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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

The 1971 Season
In a season that affirmed the decision to add a championship game to the league's schedule, it came down to the final week of competition. Week 10 rolled around and the two 6-3 teams, The Team of the River Galloway and reigning champion Desherd City were slated to face off. In what became known as an instant classic around the country, The Team's Andre Oz landed two clutch free throws to put them firmly ahead of the Dachshunds in the dwindling seconds. The Team claimed the victory and the championship with a 77-73 score on their home floor.

The Murdlock #2 squad made many statement victories over the course of the year, led by point guard and offensive wizard Carl Baker. Leading the league in points scored, assists and steals, Baker won the league's MVP award. The Ensylvan Drakes once again finished middle of the pack at 5-5. Murdlock #1, despite a breakout year from point guard Dustin Wesley, struggled. In the biggest shocker of the season, McQuelsey fell to the basement of the league, battling injuries to much of their lineup and relying on bringing in scrubs to fill the spots.

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

The Offseason Heading into 1972
The league meetings, held in Gilroy at The Table in The Back Room of The Bar of The River Galloway, concluded with some decisions being made, but none as game-changing as last year.

OCS Homecourt - It was decided the team atop the standings at the end of the season would host the OCS Championship. The vote came to a 5-2 vote, with both Murdlock team representatives wanting the game to be played at a neutral site (a.k.a. they wanted it in Murdlock).

Roster Expansion - The McQuelsey debacle of 1971 led all league members to agree that roster expansion was much needed. The decision was unanimous. All rosters now expanded to a maximum of 10 players.
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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

The 1972 Season

The McQuelsey Woodpeckers had a bounceback year to say the least, led by the sharpshooting Deacon Moss and speed demon Isaac Revon. They will face the Ensylvan Drakes, who finally got over the hump and earned their way to the first OCS. The next three teams were stout and competitive all-around, but no one team truly dominated among them. Wesley Howard Jr. emerged as a bright spot for Murdlock #2, aiding in the prosperous pick-n-roll of Evans Strong and Carl Baker. Baker took home a second consecutive MVP trophy. Murdlock #1 rounded out the bottom of the standings, despite another great campaign from Cameron Murphy Jr.

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Wonder when The Team will finally drop the mouthful of a name it has lol.
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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

The 1972 OCS Final

The Woodpeckers closed the first half on a 10-0 run, aided by McQuelsey center Huey Ovens. Ovens, who finished the game with double-double, proved to be too much for the Drakes, scoring 20 of 33 points in the second half. Deacon Moss added 20 off of 14 shots. Prepared to celebrate such an occasion, the City of McQuelsey unrolled their championship banner, much to the ire of the Ensylvan fans in attendance. Ovens was awarded the OCS Finals MVP for his dominant performance on both ends of the floor.
Congratulations to the McQuelsey Woodpeckers on their first OBA Championship!!
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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

The Offseason Heading into 1973
The league meetings were much more contentious than previously, as the Ensylvan folks were still quite upset about the McQuelsey unraveling of the banner as the buzzer sounded. Things almost went into fisticuffs before representatives from Desherd City and Murdlock had to get in the middle of things. As things settled in, here is how the voting went down.

Expansion - After speaking with representatives from other cities, it was agreed upon that league expansion would take place after the 1973 season. The members of the league hoped there would be at least two teams to add for 1974.

Playoff Restructuring - In a 4-3 vote, the league agreed that, should the league expand to the provisional eight teams, as planned, the playoffs would expand to include the top four teams to play in a single elimination tournament, with the high seed hosting the games. A vote was also placed for the rule to be in effect for the 1973 season with four of the six teams in the tournament, but it was overruled with a 5-2 vote against it.

Championship Banners - The league agreed to offer both The Team of the River Galloway and Desherd City championship banners for their successes over the previous three years.
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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

The 1973 Season

The 1973 season was nothing short of controversial. For starters, the bad blood between McQuelsey and Ensylvan spilled over into their regular season series. The first game was an overtime thriller that ended in some words being shared just before the final buzzer sounded. A few weeks later for the rematch, multiple players got tangled up and there was a lot of pushing and shoving. Even some of the fans got into it! No matter, as security handled the matter appropriately.

By season's end, Murdlock #2 protested the end result (to no avail, let it be known) in giving Desherd City the second spot in the OCS Finals against The Team. As Murdlock #2 and the Dachshunds split the season series, the tiebreaker came down to overall +/- on the year. Desherd City ended up as a +37, Murdlock #2 a +19, thus solidifying the Dachshunds in the title game. They have a tall task ahead of them with The Team. Andre Oz had his best individual season, taking home his second MVP award while leading The Team to the top of the standings once again. Ensylvan and McQuelsey, not as strong as they were the year previous, fell to fourth and fifth respectively. Murdlock #1, despite yet more incredible marks from Cameron Murphy Jr., ended again at the bottom of the table.
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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

The 1973 OCS Final
The River Centre was absolutely JUMPING on a Saturday Night as Desherd City traveled to Gilroy to face The Team of The River Galloway! Brian Williams and Mike Beck got things going, banging down low to open the game on a 12-4 run for the Dachshunds, who dominated most the first half. After a roaring locker room speech from The Team captain Andre Oz, the tide turned drastically. Incredibly enough, Oz limited Williams to only 4 second half points. Big Man Reggie Wilson also posted a 15 point, 8 rebound evening while protecting the rim from Williams, Beck, and shooting guard Bubba Ruiz.

Heading into the final minute with a 64-60 lead, it was ultimately too much for the Dachshunds to overcome. Oz closed out the game with six more free throws, adding to what would become a career high of 36 points. As the buzzer sounded, the crowd flooded the court and carried Oz on their shoulders, singing the team's fight song:

We are the Team of The River Galloway
Everything sounding convoluted what we say
Though we have not been blessed with brevity
Pressing forward are we on to victory!


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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1973 OCS Banner Unveiling
The Team of The River Galloway added another banner to hang from the indoor elevated track above the court in The River Centre. It was the lyrics to the fight song, as they were originally published:

An additional 1973 Championship patch was added to The Team's original banner.
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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

The Offseason Heading into 1974
Offseason meetings were far less tense this year, in many thanks to the longer table that was brought in to meet at. The distance separated the representatives from Ensylvan and McQuelsey by a considerable margin. As such, it was much more productive, as it needed to be what with the upcoming expansion of the league.

Schedule Change - As the league was expanding, the schedule needed adjustment. The group voted on maintaining a home-and-home regular season series against each team and merely starting the season earlier to accommodate the new teams coming in, as well as the new 4-team playoff format. The tiebreaker would be head-to-head record, followed by overall +/-.

Championship Trophy - In certainly one of the more heated exchanges that lasted for at least an hour of meeting time, the league decided to implement a trophy to be awarded to the champion. Whether or not the trophy would be used was decided quickly; the design of the trophy, however, was what caused the ruckus. After some considerable ideas (The Great Owl, The OBA Globe-a) and... some not so much (The Huge Winnable Undisputed Lithium Award, The Rubber Pumpkin), they settled on something representative of the whole country...
THE GOLDEN CARROT!!!! Oneioea is well known for exporting carrots and gold to their neighbors, so why not have the best athletes in the world compete for such a noble and established prize?!

Rebranding Madness in Murdlock - Despite reservations from the players, both the Murdlock townsfolk and the author of this series got really sick of having to identify the teams as simply #1 and #2 like they were Cat in the Hat characters. As such, both teams would undergo extensive rebranding that will come in a later post.

Of course... LEAGUE EXPANSION!!! The league will be expanding to not one, not two... but four teams for the upcoming 1974 season!! Each team will get their own dedicated post for their uniform and branding and court design.
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