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Football » Escalian Football League » Today 12:11 am

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North Division
If you thought that last season was the beginning of the end of the Gatekeepers, then you’d be wrong, like most people. Longtime QB Jack Reuter, although approaching 40 years old, still looked like he could command a team properly, but most of the work didn’t come from him. Instead, most of the help came on the legs of former second-string RB Terrance Cockburn. He sat behind Clint Atwood for most of his career, but that changed in week 3 when he replaced an injured Atwood, and he only took off from there. He almost single-handedly carried the aging team to a 10 win season and dethroned the Mariners to retake the North since 1968. The Mariners, on the other hand, were a different story. They were plagued by injuries and the “Escalian Cup Hangover” that saw them massively underperform compared to last year. Kierport slightly underperformed from their expectations from last year, suffering in a tough schedule and went just a game under .500. Saint Blaise continued to fall off from their high of 1970, and won 4 games for the second year in a row.

East Division
When they were knocked out of the playoffs in the First Round last year, many questioned if the Miners could reach their height again. Well, this year they came back with a vengeance. They fought tooth and nail with the second seed for the top dog in the league, with their only losses coming to the Dragons in week 3 and a nailbiter to the Anchors in week 9. QB Daniel Haumann torched the league once again, and took home his second MVP. Homestead got back to the playoffs with a 9 win season, with help from their secondary that stepped up their game from last year, which includes veterans Jon Cole and Earl Grossi, paired up with ROTY Perry Grant. Unfortunately, neither the Generals nor the Sparks had remarkable seasons, going 4-10 and 3-11 respectively and taking the #2 and the #1 draft picks in next ye

Hockey » Minnesota Amateur Hockey League » Yesterday 10:47 pm

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1983 Kellogg Cup Playoffs: Second Round - Twin Cities South

#3 Twin Cities Vulcans vs Eagan Oaks
UPSET ALERT! Down go the Vulcans! The top ranked team from the United States has been knocked out of the playoffs by the up and coming Eagan Oaks. The Vulcans did themselves no favors in this game, marching to the box over and over, giving the Oaks over 25 minutes of powerplay time which they turned into three goals on the scoreboard. In the time they were able to skate with Eagan 5 on 5, the Vulcans would dominate, but they just couldn't control their sticks and eventually their tempers as they had words with the referees which only made things worse for them. The reds netted one, but it wouldn't be enough as Eagan advances to their first ever Super Series with a 3-1 victory over the #3 ranked Twin Cities Vulcans.

Burnsville Bucks vs Minnetonka Muskies
Burnsville Ice Center was filled to capacity as the Bucks and Muskies took the ice to see who advances to the Super Series, and who's heading home. The fist period was pretty slow with both teams just kind of getting a feel for one another. Tonka broke first blood on an absolute missile from the point that blew right past the Burnsville goaltender. Burnsville converted on their third powerplay chance of the game to tie the score at 1-1 as we went to the third. It was back and forth in the third, with both teams getting some chances, but neither finding the back of the net. It was beginning to look like we were heading to overtime until with just under a minute left, Minnetonka intercepted a Buck pass and went down 3 on 1. The puck was passed tick, tack, toe from one Musky to another before a winger took the shot, beating the Burnsville goalie blocker side. The Minnetonka bench exploded in cheering as the Musky players launched into the mob in celebration along the boards. The late goal would be enough to carry them

Other » American Runty Championship (Markball 2): 1949 Champions Cup » Yesterday 10:05 pm

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Congrats to Buffalo on an undefeated season! Hopefully the Isles can turn things around soon.

Looking forward to expansion8.7.3

Hockey » Torland Hockey League: A History - 1987 Offseason » Yesterday 10:00 pm

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Dosa City Snappers: Sad to see the Saints go again, hoping they'll get a third shot down the line with how prominent hockey culture is there. I love the name and logo (although I'm not the biggest fan of the font used for the DC) and the colors are sharp. The jerseys are definitely unique, but I think they still have a classic feel in a way so well done there!

Portarra Whales: I'm always a sucker for scripts on hockey jerseys, so I immediately LOVE this jersey! With the Whales going with a new color scheme it's nice to have an alt that keeps the classic white and blue.

Trowburgh Herons: I'm going to miss the old yellow and teal look, but the new set is a great modernization of the Herons brand. I think the black jerseys look sharp, and I'm glad you kept teal as an accent, it helps distinguishing them from other black and gold sports teams.

Yubay Falcons: I'm gonna go ahead and give the new unis a Falcon fan stamp of approval! I will say that I'm gonna miss the red numbers on the black jersey, but other than that I'm a big fan of all the changes made. This jersey just feels like a logical update to the best uniform in Torland, so well done and go Falcons!

Hockey » Quebec Amateur Hockey League » Yesterday 9:05 pm

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Congrats Sherbrooke Miners here's hope for more championships in the future.

Hockey » Torland Hockey League: A History - 1987 Offseason » Yesterday 9:03 pm

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Dosa City Snappers: The logo is fantastic it's rare to see turtle theme logos being made. The jerseys are good I can see this design stick around until the mid-90s or after the team's tenth anniversary season.

Portarra Whales (Special Uniform): Very classic look I can see this as long-term alternate jersey years down the road.

Trowburgh Herons: Best jersey update ever it really gives the logo more pop to my liking nothing against the previous set they are good, but these new set are better.

Yubay Falcons: Nice update making the socks black on the home is a good move and adding more silver is a nice touch also.  

Football » North American Association of Football - NAAF » Yesterday 8:45 pm

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Great win by the Rouge even if it's against the Athletics.

Football » History of the National Football Association - 1972 Offseason » Yesterday 7:36 pm

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One exciting offseason that's for sure! Sucks to see the Rangers last in the power rankings, but we will surprise a lot of people hopefully! 

Nice to see the Colorado Cougars making some moves, they might be my number 2 team moving forward, since I used to live there. 

Expansion sounds interesting, wonder what cities will be in the final 8! (Hopefully a certain city named after a mythical bird is one of them). Like the Blue Ox name tweek because Minnesota is more familiar to me than Minneapolis or St. Paul for a team location to me. 

Great offseason as always! Keep up the amazing work!

Football » History of the National Football Association - 1972 Offseason » Yesterday 7:17 pm

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New Orleans Revelers (SFL team name.), Portland Roots ( for the city’s forest roots.)Phoenix Tumbleweeds (would be a neat name because they almost beat the Suns for the NBA team name.), and Kansas City Heart (Heart of America)

Football » North American Association of Football - NAAF » Yesterday 7:04 pm

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1962 Week 3

Boston Independents - 26, Louisville Thunder - 20 - Richardson Stadium - July 4, 1962 - 5 PM ET - 4th of July - Weather: Clear
1st Q
3-0 BOS - FG K Johnnie Berg
6-0 BOS - FG K Johnnie Berg
2nd Q
6-3 LOU - FG K Donald Brewer
13-3 BOS - RTD RB Kendall Morgan
13-6 LOU - FG K Donald Brewer
3rd Q
13-13 LOU - RTD RB Rodney Clark
20-13 BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Paul Franklin
4th Q
23-13 BOS - FG K Johnnie Berg
23-20 LOU - PTD QB Leonidas Dumont -> WR Piers Key
26-20 BOS - FG K Johnnie Berg

The Independents came home to get a strong win over the Thunder. 
The Thunder defence was still strong enough to keep Boston from getting to the endzone, but K Johnnie Berg was on point going 4 for 4 on field goals in the game to help the team to their second win of the season. 
The Thunder offence took a while to get going, they would score a pair of touchdowns in the second half, but they need to be better in order to continue to win games. 
Boston’s defence had a strong game with DB Petr Westerberg grabbing a pick and LB Konrad Aust getting a forced fumble. 

Long Island Raiders - 12, London Tigers - 21 - Long Island Stadium - July 6, 1962 - 7 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
3-0 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
2nd Q
3-7 LDN - PTD QB Riley Kiernan -> WR Jack Duncan
6-7 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
3rd Q
9-7 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
9-14 LDN - PTD QB Riley Kiernan -> TE Paul McDowell
4th Q
12-14 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
12-21 LDN - RTD RB Clifford Russell

The Tigers got back on the winning side with a strong win in Long Island. 
The Raiders’ offence was unable to get into the endzone in the game getting stalled out but the Tigers’ defence anytime they got close. 
Frustration continues to mount on the island with the team’s second straight 0-3 start. 
The Tig

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