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AltFL » The AltFL Season 2021 » Today 3:18 pm

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QCS wrote:

Out of curiosity, could we make bids for hosting the Alt Bowl this season? I doubt KC (my legacy team) would get the Super Bowl anytime soon and I'd like to see Charlotte hosting some late December football.

That's a good idea. We can do that. 


AltFL » The AltFL Season 2021 » Today 2:57 pm

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Out of curiosity, could we make bids for hosting the Alt Bowl this season? I doubt KC (my legacy team) would get the Super Bowl anytime soon and I'd like to see Charlotte hosting some late December football.

AltFL » The AltFL Season 2021 » Today 1:55 pm

Dan O'Mac
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Research who to pick? Naw. I'm heading down now to spend a week at the theme parks!

AltFL » The AltFL Season 2021 » Today 1:54 pm

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Ah, mid round picks.   I've never known anything else really, lol!  Seriously, I wouldn't know what to do with a 1st or last overall pick...

Other » American Runty Championship: 1953 Semifinals » Today 12:55 pm

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1953 Champions Cup Final [scoreworm]
Date: September 26, 1953
Location: New York Runty Park, New York, NY
Weather: 75℉ (24℃), Mostly Cloudy
Wind: Moderate Breeze from South
Attendance: 25,000

Fans from all over New York funneled into the New York Runty Park on a cloudy September Day, ready to take in the 1953 Champions Cup Final. On one side of the field warming up were the Manhattan Archers, who were playing in their third consecutive edition of the championship, and looking to win their second. On the other side were the 2nd-place Buffalo Panthers, looking for the upset, and also looking to become the first ever team to force a winner-take-all second game for the Champions Cup. Around 70% of the stadium were Archers faithful, 25% Panthers supporters, and the remaining 5% consisted of neutral fans.

Buffalo won the opening jump-ball, and the game started off slowly. Manhattan held the ball for the first few minutes of the quarter, just passing it around. They attempted some rushes, but couldn’t get much to go. Meanwhile Buffalo was holding down their fort, but when they got the ball, they just gave it right back to Manhattan. The first score of the game came 6:10 in, when Manhattan’s Vern Chamne kicked a point. Despite Manhattan dominating possession, it would be Buffalo that scored the game’s first goal, a perfect kick from Sid Papgecz. The pace ramped up from there, and both teams traded great chances. However, none of these found the back of the net. The best chance came from the Archers’ Van German, who rocketed a shot off the post. After a while, the pace came to a standstill. Buffalo’s midfield was absolutely lethal, ending any Manhattan rush with quick tackles. However, the Panthers couldn’t get anything going offensively for themselves. The Archers attempted one last rush to end the quarter, and their quick ball movement resulted in a goal from German. A

AltBA » The AltBA Legacy Project » Today 12:43 pm

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Sigh. All good things have to end...

AltFL » The AltFL Season 2021 » Today 11:25 am

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Coming next week! 

I am currently working on populating the keeper sheet.  I'll post it early next week so you can check out your rosters before the draft. 

Please let me know if there were any trades that included draft picks so I can update the order. 

After the draft we will choose our keepers. 

I have adjusted the keeper values a little to address the opinions of the community. I'll give a detailed run down of the keepers when i post the sheet. Get ready and get excited!

Hockey » Yorkland Hockey League » Yesterday 6:49 pm

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2003 Regular Season

The season opened for the third year in a row in South Beach, as the Seminoles raised their third straight banner:

Despite the success, it was the Kelly City Lakers who ran the Little Divison, putting up 156 points to win the division and the Prime Minister’s Trophy. The Seminoles finished second, qualifying for the playoffs again and looking for their 4th straight Pacino Cup.

In the Wood Division, Cayuga lead the way with 134 points, just finishing ahead of the Bayleigh Peach Kings by a single point. Central Valley and Walker City both had awful years again and are both looking to hit the reset button, trying to get themselves into the playoffs.

In the Keen Division, Dawn Mills ran away with first place putting up 130 points, finishing 15 points ahead of 2nd place Fort Theory. Crystal Beach and Montane finished 3rd and 4th and both had extremely disappointing years.

In the Nevin Division, the Anchor City Sharks will have home ice in the playoffs, winning the division over the Bentley Stars who make the playoffs for the 12th straight season. The Stars haven’t missed the playoffs since 1991, but they also haven’t been to the finals since they won it last in 1996.

The opening round of the playoffs will be:
Dawn Mills Devil Rays vs. Bentley Stars
Anchor City Sharks vs. Brooklynn Blackhawks

Kelly City Lakers vs. South Beach Seminoles
Cayuga Saints vs. Bayleigh Peach Kings.

Up next:
Opening round of the 2003 Pacino Cup Playoffs.

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