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The North American Baseball League(Est.1977)

The Year is 1973 and a young entrepreneur named Jerry Gasrant agrees with Phil Knight(owner of a 9 year old nike) to create a baseball league that would be titled the North American baseball Association. This league would consist of 16 inaugural teams, 8 in the west and 8 in the east. The managers of these teams would be owners of large sports cooperations and Jerry’s childhood friends. Phil would be the manager of the future Nashville Rythem and Jerry would be commissioner. The first meeting the seventeen businessmen would hold would decide where the teams of the league would be located. The decided locations of the teams will be listed down below.

-Los Angeles, CA
-Las Vegas, NV
-San Jose, CA
-Dallas, TX
-San Francisco, CA
-Houston, TX
Phoenix, ARI
-San Diego, CA


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Re: The North American Baseball League(Est.1977)

Next, they decided where the teams in the Eastern US should be located, Coming up with the following!

-Nashville, TEN
-Chicago, ILL
-Detroit, MIC
-Boston, MAS 
-Philadelphia, PEN
-Charlotte, CAR
-New York, NY
-Baltimore, MAR

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Re: The North American Baseball League(Est.1977)

One year after jerry announced where the teams of the new league would be located, he released the identities to the press on April 5th, 1974. 

LV Flamingos
LA Dons
DAL Bulls
SJ Badgers
PHX Bobcats
HOU Astronauts 
SD Seagulls
SF Miners
BOS Unicorns 
CHA Aviatiors 
CHI Butchers 
BAL Sharks
PHI Hornets
NAS Rythem
DET Mechanics
NY Independence 

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Re: The North American Baseball League(Est.1977)

The NABL’s inaugural draft would include multiple college standouts such as Larry McOwen, Wiary Raipire, and Kris Bordman. The Draft would go in alphabetical order based in the city’s name.Though much of the draft was dominated by youngsters, MLB veterans such as Ed Goodson decided to change leagues to the NABL. This originally caused tension between the leagues, but this issue was solved after the two commissioners agreed on a rule where the NABL would recive players who where temporarily baned from the league, yet would later return. This rule was in place for twenty years and was called the rehabilitation rule. The draft would be held on the 1st of December, 1976. 

List of Notable Draft Picks:
#1 Kris Bordman CHA
#2 Nicholas Read CHI
#4 Wiary Raipire HOU
#9 Ed Goodson LA
#12 James Ultro PHI
#16 James Primiology SF

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Re: The North American Baseball League(Est.1977)

The first NABL season would be one to rember. The first few games would be high scoring as matchups such as the Flamingo’s four game series with the Sharks would result in a total of thirteen home runs between the two. Though these games would often excite any fan, Ed Goodson was all the talk. In his first seventeen games in the NABL, he hit ten homeruns, had 14 runners batted in, and stole seven bases. The Dons’ manager, Rick “bossman” Reardon said “I’m happy he exploded here, and not the MLB. If so, the Dodgers would of never let him go!” But he was not the only rising star. Kris Bordman hit seven homers, stole eleven, and went forty-seven for fifty-one. The two would lead the way for their teams in their respective Coferences. The team that surprised the press and Jerry the most was none other than Phil Knight’s Nashville Rythem. The “sons of the NABL” would go twenty-one and ten in the firsrt thirty-one games. The Rythem would instantly become the favorite team of the untouched southeast. The most exciting game the Tennessee purple would play would be the same game the rythem would start one of the most heated rivalries in the league’s history. The game against the Aviatiors of Charlotte would start with both teams scoring six by the third inning. The fun would begin when rythem pitcher Harry Dick hit three consecutive hitters in a row. The short-fused side-armer woud be ejected. Before walking in the dugout, Garry Chase, a runner on third said something I’m not allowed to put here, but pretty much amounted to “see ya punk.” Unsurprisingly, Dick charged Chase and gave him a right hook to the nose. Both sides ran from their dugout and bullpen. While most MLB fights would include a few pushes and that is it, this is the NABL. There is a team in this league that has a world record of most consecutive games with a player ejected! Seven players where ejected and five suspended each for seven games! This would set up a rivalry we know today as the battle of the Dixie played at the Carolinan side of the Great smoky mountains. The games final score, seventeen to eighteen with the winner being Charlotte. Elsewhere in the league was the best team in the world of baseball, the San Diego Seagulls. The sea birds won twenty games straight after a rocky 15-25 start. Leading the way for San Diego was Brandon Beach. By the all-star break, he racked up nineteen home runs, thirty-one stolen, forty-nine runs, and forty-eight batted in! Speaking of the All-stars, this year’s game will be located in Detroit. The events and stats will be posted below.

All-Star Game:

West 6-12 East

Boardman(CHA) HRs: 2 Rs: 5 RBIs: 3 SBs: 3
Goodson(LA) HRs: 3 Rs: 3 RBIs: 2 SBs: 1

The second half of the season would be dominated by the Bobcats. They went 60-21 after the break and where the favorites going into the playoffs. Rookie Bob archangel quickly became the face of the team with 43 balls sent out of the park and 31 stolen bases by seasons end. The playoffs would excite baseball fans all over the world as underdogs would control the best of the best. This includes the number one seed, Phoenix getting knocked out by the number eight seed, Los Angeles. The rest of the playoffs will be listed below!

LA 4-1 PHX
NY 4-0 SD
LV 4-0 NAS

CHA 4-3 LA
LV 4-0 NY

LV 4-3 CHA

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4/18/2021 3:10 pm  #6

Re: The North American Baseball League(Est.1977)

1977 NABL Awards:

Ed Goodson

Manager of the Year:
Louis Cardinal(CHA)

Pitcher of the Year:
Emmit Brown(LV)


PHX Bobcats 109-63                    
SD Seagulls 103-69
LV Flamingos 96-66
LA Dons 88-74
HOU Astronauts 79-83
SF Miners 56-106
DAL Bulls 49-113
SJ Badgers 30-132

BAL Sharks 107-65
NAS Rythem 103-69
NY Independence 91-71
CHA Aviatiors 91-71
PHI Hornets 76-86
BOS Unicorns 76-86
DET Mechanics 63-99
CHI Zephyrs 56-106

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