oof. That's about all we can say about last week, as Barcelona's first loss of the year was an ugly one at the hands of Andes. We'll look to put that far, far in the rearview as we stay at home for the first time this season and host Eye of the Sun. This week, we're highlighting GK Wes Foderingham, who a) is the only reason we weren't completely embarrassed last weekend, as he made 8 saves in a heroic effort, and b) has a name that is far too long for this graphic.

AltCAA » The AltCAA Season 2023 » Yesterday 3:43 pm

Gritty wrote:

The defending ECC Champion, Patriotes come to Paradise Valley to lock antlers with the Moose. For the first time the Moose are going with an all black look. 


 Ah, yes. The #MidnightMeese game is a go!

AltFL » The AltFL Season 2023 » Yesterday 3:15 pm

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Rivalry week with the Emperors! Classics

AltCAA » The AltCAA Season 2023 » Yesterday 3:05 pm

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The defending ECC Champion, Patriotes come to Paradise Valley to lock antlers with the Moose. For the first time the Moose are going with an all black look. 

The Big Blue are 1-2 but somehow are in a tight race for the ECC. It doesn't get easier as we head to Hawaii to try and hand the Hawks their first loss. All blues for the occasion.


AltFL » The AltFL Season 2023 » Yesterday 8:28 am

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ItDoesntMatter wrote:

Wallflower wrote:

We are going classic without uniforms this week


Yea, it is hawt in Florida, however, Birmingham, must remain clothed

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